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Last 50 tweets from @CalebHowe
In reply to @CalebHowe
Tell me the difference between ad hominem and insult. This should amusing.
Replying to @jswillims21 @BobDobbs777 and 1 otherfalse
lolololol "I know the answer, but I want YOU to say it." Tell me again who is the four year old?
In reply to @CalebHowe
What would people do without us here to give them the good info?
Replying to @GentlemanRascal
Live rich fulfilling lives, I expect. But I'll be damned if I'm about to let that happen.
In reply to @CalebHowe
You didn't say 'motor' You're actually smarter than you look.
Replying to @capeandcowell
That's because it's dark in here.
In reply to @CalebHowe
My bad. You're SO much more righteous than the millions upon millions of Americans that saw that image. I hope I too can be as holy and righteous as you.
Replying to @BobDobbs777 @jswillims21 and 1 otherfalse
I hope that too. But it doesn't change the fact that it's inappropriate behavior on a public timeline, and the piety with which they undertake to share such images is exploitative and benefits them financially in addition to serving their of-the-moment political goals.
In reply to @CalebHowe
See, more meaningless name calling. You have yet to display the slightest hint that you know what you’re talking about.
Actually those were descriptions, not names. If i were calling you names I'd say something like "god you're bad at Twitter, Maurice."
In reply to @CalebHowe
That jswilliam guy trolls my TL everyday like a lovesick puppy. You will learn to pitty him. He is literally wrong about everything, a true wonder.
Replying to @ChrisLoesch @BobDobbs777 and 1 otherfalse
I pity everyone. and everything I was just pitying an a bottle of Gatorade because the label was torn, poor thing.
In reply to @CalebHowe
In what way stupid? It appears ad hominem is all you can manage.
Replying to @jswillims21 @BobDobbs777 and 1 otherfalse
How can it appear that way? In the first place, you're confusing ad hominem with insult. In the second place, I have tweeted many things that weren't addressed to you or about you. Ego much?
In reply to @CalebHowe
Oh of course. Which one of his monuments says “Trust Big Brother”?
In reply to @CalebHowe
The crucial difference between us is I grew out of it. Assuming you’re an adult, you’re fixated at that stage.
The crucial difference between us is that I know what I'm talking about and you're an idiot internet troll who doesn't even know what he's objecting to or why. And also I am very good looking. So two big differences between us.
In reply to @jswillims21
He thinks he is being clever. Instead, he just seems sociopathic. Remember, for these people dead children are a feature, not a bug. They voted FOR this.
Replying to @BobDobbs777 @jswillims21 and 1 otherfalse
I can't believe how stupid you both are. I know I should be accustomed to it, but every day someone's benighted ignorance surprises me.
In reply to @CalebHowe
I think it reads “my books have never been at war against the culture of the day”
Replying to @GentlemanRascal
It can't I haven't even made it yet. Besides, you're thinking of his soft drink brand's slogan.
In reply to @CalebHowe
You clearly displayed your callousness. On the other hand you know nothing about me. Is meaningless name calling you usual level of response? I will admit I also used to do that when I was about four.
You sound like you were a terrible child. When I was four I played with toys. Maybe you should take some time to reflect on how your crude childhood has affected your adult life.
In reply to @BobDobbs777
I did't vote for Trump. Or Obama. Genius.
My car has an engine that does that exact thing. Moves it all over the place and I don't even have to walk behind it.
This device can move cars weighing 50,000lbs and more!
THIS right here is why I sell my kidneys.
Amazon says its annual mark-down event for Prime members will be held July 15 and 16, after being a single-day event in years past.
His memorial plaque should just read "told ya"
George Orwell was born 116 years ago today.

His books 1984 and Animal Farm are required reading if you want to understand today’s crazy politics.

He would probably be appalled at what we have become.
In space, no one can hear you sell short.
How space is turning from the playground of governments into the battleground among entrepreneurs…
In reply to @CalebHowe
Do you really not know the difference between indirect and misdirection? It’s hard to tell if you’re really this stupid or just dishonest.
Classic misdirection after being identified as disgusting. But it just underscores your grossness.
In reply to @CalebHowe
You’re not really very good at misdirection. In fact you tend to underscore your callousness.
I don't know what's indirect about calling you a disgusting person. Seems pretty on point to me.
In reply to @CalebHowe
WTF are you saying? Don’t look. Ignore?
You came to the wrong place with your amateurish false choice blather, Jack
In reply to @CalebHowe
Ogling is a strange word to use in this context. It’s almost like you’re trying to distract from your callousness by wrongly implying something unsavory about Stelter.
Sorry I forgot to tag you in naming unsavory people
In reply to @TarheelKrystle
You realize you're on Twitter, right?
In reply to @CalebHowe
Would you ride in a “bacon” car though?
Replying to @matthewdmarsden
In my heart, it's the only kind of car I've ever been in.
In reply to @CalebHowe
Why the dumb tweet at this late hour? Apple is literally the ONLY company you listed with any manufacturing prowess.
In reply to @CalebHowe
What about a Twitter car?
Replying to @eb454
No such thing. They expect you to just reuse other people's cars.
In reply to @CalebHowe
Yeah - they should have beds, food, medicine, immediate physical and mental health care, access to family. And they should have it yesterday. As an emergency/crisis response. And Wayfair can be a part of that. Sure.
Replying to @hannahwanebo @AF632
I mean ... right. That's like, the point, yes?
There is zero chance I'm getting in an Apple Car. I'll ride in a Google car, fly in an Amazon car, break down and get stranded by a Facebook car, or die in a Microsoft car. But I'll be damned if I get in an Apple car.

You know, damned. Like to hell.
Apple buys Drive AI and shifts its autonomous car plans into high gear
In reply to @CalebHowe
Nope. Not once did I say it was OK. If you can direct me to where is said that I'll happily apologise.
Replying to @stejim95 @matthewdmarsden and 2 others
You didn't answer my question.
In reply to @CalebHowe
1. The problem wouldn’t be addressed without the media spotlight and outrage. Zero people on the GOP side so much as lifted a finger until public fury got too noisy for them to ignore.
Replying to @hannahwanebo @AF632
That couldn't have less to do with whether the kids should have beds tomorrow.
This is so true.
Take some time today to slow down, to be more “in the moment”.
You may find that you get more done and curiously have more time for yourself. 😇

#andrewjohnson #holistrio #relaxation #meditation #mindfulness
Replying to @andrewjohnson
omg I can't believe how long it took me to read this tweet and picture.
In reply to @matthewdmarsden
That's a bit rich given the vitriol that comes from the hardcore supporters of the 2A and the NRA in particular
Replying to @stejim95 @matthewdmarsden and 2 others
Why is that rich? Are you saying they are "fair game" because someone else who they don't know was a jerkass? Because if that's the standard, I have some bad news for you about progressive and anti-gun protest marchers...
Caleb Howe Retweeted ·  
Alt headline "Just 10% of women are dissatisfied with the division of chores"
In reply to @hannahwanebo
The sudden “oh, so you don’t want to support the companies who are selling beds? Then you don’t care about children” garbage is just that - garbage. This is only being addressed because people are (rightly) furious and publicly demanding care for these kids.
Replying to @hannahwanebo @AF632
Maybe the food companies should stop sending food too. Maybe that's why there's no soap. Or maybe this isn't how you address a problem.
There are no cities in North Carolina…
Replying to @nofixedabode
My city is bigger than yours.
Underrated thread.
In reply to @DecentFilms
Look how much painted landscapes with starry skies evolved in almost 100 years
Caleb Howe Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DecentFilms
Look how much painted landscapes with starry skies evolved in almost 100 years
In reply to @CalebHowe
Shit, this tweet looks like its targeted at you. I meant Stelter.
Replying to @MrIsaSheikh
It's fine, I'm terrible, I just wasn't sure what being steeped in news was about
This is absolutely ridiculous and only something you would hear from someone so steeped in the news business.
Caleb Howe Retweeted ·  
Calls for 'hero' Indian pilot's facial hair to be made 'national moustache'
Bass. Ackward.
Yet one more reason to abolish the electoral college 😉
And that is particularly so when you have both a political and financial interest at stake when sharing your death photos.
I really despise that arrogant, self-aggrandizing talking point. "We dare not look away." It's presumptuous and calculated and has neither a moral nor psychological basis. In fact you can deter people from seeking understanding for fear of activism shock jocks next pic.
Yes, you can avoid ogling dead children. No, it's not a moral virtue to look.
It is tempting to look away. I have been trying to look away from the stories about the deplorable conditions at the border camps. Babies taking care of babies. Migrants pleading for help. Maybe you have been trying to avoid it too. But we can't.…
In reply to @AF632
“Here at Mining Lanterns for Children we sell the best lamps out there to companies who rely on children for their mining. Oh, what... you think it’s unethical? You think we’re complicit? You think these poor child miners should have to mine in the dark?”
Replying to @hannahwanebo @AF632
I'm sure the kids on the concrete floor found this little performance compelling.
Very inappropriate of CNN and other press people sharing photo of drowned child, especially without content warning. Smacks of grossly exploitative indecent self-interest.
I live in an apartment in the city. Quit telling me about generators, mountain folk. This isn't about you.
I don't sleep when the power is out, you see. No fan for white noise, no air conditioning for not sweating to death. Just the sounds of snoring and every other sound in the entire world. So I am just awake. In a dark house. Tweeting. Until the battery back up on my wifi goes out.
In reply to @CalebHowe
Try contacting the power company.
Replying to @capeandcowell
I bet you think I'll take this as good-natured trolling and not get genuinely annoyed. I bet you think that.
In reply to @SouthernKeeks
I just follow @CalebHowe’s live tweeting of this stuff usually. I get the gist that way. 😏🤷🏼‍♀️
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