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Last 50 tweets from @drcbond
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Still losing my mind over Baker Boy last night 🤯
4 11
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
I hope the recent experience shared by Dr Kristopher Rallah Baker are considered in the teaching & recruitment of Dr’s in this space. We cannot ignore these experiences, we need more Blackfullas in this field, w/out the accompanying white supremacy.…
Closing the gap from both sides
4 10
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Great round-up of the year and the tireless advocacy of First Nations women on @wildblackwomen…
Wild Black Woman Meriki Onus
11 8
Dispossession is more than the stuff of land...
#AnotherDayInTheColony #DontFeedTheNatives
8 22
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Hey, you two - keep me out of your feeble and offensive cracks at people doing more important work than you’ll ever be capable of. Imagine being the kind of person who makes jokes about signing ... spare me ...
442 2,420
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
NACCHO Aboriginal Health and #refreshtheCTGRefresh Campaign

13 peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bodies propose meeting  with COAG reps to determine a framework for reaching agreement on a refreshed #closingthegap strategy…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
15 15
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Reflected this morn on the past 3days at #SistersInside conf. I resonated deeply w Senator @KPateontheHill words, “We need to be decolonising the system, not just Indigenising it.” Dismantling the colonial project requires radical transformation, not merely representation & seats
  · Twitter Lite · en
18 60
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
I asked Minister Scullion in Estimates, I asked him in Parliament and I will keep asking him until he answers questions about his use of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy funds.
129 203
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
‘We are not saying that abolition is imaginary, but we have to free our imaginations to envision the goal we want to fight for’ - Angela Davis #ImaginingAbolition
8 27
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Catching up on the - in my language - Malima (Wild) Black Bhulungs (Women)
#Revolution loved it sistas!! @drcbond @AngelinaRHurley and Meriki Onus!!
3 18
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
'It's ridiculous for Aboriginal people to want to assimilate into a system that remains racist,' says Angela Davis to loud cheers and applause #ImaginingAbolition
30 87
Take a trip down memory lane with a few of our fav wild Black Women moments from 2018 and the archives... #BurnItDown #IamNotTheProblem #LetsGoChief #BlackAndrewBolt #KickHimInTheJoons
Because Of Her We Can. Today WBW yarned deadly Black Women’s clap backs with special guest Meriki Onus.…
Wild Black Woman Meriki Onus
4 21
6 16
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Art reminds us to not accept the given as given - Angela Davis on the importance of art in imagining abolition #ImaginingAbolition #SistersInside
6 47
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Been a huge year for us at the #ThePoint. Now we're lettin our hair down and dancin our way across the red carpet at the #Dreamtimeawards💃🏽
9 77
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
“Abolition of prison industrial complex also involves abolition of the child protection system - which the grandmothers of the central desert have taught us” - Angela Davis
49 134
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
#Already in tears 😭 ‘good way’ at the #DreamtimeAwards love the stories of triumphs with all the nominees #MakeUsProud @NITV #love #feeling inspired
10 41
Capping off a big week with another amazing Black woman at @BondUniversity Indigenous Gala Dinner - in awe of her #MinisterEnoch #BecauseOfHerWeCan #WildBlackWoman
1 26
Leaving #IIRC18 feeling challenged and provoked. Energised about pursuing intellectual indigenous warriorship as @drcbond says, to name racism as @kaupapamaori and others challenged us to, and to decolonise my own work. Huge mihi to @NgaPaeotM, thanks for an eye-opening week.
4 20
0 3
The very deadly @amymcquire delivering a most powerful and critical PhD proposal #SpeakingToSilences media representations of violence against Aboriginal women. Very privileged to hear her speak and be part of her intellectual journey in some way ✊🏾
37 171
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Nothing makes my heart swell more than seeing young Aboriginal women from Narrm planning the next move on Abolition. This is our future 🖤✊🏽 #SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition #Abolition
49 286
@UQPoche scholar @amymcquire delivering a most powerful PhD confirmation seminar. So very honoured to hear her speak and to follow her intellectual journey - such important work for our sistas who were denied their right to be heard and to have their stories told x ✊🏾
5 29
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
@DebKilroy @IndigenousX @congressmob @drcbond @June_Oscar @KPateontheHill @latoya_aroha NACCHO Aboriginal Women's Health #SistersInside #imaginingabolition @June_Oscar @DebKilroy @congressmob

Our CEO Pat Turner address to @SistersInside 9th International Conference Decolonisation is not a metaphor’: Abolition for First Nations women…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5 4
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Yes it’s Wild Black Women Friday and in honour of #HerRoyalBlackness Angela Davis being in town we are looking back on our fav Wild Black Women moments from 2018 & 2 help us out we have sista Meriki Onus in the studio! Tune in from 9am or catch our podcast…
14 57
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Posting for later a colleague who is an Indigenous surfer and also does critical surf studies. if you aren't reading Indigenous scholars, you need to! "Settler Fragility..."…
225 464
we love you and your work DR CB
3 28
Replying to @IndigenousX :
@IndigenousX Aww thanks so much brother x
0 2
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Strong theme on the role of the Northern Territory intervention and criminalisation and harm done to young blackfullas. The number of young black girls in Don Dale sky rocketed after intervention #ImaginingAbolition
35 76
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Vickie Roach telling her story. She recieved her first criminal charge at the age of 2yrs for 'neglecting herself'. Her story demonstrates how the 'child protection' industry and the prison industry is one in the same. A care to prison pipeline #imaginingabolition #sistersinside
130 193
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Sending respect & love to all the deadly Sisters, Aunties & Matriarch Warrior Women gathering at #imaginingabolition wishing I could be there too
4 24
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
The much needed work and advocacy for justice @amymcquire shares her thoughts. 💯‼️
8 20
New favourite segment on #ThePoint ! Find out who the Wild Black Women give #uncstatus to this week...
4 22
Replying to @Hocking_Rachael :
@Hocking_Rachael Thanks so much for having us on!
0 1
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
New favourite segment on #ThePoint ! Find out who the Wild Black Women give #uncstatus to this week...
4 22
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
“Since the NT Intervention, Aboriginal in prison has tripled every year since it began.
Before the Intervention, there were no Aboriginal girls in prison” - Dr Thalia Anthony, What about the Aboriginal girls in Don Dale? Workshop
#SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition
65 85
Replying to @kaupapamaori :
@kaupapamaori @TeKotahi @NgaPaeotM Wow thanks so much for share x looking forward to catching up with you again proppa x
0 2
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
In order to imagine abolition we need first to imagine freedom. How can we even begin to imagine freedom in the colony? Amazing pres from @drcbond at #imaginingabolition
19 63
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Inspirational, powerful, fierce Aboriginal women #ImaginingAbolition at #SistersInside @IndigenousX @congressmob #AngelaDavis #Poipi @NACCHOAustralia @drcbond @June_Oscar @KPateontheHill #GinaDent @latoya_aroha 🖤💛❤️ We have more that connects us than what disconnects us 💕
20 66
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Trish Walsh’s korero on her history of abuse, survival, and hopes for the future is so incredibly moving and inspiring. #WahineToa #SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition
6 11
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Celia's Legacy 💜 Celia’s Army
“I never knew there were choices, [other than criminal activity] because I never saw them”. What an amazingly brave, articulate wahine toa #sistersinside #imaginingabolition
14 38
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Celia's Legacy 💜 Celia’s Army
Standing ovation for Trisha - wow. What a wahine toa #sistersinside #imaginingabolition
8 26
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Huge thanks to Latoya Aroha Hohepa for the shout out to queer & trans fam! There’s many of us here! Bring our queer & trans fam in prison into the room! :) #ImaginingAbolition
6 7
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
“When we talk about Aboriginal overincarceration we never talk about how many of them are innocent” -@amymcquire #SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition
77 94
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Devastating to hear from @latoya_aroha about the death of her brother Wayne Fella Morrison in custody and the way in which Aboriginal people are held responsible for their own deaths in custody. Talks too of the way Ms Dhu's death is constructed in this way. #imaginingabolition
14 22
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