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Last 50 tweets from @AshwiniBhide
दिवाळी अंक हीच दिवाळीची खरी मेजवानी
Diwali is complete only when these have arrived ...
तोच चंद्रमा नभात?
Interesting... Multiple photographs of the moon, documented by one astrophotographer over 10 years from different locations across Italy.

The moon looks different, depending on the atmospheric conditions.

Read more:… (via @NASA)
Excellent thread
It is a Diwali tradition at IUCAA that second year students will choose the annual theme, and decorate IUCAA with traditional diyas and rangoli, but with a contemporary twist. All students and postdocs at IUCAA team up to create this Diwali magic.

Happy Deepavali everybody!
ऋषिकेश, तुझं बलिदान देश विसरणार नाही !

कोल्हापूर जिल्ह्यातील आजरा तालुक्यातील बहिरेवाडी येथील ऋषिकेश जोंधळे वयाच्या २० व्या वर्षी सीमेवर लढत असताना शहीद झाले ! पाकिस्तानच्या या भ्याड हल्ल्याचा निषेध ! संबंध देश जोंधळे कुटुंबायांच्या या दुःखात सहभागी आहे ! भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली !
भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली
Enjoyd a movie with famly @INOXMovies #Metro aftr 8-9 months wth #masks, all covid-safety measures & #SocialDistancing. Sm coffee time on adjacent terrace too. Gud 2 get back 2 normalcy dat lookd almst impossible few months back of course not without #COVIDAppropriateBehaviour
आजही पोस्टर,आजही फिल्म.
On the auspicious occasion of deepawali,I am releasing the poster of my short film.The film will be uploaded at 5pm.
This year has been truly depressing but @drapjadhav's story got a smile on my face. Hope it brings a smile on your faces too.
शुभ दीपावली❤
May the festival of light bring happiness, peace and cheer in everyone's life. Have a very happy, bright and safe Diwali and a delightful, COVIDfree new year.
Every project should entail adoption of some new technology and innovation.
Respecting requirements of heritage sites and sensitive receptors, Swiss design of High Vibration Attenuation Booted Twin Sleeper Blocks will be used for track works for the first time in India. This will help reduce vibrations upto 22 VdB over and above a normal metro track.
In reply to @AshwiniBhide
Madame, like in CSMT heritage walk, here also start a walk maybe to show the bldg to heritage enthusiast
Replying to @Foodie_baba @mybmc
It will be soon be started as a joint initiative of #MTDC and @mybmc. Details are being worked out.
Salute. Frederick William Stevens designed the existing HQ of @mybmc as well in 1889. Architectural style of this building adopted by Stevens, in his own words "is free treatment of early #Gothic with an oriental feeling" whch is evident in 3 bulbous oriental domes wth minerates.
Saluting the genius on his 173rd birthday. Frederick William Stevens, the English architect who designed UNESCO-listed Mumbai CSMT, formerly Bombay Victoria Terminus, the BMC Head Office and several other memorable structures in the city. Born 11 November, 1847. @mumbaiheritage
Amazing pics
Today's #railway #photos - beautiful captures of almost the same place at Banihal railway station in #JammuAndKashmir during two different seasons - summer and snowy winter - with the Pir Panjal range in the background! Pic courtesy, Zayeem! #IndianRailways #photography #trains
There is a stairway to heaven...and there's a bus route too 😉


(via WhatsApp)
Your posts on any personality are interesting & informative. To read & view all that you posted on #PuLaDeshpande will take half a day. Thank you for enlightening about the great person PuLa
In reply to @AshwiniBhide
Oh wow , didn't know you were a part of this project. Great..👏🏼👏🏼
Replying to @sumrag
सुदैवाने मुंबईतील २००९ ते २०१९ या दहा वर्षात पूर्ण झालेल्या जवळजवळ सगळ्याच पायाभूत सुविधा प्रकल्प उभारणीत खारीचा वाटा उचलण्याचे दुर्मिळ भाग्य मला लाभले.
दर वर्षी या दिवशी मला पुलंची ही भेट आठवते. चांगलं दोन अडीच तास पुलंच्या सहवासात घालवलेला हा वेळ मला आयुष्यभर पुरेल!
‘कवितेला चाली देऊन त्यांचा कार्यक्रम का करावासा वाटला?’ या त्यांच्या प्रश्नाला माझ्यातल्या नवख्या, अतिउत्साही आणि त्यांच्या कौतुकाने हुरळून गेलेल्या संगीतकाराने
Replying to @ksinamdar
अप्रतिम आणि आठवणींच्या सुगंधात भिजलेला धागा.
Ashwini Bhide Retweeted ·  
In reply to @aparanjape
Great to see Google honoring #PuLa today, on his 101st birth anniversary.… #GoogleDoodle
#Throwback #2012 #EasternFreeway in making. Mr.#RatanTata had visited the construction work when it was almost completed & awaiting inauguration, thanks to #VivekPhanasalkarIPS. Project inaugurated in 2013. Found this treasure in my old pics storage. Couldn't resist sharing.
Ashwini Bhide Retweeted ·  
“Madam Vice President” is no longer a fictional character. @KamalaHarris
My current reads. Some finished some still savouring. All suggested by @satishbhide. Pleasure indeed. The best company. #WalterLewin's online #physics lectures too are a pleasurable experience even for a person with no physics background.
मराठी रंगभूमी दिनाच्या शुभेच्छा. इथून सगळी सुरुवात झाली! चेतन दातार होता म्हणून हे विराट दर्शन झालं. #मराठीरंगभूमीदिन
Replying to @ksinamdar
खूप छान फोटो
Ashwini Bhide Retweeted ·  
Fascinating... (How did I miss this before!)

The universe is made of galaxy clusters and super clusters.

Our galaxy, the Milk Way, is part of the 'Laniakea supercluster' (see location map below) - made up of about 100,000 galaxies.…
Interesting indeed.
U.S. states compared to administrative areas in India with similar populations:
विजयादशमीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.
Happy Vijayadashami to all.
Ashwini Bhide Retweeted ·  
The 7 must have skills for the future of work
#Mumbai's latest #COVID19 status at a glance. Recovery 85%.
. @AshwiniBhide maam will you be able to make this message reach Mr. Ramaswamy who takes care of this region. @iyervijayg1btvi
As information received from DMC Zone 3, Kalina Univercity IT Park electric supply restored with DG set at 10 pm. Adani person still working on fault. Water supply is also restored now. Total 96 patients admitted at facility and they are fine.
#Mumbai's latest #COVID19 status at a glance. 84% recovery.
Thank you so much on behalf of @mybmc Ward level war room teams.
We @mumbaimatterz &
@MNCDFbombay appreciate efforts of Staff & Doctors at @mybmc #Covid19 WAR room's working 24x7 assisting Citizens with info & BED availability in a very systematic manner.
Note the verified updated numbers. Please reach out to Wards for HELP. @AshwiniBhide
Closing session of @RaiseAISummit & frm 26 mnts onwards is d session by @ValaAfshar.1 of d most powerful & impactful presentations I hv ever seen. He emphasises importance of d flow design principles to reap the true benefits of post-digital world & AI.…
Ashwini Bhide Retweeted ·  
Srikant Datar named dean of Harvard Business School

(Aumnus of Mumbai University, IIMA and Stanford.

Chartered Accountant, PGDMA, Masters in Statistics, Masters in Economics, PhD in Business... Some qualifications!)… @Harvard @HarvardHBS
Srikant Datar named dean of Harvard Business School
In reply to @AjitDayal2
Our building residents have their own thermometers and oxymeters... Our Security guard signed the form but we do not wish to avail of this facility and this kind gesture by the BMC.... Kindly advise what we do next to opt out of this programme... Thank you
Replying to @AjitDayal2
But why do you want to opt out? Surprising. @mybmc team is proactively visiting every famly in d city under #MyFamilyMyResponsibility campaign to check der health status & make them aware of COVID appropriate behaviour. Responsible citizens wd surely respond to such +ve campaign.
Indeed a fabulously organised conference. Congratulations to @abhish18 and @mygovindia
Kudos @abhish18 and entire @GoI_MeitY @NITIAayog @NeGD_GoI @mygovindia @OfficialIndiaAI teams for the mega success that #RAISE2020 was.... what a fabulous week we had!!! Thank you for raising the India #AI flag loud and proud!
@amitabhk87 @AjaySawhney15
"चितळेंच्या या ट्विटवर पहिला रिप्लाय आहे पुणेकर असणाऱ्या आनंद परांजपे यांचा. ‘या संदर्भात खुलासा केल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद’, असं परांजपे यांनी म्हटलं आहे."…

@LoksattaLive - हे आनंद परांजपे कोण?🤔... ट्विट तर माझा आहे :)

Replying to @aparanjape @LoksattaLive and 1 otherfalse
बाकरवडी आणि भाकरवडी यांच्या नादात अमित आणि आनंद मध्ये गोंधळ झाला असावा लोकसत्ता😀😀
In reply to @AshwiniBhide
Ma'am you were very good, we got feedback from the audience:)
Today I participated in a panel discussion in the lnternational Conference on #ArtificialIntelligence, #RAISE2020 organised by #GOI thorough @mygovindia & made a presentation on how @mybmc leveraged #AI & data driven insights in managing the #COVID19 pandemic in #Mumbai.
Today I participated in a panel discussion in the lnternational Conference on #ArtificialIntelligence, #RAISE2020 organised by #GOI thorough @mygovindia & made a presentation on how @mybmc leveraged #AI & data driven insights in managing the #COVID19 pandemic in #Mumbai.
#RAISE2020 | DAY 5 | Leveraging AI for Pandemic Preparedness

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, several entities partnered with Mumbai's BMC to provide their expertise on a pro bono basis. The predictive analysis they did helped in dealing with populations at ward levels. (1/2)
Only in #Pune! A near stampede to hear a mathematical physicist...

23 years ago, Roger Penrose's lecture was organised in Pune.

5,000 people showed up at the Balgandharva auditorium (capacity under 1,000). The doors had to be forced shut.… @somakrc
In reply to @AshwiniBhide
Ma'am, do we have a ward-wise consolidated data dashboard for Mumbai? @covid19indiaorg reaches only till district level. A more granular level data will help us plan travel better within the city. @rajtoday
Replying to @shashank21090 @mybmc and 2 others
publishes a detailed Dashboard including ward level granular data on a daily basis on its portal.……

@mybmc has embraced technology & Analytics since beginning of the #WarAgainstCovid & has provided info on CZs with highlights on maps on its portal with help of Bhugol GIS, Genesys, ESRI etc. Now the same is available on #GoogleMaps for citizens.
Thank you so much sir. I agree with you. As Secretary #SchoolEducation GOM in 2014, I workd with @lendahandindia & #RajGilda ji in sector of vocational training & my experinece has been outstanding.They did pioneering work in this sector especially in Maharasthra many years back.
Vocational training is the key to reap demographic dividend. It can be achieved thru public-pvt p'ship as demonstrated by @lendahandindia. An example of @nexusofgood where good work is being scaled with the help of officers like @NandKumar41 @AshwiniBhide…
An insightful article by my dear friend and #CEO @mygovindia
@abhish18 who has organised @RaiseAISummit, an international conference to deliberate on how #AI can be harnessed for social empowerment.…
Wow. 87% tunneling means almost 48 Kms of tunnelling quietly completed that too in a city like #Mumbai. This is no doubt a miracle made possible by the hard working team of @MumbaiMetro3.
@Secretary_MoHUA and #MMRC BOD must be proud no doubt.
MMRC achieved its 32nd breakthrough at #Dadar metro station. TBM Krishna-2 tunneled a dist of 1.10 Kms from #Siddhivinayak to Dadar accomplishing 87% tunneling along the alignment.
Magic or miracle? planning and hardwork.
Watch the work undertaken at the #HutatmaChowk metro station using NATM. Out of the 256 mtrs of NATM work 153 mtrs has already been completed. Watch this video for more details.
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