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Last 50 tweets from @drcbond
@drcbond @serenawilliams Uugghhhh that was hard to read. You weren’t wrong about the Mia Freedman comparison.
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Replying to @sncrlynotsorry :
Omg I’ve been waiting for #ABCBlackComedy gifs!
Um we also need Black women on #QandA gifs please...
In honour of @nakkiahlui we just dropped some Sylvia Chase Gif's from her #ABCBlackComedy Sketch 'The Fixer'.

You can find our Gif (Guh-if not J-if don't @ us) library here:

Or search Black Comedy in your Gif search.
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In terms of caucasity this description of Wilkinson’s exchange with Williams is somewhere between Mia Freeman (re Roxanne Gay interview) and Sarapova’s “Unstoppable” bless...
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Replying to @drcbond :
I highly doubt that this interview sent @serenawilliams "scrambling". And you didn't go head to head with the GOAT. You got an interview and forgot your place #NotTodaySissy
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In terms of caucasity this description of Wilkinson’s exchange with Williams is somewhere between Mia Freeman (re Roxanne Gay interview) and Sarapova’s “Unstoppable” bless...
Was it one question or *actually* the 4th question?
And ps @serenawilliams does not owe you small talk - she was there to do a job and she did it professionally. This article is a sad cry for attention. Solidarity, just like feminism is always reserved for white women.
7 52
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chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
My cousin #NaomiWilliams went to hospital 18 times seeking medical help. 18 TIMES!!! #JusticeForNaomiWilliams #AboriginalLivesMatter
294 328
@drcbond @ToddFernando Yes! These are the people who deserve awards.
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Replying to @AngelinaRHurley :
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Thanks to the History/English teacher who said I didn’t need to be in school when I was 16 for refusing to believe and read the text books I was given at High School. Brutt put the 🔥 in my belly to go to Uni. Almost finished a PhD. Thnx Bruzz! #tellmeicantillshowyouican
13 36
yup...special mention goes to brother @ToddFernando who was kicked out of his Geography class by Ms Fletcher at 14 yrs of age for daring to bring to the classroom 'new' knowledge... Black kids in school have long been #TeachingWhileBlack… (from 10:16 mark)
Mr Todd Fernando from The University of Melbourne.
To the Murri kids I knew at school. The boy yr 8 who sat during the anthem & got caned. The sista yr 10 who took a day off in NAIDOC wk & got suspended. The brotha who stood up to racist bullies & got told to get over it or leave school. I remember you! I salute you! ✊🏿❤️👏🏿
55 250
12 40
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
The Sydney Morning Herald
Exclusive: Students who protest at campus events would have to pay for their own security under a plan being pressed by federal Education Minister Dan Tehan… | @michaelkoziol
You protest, you pay: Education Minister's bid to bolster free speech at universities
  · Echobox Social · en
72 64
Really shit to write (well) for a publication only for it one week later do some incredibly dumb white nonsense. I’m sick of writing.
1 68
Replying to @NayukaGorrie :
@NayukaGorrie yeah I hear you. btw some of us native folk live for ur writing x
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chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
This makes me sick. The lack of care and defending of their actions is yet another example of institutionalised racism in this country. Shit needs to change.
2 10
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Deaths in custody, deaths in hospitals. Australian institutions are killing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.
5 6
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Health professionals are enabled by systems of education and health that must assure health professionals that this is safe, quality, patient-centred and evidence-based best practice. This happens too often! @CATSINaM @NurMidBoardAust @AIDAAustralia
12 14
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
@drcbond As an Aboriginal person I am filled with grief as a health professional I am ashamed and angry. This is an unacceptable failure.
3 11
@drcbond @JanineMilera Yer I ‘heard’ she sang a good song - lol
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Replying to @CATSINaM :
@drcbond @JanineMilera Sitting here listening to Lauren Hill singing top note 😂
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Replying to @CATSINaM :
@CATSINaM @JanineMilera Lols killing me softly with *her* song
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chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
It’s been a very hard week but today we salute the bravery of Michael Lampe, Sharon Williams and Talea Bulger who gave evidence at the inquest of Naomi Williams.…
  · Facebook · en
20 39
Special #WildBlackWomen shout out this week to @JanineMilera and @CATSINaM and song dedication to our deadly Black nurses and karaoke skills #Crazy
3 11
Deadly! It is a great read thanks @LarissaBehrendt for writing it :)
It's arrived! Looking forward to reading this on the weekend - thanks for the recommendation Dr Bond @drcbond 🙏🏻
2 6
2 5
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
special listening to Prof Gracelyn Smallwood @CATSINaM #CATSINaM18 need marketing to bring Indigenous nrses and safe others to community, not jobs to careless outsiders, toxic HCS have to change, alcohol management plans encourage ICE, violence & dysfunction colonisers on about
5 15
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Honoring the late Grace Kinsella & her extraordinary nursing career, quietly powerful & humble touched the lives of many. Grace Kinsella Women's Health Nurse Scholarship. Privileged to have known her & worked w/ Grace @CATSINaM @KelvinKongENT #CATSINaM18
28 76
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to @RoianneWest and Dr Raymond Lovett who are the CATSINaM Fellows for 2018! Welcome to the #CATSINaMfam #CATSINaM18
10 26
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
What a wonderful caring group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses at #CATSINaM18. Such a privilege to be in your company.
2 15
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Final award for the night at #CATSINaM18 is a new inductee into the @CATSINaM Hall of Fame, Jane Jones.

Congrats Jane!
4 9
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to our board member Jason Coombes for receiving the Sally Goold Award! #CATSINaM18
12 44
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
The beautiful @sistercherisse accepting the Alison Bush Award! Congratulations 🎉 #CATSINaM18
6 25
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
In the presence of an extraordinary nurse midwife leader - current & emerging leaders, Janine Mohamad & her family. Thank you.#CATSINAM18
7 33
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Soo grateful to these two providing me with such an amazing opportunity to be an Aboriginal cadet whilst studying #CATSINaM18 #weareindigenousnurses #WeAreIndigenousMidwives
3 15
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to the deadly @VernonArmstron3 for receiving the student of the year award 2018 #CATSINaM18
22 77
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to Taneeka Hyatt for receiving the Student of the Year Award for 2018! #CATSINaM18
9 30
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Emotional night for us all. Departing CEO of @CATSINaM Janine Mohamed, sharing her beautiful words.
“I will never forget the joy, when I first took care of my own as a nurse”.
You will be missed Janine. You are loved & appreciated by us all. Because of you we can. #CATSINaM18
32 69
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
#CATSINAM18 Thanks so much Koorie Circle for a great session here is the finished product
1 11
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Hearing about a fantastic and important research project led by Dr Chamberlain on intergenerational trauma and supporting women and men when they become parents… @DrCChamberlain #HealingOurPast
#catsinam18 @CATSINaM
9 18
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Us midwives are deadly, an unstoppable force. But you already knew that 🙌🏽
Privileged to share space with these two powerhouses @LynoreGeia and @LeonaMacca and many others here at the #CATSINAM18 Conference @CATSINaM via ^sistercherisse
  · GroupTweet · en
18 50
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
It’s an absolute honour to hear Valerie, one of our midwives, sharing her journey with us #catsinam18 #LINMEN
3 8
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Valerie Ah Chee calling for all health professionals to be educated about the true history of Australia & stop racial profiling #CATSINaM18
13 35
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Birthing on country update from this amazing woman @sistercherisse #CATSINaM18
5 20
How you mob turn up! 💯
Off to @CATSINaM dinner with my fantastic Bala @dauareb , looking forward to a great evening with everyone. #CATSINaM18 @IndigenousX
6 31
1 25
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
I got a lot of Indigenous nurses and midwives to join twitter today, you can find them on the #CATSINaM18 tag, so go follow them and make them all feel welcome :) #IndigenousX
56 182
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
@CATSINaM have gone above and beyond for our dinner tonight at Adelaide Oval #CATSINAM18 congratulations @JanineMilera and team 👏🏽
4 10
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
Ready for a good night #catsinam18 Gala Dinner MC Ian Zaro
6 21
chelsea bond Retweeted ·  
An honor to meet the legendary Sally Goold OAM. Wiradjuri woman and first Aboriginal nurse in New South Wales. Awarded Medal of the Order of Australia 1986, Senior Australian of the Year in 2006. Influential in creating @CATSINaM #CATSINaM18
29 117
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