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Last 50 tweets from @BootstrapCook
Jack Monroe Retweeted ·  
Going to ground for a bit, I’m exhausted. This is all ~a lot~ to be dealing with.
Jack Monroe Retweeted ·  
Frothing right wingers so desperate to falsely prove that I’m a hypocritical millionaire that they’re willing to libel me extensively in order to try to make it happen. Beautiful.
Jack Monroe Retweeted ·  
My mental health is absolutely shot at the moment - so I might be a bit quiet. I’m in good (refreshingly ordinary) hands, just taking some time away from being Twitters Main Character the umpteenth day running. Reading hate and lies about myself incessantly does have an impact.😑
Jack Monroe Retweeted ·  
People asking how to help. I don’t have a crowdfunder - if I need to I’ll let you know, but not today. So in the meantime the real crucial battle is where it’s always been for the last 12 years: Text TRUSSELL 5 to 70085 to donate £5 to those who really need it right now. Ta. X
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Ah yes, make a statement and then can't be arsed to back it up. Says it all. Hopefully you won't be literally starved at your friends house.
I don’t owe you my time, my trauma, my tweets, my emotional labour, my explanations, my words, absolutely nothing. I’ve been fairly patient til now, shared plenty of info that you can’t even be bothered to look at, and now I’m done.
Replying to @ParityJameson @DufferL and 4 others
I’m not sure who you *think* I am in this picture (from almost 10 years ago…) but it’s this very skinny person here. Look at my disproportionate head compared to my shoulders, FFS, and my stupidly wasted legs, and I ask you what on earth you think you’re trying to prove here?!
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Sorry to involve you in that. Didn’t realise it would blow up. Shouldn’t have @‘ed you.
Replying to @nickhirst @nomatestype and 2 others
Oh don’t worry, it was a lovely tweet! Thankyou!
In reply to @nickhirst
And told people not to vote for The Labour Party before the last two elections - glad they have become “ruthlessly well informed” since then.
Replying to @nomatestype @nickhirst and 2 others
I’ve never told people not to vote Labour, and have voted Labour in every local and general election for the last 16 years - despite personal misgivings at times, I always ticked the box on the ballot paper when it came to it. Have a lovely evening.
In reply to @DufferL
This may shock you, but people in the UK also starve to death.
Replying to @sushigal007 @DufferL and 1 otherfalse
In reply to @DufferL
I suggest you take a minute to familiarise yourselves with the coroners verdicts in the deaths of: David Clapson Errol Graham Elaine Morrall Stephen Smith Mark Wood Christine McCluskey Child EG Mark Mullins Helen Mullins Ian Caress Julie Cleworth And many more besides
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Would you kindly like to elaborate on when and how you were 'literally starving'. I think it would help immensely, coming from the horses mouth as it were, as there is a bit of a debate going on as to the circumstances behind the statement.
I’ve written about it extensively over the last ten years D. I’m having a lovely afternoon round a friends house at the moment and funnily enough don’t feel obligated to dredge up my personal trauma on a whim for a stranger who feels as though they can demand that I do so.
In reply to @BootstrapCook
@BootstrapCook any idea if this design will go on a tshirt again? 💗
Replying to @Skebz
Yes - once I get a minute x
In reply to @MorriganJules
Lol Being working class isn’t actually a rare thing however Jack Monroe is not working class. Her dad has an MBE. Her grandad owned multiple properties. She fronts media campaigns for national supermarkets, and companies such as Delmonte and Unilever
You know MBEs are given to ordinary people for doing extraordinary things, yes? They don’t come with a cash prize nor any access to the halls of power - they’re just a literal badge of honour. Christ, I’m so tired of this shit.
In reply to @Win_Li1
Maybe we just wait until the author of the original tweet clarifies what is and isn't meant by 'literally starving'. Otherwise you're just second guessing as to what she meant and I'm sure she doesn't need you interpretating her tweets.
In reply to @Win_Li1
Ah, the classic 'lived experience' retort. Any reason you continually feel the need to speak on someone else's behalf?
Replying to @DufferL @Win_Li1 and 3 others
Any reason YOU feel the need to continually speak on someone else’s behalf, Duffer? Because this started with you telling me you knew better about my own experiences than I do. And denying that people had starved to death in this country, despite me sending a dossier of evidence.
In reply to @TheGreenRob0t
Where can I collect it please? I’ve got £19 in my bank account and bills are due. I’m sure my energy supplier would be happy to accept your anonymous and entirely fictitious tweet as payment though.
In reply to @BootstrapCook
@BootstrapCook favourite herb, goes with almost everything, wouldn't be without?
Replying to @MonkeyB27288225
Ooft tricky! Had to really think about this for a minute. I think I’d go for Thyme for versatility - can use it in a range of cuisines from old English to French to Caribbean etc, and don’t need very much of it and it lasts ages.
Wait till you find out Jamie Oliver doesn't come up with all the recipes either
Replying to @robdykedotcom
I mean, I know this rather painfully, personally. There’s history here.
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Spoons. Lies And archives. You're a shit person and you should feel shit.. probably why you can't sleep at night. Be better. Get a job. Stop the con. You'll feel better.
Replying to @ParityJameson @SpikeNorman and 1 otherfalse
I’m a lovely person and I feel pretty okay about myself, actually. I can’t sleep at night because I’m writing a book about the people who have died at the hands of the DWP over the last 10 years, and I hope when it’s on the desks of those in power they can’t fucking sleep either.
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Mmmm.....nope, to me, images of those in the likes of Ethiopia in years gone by, all skin and bones, flies all over their bodies, with no access to water (fresh or otherwise), let alone food, would be a laser focused accurate way to describe being literally starving.
Let me know when your clearly superior application of language is on the GCSE English syllabus, in six bestselling books, has been awarded two honorary doctorates and has over 100 national newspaper bylines above your own commissioned words. Clearly you’re the expert here.
In reply to @SpikeNorman
Yeah.. real deal.. no lies.. or contradictions.
Replying to @ParityJameson @SpikeNorman and 1 otherfalse
Where’s the lie or contradiction? Initial idea took the weekend to pull together. Execution and delivery of a major project single handedly whilst also managing several other major projects takes a bit longer. If that’s the best you got pal, Jesus Christ 😂
In reply to @BootstrapCook
I don't think she's confused. You, I and she knows what she wrote. She's calling you a con artist. The sad thing is that she clearly isn't a complete bellend like some of the people that spout bullshit about you. I hope you get an apology.
Well I hope she enjoys going down in history as a key piece of evidence in a landmark libel trial.
Replying to @hannahandtilly @PickoMorpheus and 1 otherfalse
Oh that person is a serial harasser - I blocked them a long time ago. Don’t give them the attention they so desperately crave.
In reply to @GeoffPummell
Again, I think it's all relative and the subject is actually whether someone was 'literally starving'. To try and answer your question, I would firstly ask myself if people are dying due to starvation in the UK i.e. literally starving. I would think not.
Replying to @DufferL @GeoffPummell and 1 otherfalse
I suggest you take a minute to familiarise yourselves with the coroners verdicts in the deaths of: David Clapson Errol Graham Elaine Morrall Stephen Smith Mark Wood Christine McCluskey Child EG Mark Mullins Helen Mullins Ian Caress Julie Cleworth And many more besides
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Maybe you were, maybe you weren't. I think the phrase has a plethora of levels. My kids are often 'literally starving' but, to me, those emaciated images of people from war torn and drought ridden countries are only time that the phrase is truly applicable.
I think, on this one, maybe I might be the expert on my own experiences. And given what I do for a living, I happen to choose my words with a laser-focused accuracy, so ‘literally starving’ here does mean exactly that.
Did anyone see or hear from Jamie Oliver when Marcus Rashford was campaigning for meals for kids or Jack Monroe raising awareness of the raising costs of essential food items. 🤔
Replying to @RufusInDaHouse
Found this live footage
Replying to @LouisHenwood
Yeah, body clocks a bit thrown off at the mo by my mad schedule… off to sleep now ☺️
Apropos of absolutely nothing I’m reminded this evening that I did the ‘Eton Mess’ protest thing six whole long years ago.
In reply to @JimMFelton
You’re not wrong. She refers to him as “That man!”
And that’s my ‘out loud’ voice. The industry WhatsApp group is uh kinda spicy 🌶
In reply to @JimMFelton
I misread this as “Jamie Oliver is a Waitrose Jack Monroe” 😂
In reply to @Paula_No_Panic
She's a journalist isn't she? Maybe she's freelance, but still an employee in the broad sense.
Replying to @JacobSAllinson @Paula_No_Panic and 1 otherfalse
Nope. No holiday pay, no weekends, no days off, no sick pay, no regular income, no perks, no salary, no benefits, no union, no HR, not an ‘employee’ in any way shape or form. Freelance self-employed perpetually scrabbling financially insecure utter maniac, can’t recommend it tbh.
In reply to @JacobSAllinson
Who is Jack Monroe’s @BootstrapCook employer? 🤔 I am sure that Jack would be interested in the answer too.
Replying to @Paula_No_Panic @JacobSAllinson and 1 otherfalse
Yeah do please let me know who I should be invoicing for all these unpaid hours of work, I’m super curious 🤣🤣🤣
👇🏼it absolutely amazes me the gall of some people to need to comment on another’s weight (or any aspect of appearance for that matter). Be kind & mind your own f-ing bees wax #endweightstigma
LITERALLY STARVING 😂🤦‍♀️ thank you for the best fantasist tweet of the day. Grift away Jack. You are an absolute master at it
Replying to @naomisloyan
Not sure what bit you’re confused about but yes, I was ~L I T E R A L L Y. S T A R V I N G ~
In reply to @BootstrapCook
😍 Beauty secrets! Ooh thank you! I don't do any of that. Face wash, eye cream, moisturiser. That's it really. I did more before covid. But I don't think it's your beauty routine. You're very good about fruit and veg. Healthy habits. I think it shows. xx
Replying to @BabsSheKing
Well sobriety and frozen spinach have a lot to answer for 🙂
New ‘old’ lady haircut to let the grey grow out naturally, now that I’m 50. Daughter (8) burst into tears when I picked her up from school. Son (5) said “you’re still my best mummy”. @BootstrapCook You inspired me - I showed your recent pic to hairdresser:)
Replying to @norwichrocks
You look incredible and I’m half tempted to take your pic to my hairdresser as a reference point next time I go!! 😌🤪😍
Any other chatty poor people had this message request? If this is a real article, then they are beyond off-base. @BootstrapCook one for you?
Replying to @laura_jackson79
Jesus hecking Christ this is so insulting, but your response is 🔥🔥🔥
In reply to @BootstrapCook
*gasp* who said that to you?? Wow what is wrong with people? Again, I hadn't noticed. But I'm not weird, so there is that. The one thing I have noticed about you is how lovely and clear your skin is. I am envious of that and wonder what moisturiser you use. And your eyes shine 😊
Replying to @BabsSheKing
Oh I mostly just use hot hot water and a scrubby flannel, but when I’m in an organised streak I do a vitamin c cleanser and rosehip oil combo. No7 City Light tinted moisturiser is also a bit of a godsend for a ‘looks like I’ve slept more than I actually have’ quick fix, too 😏
Delighted for @BootstrapCook as the winner of this year’s @SMKcampaigners campaigner of the year. I genuinely felt emotional doing her introduction, which was a total honour. Jack Monroe - you truly are an absolute wonder! Thank you for your tireless work
Thankyou so much for your generous words and lovely introduction - even if I did spend the entire thing blushing furiously at the floor!! What a genuine and unexpected, energising pleasure to be a tiny part of such an incredible group of campaigners - Thankyou x
In reply to @BootstrapCook
You do know you now have to mention the guy in the acknowledgments section of the book, and possibly send him a free copy… also, published cookbooks used to have notes pages at the back… one to bring back?
Oh I’ve been gently prodding for notes sections in my recipe books since the first one!! One day! Nothing gives me joy quite like people sending me pics of their copies with notes scrawled in the margins, oil and batter on the pages, post-its stuck in etc, properly lovely that ❤️
In reply to @BootstrapCook
If no one has mentioned him already, @JortsTheCat is very good value. Cute cat meets unionising badass social justice tiger. Someone spread butter on him then wrote about it on Reddit. And he sometimes falls in the bin. Totally worth it.
Oh I am a massive fan, what an absolute darling that ginger unionised sassy wee cat is x
In reply to @norwichrocks
50 this year and part of me wants a short cut but think my face is too round for it. 😕
I think you would suit any style with your lovely face! Whenever I’m undecided about the chop I do a half up/half down for a bit; scrape the bottom half back into a tight bun at the nape, quiff the top half up high and pin it, to see how it feels before committing to the chop. ❤️
The one time you'd want a pointless answer to be a high number 🙏
Replying to @Cpt_Conchobhar
I did ask him what the score was, expecting it to be a ‘Pointless’ answer, and was dead chuffed to get an 8 tbh. I’ll take those odds 🙃
Would you do Celebrity Pointless, or maybe House if Games if @richardosman got in touch? Your street cred would be astronomical if so 😇
I am actually incredibly shy and anxious in real life so actually turn down about 97% of TV stuff, BUT it would earn me serious brownie points with my son!! He’s been a fan for YEARS 😌
Only 8 of the 100 people asked knew the answer, one competitor thought she did 'Jack Morley'
Replying to @MikeBerridge
Hey I’ll take those odds tbh, I asked SB what the score was and was surprised it was that high!! 😌
In reply to @BootstrapCook
Wait dies Richard Osman know he is SB favourite show
Oh yeah I’ve told him plenty of times, it’s been a very long running thing!! 😂😌
Assistance required, please read & retweet, yr audience is huge & would mean a lot to marathon man Gary McKee, 365 marathons in 365 days for a worthwhile cause
Replying to @cec1960 @JamesBlunt and 6 others
Thanks for sharing this phenomenal endeavour - I’ve sent it around to a bunch of the most friendly decent journos I know and will ping it across to more tomorrow when I’m back at my desk. Best of luck to Gary and what an incredible, superhuman, selfless thing to do!! ❤️
My son just sent me this and I laughed because I know fine well that of all the things I have done over the last 10 years, cropping up as an answer on his favourite TV programme is by far the most impressive. Thanks @TVsPointless for the accidental street cred, he’s DELIGHTED! 😌
In reply to @BootstrapCook
My mum said we look like we’re related and she tells me I’m beautiful so I wouldn’t worry about the trolls 🧌
Replying to @sethfarsides
You ARE beautiful Seth, your face is full of sunbeams x
Some people have a weird idea of what "chubby" is.
Replying to @atrueindyscot
Yeah. People will say any mad old crap to try to get a reaction!
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