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Last 50 tweets from @ASteiner
1.8 billion young people make up the largest generation of youth in history.

See how @UNDP is engaging youth support and leadership to shape a more prosperous and inclusive world #ForPeopleForPlanet #SDGs. #YouthDay…
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Allowing #Yemen’s youth decent & productive work prevents marginalization & poverty.

Our work thru #SIERY helps! @UNDP trained 241 small, micro, & business associations in #Aden & #Hadramout on Business Continuity & Management.

It is in the passion of young ppl building a better world, their courage to innovate & their ability to bridge divides that we can see a better future.

On #YouthDay2022, join me in celebrating 5 young climate leaders from the Arab region #ClimateAction:…
Small Island Developing States are on the frontlines of #ClimateChange.

@UNDP's #SIDS Data Platform is a new tool for #SIDS to track progress along the SAMOA Pathway and #2030Agenda for updated, standardized, and comprehensive data.

Explore more:
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
COVID-19 hit hardest on those who were already socially disadvantaged making it difficult for them to adapt to the new reality.

With @EUKosovo's support, see how @UNDP_Kosovo is helping to reach out to the most vulnerable through #MobileClinic.

Thank you to @MofaJapan_en for your support of @UNDP's work.

Together in partnership, we launch a new project to address an unprecedented rise in infectious health care waste caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, Bhutan and the Maldives. 👉…
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
#Tanzania is one of the 25 countries supported by our #TaxforSDGs initiative.

Today we held a workshop w/ @TRATanzania to discuss the challenges in applying domestic tax law to #IslamicFinance transactions.

To learn more about our work, visit:
COVID-19. Market expansion. Better platforms. What do they share in common?

The informal sector. Discover insights uncovered by @UNDPAcclabs on bridging the #DigitalDivide within informal businesses. Here's more on informality & digitalization 👉
Digitalizing Informal Business: What Systems Mapping Reveals about Drivers and Effects
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Gender stereotypes and cultural norms often hinder women and girls' access to digital tech and reduce opportunities in the ICT sector. Read more about the innovative 🇰🇬📲WeInCrypto project access the world of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0.
Out of 187 parliaments 🌐, only 13 are close to equal representation in #GenderParity.

See how @UNDP and partners are leading forward to break down barriers & advance #GenerationEquality for just and inclusive societies that thrive. 👉
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
#AI for sustainable agriculture🌾.

@Fuselage_Inno from #Kerala 🇮🇳 uses drones to conduct crop survey & spray inputs like fertilizers.

This startup was supported by Green Innovation Fund🌱 initiative by @UNDP_India & @startup_mission.

Read more:
Congratulations to @UNDP's #EquatorPrize 2022 winners! 🎉

These ten Indigenous peoples & local communities represent the power of local action for #SustDev

🙏 for your commitment to a sustainable future #ForPeopleForPlanet. #IndigenousPeoplesDay 👉…
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to Sunkpa Shea Women's Cooperative in #Ghana on winning the @UNDP #EquatorPrize 2022 for their Indigenous, women-led shea butter production cooperative.

Learn more about all of this year's #EquatorPrize winners: ➡️
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UNDPaf
@UNDPaf #ABADEI partner, @DRC_ngo

Supported 1⃣6⃣6⃣,2⃣0⃣6⃣👥 in the first 3️⃣ months, through:

🔺 💰 to complement basic income
🔺 💰- for- work👷🏽
🔺 💲Micro-enterprise support
🔺 💥Explosive ordnance education

#Afghanistan #Lift40M #StayAndDeliver
Indigenous women are the backbone of indigenous communities playing a crucial role in the preservation & transmission of ancestral knowledge.

See how @UNDPChina, @GEF_SGP, @theGEF & @ICCAconsortium are working to support these efforts : #WeAreIndigenous
Women. Tradition. Culture.
Block your calendar for #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

Tomorrow, @UN celebrates the incredible #IndigenousWomen who play a 🗝️ role in preserving and passing on traditional knowledge 👉🏾 #WeAreIndigenous
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Honoured to meet with Emperor Naruhito of Japan in Tokyo today.
Japan is a pillar of the multilateral system and a global advocate for peace, human security and disarmament.
NDCs are the blueprint for achieving the #ParisAgreement.

New @UNDP analysis of NDCs shows countries in Asia-Pacific are accelerating #ClimateAction, by:
🔹 Increasing their mitigation and adaptation ambitions
🔹 Mobilizing public and private finance…
3 key insights from the State of Ambition Regional Snapshot: Asia and the Pacific
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Today, two more ships loaded with grain and other food items departed from #Ukraine.

The #BlackSeaGrainInitiative has already helped bring down grain prices globally.
.@UNDP’s #FundingWindows supported global efforts to enable people in need to face future challenges with enhanced skills, incomes, decision-making opportunities, energy, health care, education and other vital resources.

See our 2021 impacts:
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Find out how, together with partners, we help establish security, infrastructure, services, & livelihood conditions at local levels to extend state presence and promote peace, social cohesion, and development.

#RebuildingTogether #ThrivingSahel
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
La 🇫🇷 soutient la "Promesse climatique" du PNUD grâce à laquelle:

🌎85 pays ont augmenté les mesures d'atténuation du changement climatique
🌍94 pays se sont dotés d’ambitions énergétiques
🌍40 pays améliorent leurs systèmes d'inventaire des gaz à effet de serre

Digital technology has played a prominent, if not the most important, role in the 21st century.

Here is more on how @UNDPIran, thru the "Green & Digital" project, is bridging the gap on the #DigitalDivide to improve livelihoods around Lake Urmia.…
Greening livelihoods, bridging the digital divide | United Nations Development Programme
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UNDP
@undp Egypt is now further embedding digital technologies across our development prog.

@undpacclabs in Egypt’s w/ @undp_sudan #AccLab conducted today’s workshop to understand Sudan’s Horizon Scanner model, empowering digital ecosystems to support our partners & the #SDGs.
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
The latest #IPCC #ClimateReport shows that balanced, sustainable healthy diets such as those that include plant-based foods can help reduce emissions that contribute to #globalwarming. 🥦 🫘

Find out more ➡️
Digital transformation must be intentionally inclusive if it is to contribute to realizing the #SDGS.

@UNDP's new policy brief highlights how countries can accelerate & boost inclusive #DigitalTransformation and mitigate potential threats. ➡
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
On #IndigenousDay, join us & @UNDESA for an inspiring Twitter Chat (English & Spanish) on

The Role of Indigenous Women in the Preservation and Transmission of Traditional Knowledge

🗓️ 9 August 2022, 17:00 CEST / 11 am EDT
👉 Questions:…

In 2021, @UNDP's Regional Programme for Africa:

✅ Established @UNDPBorderlands to reach 270 million people
✅ Invested in 5,000 youth leaders & entrepreneurs
✅ Ensured safe travel & trade for informal workers amid COVID-19

Read more ➡️… #AfricaPromise
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Today we honoured the memory of Zaida Catalán & Michael Sharp - colleagues murdered in 2017 - with the dedication of a sculpture in our NY HQ.

We carry their legacy in our hearts & pay tribute to the sacrifice of all @UN personnel working for the world's most vulnerable.
The devastating explosion of the Port of Beirut that rocked the 🇱🇧 capital 2 years ago is still impacting the lives of many.

Today, we renew our commitment to the people in #Lebanon, and call for accountability & justice for all 👉
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
"We are doing all we can to reduce suffering & save lives in Ukraine & the region."

-- @antonioguterres says the senseless war in Ukraine must be brought to an end through a negotiated solution in-line with the UN Charter & international law.…
Cote d’Ivoire is one of the largest exporters of the world's cocoa beans.

In partnership w @pnudcotedivoire @FAOclimate & @iki_germany, see how we are working together in Côte d’Ivoire towards sustainable agroforestry landscapes around cocoa culture. 👉🏾…
The green energy transition is paramount in the face of 🌐 cost-of-living crisis. The new @UN Global Crisis Response Group report urges leaders to:
🟢 Switch to renewables
🟢 Stick to the #ParisAgreement
🟢 Scale up investments in the green transition
134 countries criminalize #HIV transmission, exposure and non-disclosure based on general criminal laws. These laws target the most vulnerable and undermine efforts to tackle AIDS.

Decriminalization is a critical step towards achieving @UNAIDS 10-10-10 targets. #AIDS2022
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
Engaging men and boys is crucial to end violence against women and girls.
Around the world, we partner with the @UN, the #EU, governments and civil society organizations to raise awareness of the multiple forms of gender-based violence.

#WithHer 📷 @UNICEF_Nigeria
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
The UNDP Malawi Country Office is pursuing a transition to 100 percent reliance on green energy in accordance with Smart UN Facilities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to move towards a greener future.
#AffordableAndCleanEnergy #ClimateAction…
Transitioning the Malawi Country Office to a greener future | United Nations Development Programme
Demographics in #Chile are shifting. By 2050, 1/3 of the population will be people over 60.

See how @UNDP w @UN sister agencies, 🇨🇱 govt, partners & the Chilean National Service for the Elderly are helping to strengthen support networks for the elderly.…
Bringing digital support to Chile's elderly | United Nations Development Programme
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
The Digital Readiness Assessment #DRA tool results workshop held in Samoa 🇼🇸, is a major step towards its #digitaltransformation journey.

Inclusive digital transformation is a 🔑 enabler for development in #SIDS, with a crucial role in building resilience & economic recovery.
In reply to @ASteiner
Unequal access to #HIV treatment existed between & within countries even before #COVID created new barriers for key & vulnerable populations. @UNDP is helping countries develop strategies to achieve @UNAIDS 95-95-95 goals amid the pandemic.
Replying to @ASteiner
Antiretroviral medication is now 100x cheaper than it was in 2000 thanks to market competition from generics. @UNDP and @HIVLawComm are helping countries explore ways to use competition law to promote access to health technologies. 👉🏾
The theme of #AIDS2022 is re-engage & #FollowTheScience. As we heed this call, we must remember that scientific progress is not enough without equitable access to health technologies.

Learn more about @UNDP’s work to break down barriers to lifesaving care. 🧵👇
Replying to @ASteiner
Unequal access to #HIV treatment existed between & within countries even before #COVID created new barriers for key & vulnerable populations. @UNDP is helping countries develop strategies to achieve @UNAIDS 95-95-95 goals amid the pandemic.
The theme of #AIDS2022 is re-engage & #FollowTheScience. As we heed this call, we must remember that scientific progress is not enough without equitable access to health technologies.

Learn more about @UNDP’s work to break down barriers to lifesaving care. 🧵👇
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UNDPasiapac
@UNDPasiapac RD @kanniwignaraja & leaders of Thanh Hoa met to advance cooperation to build community resilience:
☘️Build additional 100 resilient houses
☘️Regenerate mangrove forests
☘️Increase number of people access to climate & resilient information"
UNDP regional directors visit to Thanh Hoa province
To meet the goals of #ParisAgreement, the world needs greater climate ambition.

Explore data by @UNDP’s #ClimatePromise and see how each region is faring when it comes to progress. 👉…
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
#SudSud en action: Soutenu par @pnudfr & @IndiaUNFund, ce projet a recours à la #CoopérationSudSud pour restaurer les écosystèmes et améliorer la productivité de l'agriculture au Cameroun🇨🇲, Tchad🇹🇩, Niger🇳🇪, Nigeria🇳🇬 & en République Centrafricaine🇨🇫
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
A peek at the rich jaguar territory in South America. On #WorldRangerDay, we salute rangers serving all over the world on the frontline of conservation to preserve biodiversity and reduce human-wildlife conflict, with the support of organizations such as @UNDP & @GEF_SGP.
Overlapping crises, from #COVID19 to conflict, have harmed progress in the fight to #EndAIDS. To get back on track, we must:

👉focus on ending inequalities
👉promote inclusive governance for HIV
👉scale-up investments in #HIV
👉build resilient systems for health

Today, the #AIDS2022 International AIDS Conference kicks off in Montreal highlighting the urgent need to step up efforts to get the HIV response back on track.

We need bold and ambitious action and investments now to achieve the 10-10-10 targets. 👉…
Bold and ambitious actions needed to remove barriers limiting access to HIV services | United Nations Development Programme
Achim Steiner Retweeted ·  
In Bhutan's Royal Manas National Park ecosystem, #Tigers serve as a keystone species, affecting many other organisms through the complex web of life. See how the remote Himalayan Kingdom is protecting 🐯 by increasing local food security. #TigersDay2022…
#TigerDay calls for urgent action to protect tigers and combat illegal trade of wildlife.

Explore how @UNDP works with partners to conserve tiger habitats & protect biodiversity:…
COVID-19 underscores how vital effective political leadership is in all aspects of our lives.

For inclusive engagement with parliaments & parliamentarians, @UNDP is working together w govts to transform governance, support #HumanRights & #SustDev. 👉
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