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Last 50 tweets from @ERC_Research
🐾🖐️ What do dogs and people have in common?

#EUfunded @HannesLohi @helsinkiuni has shown that dogs share many similarities with humans, including physical traits of an individual.


Innovative, evidence-based research is vital to respond to the challenges faced by #European democracy.

@CORDIS_EU's newly revised story pack features #EUfunded research that helps us to better understand the challenges, & discover potential solutions 👉
📢ERC Starting Grant 2022 applicants - the submission system is now fully operational!

"Forthcoming" 🚧is now "Open for Submission"✔️

Submit your #ERCStG proposals before 13 January 2022, at 17.00 CET ➡️
Applying for a 2022 ERC Starting Grant? The submission system is now open!

Info for Applicants ➡️
Submission platform ➡️

#ERCStG deadline is 13/01/22⭐…
You're a 🇬🇷Greek researcher interested in ERC #grants? We recorded our #webinar with ERC Vice-President Nektarios Tavernerakis for you👉

Also read why he believes that #Greece “can do much better”👉

@PraxiNetwork @FORTH_ITE @GSRT_GR
Scientific knowledge and policymaking should always go hand in hand!

There is now a space in our #Knowledge4Policy where both worlds meet.

Check it out👉!nHMPFU

Europe's biggest ever exercise in participatory democracy is in full swing!

200 Europeans met today in Strasbourg to discuss the EU's global role. Their ideas might directly inspire future EU actions, but so could yours!

Submit your ideas now⤵️
Don’t miss the fascinating portrait of Chemistry #NobelPrize laureate @Ben_List.

From yoga and surviving a tsunami to his inspiring journey that ultimately earned him the coveted prize👉…

Proud to have funded this pioneer for a decade!
#EUfunded #ERCfunded
A perspective for life
“Standing on your head gives you a different perspective on a lot of things.”

A must-read portrait of 2021 Nobellist, ERC grantee Ben List - on yoga, surviving a tsunami, the “researcher gene” in his family including a #Nobel laureate aunt, and his fascinating science journey!👇
Perdeu nosso #webinar com @EuraxessBrasil sobre os fomentos do 🇪🇺European Research Council?

A gravaçãojá estão disponíveis📽️

Muito obrigado a todos os participantes e palestrantes!

#Euraxess #OpentotheWorld #ERCWorld #EU #grants
@EuraxessLAC @UEnoBrasil
Imagine a world with more:
⛈️accurate #climate modelling
📜equitable policymaking
🍏sustainable #food production

The findings of 4 ERC grantees on nutrient #imbalance could steer our planet in this direction.


#WorldFoodDay 🇪🇺#EUfunded #ERCSyG @EUAgri
Preventing sudden #cardiac death in children: ERC-supported research led by Silvia Giuliana Priori at @unipv investigated a novel #genetherapy 🧬 for two inherited diseases that can cause this tragedy ➡️

🇪🇺#EUfunded @CORDIS_EU #WorldRestartAHeart
In the USA or Canada? Catch up on the @euraxess_na 📽️#webinar about 🇪🇺 research funding opportunities 👉

📖 More on Florent Bernard's views of EU-US cooperation in #science and R&I 👉

#OpentotheWorld #ERCWorld @EUinCanada @EUintheUS
Standards help to bridge the gap between research & market up-take📊

With the development of a code of practice for researchers on #standardisation we want to ensure that more #HorizonEU project results respond to societal challenges 👉!muupkd

Religious minorities were often repressed during the 20th century under both #fascism and #communism.

@hiddengalleries is exploring the confiscated artefacts from secret police archives to shed new light on this 🔍

Supported by @ERC_Research🇪🇺 & hosted at @UCC🇮🇪
Seeing the star formation in a new light 🔦

Scientists at @chalmersuniv🇸🇪 created an innovative map that shows the location and structure of thousands of star-forming gas clouds in the #MilkyWay 🌌

Supported by @ERC_Research 🇪🇺🔭
Super excited by the opening of ‘Estonia House’ tomorrow in Brussels, invited by the original ERC … the Estonian Research Council @annely_allik not our mothership @ERC_Research 😉 @DavidMair4 @JanMarcoScience @HumanomicsMap @StefEurope @StephaneHogan @ScienceEurope @Mirnicka
Replying to @SciComEU @annely_allik and 7 others
Or was is the European Resuscitation Council? Or the Energy Regulatory Commission? So many ERCs to choose from 😁 Enjoy the 🇪🇪Estonian event! @KristinKraav @researchestonia
How can we improve treatments for visual impairment & blindness?

#ERCPoC funded Volker Busskamp @UniklinikBonn has developed a technology which could help provide material for possible treatment options.


🧡 #LoveYourEyes 👀 #WorldSightDay
Researchers are often asked to contribute not only to science and to have an impact on science, but also to contribute to society and to have societal or economic impact.

One word for this process is #valorisation.

How do YOU manage it?

Share ideas 👉!mG63yvk
Knowledge Valorisation Platform
🔵👉 Have you developed practices, measures and/or tools which have been successful at valorising research results? 🔬

It's time to share your practical examples on the EU Knowledge #Valorisation Platform! ➡️!mG63yvk

What a memory. 3y ago I was writing my ⁦@ERC_Research⁩ St grant in the weekend with kids around. Glad I succeeded, but was not easy to stay focused #WomeninSTEM #academicmother
Are you...

🔬a researcher from #China

💶interested in applying for an ERC grant?

📽️Watch the recorded #Euraxess #webinar with ERC grantee Chao Zhang to learn about our #funding opportunities:

@EuraxessChina @UU_University #EU #OpentotheWorld #ERCworld
Many studies of megathrust quakes focus on foreshocks immediately before the main quake, ERC funded Anne Socquet @ugrenoblealpes says. Unusually, megathrust quakes are often followed by other powerful megathrust quakes years later, with distant epicentres.
Happy national day, Spain! 🇪🇸 ¡Feliz Fiesta Nacional, España! 🎊

From the jazz of physics to the length of your chromosomes: Check out some ERC-funded projects hosted in #Spain👉

@EUScienceInnov @ComisionEuropea #12deOctubre #12O #FiestaNacionalDeEspana
🏅Grasping this year’s Physics #NobelPrize is a complex matter, in every sense!

But take a look at how new Nobelist, ERC grantee @GiorgioParisi’s research
explained a complex phenomenon in Nature - how breath-taking patterns in a murmuration of thousands of starlings arise!👇
How do patterns arise in a murmuration of thousands of starlings?

2021 physics laureate Giorgio Parisi's research has explained this complex phenomena.

See the starlings in action and learn more @TheAtlantic:

📣Last call! 🔜

🗓️14 October 2021
🔵This online seminar aims to engage the social sciences R&I community in a discussion around global Coronavirus R&I collaboration and address the socio-economic impacts of the #pandemic.

Hurry up & register today! 👉
"Any student or postdoc joining an ERC-funded team has good chances of having a highly stimulating and rich experience," says grantee @NRascovan👉

Watch @EuraxessLAC's #webinar with him 📽️

@GenGen_IP @institutpasteur #OpentotheWorld
Philosophy of science 💡

Our new episode of #CORDIScovery 🎙️ explores the energy and excitement of curiosity 🧠🤔

Listen now ➡️
Excellent news for Europe 🇪🇺!
Two Nobel prizes went to @ERC_Research grantees! As Commissioner @GabrielMariya said: “This shows us that investing in top frontier science helps to keep European research at the forefront”. @EUScienceInnov @UEnoBrasil
How is it to be a scientist on Twitter? 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

ERC grantee @OdedRechavi at @TelAvivUni speaks about how #socialmedia have impacted his academic career and how he thinks they are changing the publishing system 👉
Check out my interview in ⁦@eLife⁩ ! ❤️💥We discussed what it’s like to be a scientist on Twitter, making academia jokes, insults, and Michael Eisen ⁦@mbeisen⁩ 👇👇👇Please share and hopefully enjoy 😅…
Are you a researcher from 🇸🇬Singapore, 🇯🇵Japan or 🇰🇷Korea interested in ERC grants?

ERC grantee Novi Quadrianto shares some tips:

His story👉

🇪🇺#EUfunded #OpentotheWorld

@euraxess_japan @EURAXESS_Korea @EuraxessASEAN @SussexUni
Do you enjoy being baffled? What does scientific curiosity have in common with magic? And what is so special about objectivity in science?

Listen to #CORDIScovery podcast featuring ERC grantees from @EdinburghUni and @unito. 🎙️👇
Missed the #NobelPrize week?🏅

Two ERC grantees took home the prestigious prize for their revolutionary research!

The EU trusted & supported both via ERC grants for a decade 🇪🇺

Read about Benjamin List:…
And Giorgio Parisi:…
"An ERC grant enables rapid recognition" says @radhaboya who moved from 🇮🇳 to 🇬🇧 for her 🇪🇺#EUfunded research 👉

In this #Euraxess #webinar, she explains why 📽️

#OpentotheWorld #ERCworld @EuraxessIndia @EuraxessASEAN @OfficialUoM
Benjamin List och David MacMillan tilldelades idag årets nobelpris i kemi. Detta för sina upptäckter kring ett helt nytt sätt att katalysera kemiska reaktioner på.

List är även årets tredje nobelpristagare som bedrivit sin forskning med stöd från EU. Grattis!
Manche Menschen können sich noch sehr lange an bestimme Berührungen erinnern, andere nicht. Wie genau unser Körpergedächtnis funktioniert, ist bisher kaum erforscht.

ERC Grantee Esther Kühn will das ändern 👉

#bodymemory @MCBBrainPlast @OVGUpresse
Una grande giornata per la ricerca italiana 🇮🇹e europea🇪🇺 ! Giorgio Parisi, già campione della scienza 🇪🇺vincitore di un grant @ERC_Research , vince il @NobelPrize 👏👏👏👏 @europainitalia @PaoloGentiloni @maurimol79 @EUScienceInnov @toiapatrizia @MessaCristina
🌱“In view of the growing world population & the challenges that come with #climatechange, #agricultural productivity must double by 2050,” says Ralph Bock @maxplanckpress. “#syntheticbiology can play an important role.”
#foodsafety #genomes
⌛️Back to the roots of #glassmaking! ERC grantee Nadine Schibille explored the production, trade and consumption of #glass as a major economic activity in the #medieval Mediterranean @CORDIS_EU 👉

@EUScienceInnov @UEFrance @CNRS @INSHS_CNRS 🇪🇺#EUfunded
In his first #NobelPrize interview Ben List stressed the role of trust from funding agencies for scientific creativity - giving scientists with great ideas the “space & resources” to fulfil dreams.

Happy to trust & support him since 2011!🇪🇺

"To work with these amazing, happy and creative people; it's such a gift."

We spoke to our newest #NobelPrize laureate Benjamin List about his work and the importance of his diverse and creative team.

Take a listen:
L'excellence scientifique européenne de nouveau primée par le jury #Nobel 🥇

Benjamin List, bénéficiaire d'une bourse du Conseil européen de la recherche (@ERC_Research), s'est vu aujourd'hui remettre le #PrixNobel de chimie 2021 👏👏👏 →…
Shout out to researchers in #NorthAmerica!📣

At 11:00 Eastern Time watch @euraxess_na's #webinar & learn about ERC grants! Grantee @greggmitman will share his tips ⏬


@EUintheUS @NSF @EUinCanada @EUAmbUS @EUAmbCanada @LMU_Muenchen #OpentotheWorld
🗄️ ERC grantee James Kapalo dug into secret police #archives to shed new light on the lives of religious minorities in 20th century central and eastern #Europe.

Read 👉

🇪🇺@CORDIS_EU @EUScienceInnov @eurireland
@hiddengalleries @UCC @UCCDeptReligion
Toomorrow we will hold a #webinar for researchers in 🇷🇺 #Russia who are interested in applying for ERC funding.

🗓️ 8/10, 9:00-10:45 (CEST)

@EUinRussia @EUScienceInnov @HorizonEU @umons
🇪🇺#EUfunding #grants #research # #OpentotheWorld #ERCworld
“Standing on your head gives you a different perspective on a lot of things.”

A must-read portrait of 2021 Nobellist, ERC grantee Ben List - on yoga, surviving a tsunami, the “researcher gene” in his family including a #Nobel laureate aunt, and his fascinating science journey!👇
“Standing on your head gives you a different perspective on a lot of things.”

Read this lovely portrait of 2021 chemistry laureate Benjamin List written by his former colleague.

This time tomorrow its the turn of researchers based in America and Canada - for a dedicated #webinar on @ERC_Research funding!

Link to register ⬇️⬇️
Excited to be a part of the #ERCWorld presentations on @ERC_Research #grants, giving a presentation for researchers based in North America on October 7th. Register now!…
Another ERC grantee wins Nobel, Ben List! The @ERC_research can be proud to have placed trust in and backed him. The number of ERC grantees who go on to win Nobel prizes shows that giving researchers the freedom to pursue their scientific dreams truly pays off.
Another @NobelPrize!🏅

Benjamin List wins the 2021 Chemistry #NobelPrize. Well-deserved!

It is the second Nobel Prize going to an ERC grantee this week; the ninth since ERC’s launch.

He shares the prize with David MacMillan. Congratulations!

#ERCfunded #EUfunded🇪🇺
Replying to @ERC_Research
What a week! 🏅🇪🇺 ERC grantee Benjamin List wins #NobelPrize in Chemistry! He developed efficient catalysts that help build e.g. new molecules for medicines or solar cells, making chemistry greener & more selective. We supported him for over a decade!👇…
¡Hola Europa! We spoke to @NRascovan who moved from 🇦🇷#Argentina to 🇫🇷#France for his 🇪🇺#EUfunded research on ancient #DNA:

Interested in how he got his grant? Join today's @EuraxessLAC #webinar!💻👇

@GenGen_IP @institutpasteur @UEFrance #OpentotheWorld
Another @NobelPrize!🏅

Benjamin List wins the 2021 Chemistry #NobelPrize. Well-deserved!

It is the second Nobel Prize going to an ERC grantee this week; the ninth since ERC’s launch.

He shares the prize with David MacMillan. Congratulations!

#ERCfunded #EUfunded🇪🇺
The 2021 #NobelPrize in Chemistry has been awarded to Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan “for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.”
🎬ΤΩΡΑ ΖΩΝΤΑΝΑ! Αν δεν έχετε εγγραφεί σε αυτή την εκδήλωση μπορείτε να την παρακολουθήσετε ζωντανά σε αυτό τον σύνδεσμο 👉

Kατά την διάρκεια της εκδήλωσης μπορείτε να υποβάλλετε τις ερωτήσεις σας εδώ: (#519 496).
Είστε Έλληνας ερευνητής εγκατεστημένος στην 🇬🇷#Ελλάδα ή στο εξωτερικό και ενδιαφέρεστε να υποβάλετε αίτηση επιχορήγησης στο ERC;

Τότε μη χάσετε αυτή τη διαδικτυακή εκδήλωση!

@PraxiNetwork @FORTH_ITE @GSRT_GR 🇪🇺#EU #webinar
Together with @EUinRussia we will hold a #webinar for researchers in #Russia🇷🇺 who are interested in applying for an ERC grant. ⏬

🗓️ 8/10, 9:00-10:45 (CEST)

@EUScienceInnov @HorizonEU @umons 🇪🇺#EU #grants #research #funding #OpentotheWorld #ERCworld
#Researchers team up with your peers and apply for the @ERC_Research #SynergyGrants!

Up to 10Mio EUR funding available for your project!!

Join us for an info session on:
⏰Wed 6.10 2.30pm-3.30pm IST I 11.00-12.00 CET.

Register here👉

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