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Last 50 tweets from @DavidOAtkins
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
It’s really underappreciated how much Facebook is, for whatever reason, a platform for primarily spreading low-quality right-wing content and not just like some open “fifth estate” in which the people make their voices heard.
Kylo's turn to the light would be much more compelling if he had experienced even the slightest amount of character growth in the previous movie.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
You should defend her from Hillary's baseless attacks.
Replying to @TSempel
or she could stop going on RT, Tucker Carlson, using Project Veritas videos and repeating Assad and Putin talking points word for word. And then it wouldn't be a question.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
Bernie would be great as organizer and chief blanketing the country. Warren would be great as VP rolling up her sleeves and pulling all the levers you speak of, yeah or nah?
to do what, though? You can route a million calls to McConnell's office, he ain't gonna budge.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
Wow. You really do hate women candidates, don't you? Who hurt you?
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
Just to confirm: you think Warren has a better shot in the electoral college? Seems like Bernie has a better shot with a certain type of voter in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. What states does Warren win that Bernie doesn't?
Warren performs just as well as Bernie or better per the latest polling in most states, including in the midwest. But honestly both Bernie and Warren can beat Trump. My bigger concern is how they approach their time and priorities in office.
In reply to @ClaraJeffery
And when I use a car service it's almost always Lyft but bet the data isn't much different
Stop giving Tulsi Gabbard oxygen. She's polling at 0%. Start worrying about the number of free attack ads Klobuchar is giving the GOP.
This is kinda tough from AOC on Warren: "It was less about personalities and more about values."🙄
Replying to @tomwatson
meh, it's fair. Bernie has a different theory of change and political philosophy than Warren. Which is totally fine. I lean Warren's way just because I'm more pessimistic about the electorate as it is. Fast forward 20-30 years, it might be a different story.
In reply to @jamisonfoser
If this sounds bleak, that's only because our current reality is bleak. We shouldn't have our heads in the sand about that.…
Replying to @jamisonfoser
yeah. and there's no magic wand coming to fix it, no pitchfork army, no electorate-changing miracle. It's going to be a tough, vicious, ugly slog requiring the utmost courage.
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jamisonfoser
Yep. And these need to be Day One priorities: The longer we wait, the harder it will be to do them, because the un-democratic things that need reform (SCOTUS, Senate, etc) will keep working to make reform harder.
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
New PRRI poll shows 1/3 of people say the Democratic nominee matters to their vote.

I suspect this overshoots reality, though. There are very few true swing voters, and people like the idea that they aren't knee-jerk partisans (even if they really are).…
Bob here must have missed what happened in 2016.
In reply to @tripgabriel
A dilemma for Klobuchar's theory of the case, namely that the party needs a nominee who can win back blue wall states, was put by a voter named Bob: “We need a moderate candidate to beat Trump. How will you get through the primary?”
In reply to @rjonnal
I would argue that you are not typical. I think you're too optimistic about how much time the average voter can devote to reading the political fine print. Most have living to do. They hear attacks against their team, and they turn away. Warren is very obviously better at it.
Replying to @amyeve @rjonnal and 1 otherfalse
yep. look how many former Clinton supporters are now on board for a candidate pushing for M4A, free college and a Green New Deal.
Facebook caters to its demographic.
For old time's sake, took a look at the top 10 news stories across all of Facebook today. They're from:

1. Ben Shapiro
2. Donald J. Trump
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. Breitbart
5. Daily Caller
6. Ben Shapiro
7. "Intelligence is Sexy"
8. Occupy Democrats
9. Bible Time
10. Delish
HR1 reforms, expanding the courts, killing the filibuster and adding states to the Union are essential for any sort of major progress. We're not gonna get either a political revolution or big structural change without them.
Democracy reform without Court reform and Senate reform doesn’t address the central threats to democracy. Add seats and add states or it’s all going die.
Not even the official white house account knows punctuation.
Our military is being massively rebuilt—and its stronger than ever. 🇺🇸
When someone makes an apology and concession like this, that's not the time to attack them.

I swear some people use twitter just to vent spleen they bottle up in real life.
Note the mostly buried news that State Dept closed @HillaryClinton email probe with this verdict: no big deal. As a journalist, I regret my role in blowing this story out of proportion.…
Charter schools are bad and do not increase opportunity. Warren stands with public education.
I do like Warren. But her education “plan” is where I’ll have to exit Team Warren.

At some point we will have to offer solutions that will actually increase the learn outcomes and opportunities of *students* and not just posture.
AOC knows what's up.
"Frankly, Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and myself are all on the same team in the party" – @AOC… via @TheWeek
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
In reply to @AOC
@AOC is a leader and a uniter. This is why as a big Warren backer I have zero problem with her endorsing Bernie. It's an endorsement he deserves.
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
Charter movement continues taking Ls with @ewarren new education plan by @rmc031
I would now rather have Biden as the nominee than Buttigieg. His heel turn has been remarkable.
Mark Zuckerberg has been quietly advising Pete Buttigieg on who to hire — and some of those recommendations are now part of the Democrat’s campaign staff.…
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
You're making another false comparison. Bernie being on the ballot is not the same as a first time Our Revolution/Justice Dem being on the ballot. Bernie does change the electorate.
Again, there is *no* proof of that. We excused the 2016 primary loss as "DNC rigging." In 2018 it was that "bernie isn't on the ballot. In 2020 it's that "polls don't count non-voters" and "look at the donors!" I mean, at some point you need data to back up the theory.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
So, Dems need a nominee who can "bring out the vote", right? 2016 proved that a status quo moderate nominee won't bring out the vote. Bernie could have taken the White House, both houses of Congress, & a majority of Governorships & state houses. He can do it in 2020 as well.
Replying to @AtheistMarxist
Only in your bubble world is Warren a status quo moderate. Out in the real world she's a progressive populist.
In reply to @ItsMeThaler
He's All In for Liz, that's clear from his feed. I find it very hard to believe he voted for bernie - ever - since he attacks the revolution. My guess is he's trying to drum up business.
Nope. I was all in for Bernie in 16 bc he was the only candidate pushing a prog agenda, and Clinton was far to my right. I wanted Warren to run in 16. But I was always a bit skeptical of the "revolution", and much more so now than I was then. The pitchfork army isn't coming.
Yikes. If Iowa gives us Pete Buttigieg...😐…
Replying to @TwinklingTania
Iowa needs to lose first in nation status.
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
USA Today poll out of Iowa (Oct. 16-19; 500 caucusgoers; +/- 4.4%)

Biden 18%
Warren 17%
Buttigieg 13%
Sanders 9%
Steyer, Harris, Gabbard, Klobuchar: 3%…
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
David you side with money and power over truth and justice. It may be a good career move but it degrades the one life you get to live
Replying to @alexbillwinter @2dead2tired and 1 otherfalse
the habit of assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is corrupt is one of the worst aspects of hardcore bernieworld. what i want is someone who will kill the filibuster, expand the courts and use the rules to disempower the apartheid conservative state.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
Seriously David, Biden is mentally incompetent. It's embarrassing that he's a candidate.
no argument there. but he polls as well or better as bernie in head-to-head matchups against Trump.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
So you're saying that the submission threshold should be lower, so it's unavoidable?
Replying to @jonivy @LorenaSGonzalez and 5 others
no. First of all, I don't *want* to become a W2 employee of the places I write for. Second, whatever the submission limit is, all the publications will do is insist that you not write any more than the limit. They'll cap everyone at that limit.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
They are a brand new organization that has 100 wins. That's incredible. And it's simply not true what you are saying about not "mobilizing non-voters who won't turn out for dems" b/c that's exactly what they do. The most famous example is AOC. She was an Our Revolution candidate.
AOC is awesome. She won a dem primary is a deep blue district knocking out a wall st dem. But it's not at all a proof of concept for beating Mitch McConnell.
You white Liberal NPR snobs were only going to vote for Warren cause she's a Capitalist to her bones.
Warren is like one of those Chihuahuas that won't fucking stop shaking that You just want to hit over the head with a Crowbar (metaphor)
She's a sellout and a panderer.
In reply to @SDuskin
David, which part of the phrase "political consultant" do you disavow?
like i said, political is a very small portion of my work. It's an offering but it's not the main thing.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
Curious why you never bring up the Our Revolution or DSA wins that have happened all across the country…
It's not that OurRev and Justice Dem candidates haven't won. They have and that's great. It's that they didn't outperform compared to other dems. No pickups were made based on the "mobilize non-voters and independents who won't turn out for dems" model.
In reply to @CarlBeijer
“I am a coward with no soul or moral compass, but I will join your revolutionary fight to save the world once you’re halfway there. (Ya know, when it’s safer for me to do so.)”
because it's less safe to be for bernie than it was in 2016? It's not cowardice. It's literally that the electorate you believe exists doesn't exist, and I believe we need someone who will fight to kill the filibuster and expand the courts.
In reply to @ItsMeThaler
is a member of the #ConsultantClass whose job prospects are going to be as dim as those of Health Insurance executives, when Bernie wins. Atkins will NEVER wote for Bernie, never ever ever. He's simply Lying, like all members of his profession do for a living.
funny how i voted for Bernie in 2016. And I'm not a political consultant.
Klobuchar and friends are doing far more damage to the eventual nominee than all the berniebusters, PUMAs and Naderites put together.
Straight up GOP framing and talking points fro@ Klobuchar
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
Just watch this video. Joe Pompeo knows some shit and is in way over his head
Exactly this. No one cares.
Here’s the thing about using the political argument “my dad and his buddies won’t vote for X for president” to try to convince Democrats to pick a moderate. White Boomer guys gave us W and Trump. Why in the hell would we want them to keep calling the shots electorally?
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
Remarking on the political savvy of Warren's M4A move while neglecting the enormous lie Biden/Buttigieg et al are telling about their plans is just aiding and abetting.
Translation: I'm a detached elite who wants a candidate that caves to corporate interests and refuses to believe that millions of people are stuck living paycheck to paycheck, buried in debt, unable to afford healthcare, rent, and school, with no access to workplace democracy.
Replying to @bg18605
Yeah, warren totally caves to corporate interests and has no plans to help struggling people. Do you ever actually listen to yourself and ask what it sounds like outside your bubble?
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
You know they poll via landlines right? 34% of bernies base is under 30. We don’t have landlines. And we also don’t answer unknown callers cause we’re a) busy working 2-3 jobs or b) avoiding debt collectors.
Replying to @malinasundeity @seachanger and 1 otherfalse
They stopped only polling landlines long ago. But hey, if you want to bet on all the polls being wrong, be my guest.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
lol Biden can’t even put a sentence together anymore.
Replying to @muzikguy1 @drmistercody and 2 others
And yet. Kinda makes you wonder if you actually have the pulse of the voters, or the ones in your bubble?
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
It's not just that one poll and what you're saying about how they perform "lately" isn't even true. But okay. You prefer his policies and are a democratic socialist, but are just going to go with whoever performs better in polls lately?
Replying to @drmistercody @seachanger and 1 otherfalse
I'm with the person who wants to kill the filibuster and expand the courts, and is under no illusion about exactly what we will have to do at the executive level to disempower the GOP apartheid state.
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
elizabeth warren is a trump democrat
In reply to @DavidOAtkins
That's because undependents are excluded from a lot of Dem primaries. And still you can see from his outperforming the polls in 2016 it was because he did just that.
Replying to @PatTheBerner
It also didnt pan out for justice dems in 2018. It also isn't causing bernie to do better than biden or warren in head to head polling vs trump.
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
When Rahm Emanuel is the populist on your set...…
David Atkins Retweeted ·  
Once Klobuchar is done with her Third Way kamikaze mission in this primary - hopefully someone from Minnesota will primary her from the left next time her senate seat is up.
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