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Last 50 tweets from @BritniDWrites
"These movies aren鈥檛 above criticism 鈥 as long as that criticism is about making them better as art and us better as consumers of the art and not as a cynical vehicle to pile on more misogynoir."
The Little Mermaid and The Woman King boycotts may be coming from two different communities but many of them share something in common: a disdain for Black women prominently featured...anywhere鈥
Britni Danielle Retweeted 路  
Kyrie makes 40 million dollars a year he is no BROTHER of yours. Don鈥檛 let that man charge you up. Get your vaccine, Tyshawn.
Today was my last day as Senior Editor of Culture at @Mic, as Bustle Digital Group has made mass layoffs across the company. Grateful to have worked with such a smart, dedicated team of editors, staff writers, and freelancers to create such a unique, insightful voice.
Replying to @WEKetchum @mic
Just seeing this. Sorry this is happening...again. I'm open to Culture pitches when you're ready.
"Nobody in the hood took that BS" this is a white man.
I'm sorry, they cooking chicken in WHAT? NyQuil???
.@US_FDA has issued a warning against a TikTok trend of kids cooking chicken with NyQuil. CNN medical correspondent @drtaranarula talks about the dangers of following this trend.

Watch here:
It's hella late, but watching #TheRedeemTeam doc with Le Teen. It's super dope sharing my basketball (and Lakers) fandom with him.
Catching up on #LakersDoc. I was really blessed to experience the @Lakers dynasty my whole life. As a South Central native, I was born into this.
Why isn't MOVE getting more love? It's the one I'm absolutely stuck on the most
cuff it, alien superstar, heated, summer renaissance, even cozy is a better second single choice than CHURCH GIRL
In reply to @erikakimiya
- any institution without being judged by other Black people. We should be proud that folks are getting an education, period.
Replying to @erikakimiya @naima
Absolutely! We should be all rooting for each other
I guess I was too busy shaking my side ponytail to the beat in the 1980s to realize the Pointer Sisters鈥 I鈥檓 So Excited is a song about sex. Why didn鈥檛 y鈥檃ll tell me? Lol!
Replying to @mekeishamadto
Girl, we were too young lol
In reply to @BritniDWrites
Spelman, like many HBCUs, doesn鈥檛 have the financial resources of a PWI to offer that kind of compensation to many students. I went to Spelman and had to get a scholarship from the government. I understand your choice but the issue isn鈥檛 HBCUs not wanting to give. They can鈥檛.
Replying to @erikakimiya @naima
No, I understand that. But folks acting like Black folks who go to PWIs do so because they are shunning HBCUs is not the case. It's more complicated.
In reply to @BritniDWrites
Absolutely! Ridiculous鈥 guess she felt that her dad got fired from his job based on Rhaenyra鈥檚 lies but even that鈥檚 thin as hell, as you pointed out earlier. But again, all this intrigue over ONE TIME sex. lol
.@JohnBoyega is such a handsome man
These pics of John Boyega by Juan Veloz are 馃ザ
In reply to @BritniDWrites
Super obvious but I like that the show is exploring it: The men on GoT and HOTD can smash whoever, whenever, wherever but a teenage girl has premarital sex *once* and it鈥檚 threatening to bring the whole kingdom down. Insane.
Replying to @angela_zagami
But like...her homegirl being so hurt over it is killing me. I know her dad basically sold her off, but that's not Rhaenyra's fault
I'm still stuck on how Corlys pulled up. I loved it.
In reply to @BritniDWrites
Hey! Im doing a story on the Divas for Annenberg Media! Id love to chat with you about your experience on the 鈥淔ly girls鈥 dance team :)
Replying to @Elon_mahone
I wasn't on the Fly Girls, but they were active when I was at SC.
Rewatching the last #HouseOfTheDragon episode and I'm mad at Criston all over again.

Like, really expected her to run away with you????
I wish y'all would start ignoring this man. This isn't news
In reply to @HuffPost
The outspoken rapper, whose mother was a professor, said he鈥檚 never read any literature during an appearance on the 鈥淎lo Mind Full鈥 podcast.鈥
Chile, I need a nap
In reply to @BritniDWrites
Yt schools have 鈥淒rill Teams鈥 too, but the style of dance is not the same. You can鈥檛 have everything, everywhere you go. And HBCU alums have the right to be ticked off about this being brought to a PWI. The entire band has to mock the HBCU for this to work.
The band doesn't have to "mock" anyone, but we can agree to disagree. People can feel however they want, but Black people doing Black shit doesn't bother me 馃し馃従鈥嶁檧锔
In reply to @floridaboybrady
No, it鈥檚 HBCU culture. The part all of y鈥檃ll are missing is that the Band is large part of this. I鈥檓 sure USC will change what they play and their style to fit this, which means all the yts will now be pretending to be an HBCU band.
No one is missing this. But also, thanks to HBCUs, Black dance teams and majorette groups are all over the country 鈥 esp in Black communities. I grew up w/ drill teams all over the city and I'm from LA. We had competitions. So folks are bringing it with them to college too
In reply to @BritniDWrites
The math. Be. Mathing. My mama's goal was save the student debt until grad school - even though my ass ended up not going to grad school lol
Replying to @naima
Right? And now USC offers *free* tuition to families who make less than $80K. Like...let's be real, that is targeting US (and first gen students)
In reply to @BritniDWrites
That's what I don't understand. How does Rhae Rhae getting some from the cute knight affect her? I think it just reminds her that she's really an interloper in the king's family. Maybe she sees his willingness to protect his daughter as a threat?
Replying to @mia_sade
It doesn't affect her, and because they weren't even COOL like that...I would have lied too (maybe not on my dead mama, but still). Alicent is ready to go to war because her homegirl....isn't a virgin??? It's weird.
In reply to @BritniDWrites
She bitter as hell that her best friend is smashing two dudes who are considered great catches and even though she smashing the king every time he climbs on top of her body parts fall off.
Replying to @CockyMF
It's giving JEALOUSY
In reply to @naima
But even when I considered transferring to my first choice, Spelman, my mom was like "You gotta figure out the money." Me:
Replying to @naima
Girl, when I was weighing financial aid packages, Spelman hit with me 100% loans. And I just couldn't do it. I went to *expensive ass* USC because they only asked my mama to pay $500. The math was mathing.
In reply to @thejournalista
Y'all start this argument all the time. It's tired at this point.
Replying to @thejournalista
Also? It's not a war LOL Can we bury this along with the $200 dates convo???
I feel like A LOT of the #HouseOfTheDragon commentary is way too pro-Alicent and Criston. Like...why is Alicent SO PRESSED about whether or not Rhaenyra got some? Like...I get it, you're caged up with her daddy, but girl...mind your business!
Replying to @BritniDWrites
Like sis, your homegirl lied. It happens. You don't have to go to war over THIS.
I feel like A LOT of the #HouseOfTheDragon commentary is way too pro-Alicent and Criston. Like...why is Alicent SO PRESSED about whether or not Rhaenyra got some? Like...I get it, you're caged up with her daddy, but girl...mind your business!
In reply to @carleisha
HBCUs are not just about being surrounded by other black students. There is history at HBCUs that we can鈥檛 duplicate at a PWI no matter how many black student attend. It鈥檚 just not the same. But everyone should chose the school for them, either way.
Replying to @carleisha
Agreed. The people saying they had an HBCU experience at PWIs are unserious. LOL I went to a PWI and even though MY experience was very Black, it's not comparable. I think a broader discussion about these traditions being replicated at non-HBCUs is the issue.
How far does this extend? D9 orgs, too? 馃
HBCU cultural activities being performed at a PWI is just funny looking, corny.
In reply to @princesslang0
just a chicago girl with big dreams鉂わ笍 always been one for MY culture
Replying to @princesslang0
Hey, would love to interview you about this. Best contact? (I can also be reached at britni.danielle[at]espn[dot]com)
In reply to @BritniDWrites
This is great! It鈥檚 been a while but remember a dance squad being formed when I was there (for basketball games?) and it was 1,000 more authentic than the Song Girls. And #FightOn!
Depending on when you were there, that was probably the Fly Girls.
In reply to @Eazy_Bake
She was on a squad at SDSU before she transferred to USC.
I am DECEASED 馃槶馃槀
I ate bitches out before you was born 鈥..Sorry I don鈥檛 have razr phone pics to prove it to you 馃槄馃槄
In reply to @BritniDWrites
I'm sooooo damn tired of the argument. I don't care where black folks go to school as long as they go! This is so stupid.
Also? This PWI vs HBCU debate is so played. ALL Black folks can't/won't go to HBCUs for a number of reasons (space, cost, location, majors, etc etc).

So should Black folks not be able to do Black shit if they're in "white spaces"?
USC has a history of all-Black dance teams. When I was there *cough* years ago...we had a group called the Fly Girls. Glad to see the tradition continuing and growing (yes, even at a PWI). #FightOn鉁岋笍馃従
oh nothing鈥 i created a majorette team at a PWI and performed at our first game.

truly though i鈥檓 so blessed and can鈥檛 thank God enough. Thank you to my parents and to everyone who supported me along this LONG journey. and my girls FYE馃挮The Cardinal Divas of SC are UP NEXT.
Honestly, this is why "bringing the country together" is impossible. These people live in an alternate reality, where absolutely everything is awful and they're the victim....of something, even if it's not remotely true.
This is the kind of campaign ad you make when your campaign team spends 16 hours a day on Truth Social. This is destined to appear in a documentary montage about what the online political climate was like in 2022.
Criston got in his feelings, now we going to war.

Love to be catfished by a genre hottie.
The way I'm LOVING Kev's #HouseOfTheDragon recaps is just BEYOND.

Him calling Viserys "a yellow 7" (as if this were a game of @realUNOgame, and Daemon is a Draw 4) is SPOT ON.
House Of The Dragon Comedic Review (SPOILERS)鈥
In reply to @BritniDWrites
I know now ive just been half watching tbh 馃珷
Replying to @BrookeObie
Lol all good. Their position was clarified in the last 3 eps
In reply to @BritniDWrites
I didn鈥檛 know his or his daddy鈥檚 name! Or the one who saved rhaenyra
In reply to @BritniDWrites
I dont think ive been paying close enough attention!!
Replying to @BrookeObie
Girl, the disabled Strong son is PLAYING, okay? He's the one that lit the fire under Alicent.
Replying to @BrookeObie
Lionel is positioning himself, clearly. Maybe he's Ned-like, but so far he's been listening and moving accordingly. Also, his son is steady spilling tea he probably got from his dad to get in Alicent's ear.
"That's what's wrong with y'all men. I was VENTING about my duties..."

The way I just cackled, tho??? lmaoooo
House Of The Dragon Comedic Review (SPOILERS)鈥
In reply to @BritniDWrites
More a commentary on the level of scheming im expecting! No one is very smart
Replying to @BrookeObie
The only people REALLY playing are the Strongs
Daemon "I don't want peace, I want Problems" Targaryen is the PERFECT way to describe him.

Dae Dae can't even just chill. He has to find a way to choose violence 鈥 every single time.
#HouseOfTheDragon #DemDragons
House Of The Dragon Comedic Review (SPOILERS)鈥
Fall starts on Thursday
Overall, it鈥檚 been a dreary fall at the box office, with ticket sales down roughly 55% compared to 2019. The next potential blockbusters won鈥檛 be until 鈥淏lack Adam," 鈥淏lack Panther: Wakanda Forever鈥 and 鈥淎vatar: The Way of Water."
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