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Last 50 tweets from @ColIegeStudent
HS students worry about grades... imagine not knowing your grade for an entire SEMESTER in a class you are paying for
Me showing up for my exam after procrastinating all week long and pulling an all nighter the night before to try and learn all the material
Ravioli ravioli give me the answers to my examioli
Really just wanna sleep for approximately 7 - 10 business days
Me 24/7:
the semester is almost over
the semester is almost over
the semester is almost over
the semester is almost over
the semester is almost over
If you鈥檙e reading this quit procrastinating and go do your damn hw
Best pickup line: I鈥檒l buy you food
College week one: yeah you can have some of my food if u want

College week 29: hey can you pay me 64 cents, i saw you use my ranch
It鈥檚 that point of the semester
Me in HS: yeah I鈥檓 involved in 16 clubs, have a 4.0 and I鈥檓 on 4 sports teams

Me now: so good news, I鈥檓 passing
If the girl with 13 different colored pens and ultra organized planner says she鈥檚 gonna fail a test odds are you are too
*has had all semester to work on group projects*
*waits until the week before it is due to start it*
Friendly reminder: you are in college going for a degree that you chose to pursue and you鈥檙e doing your best. So be proud of a 4.0, 3.0, or a 2.0 gpa because you鈥檙e making an effort.
College can鈥檛 have a sale on our tuition, but we can have a St. Patty鈥檚 day sale on all of our stickers 馃檶 20% off today only:
Funny how in high school we all had like 500 classes a day but in college we have 3 and skip 2
The four best feelings:
1) refund checks
2) breaks
3) cancelled classes
4) naps
I am rapidly running out of tomorrows on which to begin studying
Me: better start my homework
Also Me: wait, a quiz to see what type of dinosaur I would be? Homework can wait
Where were you when the great Instagram outage happened in 2019?
Replying to @ColIegeStudent
Further proof that Twitter is better than Instagram, in my unbiased opinion
Where were you when the great Instagram outage happened in 2019?
I still care about my grades but have no motivation to do any type of work????????????????????
Professor: 鈥淒id you do any of your assigned homework over Spring Break?鈥

College: where getting 75% attendance is harder than passing the exams
My wardrobe is interesting...
Am i headed to the gym?
Did I sleep in these clothes?
Am i actually a hobo?
Life in High School: *Eats dinner at a consistent time every day*

Life in College: 鈥淥h look 11pm, guess I should probably eat dinner.鈥
When turn in your assignment and know it was terrible but you鈥檙e just happy to be done with it
*saves hw for Sunday*
*too tired to do it on Sunday*
That horrifying moment when you look for an adult for help but realize you鈥檙e the adult
Summoning Circle, maybe it鈥檒l work

馃暞 馃暞
馃暞 馃暞

馃暞 Good Grades 馃暞

馃暞 馃暞
馃暞 馃暞
Mom: 鈥淗ow are classes going?鈥
Me: 鈥淕ood鈥
Morgan Freeman Narrating: 鈥渢hey were not good鈥
When you鈥檙e finally home for spring break but everyone is working or went somewhere
Me at college: i can鈥檛 wait to get home
Me after 5 days home: get me the heck outta here
People are always like 鈥渟o are you a morning person or a night person鈥 and I鈥檓 like buddy I鈥檓 barely even a person
College Student Retweeted 路  
*gives up college for Lent*
*gives up college for Lent*
I鈥檓 telling FASFA about yalls spring breaks
[writes paper]
This doesn鈥檛 make any sense
[doesn鈥檛 proofread]
[turns paper in]
Me: *doesn鈥檛 drink soda because it鈥檚 unhealthy*

Me: *drinks alcohol*
I鈥檓 telling FAFSA about all of ur Spring Break trips
parents: got any A's this semester?

me: go fish
I don鈥檛 want a degree anymore, I want a nap
*Gets grade notification*
*Breaks out in sweat*
I love college because people can cry or sleep anywhere and everyone just understands
As the semester goes on my expectations for good grades get lower and lower
My last few brain cells at this point of the semester
A wise person once told me 鈥淚f you ever get the opportunity in college, take a nap. Whether ur stressed, have nothing better to do, or are tired, do it because you may not know when you鈥檒l get a decent chance to sleep again.鈥 It鈥檚 me. I鈥檓 the wise person.
*dresses up in high school*
omg! you look great!
*dresses up in college*
where are u going?
do u have a date?
is there a funeral?
are u ok?
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We don鈥檛 deserve dogs
Me: I can鈥檛 wait to travel for spring break

Bank account: the dollar store?
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