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Last 50 tweets from @douglasblackmon
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
GOP senator fires back at GOP lawmaker for saying diversity isn't US's strength: It's ignorant and ridiculous
In reply to @BIKOINC
@edward_l_ayers @UVA @Miller_Center @douglasblackmon "Whatever you think about these monuments, focus on the future of our country, not our bloody past." This final comment by @douglasblackmon typifies white privilege & supremacy and seeks to negate @edward_l_ayers' talk on the lack of justice for the descendants of the enslaved.
@BIKOINC You really should think for a minute before declaring that someone 鈥渢ypifies white ... supremacy.鈥 You obviously weren鈥檛 listening to that dialogue and have no idea what I stand for.
Respectfully, you miss my point. The people obsessed with 鈥渙ur bloody past鈥 are the ones who generally want to preserve these offensive monuments鈥攚hich I have repeatedly said should come down.
In reply to @BIKOINC
@edward_l_ayers @UVA @Miller_Center @douglasblackmon "Whatever you think about these monuments, focus on the future of our country, not our bloody past." This final comment by @douglasblackmon typifies white privilege & supremacy and seeks to negate @edward_l_ayers' talk on the lack of justice for the descendants of the enslaved.
Thank you. Almost everybody is related to someone who was connected to the southern rebellion, slavery, the war or its aftermath.
In reply to @edward_l_ayers
@edward_l_ayers @douglasblackmon @UVA @Miller_Center Show was great. Is there a way to find relatives from civil war records. We have to change our thiking on history
My position is very clear: We shouldn鈥檛 glorify a criminal rebellion against the United States, government shouldn鈥檛 help propagate a false and racist version of what happened, and citizens shouldn鈥檛 have to engage w/ govt in places that do either of those things. @Miller_Center
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon seems to me that there's no way around the glorifying effect of a pedestal. is there any denying that it has this effect, way more than educating us - who are surrounded by statues & woefully ignorant of history? & we shouldn't be glorifying traitor enslavers. @edward_l_ayers
This is one of the great historians of our time, wrestling with how we untangle the myths around slavery and the Civil War that still curse us鈥攁nd extract the truth that should shape how we approach the future.
Good questions from @douglasblackmon + the audience at my interview about The Thin Light of Freedom at @UVA's @Miller_Center, recently posted:鈥
Anyone serious about preserving Confederate monuments for 鈥渉eritage鈥 reasons should listen carefully to this interview.
Our #AmericanForumTV guest, @edward_l_ayers says "we don鈥檛 have any monuments to are the four million people in slavery or the 800,000 people who died in the war." @douglasblackmon
Thank you. Keep recording those shows, because #AmericanForumTV will be on the air only until March. Then it鈥檚 off to new projects!
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon Douglas u rock. I discovered ur show on public TV & record it every week. I love to learn. 鉂わ笍
It is perversely true that the market value of an enslaved person discouraged working individuals to death in some systems of slavery. But not in others, and always, the severity of the torture inflicted to drive productivity would be almost unimaginable to modern sensibilities.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon I think this part of the article is what bothered me the most: "the owners couldn鈥檛 be too unreasonable, because frequent physical punishments would reduce the health of the slaves." It certainly seems like there are a lot of counterexamples to that.
It鈥檚 a boring repetition of a classic case of spouting economic theory based a mathematic hypothetical, but with no regard for (or knowledge of, it appears) the historical realities of how slavery has functioned or the experience of humans over millennia.
In reply to @kevin_bales
@kevin_bales @zoetrodd @ed_baptist @douglasblackmon This article looks really wrong to me. Could you guys look at it and say what you think?鈥
Hopefully your vulgarity and obtuse logic are more effective in the other excellent work in which you engage.
You're an intolerant ass.. I'm a better writer and historian than you will ever be.
The Obama rebound powers on... Coupled with the Obama-strategy defeat of ISIS, President Trump is drafting on his predecessor remarkably well.
The US economy added 228,000 jobs in November, bringing job growth streak to 86 consecutive months. Unemployment remains at 4.1 percent. @bencasselman鈥
Quick translation: President Trump鈥檚 claims that 鈥渘othing has worked鈥 in Israeli-Arab conflict and North Korea for decades ignores that the primary objectives of the US鈥攑reservation of Israel and no war on Korean Peninsula鈥攁re precisely what has been achieved.
Trump reconhece Jerusal茅m como capital de Israel para distrair consequ锚ncias do Russia Gate, diz @douglasblackmon, ganhador do @PulitzerPrize 鈥鈥 via @UOL
And when you simply don鈥檛 make any sense, it appears that you are as unable to decipher yourself as the rest of us.
At least you are, in that regard, finally consistent.
When you defeat the devil, he accepts it. When you defeat a leftist, they attack and obfuscate.
Telling someone claiming to be a math whiz that his simple addition is wrong isn't "personalizing" or attacking. It's simply pointing out that the math is wrong. If you hope to solve more complex equations, you'll need to fix that. The chip on your shoulder is in the way too.
You're the ass who personalized the argument.
You're right. My bad.
Come on Douglas you do know we live in an era where facts don't matter.
Or that because slavery wasn鈥檛 limited solely to the US, somehow that makes it less horrifying. Either way, yes, chilling.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon It sounds, chillingly, like he's arguing that freeing chained humans from centuries of domination and abuse was "political." And, by association, wrong.
It didn鈥檛 take you long to descend to middle school level rants.
I will leave you with this advice: read or listen to what others are *actually* saying before you attack what you *assume* they are saying鈥攅specially when you know so little about the subject.
1 You're a pompous ass. 2 You ignore brutal European practices in India, China, Africa, Australia which also occurred in the 18th and 19th (and 20th) century. 3 a political movement to rekindle old hostilities to create 21st century racial divisions is driving current narratives
I鈥檓 purely discussing history There is no 鈥減olitical鈥 agenda to acknowledging the astounding act of good in adopting the 13th Amendment and the profound venality of its subsequent abandonment. You just don鈥檛 know your history, so you can鈥檛 understand.
You're pushing a political agenda, not discussing history.
And so organized genocide by a society is no different than any random act of violence? And slavery continuing decades longer than any other advanced society shouldn鈥檛 be discussed? You鈥檙e also imputing by others claims that haven鈥檛 been made. Naive. Simplistic. Self-Defensive.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon False analogy. I'm saying murder is equally horrible whether it occurs in America or another country. One murder is not worse or better than another.
It is rare to hear what amounts to a 鈥渨hat-about-ism鈥 defense of human bondage.
By your logic, a wave of murder today is also unremarkable, since humans always have killed one another. Same for rape and war I suppose.
The enslaved and the dead would likely reject your analysis.
In reply to @theartistdreams
If read your tweet to say slavery in the South was "one of the most profound & venal failures of the human spirit. Slavery is certainly an abomination, but it is one of the oldest and most widespread institutions in human history. Americans were as guilty as any other society.
Thank you.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon I think all should read your book, mr Blackmon. The more or less 鈥渃reative鈥 ways to read the 13th amendment that you describe were among the more cynical chapters in American history.
Clearly, you didn鈥檛 actually read my Tweet before responding to it.
And you certainly haven鈥檛 read my book.
But that鈥檚 okay.
The institution of slavery goes back to prehistory, and crossed all regional and ethnic boundaries. Within 90 years of the Declaration of independence slavery was abolished in the US, though it continued in parts of Africa and Asia, even to the present.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
#tdih 1865, 13th Amendment to US Constitution ratified. Time to #TeachReconstruction:鈥 (Also, have your students seen @13THFilm and/or @AnotherSlavery?)
America鈥檚 adoption of the 13th Amendment is both among the greatest acts of liberation in human history, & cornerstone to one of the most profound & venal failures of the human spirit. A case study of humankind鈥檚 entwined impulses for good & evil. @AnotherSlavery @Miller_Center
#tdih 1865, 13th Amendment to US Constitution ratified. Time to #TeachReconstruction:鈥 (Also, have your students seen @13THFilm and/or @AnotherSlavery?)
Thank you. I have appreciated all the notes and emails from viewers. But I鈥檒l still be out there advocating for the same things: civility/substance/a return to reason. The most basic patriotic notion of believing in the intrinsic value of all fellow citizens. @Miller_Center
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon @worldchannel @Miller_Center That is very disappointing. Thanks for the good work.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
.@derekchollet remarks about Russian interference in our election: it's more "about our own internal weakness..." This week on #AmericanForumTV @douglasblackmon
Thank you very much.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon @worldchannel @Miller_Center I'm sure another outlet will snap you up. Your content is too compelling to not get noticed. Best of luck my man.
Thank you.
I only write things that are, or will be, true. :)
In reply to @brianefallon
@brianefallon I knew Yates was going to be right, ever since @douglasblackmon wrote up his famous FB update on the subject.
It absolutely demonstrates that @SallyQYates was doing the White House a favor by informing it of #MichaelFlynn's criminal activity, and raises new questions about whether her dismissal a few days later was for defying #travelban or to undermine the Russia investigation...
@mommadyl @worldchannel @Miller_Center The funding environment for public media is just not what it ought to be. Alas. Thanks for the good thoughts and for watching!
Will keep that in mind.... Thanks :)
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon @worldchannel @Miller_Center Now you have plenty of audition tapes for when you pitch your show to other cable networks.
Thank you. I'm bummed too. We had a good run though. But we still need more serious, civil, honest discussion about the future of our country. I'll find other ways.... @worldchannel @Miller_Center
Really bummed to hear that @douglasblackmon's time at the @Miller_Center with American Forum is coming to an end. First-rate programming and much needed class in the larger political discourse.
Looking forward to this!
#AmericanForumTV host @douglasblackmon will interview @LarrySabato tomorrow at 11 am ET about what's in store for 2018. More:
Congrats to @DouthatNYT for discovering the 2 most obvious truisms of American politics: that 鈥渃ontemporary conservativism鈥 is a defacto synonym for preserving undeserved white privilege, & that Republicans doom themselves with that agenda. Well done. Even if ridiculously late.
In reply to @DouthatNYT
I'd like to wake up tomorrow and find everyone from Steve Bannon to Tucker Carlson publicly hammering the president and the party on this issue. That would be nice. But assuming they don't, this thread is my way of saying to professional Populist Conservatism, to hell with you.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
See @GeorgeWBush__ 's respectful tribute to #CodeTalkers in 2001. The @Miller_Center is proud to be conducting his presidency's oral history. // @BarbaraPerryUVA
This story is an extraordinary demonstration of true journalistic professionalism, the character of the @WashPost, and the stunning amorality of the @SteveKBannon - @project_veritas - @FoxNews anti-truth anti-democracy campaign. @PostBaron
Analysis: A botched sting with a phony Roy Moore "accuser" was supposed to discredit the media. Like similar schemes, it did the opposite.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
Azmat Khan and Anand Gopal published an extraordinary cover story in the NYT magazine based on 18 months of reporting on the ground in Iraq visiting the sites of nearly 150 airstrikes by the coalition against suspected ISIS targets.鈥
The Uncounted An on-the-ground investigation reveals that the U.S.-led battle against ISIS hailed as the most precise air campaign in history is killing far more Iraqi civilians than the coalition has acknowledged.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
For historian, @jeffreyaengel, Bush 41 would say "we've got crises in North Korea. Don't make it worse." #AmericanForumTV @douglasblackmon
Thank you. We do our best.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon loved the interview w @RyanLizza. Liked the part about whistleblowers being a little crazy. Thx for having actual conversations on your show.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
Has there ever been a President so relentlessly petty and hopelessly obsessed with trivial, perceived slights that mean nothing?
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
In reply to @Otpor17
@Otpor17 @douglasblackmon You don鈥檛 need to be a devout Christian to know how immoral this systematic disenfranchisement is. @jelani9
Nina Simone Mississippi Goddam
As long as it begins with a diatribe against Hillary Clinton, you can say ANYTHING on fact-free-@FoxNews.
The no standards, no professionalism propaganda network. Where truth doesn鈥檛 matter.
I鈥檝e worked for Hillary Clinton for a decade and 2 things are true.
1) She has enormous respect for the Secret Service & a great relationship with the agents on her detail.
2) This guy was never on the Clintons鈥 detail, & I don鈥檛 recognize him in the slightest.
Douglas A. Blackmon Retweeted 路  
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon "Jim Crow 2.0: disenfranchised felons make up 15.11% of Alabama's voting-age African-American population, and black felons are 9.4% less likely to be eligible to vote because of outstanding fines, fees and restitution - the new poll tax"鈥
Too poor to vote: How Alabama's 'new poll tax' bars thousands of people from voting In Alabama, anyone who has lost the right to vote cannot regain it until they pay off any outstanding court fines, legal fees and victim restitution.
One more reason Alabama should rename its courts and police the Department of Injustice.
In reply to @douglasblackmon

This technique sounds familiar 鈥
W/ Michael Flynn now apparently in (or negotiating) a deal w/ prosecutors, it鈥檚 worth reposting my analysis from May of the Russia scandal, & why this White House will never recover this scandal.
"Trump is a suicide vest strapped around GOP" #trumprussia鈥
Doug Blackmon "RussiaGate" has become a catastrophic failure of leadershipand a debacle from which the Trump presidency will not recover ---"Trump is a suicide vest strapped around the body of the Republican...
Thank you.
In reply to @douglasblackmon
@douglasblackmon @realDonaldTrump @Miller_Center @peterbakernyt @AnotherSlavery Thank you for pointing this out and thanks for American Forum. Excellent program...
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