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Last 50 tweets from @DanPriceSeattle
In reply to @KeithStar1100
Everybody needs to follow @DanPriceSeattle Paid ALL his workers $70,000 a year. This is what a good owner does. Respects his workers
Replying to @StaceyW32933359 @KeithStar1100 and 1 otherfalse
thank you stacey! my workers deserve the credit. i get more than my fair share.
Four on two then nothing. So Seattle.
Replying to @ericriveracooks
just need one (or two for comfort) 🤞🏻
I am in awwww of Dan Price ❤️ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Replying to @InjusticeSystm
Thank you, Jacqui. That is so nice of you. I believe everything i have done should be considered the bare minimum more than anything else, but I am grateful for your kindness.
I love Miss Bette.
Replying to @BetteMidler
Thank you for sharing this, Bette Midler. 🙏🏻
Women have quit jobs at twice the rate of men in the pandemic.

The last time this few women were working was 1988.

Want a stimulus? Make child care affordable.…
Part of the great resignation is actually just mothers forced to leave their jobs | Moira Donegan
What happens when a good team loses two MVP-quality players? A third emerges. #jpmvp…
As you may have heard, I'm retiring from @KIRO7Seattle this week. I think my path was set 58 years ago today. Thread:
Congratulations. You will be missed.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
They really stepped up their game on fees when they lost a bunch on the bad mortgages they were selling. New regulations added some costs, but Wall Street still expected profit growth, and the difference had to be made up somewhere.
Replying to @techstoa
reminds me a lot of airlines and all the fees they added
The banking industry makes $12 billion a year in overdraft fees.

So when a big bank runs out of money, it's simply bailed out with your taxpayer money. But when you run out of money, the bank charges you $30.
“‘If you’re 21 to 35, you are nuts not to be in the office all the time,’ Chris O’Dea, a Morgan Stanley managing director, said on a conference call last week.”

(via ⁦@nypost⁩) $MS…
I follow @DanPriceSeattle on LinkedIn and honestly he is such a smart man. I have also obsessively checked his website for jobs in my field and have yet to get lucky. But I'll keep checking simply because he is such a GOOD person.
Replying to @MamaAndieVids
I'm sorry about that. We get several thousand applications each year for like 50 openings so it can be kind of competitive.
The stock market is up 23% since the Dems took control of D.C. 10 months ago. Billionaire wealth is up 47%.

When the GOP was in control, corporate and billionaire wealth also rose, plus they got $1.9 trillion in tax cuts.

It's almost like one group always wins.
Target CEO Brian Cornell said he decided to make the policy permanent after visiting stores last week in New York and New Jersey, where workers told him they were glad they could stay home on Thanksgiving.
The CEO That Slashed His Salary By $1 Million to Pay His Employees a Minimum Wage of $70,000

Replying to @andymewborn
Thanks for the thread. The best way to help your business is to help your employees.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
Mass Cheap Labor Immigration is not the solution for American Citizens.
Replying to @nasescobar316
the ruling class would disagree with you
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
Yeah, and working for veritable slave wages. Is that what you support?
Replying to @shaglok
What's interesting to me how the immigration slowdown worked out (from a purely economic perspective): 1. It hurt businesses that disproportionately voted for Trump 2. It helped workers since they got more negotiating power
This is interesting:

There are 3 million fewer workers now than before the pandemic.

If immigration had continued at pre-Trump rates, we'd have 2 million more workers now.…
3 million workers are missing amid the labor shortage, and 2 million of them are immigrants who never came to the US because of Trump-era policies
In reply to @David_Leavitt
I ‘pushed backed’ on an unreasonable ask. I’m a consultant/contractor (8+ years) industry rule says, never say no. Today, I said no💥Normally this would send me into a state of anxiety but I’ve been following @DanPriceSeattle for a few months and ‘grew a set’ this morning.
hell yeah! Proud of you. Hope it works out.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
They can thank the Trump tax cuts for that. The money didn't trickle down, it turned into a festering swamp of money for execs and shareholders.
Replying to @LolaAndCrash
it was going on before that, but the tax cuts led to a doubling roughly of stock buybacks.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
Yes, I do. What would you propose be done that would allow this to be corrected to satisfaction of the majority?
Replying to @BenOhan
we could just go back to when stock buybacks were not allowed. Or at least, tax them.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
I’m very pro capitalism, and even I think stock buybacks should be illegal.
Replying to @Tortoisehead38
they were until the '80s. Something happened in that decade, can't remember ...
Companies bought $5 trillion in their own stock to enrich execs and shareholders over the last decade.

During that time their employee pay stayed flat and their prices still rose.

You see what's going on here?
There's been a 65% increase in CEOs quitting to find better-paying jobs compared to before the pandemic.

When CEOs do this, they are smart business people, but when their workers do, they're lazy, disloyal money-chasers.…
CEOs join the Great Resignation
The book I was dying to write is the #1 new release in its category on Amazon and THIS FEELS AMAZING. 😆😆😆
congratulations, Mónica!
After a disastrous start to 2021 @ATLUTD turned it around enough to get into the playoffs. In 16 games against playoff teams, they only won ONCE including today. Curious to see how Pineda changes things in 2022 as I like his prospects. #UniteAndConquer #MLS
Replying to @TaylorTwellman @JeremiahOshan and 1 otherfalse
Pineda has a very bright future
This country needs more CEOs, and humans, like Dan Price. ❤️
Replying to @Bevin802
Thank you, BJ ❤️
A California city is asking retirees, stay-at-home parents, and students to work 20 hours a week at struggling businesses to help ease a labor crunch, a report says…
When unemployment was created in 1935, Black workers were denied benefits at 2x the rate of white workers by excluding jobs done mostly by Black people.

86 years later, Black workers in Georgia are denied unemployment at 2x the rate of white workers…
Georgia Shows Just How Broken American Unemployment Benefits Are
Odds of being audited
*Teenager taking out college loans: 18%
*Millionaires doing their taxes: 1.6%

We make it harder to kids to get an education than for rich people to evade taxes.…
Replying to @DanPriceSeattle
The odds of a millionaire getting audited have dropped 80% this decade. The top 1% now have the same chance of being audited as someone making under $20,000 a year…
Its Getting Worse: The IRS Now Audits Poor Americans at About the Same Rate as the Top 1%
Odds of being audited
*Teenager taking out college loans: 18%
*Millionaires doing their taxes: 1.6%

We make it harder to kids to get an education than for rich people to evade taxes.…
You're more likely to have your FAFSA verified than to have your taxes auditedhere's why
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
But you see if he doesn't get huge tax loopholes then wHeRe iS HiS iNcENtiVe tO iNNoVAte
Replying to @dougharenchar
and if you pay min wage workers more, where is their incentive to work hard?
Jeff Bezos
*Worth $211 billion
*Got $160 million richer on average every day in the pandemic
*Paid $0 in income taxes in two separate years
*Led company that paid $0 in income taxes in two separate years
*In line for $10 billion bailout…
'Inappropriate Giveaway of Galactic Proportions': Outrage Over $10 Billion Taxpayer Gift to Bezos Space Obsession
Starbucks and Amazon are teaming up on a grab-and-go store format.
Replying to @ABC
"hello, fellow monopoly"
if I was a billionaire, I wouldn't care about a wealth tax

I would simply use all my hard work and bootstraps to make more billions
Retirees are ‘unretiring’ — and that’s good for the labor market
Just In: The Congressional Budget Office is estimating Biden's Build Back Better plan would add ~$160 billion to the deficit over 10 years.

That's pretty close to fully paid for.
(The 2017 GOP tax cut was projected to add $1.5 trillion to deficit)…
Replying to @byHeatherLong
$16 billion a year ... so what U.S. billionaires make every 4.5 days
Replying to @2wiredSecurity
this can't be right ... I was told they simply lifted themselves up by their bootstraps
Dan Price Retweeted ·  
A federal agency run by a college friend of Jared Kushner that was assigned $100 million by the Trump admin to spend on fixing the COVID supply chain has so far failed to invest a single dime, according to a new government watchdog report.
Replying to @kylegriffin1
and what will happen? nothing. Bring accountability to government or the grifting will continue unabated
Afforable childcare wouldn't JUST serve families who need it.

It would enable millions of parents to re-enter the workforce or take on more significant workloads.

This would be good for productivity and the economy that impacts ALL Americans.
Replying to @SRuhle
at a time of so many open jobs, seems like the single best thing we could do for the economy is to free up parents (disproportionately moms) to actually be able to work by giving them affordable child care. It's a stimulus, not a handout.
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
I like you and your takes a lot, a lot lot, but ummmmmm… isn’t your company owned by Wells Fargo?
Replying to @puzzlecunt
lol what it's owned by me
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
Unionize small businesses for small business owners. You compete on scale.
Replying to @frankoz95967943
ideally you wouldn't need to do that and your lawmakers would just represent you, but alas
In reply to @DanPriceSeattle
I’m not sure how much truth there is to this but a wealthy business man once told me if you put shares of your business in GOD’s name it changes your tax rate?
Replying to @TrueLiesandBut1
lol no but it seems like something that could be true
2018: the top 1% had $30 trillion and paid $20 billion in estate taxes

2020: the top 1% had $39 trillion and paid $9 billion in estate taxes

Whenever we ask "how can we afford it," remember we do whatever we can to avoid inconveniencing the rich…
Ultra-Rich Skip Estate Tax and Spark a 50% Collapse in IRS Revenue
As a small business, we pay a higher tax rate than Amazon, all because we don't have an army of lobbyists to fight for us.

Our revenue is 0.01% of Amazon's.

Politicians of all types love to say they support small businesses and the free market.

Tell me, how is that fair?
Ivy League schools now have $190 billion in assets, up $50 billion just in the last year. All from investment gains.

And yet they continue to admit mostly students from rich families or those willing to leave with hundreds of thousands in debt…
Elite Universities Are Amassing Wealth With Astonishing Speed
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