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Last 50 tweets from @ColIegeStudent
How am I supposed to start a new school year when I still haven’t recovered from the last one???
Lmao this student emailed his prof and got a response
So glad I worked all summer, now I have $24 in my bank account instead of $6
Heading to college this year and want to meet new people on campus? u need to download the SpotSelfie app rn 🙌🏼
In reply to @ColIegeStudent
I use a very similar website called . Does the same exact thing as this
Replying to @nparts588
Slugbooks is better in my experience, has never let me down and has a lot of options 👍🏼📚
I haven’t seen this on twitter so I wanted to share it because it has helped a lot of students save money on books
College makes you realize how pointless an 8 hour school day was
Textbook pricing on Slugbooks vs pricing in the the campus book store
“Please state your name, major, and a fun fact about yourself.”
My favorite words: free and canceled
Retweet to save a student’s bank account from expensive textbooks this year 🙌📚
If the girl with 13 different colored pens and ultra organized planner says she’s gonna fail a test, odds are you’re gonna fail hard
College students: “we’re all in the same boat”

The boat:
When u try to buy books from the bookstore instead of slugbooks
Teachers when I was in grade school: "you need cursive, you'll use it all the time"

The only time I ever use cursive is when I'm not paying attention in a lecture because I'm practicing my signature
To celebrate an iconic season 3, we're selling fan art stickers from Stranger Things. Made by college students, for college students. Limited edition!

Buy them at
College: Hasn’t started

Bank Account: Empty

Tears: Flowing
Retweet to save a student from the college bookstore this semester 🙌📚
Soon enough my camera roll is gonna be lookin a lot like this
I'm pre-stress stressed. Like I'm stressed about the stress that will happen this semester.
Professor: “alright read pages 31-74 before next class”

Me: “nice no homework”
Older Family member at Family Event: “Shoot, back when I was your age I had my own car, house, and paid for my own college.”

Me: *knowing gas was $1.00 a gallon, and one college credit cost $6*
When u buy books from the bookstore instead of slugbooks
Don’t be the person who takes someone’s unassigned-assigned seat once classes start rolling. Anyone who does that is going to get a very dirty look this year but nothing more cuz I’m shy and don’t like conflict
Retweet to save a college student’s bank account this semester 🙌📚
Prof: If you study harder you’ll do great on your exams

Me: Studies harder

College has me thinking like : What if I hadn’t have spent that $8 in 2007???
18-22 is a confusing age. I got friends getting married, some in prison, and some still have to ask their parents to stay out past curfew.
August = Sunday of Summer
*applies for financial aid*
Fafsa: i got ya a dollar
college is hard to explain to someone not in college. like yes i hate my life everyday but i'm also having the best time of my life
“You must have at minimum 5 years of experience for this entry level job”
College freshmen tip: if u want to meet new people on campus before school even starts download the “Freshman U” app NOW 😎
*spends $7.84*
"Okay I need to chill with all this spending"
College: Hasn’t started

Bank Account: Empty

Tears: Flowing
When u get that first email saying, “SYLLABUS posted”
One thing college has taught me is that 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough
High school and college are 100% different. In high school teachers would go slow and make sure everyone understood. College the professor is like “I gotta get going, it’s Wing Wednesday, here’s the PowerPoint lol good luck “
College definitely makes you realize how pointless an 8 hour school day was
Pros list of college:
-you can skip class

Cons list of college:
-you can skip class
May ur GPA respect you.
Don't let ur bank account neglect you.
Angels protect you.
FAFSA accept you.
Me going into next semester
Me explaining to my alien that I have thousands upon thousands of student loan debt and need 5 years of experience for a entry level job after I bust him out of Area 51
College can’t have a prime day sale on our tuition, but we can have a sale on our stickers and button pins. We’re giving 20% off + a FREE mystery sticker with every order at
"Textbook is required for this class"

we gon see about dat
So glad that I’m working all summer to have $22 in my bank account instead of $7
R.I.P to all the "we have to hangout this summers” that never happened
College Student Retweeted ·  
I got the game thats like cards against humanity but with text convos after seeing it on twitter and it did not disappoint 😂🔥
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