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Last 50 tweets from @CerenBorazan
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Journalist shows Turkish PM Yildirim pics of civilians killed by Turkey in Afrin
His reaction: "Those are pictures fom some other places. Don't do propaganda here..."
462 377
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
How long will you watch these children 👶 been killed? @jeremycorbyn @EmilyThornberry @MattRodda @DavidLammy @AnnClwyd @joanryanEnfield @KateOsamor we know what the government positions what is yours @UKLabour #SpeakUpForAfrin #AfrinNotAlone
7 4
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Victim of Turkish bombs. Her name RUHA.
504 406
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Protests in the hotel where tomorrow the NATO Security conference will take place in Germany’s Munich: Anti-war-activists screaming “Turkish tanks out of #Kurdistan” & “The resistance is alive - #DefendAfrin” in solidarity with Afrin which is since 26 days under Turkish attacks
128 176
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Eight members of Congress sign a letter expressing concern about the situation in #Afrin. We express our gratitude and call on Congress to take even further action to #StandWithAfrin!
53 68
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Dear @timkaine and @RepDonBeyer , as your constituent, I am wondering when will you speak for civilians in #Afrin NW Syria that are under Turkish attacks for over three weeks! Please stand for children, women & elder people in Afrin
12 12
This is life in #Afrin
Civilians hide in their basements.
Those with no shelter huddle in caves. @alhurra @alhurranews

#SpeakUpForAfrin #TurkeyKillsCivilians #TurkeyTargetsCiviliansInAfrin #UNspeakUpForAfrin
21 8
Zarok dibbêjin Erdogan tu çi ji axa me dixwazî em axa xwe bernadin @hawarnews #Efrînê #Rojava #DefendAfrin
15 23
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Canadian MP @tomkmiec sent a letter to FM of Canada @cafreeland asking her to call on the Turkish government to suspend military operations in #Afrin, a peaceful Kurdish enclave, in northern Syria so that civilians can leave the area and humanitarian aid can reach those in need
60 67
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Please join us in supporting the people of #Afrin #UNspeakUpForAfrin
117 146
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
The second largest #NATO army does not mean a strong army. Third week of illegal Turkish invasion of #Afrin & no progress, only civilians are suffering. This is a Turkish war against the Kurdish identity. The Turkish state has always feared Kurdish success, long before Erdogan.
126 202
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Broad gathering of Kuwaiti and International NGOs earlier today produced $330M for #Iraq’s immediate humanitarian and stabilization needs in areas liberated from #ISIS. #KuwaitConference
46 70
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Heartbreaking story of #Afrin
Please watch the video below and support the people of #Afrin #AfrinNotAlone #Genocide #Kurds
21 25
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
#Afrin update. #Kurdish officials say school opened by UNICEF was bombed by Turkish army in Rajo h/t @sihanokdibo
327 171
Heartbreaking story of #Afrin
Please watch the video below and support the people of #Afrin #AfrinNotAlone #Genocide #Kurds
21 25
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Kurds and their friends gathered at the Capitol to call on Congress to stop the Turkish attacks on #Afrin. Here's what they had to say. #DefendAfrin #Twitterkurds
192 287
Please watch the video below | Defend #Afrin before it’s too late! #Twitterkurds
16 23
Outraged by the Attacks on Yazidis? It Is Time to Help. @nytimes @NadiaMuradBasee…
14 25
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Kurds and friends in New York held a demo in support of #Afrin in front of @CNN building. #AfrinNotAlone #UNsaveAfrin #CNN #twitterkurds
29 54
Yesterday Kurdish community in #Arizona held a rally to ask Senator @SenJohnMcCain for his help to do something to stop the genocide in #Afrin #twitterkurds #AfrinNotAlone…
12 14
“The U.S. has the capability to stop Operation Olive Branch and support stability in Syria. It should act now to do so.” Great article by @mjb____
@DefenseOne #twitterkurds #Afrin…
12 14
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
The US Must Stop Turkey Now | Commentary by @mjb____
  · Buffer · en
101 118
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
#Kurdish community in #Arizona holds rally to give Senator John McCain letter asking for help @SenJohnMcCain @kgun9 #Twitterkurds…
19 33
A group of Kurdish Americans in Washington, D.C. hold a protest for #Afrin #UNsaveAfrin #TwitterKurds #DefendAfrin
50 67
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
“Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Rhode Island, David Cicilline, speaks up for Syrian Kurds” #DefendAfrin #StopAfrinGenocide #Afrin #Efrin #TwitterKurds
6 10
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Turkish warplanes bombarding Afrln city and surrounding villages many civilians killed and wounded. The attacks and shelling continues.
526 472
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Turkey bombs US backed Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin in northern Syria #SpeakUpForAfrin

25 15
#Turkey continues killing children in Afrin. #StopTurkeyBombingAfrin
Women and children seek shelter from indiscriminate Turkish regime airstrikes on #Afrin tonight. They live in fear of being targeted by Turkish regime warplanes which are bombing the city centre of #Afrin
151 77
10 10
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Turkey is bombing civilians again in Afrin and the whole world is silent! #StopAfrinGenocide #Efrîn @statedeptspox @StateDept
4 4
Ronahi TV begins reporting from residential bomb sites targeted by @NATO member Turkey in Afrin tonight!!
261 194
9 3
#day1 | Vigil has started today in Washington, DC. in support of #Afrin The vigil will continue for weeks
#TwitterKurds #AfrinNotAlone
52 95
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
For weeks, Kurds in America and their friends across the country have marched in solidarity with the people of #Afrin, against the Turkish invasion!
Watch and share again here:
88 113
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Jihadists in Erdogan's service loot Kurdish villages they captured.
Furniture and appliances of Kurdish villagers sold at Kilis markets in Turkey

They steal chickens, turkeys and all farm animals.
83 95
Ceren Borazan Retweeted ·  
Barcelona Mayor @adacolau and over 100 international political, labor & academic figures, from Argentina to Italy, join the call for Russia, Iran & U.S. to immediately halt Turkey’s bombing of Afrin & respect human rights @hevallo @serokepyd @azadirojava
36 52
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