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Last 50 tweets from @DonaldJTrumpJr
Donald Trump Jr. to GOP: 'I’m more about results than resistance'
1,203 4,090
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
POTUS on @MattForMontana: “Far better than Jon Tester, who will vote with Cryin’ [New York Sen.] Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – never with us!”… #MAGA #DefeatTester #mtsen #mtpol
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358 788
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
3) violated their own rules with respect to dealing with terminated sources like Christopher Steele

4) and most importantly, they had a bunch of Trump-hating agents and lawyers that were telling President Trump that he wasn't under investigation when he was.
831 1,709
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
After my interview with former top FBI Attorney James Baker, I'm more convinced than ever that the FBI and DOJ:

1) hadn't met their obligation to disclose material facts to the FISA court

2) leaked classified information to the media...
2,717 5,182
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Rule of law vs. rule of mob.
Reason vs. rage.
Prosperity vs. insanity.
1,419 3,401
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
this Sunday #SwampWatch takes on the most corrupt member of Congress - if you live in New Jersey: WATCH BEFORE YOU VOTE
(and tell your friends!)
Sunday 9pm ET @NextRevFNC on @FoxNews
508 953
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Last week, Abrams revealed her plan to let illegal immigrants vote. This week, she created a fake county, attacked farmers, & tripled down on policies that will triple your taxes. Clearly, she's too dishonest & extreme for Georgia. RT if you agree! #gapol
Democratic Candidate Criticizes Agriculture Industry, Suggests Workers Transition To Renewable Energy Instead
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2,455 3,224
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
You mean the Saudis who contributed $25,000,000 to the Clintons?
9,854 22,448
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Earlier this week CNN’s @AnaCabrera falsely & maliciously attributed racially charged statements to @realDonaldTrump & @DonaldJTrumpJr. Her partner in crime for that segment was this guy — Farrakhan pal @marclamonthill. How ya doing, @CNNPR?…
851 1,475
I’m sure this will get the same amount of media coverage as it would if a conservative did it... am I right?

Ohio, it’s time to dump Sherrod Brown.

Vote @JimRenacci

Ohio Senate race: Sherrod Brown accused of 'unwanted' advance against woman.…
3,501 6,084
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
TEXAS: Early Voting starts MONDAY!

If you want Texas to keep on booming, we need you to get out and vote!

Make your plan to vote early and commit to vote here: #TXSen #ChooseCruz #KeepTexasRed
2,246 5,164
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
NEW: In a startling revelation, Guatemala’s president announced ~100 ISIS terrorists have been apprehended in the Central American nation. And why should Americans care about this? A caravan of Central American migrants is currently making its way north.
100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Heads to U.S. - Judicial Watch
4,850 5,749
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Key word: unproven. “In April, Tester, the top Democrat on the Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, went public with still unproven accusations of misconduct about Jackson involving drugs and alcohol.” #DefeatTester #mtsen #mtpol
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310 645
Another tolerant and peaceful leftist.
The Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's office has charged a New York man with threatening to murder and assault two U.S. senators in retaliation for their support for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The senators aren't identified by name in the complaint.
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2,331 3,699
2,800 6,439
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
He's a despicable offense against journalism. I was a senior network news exec during the Obama White House. Had any journalist ever treated Obama WH personnel remotely as unprofessionally as CNN's routinely treat Trump's, Team Obama would have blacklisted them. Instantly.
369 905
Good times last night with @PeteSessions in Dallas with @kimguilfoyle. Proud to support a fighter for the great state of Texas and someone who is in the fight with @realdonaldtrump to #keepamericagreat. Let’s not let #texas become California. #tx #txpol #maga
690 2,048
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Yes I do, rational Californians have seen first hand what leftist policies have done to a once great state. They can either act or flee like so many already have.

Kimberly Guilfoyle actually believes Californians are ready to embrace Trump's MAGA agenda
The Mercury News
3,286 10,035
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Missouri media is ALL OVER @clairecmc undercover clips of her campaign staff saying she has to hide her views from moderate voters.
938 1,900
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
My friend @DonaldJTrumpJr is coming to Indiana on Monday to give Sleepin’ Joe a wake up call. Get your tickets here! #INSen #IBackBraun
684 1,863
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
After a tough week - and a plagiarized ad where he chopped pre-cut wood with a made-in-Mexico axe - @JoeforIndiana’s campaign could use a boost. Good thing socialist Bernie Sanders is in town saying he hopes Donnelly wins.…
Bernie Sanders launches 9-state tour Friday in Bloomington
329 834
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle minced no words during an exclusive interview with the @DailyCaller when asked about the results of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test... @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle
1,358 4,376
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Can you believe this, and what Democrats are allowing to be done to our Country?
24,048 60,543
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Rosenstein interviews with @WSJ where he says Mueller investigation is “appropriate and independent.”

Translation—there’s time for media spin to justify Mueller probe but no time to answer questions from Congress about his statement on recording the President.
10,596 25,977
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Missouri media is ALL OVER McCaskill undercover clips of her campaign staff saying she has to hide her views from moderate voters.
  · Twitter Ads · en
3,240 6,061
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Under @AndrewGillum Tallahassee has highest crime rate in FL for last four years and last year had the most murders in the city’s history.

“Gillum is the most anti-law-enforcement candidate to be nominated by a major party in modern Florida history.”…
Gillum's Anti-Law Enforcement Agenda for Florida | RealClearPolitics
1,512 2,175
PolitiFact is forced to retract a story claiming Claire McCaskill didn’t say what she definitely said.…
3,682 7,263
“Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs!” @realDonaldTrump
12,297 41,272
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Jon Tester says one thing to voters and does the EXACT OPPOSITE in Washington. Tester takes his orders form Pelosi & Schumer. Tester wants to raise your taxes, take away your 2A, open your borders, and deliver MOB RULE. Retire Tester & Elect America-First Patriot Matt Rosendale!
18,792 63,029
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
If you are a Floridian concerned about national security and the welfare of our veterans, Rick Scott is the clear choice for Senate.

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6,957 18,214
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Beto O’Rourke’s Mother, Who He Says Is A ‘Lifelong Republican,’ Donated To Obama, Voted In 15 Of 17 Democratic Primaries
Beto O'Rourke's Mother, Who He Says Is A 'Lifelong Republican,' Donated To Obama, Voted In 15 Of 17 Democratic Primaries True Pundit
  · Hootsuite Inc. · en
963 1,782
Kid Rock, Donald Trump, Jr. and Ted Nugent join John James at rally in Pontiac Michigan. @JohnJamesMI @KidRock @TedNugent @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle #mi #misen #michigan…
3,418 10,341
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
"You have a guy in the White House that's getting it done - we need people who can support him." -@DonaldJTrumpJr

@JohnJamesMI will work with @realDonaldTrump to Make America Great Again!
  · Sprinklr Prod1 · en
1,819 4,650
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Thank you Missoula, Montana. Get out and VOTE for @MattForMontana and @GregForMontana!! #MAGA🇺🇸…
10,050 37,799
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
He works for free, endures the most vile abuse from the lowest mob on earth, is attacked by crooked politicians, both foreign and domestic, yet here he is, working to support his fellow patriots. @realDonaldTrump literally saved this nation from a debacle beyond imagination.
22,754 61,728
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Last night we rallied with 4,000 Co-Pilots in southeast Michigan!💪 It’s clear that our message of protecting the American Dream is resonating. Let’s Fly toward victory on November 6th!🦅🇺🇸 @Local4News @maramacdonald #LetsFlyMI #MISen #TeamJohnJames
2,971 8,394
Donald Trump Jr. hits campaign trail ahead of midterms… via @msnbc
1,224 4,774
Yea, socialism has done wonders for poverty around the globe... namely creating more of it.

This is the garbage the leftists are brainwashing our kids with.
8,616 23,508
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Let’s Win for America and the people in it.
🙏 🇺🇸
603 1,501
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
Claire McCaskill wants her opponent to investigate James O’Keefe for … exposing her agenda?

Hahaha let’s look into who exposed my lies to my constituents... good one🤣…
Claire McCaskill wants her opponent to investigate James O'Keefe for ... exposing her agenda?
6,382 14,168
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
President Trump is right. I have always supported protecting those who need help the most, including those with preexisting conditions. Manchin lies and tries to scare voters because he’s just another dishonest Washington liberal. #wvsen
1,152 3,049
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
A clear choice for Texas... #ChooseCruz! #TXSen
2,338 6,762
This is incredible!!! If you’re not an organ donor you should really think about being one. RT
Two men meet for the first time. A dad hears his daughter's donated heartbeat in the man whose life she saved.
9,244 20,982
5,236 17,108
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted ·  
“In 2018, if the Democrats take over, you've got a lot to lose.” -@LindseyGrahamSC

Vote Republican to make sure we keep winning:
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1,661 3,729
The Don and Kim show hit the road for GOP, ‘MAGA cheerleaders’ @kimguilfoyle & @DonaldJTrumpJr
2,585 8,050
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