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Last 50 tweets from @BMarianoJr
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
WHO director-general: COVID-19 is 'easily the most severe' public health emergency the WHO has ever faced, and 'it isn't going away anytime soon'
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Want to see how WHO has responded to the #COVID19 pandemic since Day 1?

Use our interactive timeline to see how we've taken action on information, science, leadership, advice, response & resourcing:
Very proud indeed!! Congratulations @DrTedros
Very proud of my dad @DrTedros for being recognized as one of the most influential Africans in the world. Your relentless hard work towards a better world is nothing short of inspiring.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Multilateral organizations like the World Health Organization and the World Bank will be critical to the world’s recovery from #COVID19. But so will local groups run by, and for, women.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
As long as #COVID19 is circulating, we are all at risk. That’s why we’re asking everyone to treat the decisions about where they go, what they do and who they meet with as life-and-death decisions – because they are.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Happening now! Catch the rerun of the #GMIS2020 Digital Series Session 3 - Health and Safety Reimagined - From factory floor to the EXIT door: risk and compliance in a post-COVID19 world. Watch Laura Buckwell in conversation with @BMarianoJr @WHO & Richard Clegg @LR_Foundation.
We had a very good informal consultation with @WHO Member States, on the Draft Global Strategy on #digitalhealth. Thank you for your support and guidance. Find the draft strategy here:…
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
El discurso de la enfermera @aroalomar en boca de @DrTedros.

Thank you, all @WHO Member States & speakers for the engaging participation in today’s #digitalhealth Virtual Round Table. A united, multi stakeholder community will support deliver quality, affordable and equitable digital transformation of healthcare sector. #TogetherWeCan
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Earlier this week I visited 🇫🇷&🇪🇸 to join their leaders in recognizing the incredible contribution of #healthworkers in the fight against #COVID19. We all owe them an enormous debt, not just because they have cared for the sick, but for risking their own lives in the line of duty
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
The faster you can find #COVID19 cases, isolate them, and track their close contacts, the more successful you’re going to be, says #NewZealand. Read more:
New Zealand takes early and hard action to tackle COVID-19
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  

❤️ ❤️
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❤️ ❤️
💙 💙


On #WorldEmojiDay, spread some 💙 for every child affected by COVID-19.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Very proud to see @WHO continue to receive the recognition it deserves. Glad to see all your hard work paying off @DrTedros @WHO
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
There will be no return to the “old normal” for the foreseeable future. But there is a roadmap to a situation where we can control #COVID19 and get on with our lives. No matter where a country is in its epidemic curve, it is never too late to take decisive action.
#RebootYouthHealthChallenge WINNER 🏆: Young MSM seeking STI testing face issues including financial barriers and community stigmatisation.
Find out how Contagious Kindness: Pay it Forward, proposes to tackle these issues here👇
#RebootYouthHealthChallenge WINNER 🏆

Children's Voices on COVID-19 is a pioneering radio network 📻 offering advice & information for children across the world dealing with COVID-19 🩺.

More information on their fantastic work can be found below 👇
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Today @WHO & partners launched the Access Initiative for Quitting Tobacco, incl. the first ever digital health worker, to help 1.3 billion tobacco users quit. Stopping smoking is more important than ever as smokers are more likely to have severe outcomes from #COVID19. #NoTobacco
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Here is @DrTedros's speech announcing the launch of the independent panel on pandemic preparedness and response (IPPR) and the co-chairs, @MaEllenSirleaf & @HelenClarkNZ:…
Today I had the pleasure to participate in the award ceremony of Reboot young people’s Health innovation challenge. Congratulations to the two winners! 👏🏾👏🏾 Days like today give me higher meaning for being ⁦@WHO⁩ staff. Thank you All Young people & innovators of the World.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
I agree that the focus on vaccines has overshadowed the need for simple diagnostics especially for self testing #diagnostics #testing
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Completely moved by this portrait that is made with the pics of all the doctors and nurses who passed away in this #COVID-19 pandemic.

Pray for all who gave their life for mankind and those who are still working day and night.

The war on the pandemic is far from over.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Join us on 7.7.2020 (1-2:30 PM CEST) for the Reboot Youth Health & Wellbeing Digital Awards, aimed at developing solutions to keep young people safe & healthy.
It's time to #RebootYouthHealth!

Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
“Now more than ever, the world needs leadership. Now, more than ever, the world needs international cooperation.
Once again, I offer my profound thanks to France and Germany for your leadership and support.” Something is happening @WHO #EU 🇩🇪🇫🇷…
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DrTedros
To help countries identify those technologies, we are working on a ‘Digital Clearinghouse’, a @WHO web platform that will be used to assess #digitalhealth solutions and highlight those that are effective, scalable, and can integrate with existing systems.
Thank you development partners for joining WHO and support the acceleration of digital transformation of healthcare sector, the network of networks and the early warning disease surveillance system. Together we can do it!!! #DigitalHealth for #HealthForAll @DrTedros @WHO
We hosted a virtual round table on #DigitalHealth to create an ecosystem that will begin the digital transformation of the global health sector. Together, we’ll support countries to adopt evidence-based & sustainable technologies that are aligned to their needs.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
We hosted a virtual round table on #DigitalHealth to create an ecosystem that will begin the digital transformation of the global health sector. Together, we’ll support countries to adopt evidence-based & sustainable technologies that are aligned to their needs.
#Health security must be high on the agenda of every government. Happy to join @IFRC organized webinar on "Enabling Digital Health Futures in Humanitarian Settings ". Let's work together to accelerate digital transformation of the healthcare as well as humanitarian sector.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
After 83 days, #Geneva relaunches its #Jetdeau with @DrTedros & @UN_Valovaya to pay tribute to @WHO & @UN ‘s work against #COVID19 Ahead of the 75th anniv of the 🇺🇳, #Switzerland 🇨🇭reiterates the importance of a strong #multilateralism to face our global challenges @GenevaImpact
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
„What have we learned about preparing for pandemics?Most importantly, we don’t have an economy if we don’t have public health. If this viral #pandemic has shown us anything it is that good #publichealth at home and abroad is an investment-not an expense.“…
What have we learned about preparing for pandemics to come?
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
“There is a real danger of a new vertical approach of health security.The debate in this discussion paper is critical to counteract that new verticality. If we go wrong now, the world will pay a very heavy price – and the most vulnerable will pay the most”…
Time to get our act together on health emergencies and UHC
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Racism is abhorrent, nasty, and must be rejected everywhere at any moment, condemned in a clear way. Racism is the rejection of our common humanity, which is a central aspect against the Charter of the @UN.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
In the fight against #COVID19, no one is safe until everyone is safe.

Diagnostics, treatment and vaccines must be accessible to all - including refugees, migrants and displaced people.…
"The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to reimagine human mobility" | United Nations
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
#COVID19 has laid bare deep injustices and inequalities based on income, gender, race and more.

Returning to the systems that created these fragilities is out of the question.

All our efforts must go towards building more equal, inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Right now, there is no #COVID19 vaccine.

As we work together to develop one, there is an important lesson we need to understand.

A vaccine, by itself, is not enough.

We need global solidarity to ensure that every person, everywhere, will have access.
Secretary-General's video message to Global Vaccine Summit
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Despite the challenges they face, refugees & migrants are contributing heroically to the fight against #COVID19.

This includes the 1 in 8 nurses practicing in a country different from where they were born.

No country can fight the pandemic alone.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Starts soon 6/3 8AM EDT /1PM BST: Dr Balsari @HarvardFxb @BIDMCEM panelist in webinar on role of #AI in the fight against #COVID19 in low and middle income countries. W. @AnnAertsNF @BMarianoJr of @WHO, Robert Morris of @NUSingapore, Marcos Vinícius Souza
Google sees resurgence in state-backed hacking, phishing related to COVID-19 | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
Be aware of scammers. Inspect the sender email address and you will notice it does not come from Share widely to help others remain safe from cyber attacks.
Heads up... scammers are using fake WHO emails now 🤦‍♀️
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
I am heartbroken to see violence on the streets in our host country and our host city of New York.

Grievances must be heard, but should be expressed peacefully - and authorities must show restraint in responding to demonstrations.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Thank you @AWS and @soulmachines for your support and creation of Florence, a @WHO digital health worker that will help smokers quit and combat misinformation about #COVID19 and tobacco. #TobaccoExposed #WorldNoTobaccoDay
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
This is how @WHO is working to support refugees and migrants during the #COVID19 pandemic:
We are working with governments around the world to ensure supply chains remain open and lifesaving health services are reaching all communities. Solidarity!
How WHO is supporting refugees and migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
#COVID19 science is doubling every 20 days. New guidance and updated guidance is published by @WHO daily.

How can you stay on top of it all?

👉🏽Download #WHOAcademy app.

Free and available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
"WHO recognizes the important role that patents play in fueling innovation.

But this is a time when people must take priority.

Tools to prevent, detect & treat #COVID19 are global public goods that must be accessible by all." @DrTedros at Technology Access Pool launch 29 May.
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
#DIRECTO @BMarianoJr, director de información de la OMS pide aprender de la pandemia para actuar mejor y aumentar el gasto en investigación #DesescaladaMadrid
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Bernardo Mariano: "Las apps pueden ayudar y tienen que estar dentro del sistema de respuesta de la salud pública".El director de Información de la OMS habla por primera vez en España en @120minutostm @maria_rey @BMarianoJr @WHO
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
WHO Academy App: A COVID-19 Resource for Healthcare Workers…
Bernardo Mariano Jr. Retweeted ·  
Beautiful closing of #WHA73 by @DrTedros of @WHO:
"The #COVID19 pandemic has given us a reminder of what really matters. Let hope be the antidote to fear. Let solidarity be the antidote to division. Let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat".
Proud to see @WHO Information Management & Technology team deliver the digital solution for this very first Virtual #WHA. #ProudToBeWHO
Today is the start of the 73rd World Health Assembly - the first ever to be convened virtually. It is an opportunity for health leaders to commit to fight #COVID19 together, in unity, in solidarity! That’s the only way we can stop this pandemic and keep the world safe. #WHA73
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