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Last 50 tweets from @cmarinucci
When Nadia Murad visited the White House, Trump asked her: "You had the Nobel Prize?" When she told him ISIS had killed her entire family, he said, "Where are they now?"
Nadia Murad visits the mass grave where her mother is buried. “I wonder if she knows that I have talked to the world about her silent death, the killing of her six sons and her two nieces.”
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Trump calls the Fox News chief executive to complain about his favorite news network, report @grynbaum and @maggieNYT.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Shame: while Kurds are slaughtered US military in full retreat in eastern Syria. Giving up control of airspace enables Turk invasion.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Watching Sunday shows. There's a lot of real bad stuff going on, and on our watch. So, I'll just this here along with the President's schedule today. "10:30 AM - The President goes to Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, VA (10:51 AM - 4:04 PM)" That's all, literally.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Almost like he thinks he can go after Fox journalists one by one
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
In the two weeks since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry, the pro-impeachment organizational hub has sprouted in D.C.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
WATCH: Joe Biden declares that "no one in my family will have an office in the White House” or “sit in meetings as if they're a Cabinet member” or “have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or foreign country.”
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
New to my @ForbesOpinion space: overlooked amidst the storm and fury over impeachment and daily doses of Trump-fueled drama and outrage -- a Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday night. #DemocraticDebate #Ohio #Otterbein…
Ay, Oh, Way to Go, Ohio
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Sacramento pot kingpin linked to Ukrainian indicted with Giuliani associates…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
About 150 people gathered in San Francisco’s Union Square to express support for Rojava. The Kurdish-majority region in northeast Syria is under attack by neighboring Turkey after President Trump announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the region.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Gov. Gavin Newsom rejects plan to end overnight jail releases in California - Los Angeles Times — ⁦…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
I don’t agree with @DanCrenshawTX on everything, but we’re on the exact same page, here. The decision to abandon our allies and embolden ISIS is downright un-American.
Investigation: Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Taking Huge Benefits While Cutting the Budget:…
Stunning San Francisco welcomes the #BlueAngels for Fleet Week
Commentary from RNC member and former @CAGOP vice chair @pnjaban via Facebook:
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
WTF?? This blood is on Trump’s hands alone but the shame is shared by all decent Americans.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Thanks for the #HispanicHeritageMonth shoutout, @KamalaHarris.

See you in Ohio on Tuesday!
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
An SDF commander has confirmed to me that the Ain Issa camp has fallen and all the detainees (a population of thousands that includes ISIS supporters, ISIS relatives and civilians) have fled. “An unbelievable mess,” the commander said. Latest message:
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
In reply to @rcallimachi
2. Here is a screengrab from a pro-ISIS channel on the app Telegram, as ISIS rejoices at the “bushra” (good news) regarding the liberation of their supporters at Ain Issa:
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Before the election, GOP donors had been spooked by the Access Hollywood tape.

Lev Parnas had never been a player in national GOP politics. But he chose that moment to deliver a $50,000 donation to Trump's campaign and the GOP. It quickly opened doors.…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
It's the last day for @GavinNewsom to sign or veto bills for 2019. He said that he plans to finish by 9 PM tonight. A couple biggies are still TBD. Thread:
Interested in issues confronting media -- also related to climate change -- in Europe and abroad? French journalist @SoAnn is someone to follow

Le 3ème épisode de la série pour @INA_RevueMedias est en ligne : on y aborde le journalisme d’impact, plus constructif…

Avec @sparknews @soljourno @UlrikHaagerup @dnbornstein @ekasriel @ConstructiveIn
ping @NinaFasciaux
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
As Turkish backed fighters approach a Kurdish held city in #Syria:
-700 #ISIS supporters escaped
-Erdogans forces are filming themselves beheading Kurds - U.S. troops are at serious risk of being cut off & of coming under attack by enemy fighters.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Oh just ... Lin-Manuel Miranda, Woody Harrelson & Billy Porter making a surprise visit to ‘Saturday Night Live’ for its cold-open spoof 😆

CNN's Equality Town Hall had a new Julian Castro, Joe Biden and moderator in town. @petersblendorio writes…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Pete Buttigieg on stripping churches of tax exemptions, as Beto suggests: “the idea that you're going to strip churches of their tax-exempt status if they haven't found their way toward blessing same sex marriage— I'm not sure he understood the implications of what he was saying”
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Public bank is back on the table in L.A. after voters rejected the idea…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Since the digital age took hold, tech firms have never faced so much skepticism — and sometimes outright hostility — from so many presidential candidates.…
Silicon Valley cant escape the glare of the presidential race
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Mindblowing. Your kid dies. But you can’t find out why because a private body harvesting company has rushed into the coroners office and taken his heart. By ⁦…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
#SaddleRidgeFire #UPDATE Now up to 41% containment. No *additional* injuries or structures damaged/lost. For complete details, visit
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
S.F. firefighter Gerry Shannon is a hero: He rescued a woman trapped in her apartment after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Since then, his life took a different direction.
Rescue changed the lives of firefighter and victim in aftermath of Loma Prieta
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
The most powerful country in the world has been reduced to “monitoring” events.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Who are the 50 highest-paid local university and college employees? Let's just say it pays to be the top executive — or an athletic coach — for a Bay Area university.…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Join our 7th Annual Women Rule Summit on Dec. 10 for a full day of empowering discussions, high-impact networking & real talk with transformative women including @SenDuckworth, @Dermalogicajane, and @SallieKrawcheck. See details here:
Women Rule Summit Interest List
Is Facebook the Wild West of political advertising? via @mercnews
Column: What the heck has gone wrong here in California? From owning the future to blacked out…
Powerless: How PG&E put the burden of stopping fires on the shoulders of millions…
Panel: Is Congressman Costa losing democratic support in the District he’s dominated for four terms?…
Draymond Green: The NCAA is a dictatorship. Its rules on compensating athletes are unfair.…
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
Buttigieg on Syria: I'm "hearing from soldiers who feel they have lost their honor over this, who feel they are unable to look allies in the eye ... If you take away a soldier's honor, you might as well go after their body armor next. That's what the Commander-in-Chief is doing."
From the brave @NYTimes correspondent covering ISIS -- her compelling podcast series, "@Caliphate," is a must-listen…
You know that game kids play on the beach? The one where they spend all day building an elaborate sand castle only to then stomp it to the ground? That’s our ISIS strategy. While the group was not defeated, we had made significant gains. 1000s were detained. Not after today
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
U.S. troop withdrawal from northenr Syria leaves Green Berets feeling ‘Ashamed,’ and Kurdish allies describing ‘Betrayal’
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
CBS News Poll - Iowa Democratic primary (change from last):

Biden 22 (-7)
Warren 22 (+5)
Sanders 21 (-5)
Buttigieg 14 (+7)

Definitely a tight race with Warren and Buttigieg both climbing as Biden and Bernie fall.
Carla Marinucci Retweeted ·  
This unusual anti-Collins ad ran in the @PressHerald today
Former @CaliforniaPUC president Loretta Lynch: "@GavinNewsom owns the PUC — & what the PUC has been doing..At some point, the regulator has to use a stick, and not a carrot. #PG&E has been cut too much slack, period..and he controls the regulator.”
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