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Last 50 tweets from @EricaGrieder
Gosh. Dallas Keuchel pitched the game of his life that night. What a memory.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
.⁦@spurs⁩ coach Gregg Popovich hits back at @POTUS⁩: “feckless, impotent, cowardly”…
What do we call the Kroger on Studemont near the Heights? Is it “Yoga Kroger”?
Replying to @allynwest
Why is anyone going to Kroger, when they could go to HEB
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
Me at 9: Lets check to see how the #Astros are doing

Me at 11:30:
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
My brother David (also a journalist) and I just watched it. Classy.
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Yes. It shouldn’t be
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
The officer who shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson must be held accountable.

Since he never identified himself, how was she to know that he was a police officer and not a dangerous person about to break into her home at night to harm her? 1/
So is...the full video online?
NEW: The video showed the president as a mass shooter executing members of the media and his political opponents in a church. It was played at a pro Trump conference at the Trump resort in Miami last week. w/@maggieNYT…
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
As expected, the far-right populist Law and Justice government has won reelection in Poland today.

Democracy in perhaps the biggest success stories in the post-communist world is now in acute danger. And it has wide implications beyond Poland's borders.

EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
We are organizing summits this year and early next year in DFW and Houston to take action steps to hold folks accountable to end gun violence against black and brown communities. DM if you are interested in #AtatianaJefferson #blacklivesmatter
The press (collectively) uses “evangelical” that way because fundamentalists have taken to referring to themselves that way. My point is that we shouldn’t. Has anyone ever come to Christ via @JerryFalwellJr, or @EWErickson? I’d be shocked, if so.
In reply to @EricaGrieder
I was using "evangelical" in the way the press typically uses it, except broadened to not specifically target whites. So, basically, folks with "traditional" Xn beliefs who are not Catholic or some flavor of Orthodox. "Traditional" defined to be stuff like biblical...
Maybe? “Mainline” is another clumsy label, I don’t think it’s even used outside this country—in any case there are plenty of “mainline” American Christians who are also in the evangelical tradition - me, for example
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Aren't some of the historically black denominations closer to the ones usually grouped together as "mainline" than they are to those typically grouped together as "evangelical"? Here's a breakdown from Pew, btw:…
Agreed- great guy, good intentions, bad idea, we’ve all been there, it happens
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Yes, and this fact is one big reason why Beto’s suggestion that we strip tax exemptions from churches that don’t recognize same-sex marriage is so bad. I know that’s a little off-topic but I had to vent.
I totally get it, but >90% of black Americans are Protestants in the evangelical tradition, that’s why Gallup came up with the euphemistic label “white evangelical/born-again Christian” in the first place, among other things
In reply to @ericmkingsbury
I’ve known a fair number of evangelicals in my life, most who are nothing like this, so it muddies the picture a bit, but people who grew up around that type of Evangelicals or didn’t grow up around religion at all, see this as the way all Evangelicals are.
*White evangelicals. Or, more precisely: white “evangelicals.”
Trump is speaking to a room full of evangelicals right now at the Values Voter Summit He is blatantly lying, mocking Adam Scihiff’s physical appearance, and demonizing his political opponents. The audience is loudly cheering these points. God help us. #vvs2019
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
Great piece from @EricaGrieder about @donnabahorich and how she handled her much-criticized appointment to chair the #TXSBOE “Bahorich’s style could certainly be mimicked, for the good, by any governing body anywhere."…
Outgoing state ed board chair urges more civility in public arena
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
All but one Texas congressional district will see whites fall as a share of the electorate this decade, but some of biggest decreases are in the state's 2020 swing districts. #txlege
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
Must read from @axios: "States spend big $$ on 2020 census." But NOT TX. Though TX one of states most hurt by an undercount. @texasgop leaders spending ZERO on census. Why? An under count helps R politicians hold power, even while costing Texas billion$.…
States are spending big to prepare for next year's Census
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
In reply to @NateSilver538
Why are we pretending that this openly misogynistic quote from a guy who's best known as a Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky Truther (…) somehow has its pulse on the finger of swing voters?
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Yes. Christianity is mostly non-white, much of it in Africa.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
This is repugnant. I'm comfortable talking about faith in public, but he was invited to speak at a law school because he's the Attorney general. His job is to defend the 1st Amendment. But this immoral, unpatriotic borderline monarchist and defender of corruption has other ideas.
Addendum: it's also the case that most immigrants are religious, and that a majority of immigrants are Christian--and, I think Christianity is a majority-minority religion around the world, if not in the United States(?)
It’s a common framing, on the right, which completely ignores Americans who aren’t white, most of whom are religious and a majority of whom are in fact Christian- and yes, it makes these debates really hard to take seriously
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
I only understood this in the abstract until I was there for a baby being delivered but: the knowledge, experience and competence of nurses is astonishing and incredible
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EricaGrieder
The two new battlegrounds are Texas and Georgia, both states with above average religiosity. Love both of them and trying to win either without a respect for faith is a fool's errand.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
This is an awesome new job opportunity at the @HoustonChron if you're someone who, like many of us, enjoys nosing around everywhere and learning about everything. Apply and join us! @NAHJ @aaja @womenjournos @NABJ…
gonna be in Austin this weekend. of course we will be eating tacos. please reply with your favorite taco-based eats.
Replying to @jbouie
Surprisingly good taco truck at the stupid new hipster bar on my corner! (The bar is called La Holly, I think. E. 6th & pedernales.)
Sort of, but there isn't a generational divide in the black church, or the immigrant church, so we really have nothing to worry about
In reply to @EricaGrieder
I'd also argue there is a generational divide among even white evangelicals. I know a decent amount who are less than pleased by the current rhetoric being said by Republican and Evangelical leadership
It's impossible not to have noticed this and completely ridiculous that we treat it as some kind of footnote. (Do we all agree that Texas is a battleground state now? Might that be connected to the fact that Catholics are the largest denomination in Texas? etc)
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Thanks for noting that. Many of us in the Democratic coalition are people of faith and it has a lot to do with our politics in many cases. Watch @PeteButtigieg on this; it's a subject he frequently and eloquently discusses.
It’s a common framing, on the right, which completely ignores Americans who aren’t white, most of whom are religious and a majority of whom are in fact Christian- and yes, it makes these debates really hard to take seriously
In reply to @LPearsonTX
From more closely reading that article it seems there’s an assumption that secular is by definition non-conservative. So if those are the rules of the set the point is moot. But a religious conservative vs progressive leftie split sure seems to exclude big chunks of Americans?
Totally. And fwiw there are a lot of agnostics in my church, for example, if you want to officially join you’d have to do some fibbing’s an option
In reply to @Houstanity
Church really is a great community builder. There are so many denominations with a wide variety of beliefs. And I say this as a devout agnostic.
It’s definitely an environment in which the desire for fellowship is understood to be normal, and celebrated rather than stigmatized, which is perhaps a missing element in the other alternatives
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Been a challenge for me as well. I do sometimes miss the fellowship of being an active member of a faith community. As many have noted there are multiple ways to address this but I think religion has the advantage of providing a very outwardly visible opportunity for fellowship.
There’s nothing wrong with that, at all. Sometimes you see a small town Dairy Queen with a peg board for coffee mugs, those are my favorite DQs
In reply to @EricaGrieder
My wife works as a server as a local diner. A lot of her regular customers go there out of loneliness. (The food isn’t special). Especially people who retired.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Hobbies help. I found a ton of friends via local jeep club. And another car club. It has to be natural. With a shared interest. Its best if it gets you in contact with a variety of people, outside normal circle.
In candor, I was worried about this when I moved to Houston, and it’s still a challenge. But it’s a challenge that everyone can relate to, fwiw, it’s just not necessarily obvious to others if you’re dealing with it so it helps to be explicit
In reply to @EricaGrieder
The military fellowship is the number one thing I miss after I retired. In the civilian world, once people pass say their late 20s, they have no opportunity for community.
Sure, but the people at the service will be primed to pick up on your desire for fellowship. With that said, there are other options—community service, for example. Or volunteering on a political campaign! That’s a great way to make friends with people who share your values :)
In reply to @EricaGrieder
But it’s not a good way for lots of people, and just saying “go to church because it’s good for fellowship” won’t solve that disconnect. The fellowship is the key, not the worship.
Yes; the military, @USMC in particular is great for this. But I’m not recommending church because I’m religious, fwiw, or saying you should go to my church specifically. Just think of it as a way of being in fellowship with your fellow Americans.
In reply to @hradzka
what about alternatives for people who aren't religious? Are there any?
Alinsky’s derision of hippies will warm your heart, conservative friends! But it’s okay to start with the paper and the worship, and if you aren’t a believer yourself that’s totally okay, just say you’re a visitor, as we all are on occasion ❤️
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Agreed on the paper and the service -- both are great steps -- but I'll recommend a different book, because Alinsky isn't very helpful, especially for people new to this. The title I recommend is Jonathan Smucker's HEGEMONY HOW-TO.…
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
There is an almost 100,000-strong Somali diaspora in Minneapolis. Imagine being a Somali child listening to this from their president. Just vile.
The pathos of this article! For those of you who agree with @hradzka: read “Rules for Radicals”, subscribe to your local newspaper, and attend some kind of worship service this weekend
No magical elves are going to build your community for you. If people are afraid, don’t tell them that they’re cowards. Teach them how to stand up.
As an evangelical: ...does @HawleyMO think Catholics are stupid?
A political group used phone data to single out voters who had recently walked into a Catholic church so they could send them an ad calling an opponent "anti-Catholic"…
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
A gem of a human, a kind editor, a great colleague and a courtly, quiet, thoughtful writer who helped many of us along the way. This week, @chronsnyder heads for the exit and he has a few final words. Read them.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
folks, for the first time in like two years, I cranked out an opinion column.

My hot take, “Ellen should’ve canceled George W. Bush and the Dixie Chicks were right all along,” will be published in tomorrow’s @HoustonChron.

you can read it online now:…
Ellen should've canceled George W. Bush and the Dixie Chicks were right all along [Opinion]
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
Growing up on the Westside of San Antonio, I saw the distrust between communities of color and the police. I've heard the stories my whole life of police who were too aggressive, or community members who didn't feel safe calling 911.

EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
Montgomery, Alabama, once known as the cradle of the Confederacy and later the birthplace of the civil rights movement, has elected Steven Reed as its first African American mayor in the city's 200-year history.
EricaGrieder Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Marty Rowley, another sane Republican, just announced he won’t return to the SBOE, either. (Hope your health is good).
Again, folks: Trump is wooing Minnesota because Rs know he might lose Texas. Occam’s razor (+ my reporting!) > @parscale’s bluster
Trump is wooing Minnesota, the one that got away.

Challenge is that this time isn't last time. “He has managed to turn a lot of voters off through his conduct... It’s hard to overcome that with field organizing.”

Me + @MaggieNYT on tomorrow's MN rally:
Fwiw the week’s news was summarized to me yesterday as “Republicans are actually standing up to Trump!”, which is...kinda telling
In reply to @EricaGrieder
Sorry you are laid up. Get well soon. You haven't missed much, pretty slow news days.
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