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Last 50 tweets from @AranchaGlezLaya
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
According to ITC business surveys, #RulesofOrigin are a frequent non-tariff #trade barrier faced by small businesses.

With @WTO and @WCO_OMD, we are presenting the Rules of Origin Facilitator to give clarity and predictability.

Free access 🔗
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Training opportunities for all SMEs; Face to face trainings & more online trainings through SME trade academy
@SMEtradeacademy @RwandaTrade @DHLexpress @RDBrwanda
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Digital entrepreneurs are a catalyst to #Africa’s transformation.

Oumar Yam from @OuiCarry will be at #WEDF19 to discuss ways to scale up the potential of #digital tools for business.

Join the conversation! See you in #AddisAbaba


Muere Alicia Alonso, última diva del ballet clásico, a los 98 años… a través de @elpais_cultura
In reply to @ITCnews
@ITCnews @europeaid & #Myanmar partner 4 inclusive & sustainable trade ➡️ launch of €8 mio initiative 2 enhance diversification, regional integration & trade policy formulation w focus on #SMEs & women entrepreneurs

Good 2 meet Kristian Schmidt EU Ambassador 2 #Myanmar 2 review our on-going cooperation ahead of the launch of #ArisePlus supporting #SMEs trade

@EUAmbSchmidt @europeaid
Good discussion w #Myanmar Trade Minister Dr Than Mynt on on-going @ITCnews support 2 trade development & jobs creation

Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ITCnews
@ITCnews #ArisePlus is to be seen as a region to region (#EU to #ASEAN) support says @EUAmbSchmidt at the launch of the project in #Myanmar & we had chosen for you the best implementing partner: international trade centre
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ITCnews
@ITCnews We have been working with #Myanmar honey producers to help increase standards and Myanmar honey was recently selected as one of the best honeys in the world- we can do this for more products through #ArisePlus says @AranchaGlezLaya at the launch
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ITCnews
@ITCnews why is #ITC continuing to invest in #Myanmar? Here is a brief sound bite from @AranchaGlezLaya at the launch of the new #ArisePlus project with @europeaid @EUAmbSchmidt
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
With #RulesofOriginFacilitator, we are reducing the complexity of rules of origin, overlapping trade agreements, and ever-changing tariff rates.

🌍 - an online global initiative of @ITCnews in partnership with @WTO & @WCO_OMD

Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Switzerland has it all to be the hub of development finance and should take the lead to finance SDGs @AranchaGlezLaya #Switzerland #SDG #SDGs
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
The Afghan government has just endorsed their national #trade policy.

This comprehensive roadmap will serve as an essential tool in developing the country's trade activities and creating an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive.

Read more here,🔗
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Just some of the beautiful designs being exhibited by #Ethiopian designers who have benefited from @ITC_SITA fashion incubator programme #Mitreeki #FashionForward
In reply to @TomWlost
As for the ratio btw total bilateral trade (inc. MFN) & FTA trade (only preferential), perhaps we should find another word. Underutilization is misleading.
Replying to @TomWlost @nicolaskoehler and 12 others
We’re arguing complementary points 1. Preferences are not utilized 2 full extent 2. Sometimes bec rules are so strict that producers can’t comply with them ↔️ this is 4 negotiators 3. Very often bec they are simply difficult 2 know & 2 understand ↔️ origin facilitator CAN help
🇪🇺🤝🇬🇧 Where there is a will, there is a #deal - we have one! It’s a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK and it is testament to our commitment to find solutions. I recommend that #EUCO endorses this deal.
My interview with @CNBC on why we should avoid digging into the hole of tit-for-tat trade measures ↔️ it is making the world economy weaker

@ITCnews⁩ ⁦⁦…
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
EEUU y la UE tienen pocas horas para llegar a un acuerdo que frene los aranceles a productos europeos autorizados por la OMC. Si no, entrarán en vigor este viernes. En @Europa_TVE hablamos de ello con Arancha González, del Centro de Comercio Internacional. @ITCnews
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
It's #WorldFoodDay!

By supporting livestock, dairy and horticulture sectors in Pakistan, our project #GRASP is working to help meet demand for safe and nutritious food in the country.


@Emergingpk @pid_gov @FAOPakistan @EUPakistan @dpr_gob @FAO
In Brussels at the Africa-EU High Level Panel discussing how to leverage a digital partnership

Tks @FriendsofEurope @Mo_IbrahimFdn @europeaid 4 hosting us. Loads if great ideas 2 take fwd!

Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
General Council elects Chair for 12th Ministerial Conference
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Today we welcomed students and teachers from @bseu_official, the Belarusian State Economic University.
They learned about our work to expand #trade opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them contribute to #SustainableDevelopment.
In reply to @ITCnews
The first sentence of this tweet is difficult to prove or substantiate. You never know why FTA benefits are not used. One key reason may be that they simply dont meet the criteria, i.e. dont satisify the rules of origin. #ROO
Replying to @TomWlost @ITCnews and 9 others
Tks Tomacz. In the surveys we have conducted w business many tell us their first concern is precisely rules of origin compliance, ie understanding what they require and being able to comply, we hope the facilitator can help!
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ITCnews
The first sentence of this tweet is difficult to prove or substantiate. You never know why FTA benefits are not used. One key reason may be that they simply dont meet the criteria, i.e. dont satisify the rules of origin. #ROO
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
There are 400+ #trade agreements but less than half of their duty-saving benefits are used.

Tomorrow at the #RulesofOrigin committee, we're rolling out the #RulesOfOriginFacilitator with @wto to help micro, small and medium-sized firms do this.

The State of Sustainable Markets ➡️ 4the edition of @ITCnews report prepared w @fiblorg @IISD_news 2 measure progress in sustainable production & consumption of key commodities

Replying to @AranchaGlezLaya
Key results of sustainable markets around the world 🔵 certified production areas ⬆️ 🔵 compliance with sustainability standards ⬆️ 🔵 organic standard most used one but other standards growing faster (BCI, GLOBALGAP, Rainforest) #greentrade #greendeal #sustainabletrade
The State of Sustainable Markets ➡️ 4the edition of @ITCnews report prepared w @fiblorg @IISD_news 2 measure progress in sustainable production & consumption of key commodities

Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
The importance of trade and gender is undeniable. During the WTO Public Forum, Renata and Tatiana had a chat with Arancha González on this matter.
Check out this exclusive content!!!
@ITCnews @aranchaglezlaya
Sobering news from @IMFNews ➡️ downward revision of world growth figures courtesy of trade tensions
The global economy is now in a synchronized slowdown in part because of rising trade barriers and increasing geopolitical tensions. See the latest #WEO projections. #WEO #IMFBlog
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
I’m very pleased that the Russian Federation has become the 187th party to the #ParisAgreement, the world's road map to tackle the climate emergency.

We must keep pushing for bold and ambitious #ClimateAction.
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Let's talk about #trade. 🇺🇸

Nearly nine in 10 Americans (87%) think international trade is good for the US economy, the highest recorded in Chicago Council Surveys since the question was first asked in 2004.

Details here:
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Arancha Gonzalez, directrice du Centre du Commerce International sera l'invitée de Martin Buxant, demain à 08h05, en direct sur LN24.
@AranchaGlezLaya @Le_Bux
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Welcome among the #INTGenderChampions in Vienna Elena Sokova of @VCDNP!

👉 Read her commitments for #GenderEquality:
Muy buen análisis de @EnriqueFeas & @Steinbergf @rielcano sobre la política comercial de la UE ante un entorno global cambiante ➡️ buena lectura para quien busca entender mejor los cambios en el comercio internacional y como la 🇪🇺 puede responder 👏👏…
New @Mo_IbrahimFdn Africa Governance Report is out
Looking at progress towards the @GlobalGoalsUN & @_AfricanUnion #Agenda2063…

See why data matters!
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
.@AranchaGlezLaya of @ITCnews emphasizes the need to make sure that everyone's opinions are heard. She also calls for urgency to eliminate harmful fisheries subsidies. #WTOPublicForum #TradingForward
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Our Chair Mo Ibrahim held our 2nd #MIFBoard meeting of the year to discuss the latest #IIAG African Governance Report & start planning for 2020. Learn who the leaders from Africa & 🌎 are who help us promote good #governance & great #leadership in Africa:
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Find out more about the work of Esther Duflo, one of this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences winners, in this @cepr_org @UBS #WomenInEconomics profile
@cepr_org #NobelPrize2019
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Gracias por poner a disposición de El Salvador las herramientas que podemos utilizar para potenciar el comercio, @AranchaGlezLaya. Continuaremos trabajando con @ITCnews para alcanzar nuestros objetivos de crecimiento económico. @Matthewbarbados @MiguelKattan1 @cancilleriasv
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Stasera, a Ginevra, @AranchaGlezLaya⁩ ha incontrato i membri dell’Associazione dei Dirigenti Italiani all’Estero - ADIE - per uno scambio d’idee sulle sfide del commercio internazionale e sul ruolo dell’Organizzazione Mondiale del Commercio
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Happy #WorldStandardsDay!

Did you know that @UNECE's landmark Declaration on Gender-Responsive Standards was adopted by over 50 organizations in May?

👉 Find out more:
Buena discusión con María Luisa Hayem Ministra de Economía de #ElSalvador sobre el apoyo de @ITCnews en facilitación del comercio, aprovechamiento de tratados comerciales y diplomacia comercial #ComercioConImpacto

Gracias x su visita!

@MariaLuisaHayem @EconomiaSV @OMC_es
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
#BuildingBridgesWeek started a week ago today, consisting of:

▪️ 30+ events
▪️ 50+ partners
▪️ 1000+ participants
▪️ & a common vision: mobilize 🇨🇭's financial sector to step up engagement for #SDG financing.

Here's a short summary of the week ↙️
Muchas gracias Directora @AranchaGlezLaya por su amable bienvenida. Seguiremos trabajando arduamente con @ITCnews para lograr más #ComercioConImpacto. Cuente con nosotros!

@jrestrp @LauraValdivieso @OMC_es @Colombia_OMC @MincomercioCo
Hoy he dado la bienvenida al nuevo Embajador de #Colombia @WillsSantiago y le he transmitido nuestro deseo de seguir colaborando para #ComercioConImpacto

@jrestrp @ITCnews @OMC_es @MincomercioCo
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @sanchezcastejon
Nobody is above the law. In a democracy, nobody is subject to trial for his or her ideas or politics but, rather, for criminal conduct as provided by the law. In Spain, there are no political prisoners but rather some politicians in prison for violating our democratic laws.
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
Last week's #WorldCottonDay Fashion Show saw the creativity of @Lolo_Andoche designers.

Did you know that EIF training has helped the 🇧🇯company improve its efficiency from 105min./product to 28min./product?
More in our Annual Report 2018 >

©@ITCnews /EIF
Arancha Gonzalez Retweeted ·  
"Showing that it is possible for a woman to succeed and be recognised for success I hope is going to inspire many, many other women to continue working and many other men to give them the respect they deserve."

- Esther Duflo at today's press conference announcing her prize.
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