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Last 50 tweets from @AvrilLavigne
My new merch is available now 🖤🖤 get yours at and it comes with the album pre-order!
283 1,346
Watch my music video for Tell Me It’s Over here
527 1,680
not only is it my fav text, #TellMeItsOver is now my fav new song! Killer job @AvrilLavigne @RyanCabrera
77 422
241 1,502
#TellMeItsOver is on New Music Friday playlists in 33 countries!! Thank you so much @Spotify! Stream it here and share with your friends 🖤
1,215 5,474
I still can’t believe that my album is almost here! This album means a lot to me & I’m so excited that you guys get to hear it soon. You can pre-order it here…. Also, thank you to my fans for being so loving and supportive of me throughout this journey 🖤
1,445 6,219
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
“If someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, don’t put up with it,” says @AvrilLavigne of her soulful new ballad. “Tell Me It’s Over” arrives ahead of her upcoming album ‘Head Above Water.' Spin the single:
381 1,386
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
Avril Lavigne shows a soulful side in her new track “Tell Me It’s Over”, which is joined by a video in which a relationship falls apart.…
WATCH: Avril Lavigne shares new song 'Tell Me It's Over' | Inquirer Entertainment
  · Echobox Social · en
254 1,199
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
Avril Lavigne shares empowering break-up banger 'Tell Me It's Over', announces new album 'Head Above Water'
298 1,412
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
I’m sure no one is surprised to hear I’m absolutely loving @AvrilLavigne’s new single #TellMeItsOver 🖤 watch the official video in my @CelebMix article!…
Avril Lavigne premieres video for soulful new single Tell Me Its Over
208 1,068
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
.@AvrilLavigne says her new single "is an anthem about being strong, finally putting your foot down and closing the door on a relationship that you know is wrong."
Avril Lavigne Won't Let A Man's Bullshit Ruin Her Christmas In 'Tell Me It's Over' Video
  · SocialFlow · en
570 2,111
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
Current Top 5 on US iTunes' Best Of The Week Playlist:

1) @ArianaGrande - imagine
2) @AvrilLavigne - Tell Me It's Over
3) Anuel AA & Haze - Amanece
4) @JYPETWICE - The Best Thing I Ever Did
5) @PRETTYMUCH - Jello
  · TweetDeck · en
468 2,112
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
Avril Lavigne shows off her soul side with new song "Tell Me It's Over"
  · SocialFlow · en
706 2,902
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
It's the most wonderful time of the week! #NewMusicFriday

💿 @zaynmalik - Icarus Falls
💿 @KodakBlack1k - #DyingToLive
🎵 @ArianaGrande - Imagine
🎵 @MileyCyrus, @MarkRonson, @seanonolennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
🎵 @AvrilLavigne - #TellMeItsOver

What's on repeat?
453 1,628
My new album, #HeadAboveWater, is available for pre-order on @iTunes here… 🖤
1,614 7,030
I’m so excited that I can finally share with you, that my new album will be released on February 15, 2019. You can pre-order #HeadAboveWater⁠ ⁠ here:… 🖤
1,953 6,434
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
It’s definitely over, @AvrilLavigne. Play Tell Me It’s Over now on the new YouTube Music app →
  · Sprinklr · en
744 2,597
Thanks for asking such fun questions! Let’s do this again soon! Xx #AskAvril
594 5,592
I hope so! #AskAvril
@AvrilLavigne Do you expect great success from this album? #AskAvril
3 24
318 2,358
Definitely one of them #AskAvril
@AvrilLavigne do u think this album is the most personal of your career? #askavril
2 14
237 1,520
I’m excited to start performing more again #AskAvril
@AvrilLavigne what are your goals for next year? #AskAvril⁠ ⁠
3 16
343 2,145
@AvrilLavigne Avril, sushi, pizza or Hello Kitty? Lollll #AskAvril
1 15
291 1,759
I love my life and the people in it #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @Twitter As a fellow Lyme Disease Warrior, your song "Head Above Water" has become my anthem. What was your motivation to see the light at the end of the tunnel through this struggle with this disease? #AskAvril
2 27
242 1,353
I’m grateful that I got a lot of time to work on the album to make it exactly how I wanted it to be #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne what are you most grateful in the process of making this new album? #askavril
3 13
263 1,471
I have good day and bad days #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @AvrilLavigne Hey Avril, how are you feeling? Are you back to being 100% after having Lyme disease? #HeadAboveWater #TellMeItsOver
2 11
252 1,447
When it’s time for the rest of the world to hear it #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne in a album creating process, whats the most rewarding part? #AskAvril⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
3 11
265 1,541
Believe in yourself and be confident #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
What would you say to those who, like me, would like to start writing songs but are afraid of what other people might say/think? I ❤ u sm
#askavril @AvrilLavigne
2 16
284 1,504
𝑰𝒔𝒂𝒃𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 💔
for how long have you been working on your new album? @AvrilLavigne #AskAvril
3 18
296 1,655
Better than ever #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
After all that has happened to you, from your battle with Lyme, how do you feel about being back? #askavril @AvrilLavigne
3 7
251 1,388
I feel like they all could be singles! #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
How many singles will be released in the new era? Your new songs are perfect.. @AvrilLavigne #AskAvril #TellMeItsOver
3 19
273 1,427
Are we getting any more music video from this era? #AskAvril
2 11
282 1,689
Im having a lot of fun talking to you guys #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @Twitter #askavril you should do these chats more often. Makes us feel closer to you! ❤️
2 28
220 1,392
A musical movie could be fun. I like listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne What kind of movie or tv show would you like to be in ? #AskAvril
4 24
258 1,640
Avril Lavigne Retweeted ·  
Yes I still love painting and cooking #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @Twitter What hobbies do you enjoy? Do you still paint? #askavril
4 11
234 1,365
I did something fun with @iHeartRadio and @UPROXX that we’ll be sharing next year #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @Twitter Did you recorded some kind of documentary about this record? We would love to know more about the process... #AskAvril #TellMeItsOver @AvrilLavigne
4 25
244 1,253
Stay strong, don’t give up, pray, spread love #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
Do you have a message for your fans going through a hard time right now? @AvrilLavigne #AskAvril
4 24
550 1,869
Yes I definitely want to do some more acting #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
Would you still like to be in a movie? @AvrilLavigne #AskAvril
4 19
231 1,490
It was a lot of people’s favorite. I do ask for friends’ opinions. Birdie is also a standout to everyone who has heard the music #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
How did you decide to make Tell Me It's Over a single? Do you ask your friend's opinion? #AskAvril @AvrilLavigne
5 27
248 1,327
So grateful for you and all of your help Francesca!
Grateful for this special woman @AvrilLavigne and her music... #AskAvril
14 216
175 1,150
Definitely something I had never done before #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
#HeadAboveWater #TellMeItsOver

how it was taking photographs and filming underwater for #HeadAboveWater ?
  · Twitter Lite · en
3 20
196 1,120
It felt so good!! Lauren is such a talent! We had a lot of fun #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne What was it like to write with Lauren Christy again after all these years? #AskAvril
2 16
198 1,150
I liked using a lot of blues and black & white #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
@AvrilLavigne @Twitter Which color do you think defines this album? #AskAvril #TellMeItsOver @AvrilLavigne
3 12
255 1,358
Life events that I went through #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
#AskAvril @AvrilLavigne What was your inspiration for this album?
5 19
230 1,259
Yes - Great movie! #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
Have you seen the "A Star Is Born" and if so what do you think of it? #askavril
9 70
857 3,557
You never know... 😉 #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
Are there any unreleased collabs or soon-to-be-revealed? :D #askavril
3 21
330 1,734
You guys are the greatest and I am so beyond thankful to have you!!! 😘😘 #AskAvril⁠ ⁠#TellMeItsOver #HeadAboveWater
What do you think of your fans like us (@AvrilTeamVerona) who go around the streets with leaflets to promote your music and your return? #AskAvril #TellMeItsover @AvrilLavigne
AVRIL TEAM VERONA | Avril Lavigne "Head Above Water" Street Team 13/10/18
10 63
239 1,297
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