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Last 50 tweets from @CoriBush
Our country would be better off if Black women ran all of Congress ✨💜👼🏽
Replying to @saedaaya
It’s an honor that I get to work with you two extraordinary women everyday! 💜💫
To the Members of Congress who bring so much energy to means testing programs so that not one “extra” person gets assistance:

Where’s that energy for billionaires and corporations not paying anything in taxes?

Or is this not actually about being “fiscally responsible” 🤔
Young people are literally putting their lives on the line for climate action while some Members of Congress won’t even risk a penny of their corporate PAC money to back climate investments.

We need a Green New Deal now more than ever.

Love and solidarity, @sunrisemvmt 💜
BREAKING: 5 young people begin hunger strike at White House, calling on @POTUS to keep his promises for climate justice. The stakes of this moment are life and death, and we are putting our bodies on the line to fight for the side of life. #HungerStrikeForClimate
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I had a blast yesterday and even got a photo with our whole policy team.

And for my double bar mitzvah, I even sported the very suit I wore at age 13. Love to all!
Replying to @saaaauuull @saedaaya and 1 otherfalse
In case you’re wondering how much the Senate values Black lives:

They’re holding the confirmation hearing for Rahm Emanuel on the 7-year-anniversary of the police’s murder of Laquan McDonald. A murder that he helped cover up as Mayor.

A disgusting disregard for Black lives.
My Congresswoman @CoriBush didn’t go to Congress to receive “crumbs” for our community! My Congresswoman is dope and fights hard every day for St. Louis CD1
Replying to @RepSheenBean
Love you lil brother. Thanks for all you do for us. 💜
Black, brown, and Indigenous people are disproportionately getting severely ill and dying because of pollution from fossil fuels.

So yes, obstructing climate investments is absolutely racist. In case you were wondering, @Sen_JoeManchin.
Ahmaud Arbery was not just killed. He was not just murdered. He was lynched.

A Black man going for a run was lynched.

White supremacy must be dismantled.
Say her name: Akeelah Jackson.

She was 12-years-old and run over by a St. Louis County cop who was driving nearly 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone with no lights or sirens on. Yesterday, he was acquitted.

Black girls deserve to know our lives matter. Black girls deserve to grow old.
Divest from criminalizing poverty.

Invest in abolishing poverty.
St. Louis, gerrymandering is a real thing and it could affect our community next year.

Let’s show up Saturday and make our voices heard by demanding fairness and equity in the redistricting process.
🚨 St. Louis Redistricting Details🚨 We need your voices! The first Senate Commission public hearing is THIS Saturday, the 16th. The House Commission meets later in the week. Submit written testimony here:…
Are you freaking kidding me???
NEW: As budget bill hangs in limbo, Kyrsten Sinema is in Europe this week. Her team had reached out for fund-raising meetings in London and Paris.…
CEOs were paid 351X as much as a typical worker in 2020.

U.S. billionaires have added $1.8 trillion in wealth during the pandemic.

It’s time workers take the power back. Solidarity with all the workers on strike across the country for better wages and conditions.
John Deere strikers in Ottumwa, UAW Local 74, successfully convince a freight driver not to cross the picket line
Happy birthday to my siSTAR 🌟

@AOC, thank you for your leadership. Thank you for always being there. I love you, and I pray that this is your best birthday yet 💜
President Biden promised he’d stand up for Black lives. We mobilized in record numbers to deliver him the White House.

We’re still waiting for him to step up on ending police violence. On protecting our right to vote. On protecting Black migrants.

Keep your promises, @POTUS.
Health care needs to be guaranteed for all through Medicare for All.

And that health care includes abortion care.
When your member of Congress is a Democrat but is working against the Build Back Better Act 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
Federal unemployment benefits were cut off in Sept. and we just had the worst jobs report of 2021.

Why? Because unemployment benefits aren't why people can't work. It’s the lack of guaranteed health care and childcare during a pandemic to name a few.

Bring back the benefits.
It seems Joe Manchin needs some clarification.

What an entitlement society is: The ultra-rich and massive corporations paying almost nothing in taxes.

What an entitlement society isn't: Affordable housing, expanded Medicare, universal childcare, tuition-free college.
This Ernest Johnson execution is hitting me hard. I’m so thankful for those who organized, day in and out to @CoriBush who I seen on the ground banging against the death penalty. My heart goes out to everybody! Don’t even have the words right now!
Replying to @brucefranksjr
Neither do I
This wasn’t justice. This was cruelty.

Abolish the death penalty.
DOC has made available a last statement from Ernest Johnson, dated yesterday.
I need your help to save a life.

Ernest Johnson is set to be executed in Missouri despite missing 20% of his brain tissue and having severe intellectual disabilities.

It's morally and constitutionally wrong. Call Governor Parson and demand he stops the execution: 573-751-3222
Cori Bush Retweeted ·  
Missouri is set to execute Ernest Lee Johnson today, a 61-year-old Black man with an intellectual disability. He lost 20% of his brain tissue to a tumor.

@CoriBush is begging @GovParsonMO to stop this "crime against humanity."…
Missouri Intends to Execute a Disabled Man Today
Today, Missouri plans to execute a Black man with the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. He is missing 20% of his brain.

We’ll be holding space in St. Louis today for Ernest Johnson from 2-4. Join us.
In reply to @MADPMO
STL - 2-4PM, St. Francis Xavier, Grand and Lindell Blvd. Individuals will then carpool to Bonne Terre, MO following. STL Chapter MADP and various faith leaders. Contact Margaret and Michelle at and call (314)-301-9520 for carpooling 4/x
Sending all the gratitude in the world to Cori Bush.

An advocacy partner said it best—her testimony “moved the earth’s axis.” Eternally grateful for our St. Louis Congresswoman.
Replying to @lynesewallace
Thanks for all your work on this and your heart for all of us. Thanks for always having my back Deputy Chief/LD… literally. 👆🏾
Replying to @msmegansuzanne
For half the cost of our annual military budget, we can have universal pre-K, Medicare expansion, and free community college.

It’s not a “fiscally responsible” stance to vote for the $768B Pentagon budget and then oppose the Build Back Better Act. It’s an anti-humanity stance.
As the right to reproductive health care is under attack across the country.

As I was testifying in the committee about my personal experience with getting an abortion.

As you block lifesaving legislation in the Senate.

As you profit off of blocking these bills.

Shame on you.
Manchin says reconciliation bill must include controversial Hyde Amendment
Today, I sat before the Oversight Committee as a nurse, pastor, activist, survivor, single mom, and Congresswoman to testify that in the summer of 1994 I was raped, became pregnant, and chose to have an abortion.
Tomorrow, I will share a story that I’ve never fully told publicly before.

I am testifying at the Oversight Committee hearing on abortion care and I will share that when I was 17, I was raped, became pregnant, and got an abortion.

And I am not ashamed.…
I Felt Like There Was No Mercy: Cori Bush Is Ready to Talk About Her Abortion
A reminder that this is what “bipartisanship” got us for the infrastructure package.

This is a half-measure. That’s why we can’t support this bill without first passing the Build Back Better Act to deliver the resources our communities desperately need.
Replying to @zach_shaw_ @tishaura and 1 otherfalse
Curious about this… I may give it try
Approximately 60,000 Canadians currently live undocumented in the USA.

You don’t see the militarized presence, cops on horseback, and calls for a wall on that border.

The issue has never been about immigration. It’s about anti-Blackness and racism.
Palestinians deserve freedom from militarized violence too.

We shouldn’t be sending an additional $1B to an apartheid state’s military. Especially not when we are failing to adequately invest in the health care, housing, education, and other social services our communities need.
An oil company responsible for more than 800 spills has paid $2 million to the police to use torture tactics against protesters so they can build a pipeline through Indigenous lands.

Stop Line 3.
NEW: Minnesota police are using brutal physical violence and “pain compliance” against water protectors and Line 3 pipeline protestors.

The torture tactics have left some activists with partial facial paralysis.
The treatment of Haitians at the border is a crime against humanity and the Biden administration must act immediately.

Stop the deportations NOW.

Process ALL asylum seekers in accordance with international law.

Reverse anti-Black Trump-era immigration policies.
SCOOP: Special Envoy for Haiti, Amb Daniel Foote, a career member of foreign service, has RESIGNED. In his letter of resignation, he says he will not be associated with the U.S.'s "inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees." Letter attached.
Let’s be clear about what some Members of Congress are saying right now:

Funding health care, education, housing, and climate action = Bad

Massive funding for war, death, and destruction = Good

It’s shameful.
Cori Bush Retweeted ·  
In 1991, Haitian migrants and refugees who were possibly exposed to HIV/AIDs were incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. Again in 1995, over 300 unaccompanied Haitian children were sent to GTMO.

None of this is new. Anti-Blackness is the bedrock of settler colonial violence.
Not in my state. Missouri plans to execute a human being. A man who is intellectually disabled.

Ernest Johnson’s execution wouldn’t just be unconstitutional. It would be a crime against humanity.

We need everyone’s help to make sure @GovParsonMO hears us: Stop the execution.
Missouri plans to execute Ernest Johnson on October 5th even though it would be unconstitutional to do so. Ernest is intellectually disabled — over 20% of his brain tissue was removed in a surgery several years ago. @GovParsonMO needs to know that the world is watching.
End fossil fuel subsidies.

Invest that money in climate action.
me being an internet gremlin running the livestream from my desk in the office while @CoriBush does historic work outside
Replying to @jack_besser
Sorry @jack_besser. We appreciate you for holding down the livestream. 💜
I know the pain of coming home to an eviction notice on the door.

I refuse to sit by and let millions face eviction after the right wing Supreme Court blocked the moratorium.

@EWarren and I are introducing the Keeping Renters Safe Act to reinstate the eviction moratorium.
Replying to @CoriBush
We’re explicitly giving the CDC the power we’ve believed they’ve had this whole time. This bill will leave no doubt: the CDC can and must implement an eviction moratorium for the duration of this public health emergency. We need to stop evictions and save lives.
I know the pain of coming home to an eviction notice on the door.

I refuse to sit by and let millions face eviction after the right wing Supreme Court blocked the moratorium.

@EWarren and I are introducing the Keeping Renters Safe Act to reinstate the eviction moratorium.
I am outraged. These are people. Human beings.

So many Haitian immigrants and refugees came to this country to escape devastation — only to be greeted by being whipped and handcuffed.

@POTUS, you must put an immediate stop to this. We demand better. They deserve better.
Border patrol is mounted on horseback rounding up Haitian refugees with whips.

This is unfathomable cruelty towards people fleeing disaster and political ruin. The administration must stop this.
A 16 year old stole $4.44 in change. Under a Tampa police program, officers notified his apartment complex. His family was evicted.

90% of the families that the police have flagged are Black. Tampa's population is 54% Black.

Evictions are violence.
Tampa police sent notices to landlords when their tenants were arrested or stopped by officers, and pushed for their eviction.

Roughly 90 percent of the 1,100 flagged by the police were Black — and lost their homes even when charges were later dropped.…
We see you, we hear you, we believe you, and we have your back.

I’m a survivor, too. And I won’t stop working until we dismantle each and every last system that enables abusers.
"To be clear, I blame Larry Nassar and I also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse," Simone Biles gives her opening statement at a Senate hearing on the FBI's handling of the Larry Nassar investigation.
As a nurse I’ve seen patients literally die because they couldn’t afford their prescription medications.

We pay an average of THREE TIMES more for the same exact medication in other countries.

How can someone put Big Pharma’s profits over saving lives?
Sending all of our Jewish friends, neighbors, and community members in St. Louis and beyond my best wishes for an easy fast and meaningful day of reflection, atonement, and forgiveness this Yom Kippur.
1 in 500 Americans have died from COVID-19.

Deaths are surging across the country. 2,652 people died yesterday.

But pandemic relief — from unemployment benefits, to direct payments, to the eviction moratorium — have gone away.

The pandemic is not over. Bring back the relief.
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