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Last 50 tweets from @davidcoldwell
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Dave If you know of anyone wanting tickets I have 2 vips. I'm in hospital so cant get to the event unfortunately.
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
Fight day in Newcastle! Going to be electric @ArenaNewcastle tonight! Don’t miss it all live on @SkySportsBoxing @DAZN_USA 🇬🇧 #DaviesJrRitson #CheesemanFitzgerald
See u there mate
Off to the arena in Newcastle shortly. Commentating on @kconwayofficial @MartinBakole17 @Savmarshall1 & @LOsueke03 vs @RickyDigger later on for @SkySportsBoxing with @mattmacklin. Could have done without the 3am fire alarm but am still raring to go 🤣🤣🤣. Should be a good night.
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
Beterbiev is a bad man. Might be one paced but what a violent, hurtful pace that is to try and keep up with. Brutal, economical, painful #beterbievnail
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
Just added to Nov 23's #SmithRyder card in Liverpool...

The Machine @afowler06 fights 8-0 @HarryScarff 👊

In reply to @davidcoldwell
PC Coldwell I'm sure you would have had a drink and drove your vehicle at some point in life and speed every day. Get a grip man, no one was hurt and I doubt he'll be doing that again. @ErrolSpenceJr the savage
I don’t drink so no. And I’ve never drunk and driven. Yes speeding of course but that doesn’t mean drinking and driving is ok.
In reply to @davidcoldwell
On a serious note do you think these reflex balls actually help? @davidcoldwell
Replying to @DreamsR4Real999 @Hopeyprice2 and 1 otherfalse
Depends what you use them for mate.
Replying to @YoungL1nus @Hopeyprice2 and 2 others
She’d fit right in with us!
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
🎙"What a punch!" 👊💥

Last time in #Manchester saw some huge knockouts! Ultimate Boxxer returns this December, tickets on sale now!



In reply to @davidcoldwell
I’ve not seen any of his comments. He’s fucking stupid if he’s saying shit like that tho ...
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Yeah but I think it’s pretty clear he’ll be found guilty and punished. There’s folk on twitter wanting the guys life ruined for making a mistake. It’s just been doing my head in this morning. You can’t punish the guy for what ‘might have happened’
Replying to @paolodi67
It’s the first time he’s been caught. Do u think it’s the first time? As I said, get a punishment, accept it and move on. Posting comments about not having a scratch and being a savage when u know you were drink driving doesn’t say ‘ i made a mistake’ really does it?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
The guy made a mistake and he’ll be punished for it. No one else made a mistake ?
Replying to @paolodi67
I’m not saying no one makes a mistake. I was replying to someone who thinks being charged is a suitable punishment. It’s not.
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Youre saying youre pretty sure hes learnt his lesson, id say he hasnt learnt his lesson 1. For putting up a stupid post about him having no broken bones and being aa savage. And 2. He’ll learn his lesson when hes sat down with people who have actually lost people through DWI
Replying to @Rusty01587
I’m not saying he’s learned his lesson!
Being charged isn’t a punishment.
So because u think he has learned his lesson he shouldn’t be punished?
I’m pretty sure that he has learnt his lesson. He has been charged for drink driving. What other sort of punishment does he need to be given now? Death sentence? 😂
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
“I’d taken things for granted."

@afowler06 talks lessons learned from first pro defeat, Saturday's Cheeseman-Fitzgerald fight and more in a story I did for Boxing Scene.… @davidcoldwell #boxing
If it’s irrelevant why are you replying?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
They have said hes been charged for drink driving havent they ?? 🤔 so yeah I assume he will be punished 🤷‍♂️ irrelevant tweet if you ask me
In reply to @davidcoldwell
I respect you Dave, I read and watch your interviews and agree with most of the things that you say, however your post here sounds like you're condoning violence against non-violent protestors, and I'm sure many people reading it will get the same impression.
Replying to @randumone
I just read things as they are. I’m not looking at how many different angles I can get out of a sentence. I don’t say anything to condone the violence. But while we’re talking, yes they shouldn’t be kicking him etc but did u know he was kicking them below him?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
So what you're saying is that if someone does something that you don't like or that inconveniences you then it's ok to drag them to the ground and kick them repeatedly in the head?
Replying to @randumone
Not at all. Read the text. Pissing people off and then trying to get them to listen to your point isn’t long to work. Quite simple reading actually.
In reply to @davidcoldwell
So did they breathalyser him while he was unconscious? He might just be a shit driver 🤔
Replying to @reweyblue
U do know they take bloods when you’re wired up in hospital right?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Very obvious yes.. not at all.. you are implying..
Replying to @Boxing_politiek
Implying? I’m talking about him winding people up yet thinking they’re going to listen. That’s what I’m on about. Stupidity. Those on the ground went too far. But the country is becoming more intolerant & more violent. Don’t stoke the fire when it’s right in front of you.
So, it’s great that he survived virtually unhurt.
I’m happy he will fight again.
Now he’s in the clear & now it’s revealed he was drink driving he needs punishing for this!
There is no excuse for what he did & only we have only luck to thank no innocents were hurt or worse.
Welterweight world champion Errol Spence Jr has been discharged from a hospital and charged with drink-driving after crashing his speeding Ferrari.
In reply to @davidcoldwell
It's ok to kick his ass?
Replying to @Boxing_politiek
Did I say that? My point is he obviously got on top of the train to make his point. Was never going to happen.
You can’t make masses of people angry and then expect them to listen to your point.
Shocking moment angry commuters drag two #ExtinctionRebellion protestors off the top of a train in Canning Town and attack them.
In reply to @davidcoldwell
100% and Dave you have more than a qualified enough opinion. I just liked to have my say to point out why I think one of usyk strengths shouldn’t be a problem for big T 👊🏼👍🏼
Of course. And you know your man better than anyone so your knowledge of Tyson’s strength & weaknesses is better than mine. I’m asked a question and have to give an answer from looking on the outside. Which is why I say ‘if’ and it could happen rather than say it will. 👍🏽
I said he has a chance, but he has to take away Tyson’s assets. I didn’t say it was a matter of fact he beats Tyson.
Heartbreaking to hear that Patrick Day has passed.
My thoughts are with his family, friends and his team.
Rest In Peace young champ. ❤️#patrickday
In reply to @davidcoldwell
@davidcoldwell Just listened to your episode on Boxing Life Stories. Candid and inspirational 🥊
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
The fans angle 👀 Still one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever been in. Would love to bring boxing back to P’boro next year, maybe one day at London Road @theposhofficial 🙏🏽

Jordan Gill on Instagram: The fans angle Still one of the best atmospheres Ive ever been in. Would love to bring boxing back to Pboro next year, maybe one day at
In reply to @Al_Clarky
But that’s part of boxing and how many fights are won. Take away a man’s strengths. If Usyk can do that then he has a great chance of the win.
Had a great day talking boxing with the @SkySportsNews & @SkySportsBoxing teams today.
Some exciting fights coming up, good times!🔥🥊 #boxing #skysports
🇪🇺 Eddie Hearn's Matchroom will promote David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly for Avanesyan's European welterweight title (date/venue TBC), according to the EBU. Purse bids were set for later today - unclear if they went ahead early and Matchroom won, or if a last-minute deal was agreed.
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
The countdown is on ⏳

Monster night @TheO2 just around the corner topped by #PrograisTaylor & #ChisoraPrice 💥💥
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Do me a favour!! There’s nowt more northern than gravy...gobsmacked here Dave 😲
Chips with tomato sauce. Or chips with curry sauce if you’re at the chippy! The end.
In reply to @gem_oakes
😂 did you not get Gem chips and gravy with a brew to keep her warm, proper northern grub!
🤢 chips and gravy?? No chance! Gravy is for Sunday dinners and that’s that!
So pumped for this.
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
Ready to rock ‘n’ roll 👌🏽
Dave Coldwell Retweeted ·  
💥 October 26th - What a night of boxing! 🔥

👑@RPrograis v @JoshTaylorBoxer👑
💪@DerekWarChisora v @DavidPrice_1💪
👑@teamngabu v @Lawrence_tko 🌟
@ConorNigel, @scourtenay & more 👌

📺 Watch here:
In reply to @davidcoldwell
You’d be fuming if it happened against one of your fighters
Yep. And if u ask him he’ll tell u I was fuming with him. But as I said, that’s a long time ago now. Move on
If I say yes will it make you feel good about yourself?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
You under 5ft?
In reply to @davidcoldwell
Thanks for putting the heating on!
In reply to @SkySportsBoxing
Why does Anthony Fowler always hit people when they’re on the floor?
Always? Mate hes Fone it about twice. Plus he’s had a few fights since those days. Let it go. 👍🏽
In reply to @SkySportsBoxing
Whos shoulders is Coldwell sat on for this pic?
It’s was a big fight. I’m sure you saw for yourself.
One of them yes.
The other isn’t far off but then again he is only 8. 👍🏽
In reply to @SkySportsBoxing
Are your kids taller than you already?
Loved listening to @davidcoldwell telling @woolyanna the story of his career to date today.
Replying to @gem_oakes @woolyanna and 1 otherfalse
Nice to see you today, thanks for coming up north!!
In reply to @davidcoldwell
😂😂😂 are you on the toe to toe show tomoz Dave
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