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Last 50 tweets from @djswivel
So considering I could not figure out how to send the video to you, I’m just going to tag you in it again and call it a day @djswivel
*Me waiting for @djswivel to checkout my cover of "Mikrokosmos" so that he can see all of the Na Na Na's I sang at the end*
Replying to @PearlMerryy
That would require u sending it to me lol
I really hope this comes to pass.
Climate change is here + we’ve got a deadline: 12 years left to cut emissions in half.

A #GreenNewDeal is our plan for a world and a future worth fighting for.

How did we get here?
What is at stake?
And where are we going?

Please watch & share widely ⬇️
Some ARMY are in their feelings here. 😅 Thank you for your hard work and contributions to the album. 🙏 Btw, did I miss any updates on the potential Euphoria ballad? I saw someone asking for BTS wedding song recommendations and immediately thought of you. 😊
Replying to @disco_av @kingvjeon
It’s done, and it’s coming. Just working with the label to find the right time. Right now it’s all about MOTS.
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
It’s a common term in music circles to say, “u/I got that new song”. In no way does that diminish anyone else’s contribution. If anyone questions how hard I go for the boys, then they haven’t been paying attention.
the comment section on this makes me giggle so hard. boy got called out for insinuating he owns persona. thanks for the contribution anyway! you're right! bts will have #1 album and you'll be credited for your small part
Replying to @kingvjeon
It’s a common term in music circles to say, “u/I got that new song”. In no way does that diminish anyone else’s contribution. If anyone questions how hard I go for the boys, then they haven’t been paying attention.
I always love seeing things like this, to realize how small we are, and how insignificant this all is. Might as well go do whatever the hell you want, and make the most out of every second.
When we talk about the enormity of the cosmos💫, it’s easy to toss out big numbers, but far more difficult to wrap our minds around how large, far & numerous celestial bodies really are. Join us for a cosmic journey to see the size of our Milky Way galaxy:
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
BTS' 'Boy With Luv' feat. Halsey is the most-viewed 24 Hour debut in YouTube history
avengers endgame coming soon to finish you off this april
Replying to @epipeny @TigerWoods and 1 otherfalse
Don’t even get me started on End Game. I have anticipation jitters
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
i love how some of @BTS_twt songs with @djswivel like euphoria, magic shop, and mikrokosmos bring this "larger than life," youthful, and just a very uplifting, cosmically philosophical kind of feeling. it definitely makes me look forward to more of their songs in the future ☺👍
What a day. @TigerWoods wins the masters, Game of Thrones is back, and I’m quite sure I’ll have the #1 album this week with @bts_bighit, my excitement may never subside.
Because like a fine wine, @BTS_twt only gets better with age.
.@BTS_twt's 'Map of the Soul: PERSONA' is now the best selling album of the year in South Korea.
Listening to Mikrokosmos by @djswivel and @BTS_twt while going to the Graduation venue. And yes, I'm graduating with flying colors! Proud 아미! Cant contain this euphoric feeling as the moment comes closer omg ㅠㅠ 🎉🎉 🎓🏅🏅
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Listening to Mikrokosmos by @djswivel and @BTS_twt while going to the Graduation venue. And yes, I'm graduating with flying colors! Proud 아미! Cant contain this euphoric feeling as the moment comes closer omg ㅠㅠ 🎉🎉 🎓🏅🏅
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Whoever has helped in making #Mikrokosmos , including @djswivel , seriously, a big sincere thank you :")
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Mikrokosmos is s a work of art, it's my top fave songs on the @BTS_twt album. Mikrokosmos reminds me of a spring breeze 💜 and the title... how could you guys think of this aesthetic for a title song? 😚
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Thank you for working with @BTS_twt for #Mikrokosmos @djswivel ! I really love the song! 💜 it’s giving me a different vibe I cannot explain. Like I wanna listen to this when I want to be calm or when I am driving late at night or by the beach side ahhh #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Thank you for being part of this album 💜 and thank you for sharing your talents with us, mikrokosmos is a beautiful song 😍 btw ehm... how about euphoria ballad? 😋 you know we still waiting it too
That’s exactly what I was thinking when we did it!
I was just saying exactly this to my partner in the car on our first listen earlier... I mean just imagine this playing with BTS + army singing the na na na na na repeating at the end of the concert together at Wembly arena... Thank you for making that moment a possibility!
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Mikrokosmos is my favorite track from this album. It's so different and just sounds so magical!!
I love the song so much!! Your Na Na Na Na will be echoing at the stadiums for sure!💜
Replying to @bts_sci
Oooh I can’t wait for this!
I liked this song Persona-boywithlove-mikrokosmos-home-makeitright-jamaisvu-dionysus I wonder why they released one song 🤔🤔🤔🤔💜💜💜
Longest best song ever amirite?
@djswivel so how does it feel to work with bts? u worked hard, too!! 💕
Na na na es el nuevo la la la?
Replying to @nsyoongihjtj
Or maybe Lalala is the new nanana
Its such a great project i find it difficult to narrow down my top half. I would have to say #BoyWithLuv, Dionysus, HOME, Make It Right gdi Persona is awesome, too... nevermind. I failed.
I can’t take any credit for the Korean lyrics, the boys are geniuses. But that Na Na Na at the end, all me! Haha 💜
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
this is by far, my favourite song in the album. it actually brings me a one direction's fourth album. it's a good feeling. thank you so much for it! 💜💜💜

@djswivel @BTS_twt
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
I love this colab since the beginning and it always always always falling in love in the intro 😍 awesome 👏👏👏👍👍👍💜💛
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
@djswivel did an incredible job with Mikrokosmos it’s a work of art, thanks for making it easily one of my top songs on the @BTS_twt album. I’ve been looking forward to your collaboration since Euphoria, and this new song reminds me of a spring breeze and I can’t stop smiling💜
I looove it! And don't forget to drop euphoria ballad version 😉
Replying to @singularkitty1
I was listening to it yesterday and I got teary eyed. I promise you’ll all here it. But let’s give the boys time to make MOTS:P the biggest thing ever.
Aww I love hearing that. Really proud of this one!!
@BTS_twt @djswivel you guys sure know how to hit someone in the feels lol this song literally made me cry. Thank you for creating such a beautiful song 💜💜💜
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Thank you thank you for everyone who made, help, contribute to every @BTS_twt 's song. You are doin a m a z i n g✨ @RyanLawrie_ @djswivel @badmilkuk @marcusmccoan @edsheeran @halsey all @BigHitEnt 's staff, and others that i can't type it one by one 💜💜💜💜💜
What a disgusting orangutan we have for a president.
That’s what you call a PRO! 👌
after Jungkook accidentally slipped and fell he gestured a “👌” to say he was okay and smiled, he didn’t want Armys to worry 😭 please he’s so sweet and thoughtful @BTS_twt
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
Can't believe it's been a whole year since this beautiful masterpiece was released! The beautiful instrumental, the vocals, the lyricism and the whole sense of nostalgia makes it so incredible!Thank you for giving us this beautiful art 💜 @BTS_twt @djswivel

DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
(My music nerd background jumped out while watching this vid LOL)If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this vid where @djswivel talks about what went into the song. makes me wish I had pursued my love for music more
The Making Of BTS' "Euphoria" With DJ Swivel | Deconstructed
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
@djswivel @BTS_twt in the memory of #1YearWithEuphoria this song always brighten my day and gives me warm feelings 😂 like a shade of pink color spread through my heart 💜 thank you for an amazing song 💜💜 #ARMY
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
#1yearofEuphoria Thank you @djswivel for creating this song. This song holds a special place in my heart. You & Jungkook saved me through music from the darkest days in my life. I feel like the happiest person when I look back at the Love Yourself concert. 💛🦋💜
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  

We invite you to join and share how far our euphoria comes from...

Read the instructions and upload your photos with #/OurEuphoriaWorldwide + #/1YearOfEuphoria

DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
@djswivel i hope that one day i can here you collab with bts as ur awsome and i know it will be awsome also i cant wait to hear the euphoria ballard
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
DJ Swivel Retweeted ·  
@BTS_twt @djswivel احبكم على هالتحفه الفنية على هالمواساة على هالجبر الخاطر ..🌟
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