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Last 50 tweets from @DonaldJTrumpJr
Flagging for you @IvankaTrump
Love the Press Secretary’s dress. I too own this Ivanka Trump dress and I’m even wearing it in my profile pic 😂
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Here’s the rest of the clip that this dishonest race hustling hack doesn’t want you to see: lots of democrats giddily promoting replacement theory.
BREAKING: @Twitter Lead Client Partner Says Woke “Ideology” Responsible For Inability to “Profit”; Affirms Twitter Not Here “To Give People Free Speech”; Refuses Taking @ElonMusk “Seriously” Due to “Asperger’s” Making Him “Special”

I've seen the media do some gross things over the years, but it doesn't get more vile than @sppeoples of the @AP falsely smearing someone who is literally married to an Indian woman & is the father of 3 biracial kids as endorsing "white replacement theory."

What a piece of shit.
This lying @AP hack doesn’t mention in his story that @JDVance1 is married to an Indian woman and has three biracial children. Because that would discredit his ridiculous narrative. One day JD’s kids will read this story and be disgusted with @sppeoples.
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
This lying @AP hack doesn’t mention in his story that @JDVance1 is married to an Indian woman and has three biracial children. Because that would discredit his ridiculous narrative. One day JD’s kids will read this story and be disgusted with @sppeoples.
Great, the realities of this should not be even remotely controversial. If there wasn’t an advantage for trans-females trans-males would be doing well or at least competitive in male sports yet we see almost none of that.
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has signed legislation barring male-born athletes from girls' and women's scholastic sports, drawing kudos from advocates for fairness in female athletics and criticism from the gender-identity movement.
BLM founder Patrisse Cullors is a FRAUD.

Paid herself $120,000 for 'consulting fees.'
Paid her brother $840,000 for 'security.'
Paid her baby's father $970,000 for 'creative services.'
Paid her director $2.1 million for 'operational support.'

Where is the IRS investigation?
While we’re banning stuff we should really ban Congressthey/thems from sleeping with Chinese spies.
In reply to @RepSwalwell
My three-year-old just emailed me and asked why I bought him “a toy gun that mimics its deadly counterpart.” He told me our family was “normalizing violence.” He attached a video of himself tossing it in the trash. Heart-wrenching. It’s time to ban toy guns, too.
Judging by the speed and volume of replies to my tweets (many faster than someone could read my tweet, formulate a response and type it with all of them being totally off topic as well) there’s literally ZERO % chance that Twitter is less than 5% Bots.
Definitely not a scam.🙄 I hope your black square virtue signaling and posted receipts went to buying someone else a luxury home and cars.
Yikes! Twitter Senior Engineer says “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”, admits employees are “Commie as F**k”and they tried to “revolt against” @ElonMusk’s takeover bid.

It’s amazing how fast the Waukesha radicle racist extremist disappeared from the news cycle and magically became a car. It would be nice to despise all racism, but unfortunately that won’t happen.
Hey @brianstelter. Here are some folks on your own network saying that in practice, replacement theory helps democrat electoral prospects. Did you know about this? Do you disavow?
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  

Nobody who demonised me for saying the BLM organisation was a scam has apologised to me yet. Being ahead of the curve is a lonely place.
Jim Bognet is a great America First Patriot running for Congress in Scranton, PA.

He is a strong MAGA fighter who we can trust to take on the DC swamp. That's why my father and I are both supporting him.

Northeast Pennsylvania: get out and vote for @Bognet4Congress today!
It's an honor to be endorsed by President Trump.

The energy at the Trump Rally was off the charts!

Donate Today ->>
A mom in @ClarkCountySch reads from a graphic assignment her daughter was required to do. Her mic then gets cut off because it’s inappropriate for a public discussion.

Adults can’t handle hearing this content yet they readily give it to kids in school. How does it make sense?
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Calls for packing the Supreme Court have resurged after the draft decision was leaked. It is time to protect America's Judiciary. Join half million patriots and say NO to court packing.
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Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
In reply to @BenTallmadge01
Like clockwork, the US sends troops and foreign aids in billions of dollars to Somalia with no strings attached, China gets Somalia's seafood, mining rights, rail lines and ports. @TheLastRefuge2…
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Let's go win this for our country! #ncsen #ncpol
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Only the Strong will tell the story of how Democrats have sabotaged American power over the past 100 years.

From the Bay of Pigs to Vietnam, Mogadishu, and Afghanistan—it's not bad luck. It's decline by design.

Check it out here:…
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mattdizwhitlock
Love this - a few hours after my tweet Becerra finally acknowledges the baby formula crisis he should have been ahead of months ago. I just can't believe the activist lawyer with no health experience has been such a catastrophic failure at HHS.…
I remember when saying this got you labeled a conspiracy theorist. It was always obvious but science and such.
NYT: “Older people have died at far higher rates than young people. By contrast, for those under 25, the virus was less deadly than traffic accidents.”
I get there’s nothing going on at home that Congress could be worrying about, but after decades of not being in NATO and being just fine isn’t the notion of eliminating this buffer zone a little bit how the Ukraine invasion started?
The U.S. Congress will seek to ratify Finland's application to join the Western military alliance NATO before going on holiday in August, U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said in Helsinki after meeting with Finland's President Sauli Niinisto.…
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
As if we needed yet another reason to elect Trump!!!
NEW: Dr. Fauci says if Trump is reelected, he would not continue to serve as White House Chief Medical Advisor
Calls for packing the Supreme Court have resurged after the draft decision was leaked. It is time to protect America's Judiciary. Join half million patriots and say NO to court packing.
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Yea we are! I get that you’d love a fartherless world but I promise that’s where a bunch of the problems stem from unfortunately. It’s science.
I love my dad and I love my kids’ dad but I gotta ask … are we … as a culture … Father’s Day … are we really doing that, this year??
Truly one of the greatest orators of all time.
KAMALA: "We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together...We will work together"
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
The shooter went to New York because of their gun control laws — he didn’t want to encounter armed citizens. So this rocket scientist immediately proposes more gun control laws. His retirement party can’t come soon enough.
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
It doesn't matter that Tucker wasn't mentioned or that the shooter explicitly attacked Fox News, the worst people on the planet will always twist and contort every tragedy to fit the same exact pre-determined narrative.
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Disgusting and insane that Democrat operatives are already exploiting the murder of 10 by blaming Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

The manifesto cites the internet (specific websites) as his inspiration (not TV)—and has an antisemitic meme attacking Fox News.…
In reply to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Those words are not pronouns.🙄
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
The shooter specifically attacked Fox and conservatives in his manifesto.

But if news outlets & political parties are responsible for mass killings can we blame your crowd for Waukesha & the NYC subway shootings?
My new pronouns are: The Great MAGA Prince!!!

If you don’t abide by that you’re committing literal violence.
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
The killer's manifesto attacks Fox News but feel free to continue exploiting people being murdered for some likes and retweets
The killer attacks Fox News in his manifesto. CNN is paying a guy to lie and politicize the deaths of 10 people while their bodies are still warm.
More blood on the hands of @tuckercarlson and @foxnews this killer used their racist talking points to justify killing 10 people. Carlson won't stop because as he explained to the NYTimes, it's good for ratings. Lives be damned. As Carlson will be at judgement day.
Rather than spend $40 Billion of American taxpayer dollars to fund DC’s proxy war with Russia why doesn’t Zelensky just charge these politicians for the obligatory selfie and fund it himself???
Solid endorsement of the @joerogan experience. 🤣
With $40,000,000,000.00 plus the original $13 Billion for Big War’s/The D.C. Establishment’s official-unofficial war with Russia, how long till the kremlin parks some nuclear subs off our coast? What’s the over/under on how many of their +\- 6000 nuclear warheads will be onboard?
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
What could go wrong?
Child sex abuse center hires professor who faced backlash over pedophile comments
Interesting. So we are at war? I assume with Russia? At least they’re saying it out loud finally… what could go wrong???
House Majority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer:

"It it unfortunate that in a time of war, we spend all the time blaming our own president."
Everyone is welcome.
I never called myself MAGA. Didn’t like the sound of it and I’m not Republican. But this new thing, Ultra MAGA, sounds sexy and strong. Are they still accepting members?
Ohio, don’t be fooled by the lies they’ll be selling you for the next few months.
Hey fact checkers: How does voting with Joe Biden 100% of the time & only voting against the Dem Party line *0.3%* of the time over the past 2 years, make Tim Ryan "one of the most bipartisan members of Congress" like he claims?

It's almost like he's a partisan Dem fraud. #OHSen
Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Baby Formula Shortage…

“This is why we need late term and post term abortion” Democrats Probably.
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Agree. That’s why I offered an amendment for an Inspector General with a great record of tracking wasteful spending in Afghanistan. They’ll eventually pass the spending without me, as they always do, but at the very least they need to include oversight.
.@RandPaul simply wanted an inspector general to oversee how $40 billion of your taxpayer dollars are being spent in Ukraine and the swamp went nuts. They don’t want transparency because it’s one giant kickback to their friends and Big War.
I hope you’re awake & watching!
How do $TWTR’s user numbers support its sky-high valuation? Fewer than 40 million daily active users in the US in Q1 2022, no one knows how many are real, and video platforms like Rumble have 30+ million monthly active users in the US and are more valuable to advertisers.
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