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Last 50 tweets from @danieltosh
the goat sucks
1,872 12,012
i would never waste my money on going to the super bowl when i can make a fortune in vegas off of tom brady looking dumb!
195 2,594
possible overreaction but maybe it’s time for saban to move on and prove he’s still a shitty nfl coach.
2,351 14,590
even with a loss, i think alabama will still win the national championship.
1,389 9,126
sending school spirit from the lake! good luck #ucf #milton
546 6,422
super bowl!!!!!
578 4,884
if only there were 4 undefeated teams left. #ucf
1,643 7,185
the stock market is in free-fall, so now is the time to double down with mr. eat dat pussy’s nfl lock! #tosh #seasonfinale
36 369
after tonight’s season finale of #tosh i’ll eat 10 times my bodyweight in salmon and slip into hibernation!
65 1,086
these year-in-review segments keep coming earlier and earlier every year. #rip2018 #seasonfinale #tosh
22 197
i declined to appear on college gameday despite not being invited. but i did record a refreshing unbiased take. if you don’t have 4 hours on saturday, here’s all you need to know in 3 minutes.
1,491 4,541
i want your undivided attention for tonight’s new #tosh, but i’ll settle for your divided attention if you’ve got other shit going on.
60 1,014
my home burnt down, but the patriots lost. so, not the worst weekend.
9,397 72,667
politics aside, can we all agree no one in florida deserves to vote? just send us your grapefruits!
1,382 10,507
now that the country is firing on all cylinders, let’s fix the planet! #toshsavestheworld charity show is in vegas this saturday at 5pm with all-stars @domirrera, @sarahtiana, and @langstonkerman!!!!
20 270
do you want to feel like an unexciting, lazy, non-traveling pussy? check out my new cliff diving friend on tonight’s new #tosh
15 215
dvr alert for tonight's #tosh!! it pairs nicely with either a blue wave or xenophobia.
71 833
did my civic duty in every district today. in california, they let us snowflakes vote as many times as we want!!
1,030 7,861
as a dolphins fan, i’ll stop wasting energy hating nick saban a day after drew brees goes into the hall of fame. #votetuesday
287 1,715
so before another garbage two-loss team gets to leapfrog your still undefeated defending national champs #ucf, let’s clear this up. #3 lsu put up zero points against alabama and somehow you think the knights would do worse?? #votetuesday #scottfrostwillneverwininnebraska
760 2,934
finally, everyone can win in vegas!! come see me headline with super guest comedians! all for charity!
or i will come to you, if you live in monterey, sacramento, reno, or tahoe.
14 204
halloween’s tomorrow but there’s no reason not to do a practice run of your candy route after tonight’s all new spooky #tosh!
43 548
got in a big fight with my ballerina wife this weekend about “a star is born.” was he jerking it in that garage scene at the end?
...she thought he was.
75 1,094
in the past i’ve been a champion for women, lgbtq’s, and poc’s. on tonight’s new #tosh, you can add deafs to the list.
15 203
congrats to former #ucf head coach scott frost and everyone up at nebraska on their first win!!!
71 954
"the tosh point show in the snow" will be in beautiful lake tahoe. tickets on sale now! #thoughtsandprayersforsnow
16 139
do the lord’s work and buy a ticket to my early show in vegas, all for charity!!! with some not so family-friendly comedians: @langstonkerman, @sarahtiana, @domirrera & hologram bill cosby!!!!
20 201
consider this your invitation to watch tonight's all new #tosh now!!!
39 504
there’s a new #tosh on tonight, in case you needed something to do during the red sox’s dozens of pitching changes.
96 972
why wait for me to solve all your #localtwissues on tonight’s new #tosh when you can watch the director’s cut now?!
26 210
any issues that need fixing in your town? complain about them and i’ll give your local problem the national platform it deserves on next week’s sode. no complaint is too small or inappropriate! include the name of your town so i can enact real change. #localtwissues
352 3,116
in all my years on this flat earth, i’ve never met a genius so fearless, driven, and horny. #tosh
50 710
spend as much time as you can stomach going down this rabbit hole of cringe. just don’t spend any money! new #tosh tonight!!
17 193
please don’t watch tonight’s new #tosh. i’d like to keep this one to myself. “#hashtag1 in all of hollywood!!”
25 528
i’m encouraging all my fans to unregister to vote. you are dumb as shit and do not deserve a say in this country.
11,480 54,101
new #tosh tonight! you have several minutes to make yourself presentable.
39 730
my performance art auction, which features tons of nudity, will blow banksy’s little shredding stunt out of the water! new #tosh tonight!!
27 276
this will finally put "big trampoline" out of business! #doublebc #tosh
28 250
no matter what you idiots think “boof” means, tonight is a new #tosh!!!
103 1,254
if you’ve ever played football or were in a frat, you are only qualified to work at enterprise.
706 5,138
the list of hypotheticals was too long for one sode! here’s the complete list for “would i cheat on my wife with…” #tosh
27 332
the people have spoken! unfortunately i wasn’t really paying attention to what they said. new #tosh starts now!!
41 808
tonight it's my wokest cewebrity profile yet!! new #tosh in 45 minutes!!!
23 298
everything you thought you knew is about to change. popeye wasn’t eating spinach. he was eating arugula. do not @ me.
721 4,050
i knew it!!!!!! where’s my pulitzer?!!
The Creator Of One Of YouTube’s Top Tween Channels Was Arrested For Molesting A Minor. YouTube Is Keeping The Channel Up.
  · TweetDeck · en
141 145
207 1,749
@fordhamfootball guys you are pronouncing demorat’s name wrong. it’s du-more-at!!!!
0 0
my nephew, true freshman tim demorat getting his first start as qb of @fordhamfootball right now!!
45 1,364
checking in on scott frost, how's he doing with that hotbed of talent up in nebraska? #trolltweet
970 4,839
2 more shows added in sacramento! thanksgiving in monterey!! tickets on sale now!!! (and probably later)
13 198
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