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Last 50 tweets from @ASLuhn
I've been thinking about when a family outside Moscow told us in May they weren't worried their 17-year-old would have to go fight because the war would be over by "the end of summer."
Now it's September, the war's still going & Russia is drafting as many as 1.2 million men
Why do Russians back Putin's bloody & costly war in Ukraine? @VICENews follows the propaganda trail from Victory Day in Moscow to an army widow in Dagestan to the head of RT.
VICE on @Showtime Sunday 8pm ET/PT…
When I was in Volgograd region at the start of the war, an activist told me "we lost a million people in WWII, we can bear a few more."
That attitude may be changing, judging by this man firebombing Kamyshin city hall last night…
"Russian soldiers were found to have committed crimes of sexual or gender-based violence – with victims ranging in age from 4 to 82 years old."

4 to 82 years old.…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Another revealing video. Scene inside a mustering station in Russia where an officer yells at angry, resentful men who have been mobilized.
“That’s it- playtime’s over. You’re soldiers now!”
50-80% of pilots & staff could be called up to fight in Ukraine, Russian airlines say.
As if it wasn't hard enough to get out of the country already ...…
With poverty rising, more than a million Afghan children are doing heavy labor like this boy at a brick factory just outside Kabul.
"Asked what he wished for, he first asked, 'What is a wish?'"…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Dutch TV launches campaign for a referendum to return Russia to its historical Dutch roots…
Now if you protest the war, you get sent to fight in Ukraine.

Putin's spokesman just said it's not against the law to draft demonstrators.

At 4 Moscow stations, police have been doing exactly that, @OvdInfo says…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
447 arrests across 25 cities in Russian protests against mobilisation (ovdinfo). Small numbers in attendance generally, but as these numbers show, the guys who came out are brave as hell. They deserve our respect.
A quiet dinner in Moscow
In reply to @ASLuhn
Protesters used to chant, "Send Putin into retirement!" Now they chant, "Send Putin into the trenches!"
Replying to @ASLuhn
A few greatest hits from the Moscow protests. 447+ arrested around Russia today, per @OvdInfo
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Arrests on Arbat. Hundreds of Russians protesting the mobilization order chanting “No to War”
Not many Russians want to brave beatings/arrest/prison, but at least 153 have been detained at protests against mobilization, @OvdInfo says. Vid from Yekaterinburg @AvtozakLIVE…
Replying to @ASLuhn
Protesters used to chant, "Send Putin into retirement!" Now they chant, "Send Putin into the trenches!"
Not many Russians want to brave beatings/arrest/prison, but at least 153 have been detained at protests against mobilization, @OvdInfo says. Vid from Yekaterinburg @AvtozakLIVE…
A @navalny activist posing as a military official asks Nikolai Peskov, son of Putin's spokesman, to report to the draft office.
"You should undersand, if I'm Mr Peskov, it's not entirely correct for me to be there," Peskov says. "I'm going to resolve this at a different level" 🤝
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mashant
The ban on Russians entering some EU countries using tourist visas has this context now: you're effectively driving Russian men into Putin's army.
How are Russians reacting to Putin's mobilization? All Aeroflot & Turkish Airlines flights to Istanbul are sold-out at least until Sunday…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
The Arctic ice is the highest priority tipping point. "If we lose the Arctic we lose the globe". Urgent action on mitigation is needed for this region.
To make sure all voices are heard in occupied Zaporizhzhia's referendum to join Russia, every home will be visited by a "brigade" of polling workers & police 👮‍♂️…
. Meduza
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
A close-door meeting in Sochi. An about-face for Turkey on Syria.

While it's too soon to consider a reconciliation between Erdogan and Assad, hard interests are driving Ankara ever closer into the orbit of Russia, Damascus's patron.

My long read…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
“I fear for the lives of my family,” a grandfather tells @VICENews

“There's another child who is sick now with malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea, and I don't have the funds to buy him medicine."

Critical reporting by @ASLuhn in Dollow, #Somalia…
You Cant Grow Food in This Country and Children Are Dying
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Direct air capture (DAC) comparison update - Climeworks existing plant captures ~0.5 tons per hr- meanwhile Drake’s private jet emits 5 (FIVE) tons per hour. The new mammoth plant (2 yrs away) will do~4 tons per hr. Nearly keeping up with him. There is an easier fix here guys.
"Less than 18 days of (oil & gas) profits would cover the entire $48.82 billion U.N. humanitarian appeal for 2022."…
A "counter-terrorism operation" in downtown Kherson, according to pro-Russian channels. The Ukrainian "counter-offensive" comes to mind, and not just because of the wording
Rhinos no longer allowed to have horns because capitalism
Meanwhile Alaska is getting hit by what is basically a hurricane (!)…
I recently ran into Oxxxymiron in Istanbul & argued about whether there's a Russian resistance.
Little did I know he was going back to record the antiwar anthem Russia's been waiting for:
"Fuck the old men who lap the blood of other sons/To hell with the old home—we will rebuild"

Video by kultizdat
Music produced by Danny Zuckerman

Айм бэкк)
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan conflict has escalated to levels possibly beyond April 2021. Flashpoints across distant sections of the border. Kyrgyz media reporting that even Batken has been shelled, which is a dangerous and unprecedented development
In reply to @ASLuhn
Famine will reach parts of Somalia later this year, the UN said today. Yet there's 66% less aid than last time Somalia had a drought, USAID said. It won't name names...but it's because of Europe:…
Replying to @ASLuhn
Another year of La Niña weather means another year of deadly drought in Somalia, as well…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ArianeLuff
How many families need to bury their children before it’s enough? Regardless of IPC outcomes, help is needed now. Children are dying of starvation each day. Every minute counts. We cannot afford to wait. #somalia #actnow4somalia #fightfamine
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
US climate envoy John Kerry announces financial support for an African Development Bank program to reduce methane emissions in Africa
I’ve been working on this book project over the past few years and it’s finally almost finished!

It tells the full story of the most extraordinary espionage program in history, and is also a shadow history of Russia’s last 100 years from a new angle.

Should be out early 2024.
Replying to @shaunwalker7
Avengers: Infinity Plov
The Lord's Prayer & a count of the days scratched onto a wall in the Balaklia police station, which Russian forces used as a "torture chamber" for 40+ captives, according to Ukrainian police…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Glacier collapse in Chile's Patagonia region
"One was 52-years-old. He had served 30 years. He died like a hero." Prigozhin's speech recruiting prisoners to fight in Ukraine, with English subs
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Energy Bill to be ditched

There was important stuff in it, from driving forward heat pump sales to creating an independent operator of the electricity system

Technical but vital. If they're being abandoned this is this is a bad, backward step…
Liz Truss to ditch Boris Johnson's energy overhaul plans to focus on driving down cost of bills
This is kind of like a $3bn "F you" to Bill Gates…
Ukraine is now apparently being invaded by aliens, too…
"Climate-related disasters are causing $200m in economic losses a day." You could build a new wind farm every day for the same amount…
Don't hold your breath for the Russian supreme court to order emission cuts, but good for @MakichyanA et al to raise the issue (Russia is the 4th largest emitter & plans to *increase* that)…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
The bright green trees in this false color infrared image are dead (red highlights infrared, or photosynthetically active trees).

Bark beetle die off is a significant & major #wildfire risk because it leads to standing, dry fuels that can act as ladders for fire to climb up.
Cop27 looks set to get off to a great start…
went ahead and got married to the best human ever @MaryKateMcD
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
I have never seen climate carnage on the scale of the floods here in Pakistan.

As our planet continues to warm, all countries will increasingly suffer losses and damage from climate beyond their capacity to adapt.

This is a global crisis. It demands a global response.
The "but" here: If it gets cut off from the power grid again, its diesel generators can only last 10 days until a nuclear meltdown…
EXPLAINER: Ukraine's threatened nuclear plant shuts down
As Ukraine routs Russian troops from towns in Kharkiv region, Putin is ... forcing a laugh as he opens a ferris wheel in Moscow. "140m tall, there's nothing like it in Europe!" He's hostage to the alternate reality he's created...
Replying to @ASLuhn
UPD: The ferris wheel Putin opened has been closed for "system calibration." People were complaining about getting stuck at the top…
Alec Luhn Retweeted ·  
Meanwhile, researchers found the world is on the brink of five ‘disastrous’ climate tipping points, but the report came out the same day the queen died, so it's basically been ignored -…
World on brink of five disastrous climate tipping points, study finds
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