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Last 50 tweets from @ArianaGrande
@aIwvays @mostbutera @agsraindrop not yet, my sweet! but we're finalizing these mixes and arrangements now. i'm very happy with all of it. lots of strings so. you know me. my heart meltssss.
354 3,179
@ArianaGrande @agsraindrop are you going to release a video along with the song? i love u
7 236
Replying to @mostbutera :
@mostbutera @agsraindrop not for this one. just a really pretty lyric video that i'm very excited about! an artist names Thomas Collet, matty and i stumbled across one day allowed us to use this dreamy visual he made behind the lyrics and it fits so beautifully!
366 3,315
Replying to @Ieftcry :
@Ieftcry @agsraindrop i think it'll balance the energy between thank u, next and seven rings nicely as those are super self assured / commanding and this one is more vulnerable / unsure. i wanted to mix up the energy a lil bit as both of those themes are equally prevalent on the album / in my life rn.
552 4,045
@ArianaGrande is it a promo single??
4 231
Replying to @agsraindrop :
@agsraindrop it's a song that i'm dropping. 🖤 i don't feel like labeling it a "promo"single because it's just a feeling. a vibe. the word promo makes me nauseous tbh lol. i just want you to have and enjoy it.
584 5,049
baby direct it, name in the credits... like the movies do
8,399 82,839
imagine a world like that
22,641 168,668
@ArianaGrande @GRANDESDEVOTlON love u. thank u for being so personal n honest wit us we luh u
41 1,192
Replying to @Iifeisreal :
@Iifeisreal @GRANDESDEVOTlON thank u for making me feel safe in doing so.
710 7,639
@ArianaGrande @GRANDESDEVOTlON I’m so excited to hear it! is it ballady?
13 374
Replying to @notearstyler :
@notearstyler @GRANDESDEVOTlON i suppose so. it's just feelings really. you'll see soon enough.
629 6,642
@ArianaGrande are you gonna stay and talk with us
9 383
Replying to @breathinsarah :
@breathinsarah scared i'll say too much. but i love and miss u. and am thinking of u.
596 6,468
@ArianaGrande @GRANDESDEVOTlON I won’t be able to relate to this Bc I’ve never had a relationship but I’m still excited to hear
14 440
Replying to @ariscupcakexx :
@ariscupcakexx @GRANDESDEVOTlON well that works too! you'll be able to 'imagine' as well. love u.
585 6,155
@ArianaGrande @GRANDESDEVOTlON off topic but thank u for opening up to us. if we thought sweetener was personal ? let’s just imagine how personal thank u, next is
30 712
Replying to @grandethegod :
@grandethegod @GRANDESDEVOTlON terrifyingly so. like i want to take things off. but my friends tell me not to.
724 7,101
@ArianaGrande is imagine your favorite song on the album ??
8 259
Replying to @bocalovinari :
@bocalovinari i think it depends on the mood. but it's very very special to me.
585 6,064
so imagine is like a darker version of “thank u, next”. possibly explaining about what’s next after a breakup and how to get through it
372 3,266
Replying to @GRANDESDEVOTlON :
@GRANDESDEVOTlON kind of like... pretending it never ended. denial. but i look forward to you hearing it and having your own experience with it. you may take away something totally different and specific to your life! love u.
1,784 11,498
'imagine' thursday night
41,404 265,424
19,780 141,924
i love you so much @colleenb123
6,052 112,098
i miss u more. cannot wait.
@ArianaGrande bring your cute ass in france, we miss u
81 1,286
3,316 41,112
they coming, baby. i love u more. hopefully by this weekend. i'm sorry these things take so long. just trying to get the routing perfect for u.
@ArianaGrande the uk needs datesssss. mishu. love u.
20 850
4,877 60,477
.@ArianaGrande's "thank u, next" is now the longest running Hot 100 #1 by a lead female artist this year (4 weeks).
  · TweetDeck · en
1,988 15,375
3,400 40,689
hi where am i seeing u
100 days until the #SweetenerWorldTour kicks off! 🌎 Where are you attending?
2,834 37,569
6,559 102,396
🖤 @billboard
.@Billboard names #Sweetener the best album of 2018: “It’s becoming increasingly rare to see a major artist craft such a cohesive and personal body of work…but she’s always been on top.”
2,440 16,298
3,518 30,802
i love u and i am eternally grateful
58,183 329,642
loofah of the year
38,606 458,117
omg...... may i please..... please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. promise.
9,281 124,859
“I live fast and full-out, and I make mistakes, and I learn from them and I’m grateful no matter what happens.” - @ArianaGrande #womeninmusic
  · SocialFlow · en
4,199 24,256
8,401 92,233
omg. i’m beaming.
I’m in a huge meeting and my mom just said “thank you,next” to everyone. She’s really milking this guys 😂
54,689 571,742
18,705 328,111
“I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of the artist I can be, and I just want to keep growing and practicing and getting better" - @ArianaGrande #womeninmusic
  · SocialFlow · en
3,288 18,102
8,020 92,892
Ariana Grande Retweeted ·  
Billboard Woman of the Year @ArianaGrande: "There's not much I'm afraid of anymore" #WomenInMusic
18,207 70,760
hello i’m crying and i’m one too many glasses in to be reading this rn tbh. love and appreciate u sm. thank u for encouraging my honesty & inspiring me to be a braver writer. 🌱 i feel so dreamy and grateful rn. hurry yo ass up @republicrecords.
This is the best album @ArianaGrande ‘s made. It’s an example of a once in a generation talent at the peak of her powers both as a vocalist and a writer. I will be forever in awe.
2,870 31,523
7,048 76,709
me bc i wna listen to 7 rings and needy as soon as possible but i also respect arianas process and have to remind myself that we got a new album four months ago and we r truly the most spoiled
2,018 14,151
Replying to @toulousevevo :
@toulousevevo also me bc i wanna keep dropping shit and keep forgetting how much i jus fuckin dropped
816 8,194
i dunno when still but it’s beautiful and waiting for u
13,040 105,576
i can never be done w harmonies
8,110 94,744
hi from the booth. finishin up.
8,585 120,667
i see it .... i like it .... i want it ..... i got it
79,666 381,563
they say “which one?” i say “nah i want alll uhm”
21,903 173,923
translation for the heterosexuals:
toulouse will obey her but
everyone else must obey him
3,083 37,179
3,700 50,846
“toulouse is your bottom but everyone else’s top” - @nail_swag
4,946 57,758
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