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Last 50 tweets from @BCDreyer
Today's the Bill Macy centenary!
Wordle 333 5/6


watch out, that last step is a doozy
Haha haha ha ha hahaha ha ha haha haha ha ha *Brenda Vaccaro gasp* ha haha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc.
Breaking NBC: Republican Madison Cawthorn has conceded to Chuck Edwards.
Who is the seventies analog to Sheryl Crow?
I have sufficient experience of the homicidal depravity of insurance companies that it’s hard for me to bear in mind when they’re just being stupidly incompetent.
Benjamin Dreyer Retweeted ·  
What happens if two guys are about to get married but a woman runs up and shoves one of them out of the way and yells “I do” just as they’re taking their vows what then huh?
If the government made ordering more free stuff as easy as ordering the free Covid tests, I’d order a lot more free stuff from the government.
Replying to @BCDreyer
Please send me one (1) equitable society.
If the government made ordering more free stuff as easy as ordering the free Covid tests, I’d order a lot more free stuff from the government.
You can see the sea. It’s over there between the land and the sky.
Replying to @DonaldClarke63
Where are the herds of wildebeest?
In reply to @BCDreyer
Ladles and germsicles, Miss Lesley Gore.…
Replying to @BCDreyer
The lyrics say "Before my tears fall, I just walk away," the face says "I will kick him directly in the nads."
In reply to @BCDreyer
Ladles and germsicles, Miss Lesley Gore.…
Replying to @BCDreyer
And bringing it all home, though perhaps not winning any awards for international cultural sensitivity, it's.............…
Two and a half minutes of absolute pop perfection.…
Replying to @BCDreyer
Ladles and germsicles, Miss Lesley Gore.…
Two and a half minutes of absolute pop perfection.…
continuing not to tweet about something in which I have little interest and of which I have even less knowledge so please forward medals
In reply to @BCDreyer
Dear Reader, we did not.
Replying to @BebeNeuwirth
I mean, just feh. Big feh.
In reply to @JeffreySchaper
Not to blow your mind, you absolute toddler, but you don’t “have to watch” *anything*
Replying to @jasondashbailey @JeffreySchaper and 1 otherfalse
I didn't realize that the national tour of Jordan Peterson and the Voluntary Incels had already kicked off.
Shuffle just blessed me with Stomp! and Strawberry Letter 23 back to back, and really there's nothing better.
In reply to @TomasJMurray
(I don’t know why I’m cc’ing @BCDreyer, except that I always cc @BCDreyer; who else would I possibly cc.)
Replying to @TomasJMurray
David Rounds! Lois de Banzie! All of them!
In reply to @DaraKaye
Replying to @lyzl @DaraKaye
"on the rod" is so remarkably crass, I'm almost impressed
Benjamin Dreyer Retweeted ·  
White supremacy is a poison running through our body politic.

We need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America.

Failure to do so will be complicity. Silence will be complicity. We cannot remain silent.
who could possibly imagine that this sort of thing would be used for racial discrimination, who…
In reply to @BCDreyer
🎵 "...Of those oobly goobly feelings I'm free..."🎵
Replying to @BobbyRiversTV
Especially that part.
I think that quite possibly Barbra singing "Let's Hear It for Me" is the gayest thing that's ever gay'd.
So next tweet…Thursday?
Replying to @BCDreyer
Foolish me. He never stopped tweeting at all. And I thought *I* lacked self-control.
It’s 4 in the morning and I can’t sleep. My husband and partner of almost 20 years died last night. It was sudden and unexpected. I am bereft.
Replying to @TJHogglestock
I'm so utterly sorry. I am thinking of you.
Happy Maureen O'Sullivan's birthday!
Replying to @BCDreyer
Two more of Maureen on Broadway: with Paul Ford in Never Too Late, and with Gary Merrill in Morning's at Seven.
Happy Maureen O'Sullivan's birthday!
Wordle 332 4/6


well, at least it’s Friday
He’s. Still. Tweeting.
Such scandals are now a dime a dozen.
In reply to @newdougman
Is he accosting people in bed?
If Mehmet Oz comes anywhere near my bed I swear to God I will scream the house down.
Vermouth in a martini
Replying to @richardmarx
It crowds the gin.
So next tweet…Thursday?
So I told my staff to change my password, to keep me from temptation, and am departing once again. If I have something to say I'll write an article or make a video. If the issue is not important enough to justify that then perhaps it would be best to just let it go.
In reply to @BCDreyer
Who is that between Sonny and Joan? (My good pals, Sonny and Joan)
Replying to @acoffey
Joey Heatherton!
This is a nightmare. I keep hoping it’s not true. John was a friend. Married to my dear friend. A loving father and husband, a great doctor, a martial arts instructor, with a ready smile and Texas-bred warmth. My mind is reeling and my heart is broken for his family. 💔
I am so sorry, Cindy, and I offer you my condolences on the loss of your friend, clearly a man of valor.
Can you name the six celebrities shown with Tom Jones at his 34th birthday celebration in 1974?
In reply to @BCDreyer
"It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily."
Replying to @aristofontes
She’s always better (in anything) than I remember.
In reply to @JOblik
Enough to be a New York Times bestseller. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Yes, but only for nine weeks. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Meanwhile, back at Marlene:

“Why are you going to Shanghai?”

“I want to buy a new hat.”
It is one of my favorite books, has delight upon delight on every page, and would make a fabulous gift.
Replying to @WFKARS
[dog not included]
In reply to @JOblik
I don’t know if you know this but Jordan Peterson only has one copy of his book that he keeps on a string to retrieve it after he sold it, and he just keeps selling it again and again to the same 12 dudes.
In reply to @BCDreyer
I always felt she was kind of a female Astaire - a technical master who often worked at arm's length from the audience, which made her highly unusual for female musical stars of the time
Replying to @tomandlorenzo
Every time I watch her and Fred do Begin the Beguine, I end up watching it two or three times. Even Fred seems impressed with how amazing she is.
More than anything else in old school musicals, I'm constantly amazed at the performers' ability to hit their marks with such precision and against all odds. Where she ends up from where she started and what she went through to get there is simply astonishing.
Replying to @tomandlorenzo
For reasons unknown I didn't take to Eleanor on my first encounters with her, and now I just marvel and revel.
In reply to @BCDreyer
And he is a tiger.
In reply to @JOblik
Indeed, it does not hurt.
I don't know, Rachel, maybe we need to hear Joyce out?
In reply to @natsechobbyist
You're just irrelevant people jealous of his success and reach. Nobody knows you, nobody cares who you are, and nobody will remember you. Ouch, that must hurt.
Are you gonna cry about it?
In reply to @JOblik
Why is it that the snottiest responses always come from cowards who don't use their own name or likeness?
Replying to @jondmaas @JOblik
Maybe its name is actually Joce Oblik, who knows?
Oh, wow, I really just need to pack a suitcase and flee Twitter now, don't I.
In reply to @BCDreyer
How many books have YOU sold?
Benjamin Dreyer Retweeted ·  

Just fyi, @NancySinatra, you know how sometimes you're having one of those days when nothing feels quite right and you can't even find the right music to smooth it out?

Well, I'm listening to your pa, and now it's OK.
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