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Last 50 tweets from @djswivel
@chymesau @BTSARMYNoona This is so beautiful! Feels like I'm walking in the clouds with your voice. And then I remembered, @djswivel still has to come through with that Euphoria ballad version. I need it so bad.😢
0 4
Replying to @rachelgray7 :
@rachelgray7 @chymesau @BTSARMYNoona I promise you’ll hear it at some point. Trying to make sure it’s in the most legit way possible. Plus, absence makes the heart grow stronger.
2 12
@chymesau @djswivel check this out. it's sooo beautiful i'm cryinggg 😭💙
0 26
Replying to @jwimiin_sshhiii :
I’m learning Portuguese at the moment, so if you speak it test me! Especially if you want to discuss your dog, cat, apple, house, car, water, milk, bread, family, an orange or drinking beer. Obrigado!
1 21
Replying to @CoyleGirelli :
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Shock doesn’t begin to cover it.

Today I left a hearing on homelessness & saw tons of people camped outside committee.

I turned to my staff and asked if it was a demonstration.

“No,” they said. “Lobbyists pay the homeless + others to hold their place so they can get in 1st.”
46,292 120,858
Shoutout to @BTS_twt on that moment! Next year you’ll be taking one home.
37,993 101,637
@djswivel are u at the #GRAMMYs tomorrow? hope u somehow meet BTS💜
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0 1
Replying to @vantgukkie :
@vantgukkie I'm in LA but not going to the ceremony this year. Maybe I'll catch them out at a party tonight :)
0 7
🇬🇧 Her Cosmos is a Complex
Hey @djswivel just dropping by to say you are the real MVP.

Oh and please drop that one version of that one song... you know the one.
3 45
Replying to @CosmosComplex :
Lets go! Producers, show me what you got!
Another @wearebigbeat heater! This time @MatomaOfficial's track, "Sunday Morning feat. @JosieDunneMusic" is on the table. There are amazing prizes like a 1-on-1 Skype session w/ @djswivel, plugins, & more. You do NOT, want to miss this.
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3 12
2 57
@djswivel @RUFFLES dj swivel how much do u want u know we can give u a whole ass star
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0 2
Replying to @vantgukkie :
Cathy 💜 I live so I love 💜
@djswivel @msbeatrice_81 @RUFFLES Bring the Ketchup chips to please!
0 6
Replying to @BCat619 :
Woah, @ruffles coming through for a Canadian transplant! #army did that
@djswivel We can handle #1. DM us an address.
412 1,713
763 2,763
.@BTS_twt has been No. 1 on the #Social50 chart for every week since July 22, 2017.
41,030 89,487
10,217 35,039
@djswivel @RUFFLES Be careful what you ask for , ARMYs will end up buying ALL (literally all) the @Ruffles out there to send it to you !!

Anything you need for Euphoria ... But I need to ask sir : will Jungkook sing in it again to match the ballad (we need his beautiful voice too) ??
24 243
Replying to @ArmyYuu2 :
@ArmyYuu2 @RUFFLES I would LOVE that! Let’s see if Jungkook and BigHit even like it first. I hope everyone can hear it soon! And go say hi to @perkyrain who’s helping me with the orchestral arrangement! One of my oldest music friends and A++ talent
492 1,808
@djswivel @RUFFLES omg I live in Tokyo!! when are us J-armys and you meeting??
2 32
Replying to @k00kceptional :
@djswivel @Crumbles4Kookie @RUFFLES Is it OK if the bag of Ruffles is empty? I'm feeling munchy tonight! 😂
0 21
Replying to @BJ_geektress :
@djswivel @RUFFLES I honestly couldn’t get you the two bags of the all dressed chips because I would eat an entire one before I made it there
0 16
Replying to @Nicky_Rozayy :
@djswivel @Crumbles4Kookie @RUFFLES Baby, I get them at Ralph’s in LA all the time! Especially the one in Glendale!
0 38
Replying to @AngieGraceLA :
@AngieGraceLA @Crumbles4Kookie @RUFFLES All dressed?! In LA?! LIES!!! My heart skipped a beat.
1 42
Euphoria ballad ransom...

1. I need 2 bags of Ruffles All Dressed flavor potato chips. Tweet @Ruffles and ask why LA doesn’t have them
2. I want any Japanese army to come hang out with me in Tokyo soon!
3. Follow me @djswivel on Instagram because I may play a snippet soon :)
I'm waiting patiently for @djswivel's ransom note with his list of demands to secure the release of the #Euphoria wedding song remix from captivity.

I'll keep you updated on when I've made contact. 👀😂 #OnlyKinfOfJoking #Jungkook #BTSARMY
260 880
2,028 6,220
@djswivel There is one? Is there any way you could release it @djswivel? I plan to dance to Euphoria at my wedding someday, a ballad version would be perfect 😢
41 745
Replying to @LilacSeeker :
@MauveExplorer That’s the only reason I made it. One of the army sent me a video of someone having their first dance at their wedding to Euphoria. And I thought it looks awkward dancing slow to an EDM song. So I wanted to make a slow version just for fun.
1,060 4,114
This ballad version of Euphoria is a treasure
13,194 49,566
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
#ICYMI: We are celebrating our 400th episode with Grammy Award Winner / Spotify Secret Genuis Award Winner @djswivel.

  · Echofon · en
7 70
Shout to @avid for having me!
Amazing job by @DJSwivel​ talking about breaking down a mix at the @Avid@NAMMShow​ main stage last week. Thank you very much for being part of the show!
#music #mixing…
1 2
5 43
In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!
52,683 210,740
Replying to @realDonaldTrump :
@realDonaldTrump Your stupidity is exhausting.
39 1,045
Hell yeah boys! @BTS_twt
BTS (@BTS_twt) have been nominated for the following categories at the 16th Korea Music Awards, 2019:

• Musician Of The Year
• Best Pop Song: FAKE LOVE, IDOL
• Song Of The Year: FAKE LOVE, IDOL
• Best Pop Album: LY 結 Answer
• Album Of The Year: LY 結 Answer
16,761 31,963
7,659 26,255
Thanks @davepensado & Herb for inviting me to ring in the 400th episode of @pensadosplace with you! We talked about my work with @BTS_twt, juggling my business ventures @SKIOMusic and House Thirty Three, and a great batters box! Watch here!…
Producer / Mixer / Engineer, DJ Swivel - Pensado's Place #400
476 1,591
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
.@DJSwivel gave a kick-ass presentation on the Avid main stage at NAMM! Don’t miss a beat — watch it live on our Avid Link app. Download it today. ⠀

@Avid at @NAMMShow | Booth 15502 | North Hall ⠀

#avid #namm2019 #nammshow #namm
  · Sprout Social · en
7 53
Congrats to the happy couple!! Though this makes me feel like I need to make a ballad version of it!
It’s official!! My beautiful best friend @Jessica13636884 is married!!! And she had the most perfect first dance song #Euphoria @BTS_twt @djswivel
9,754 29,236
4,378 16,373
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
You’re so blinded with racism that you don’t even realize the decisions the president you root for is destroying the country you claim to love so much .You are a perfect example on no matter how educated or smart you think you are you still a SHEEP!
193,024 819,331
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Looks like #WheresMitch is also running away from #HR1 (a voting rights bill I proudly cosponsored with **225** Democrats) too.
12,363 52,486
I don’t know what this means or says, but my excitement level is kicked up 2 notches.
좋아하는색 #태형이형 #차마못부르겠어요 #그냥폴킴형
336,362 1,152,458
160 839
Yo seriously, I’m really not one for receiving gifts ever. Like, legit don’t care even on my bday. But if anyone ever gets me comfy white ankle socks, @lululemon boxer briefs, or plain @ZARA t-shirts, you’re going in my will.
0 21
My guys up next and that’s a motherfuckin fact. Don’t @ me
Link up @zanelowe 🔟🔟🔟🔟
1 18
0 4
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
I asked how the beat-switching “trend” might impact prodcucer percentages. Here’s what @djswivel (who has some major credits to his name) explained:
1 1
@CraigSJ Wonder how this affects producer percentages.
0 4
Replying to @AndresWrites :
@AndresWrites @CraigSJ Divide by 5. And you know at least one of em’s gonna put 4 samples in their beat too. I tried reading the credits on Sicko Mode once...I’ve been scrolling ever since.
0 5
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
You only have 7 days to finish your remix of "83 Degrees"! @djswivel and @mrjameskaye are dying to hear what you've got!

Contest closes on Jan 19 at 11:59pm PST. You could win a set of @genelecusa 8010A monitors!

Check out remixes here:
  · Buffer · en
2 8
I'm live on right now. Come by, say hi!
0 14
Going live on in 5 mins. Anyone who wants to tune in, @mrjameskaye and I will be listening to your remixes and hanging out for a bit! Jump on IG live!
1 9
@djswivel and a big shout out to you @djswivel for collaborating with the boys and for taking part of producing such a music that touches every hearts and souls of ours. we have so much gratitude towards you and we will alwats root for you

from : army
to : @djswivel
0 2
Replying to @JE0NJ1MIN :
@djswivel @Crumbles4Kookie If only it was released as a single, it wouldve be competing with other tops songs 😭😭

Big hit needs to learn to release singles that bop so hard like euphoria...they missed a chance with Best of Me too 😅
0 5
Replying to @londonfoxi :
Man, s/o to the ARMY for so much love on this song. 💜
[TRANS] @BTS_twt #Jungkook solo song Euphoria re-enters the U.S Billboard and Gaon chart, making it the most successful solo song out of BTS solo tracks.…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5,644 12,139
5,578 18,774
See you there!
@djswivel & @mrjameskaye Are Streaming Live!

They will be giving pro feedback on your "83 Degrees" remixes!
Join us LIVE on Instagram-Tuesday, Jan 8, 12pm PST.

You could win a set of @genelecusa 8010A studio monitors an 1 yr of @Slateproaudio "Everything Bundle"!
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2 5
2 17
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