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Last 50 tweets from @ezralevin
A Baykar will absolutely be the first armed drone I buy.
An awesome chance to do fulfilling work that helps ensure tax fairness in the states. If you believe in tax justice you should join an org where that principle is a key component of the work. ITEP is the place. Apply today to enshrine your support for dismantling tax inequities.
blast from the past in my timeline! Love that you're at ITEP - such a great org doing great work!
I am absolutely thrilled and honored and generally upside down with excitement to come back home to @MSNBC to host the 9PM hour, beginning August 16th. LET'S DO THIS…
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
So energizing to spend the afternoon with @EzraLevin and Indivisibles from across the Massachusetts at today's #IndivisiGather in Worcester!
In reply to @Noahpinion
Sure looks like right-wing violence is surging asymmetrically.…
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
Philadelphia is enraged over the Right-wing majority SCOTUS’ attack on #reproductiverights and Thomas’ invitation to revisit all decisions tied to the right to Privacy #abortionrightsarehumanrights @maddow
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
This document contains a lot of very valuable information re moving forward now that #RoeVsWade is done
And if you're not already a member of your local Indivisible chapter
NOW is the time!
It's, uh, Friday. My wife and sister-in-law have found some fun houses on Zillow. Do you still want to see them on #FridayNightZillow later or nah?
Replying to @StevenTDennis
dear god this is not the friday to skip
In reply to @ezralevin
Lol. Well, it worked for me. I read it as plopping a bottle of whiskey on the counter and announcing, "Who wants a drink?"
Replying to @LynnDee227
lol correct reading
In reply to @ezralevin
@ezralevin For what it's worth, I thought your comment was fine. An appropriately dark observation for a dark day.
Replying to @LynnDee227
but I was misread what Chris said! He was talking about the next trifecta, and I thought he was talking about tex year if they have the House.
In reply to @ezralevin
A Republican trifecta is control of both Houses and the presidency
Haven't gamed out whether you could limit abortions in reconciliation via a national abortion tax. Would probably be hard to get the current parliamentarian to bless that.
Replying to @StevenTDennis
ha as if they will be constrained by a parliamentarian. They pulled this two decades ago:…
In reply to @ezralevin
They would impeach Biden after he was no longer president? That would be their top priority — to impeach a former president?
oh! I misread - I thought he wrote after the next election. No, I think their Biden impeachment will come if they get the House next year.
In reply to @ezralevin
I get it but it’s also an odd nerdy joke when everyone is really mad.
Replying to @JoeyCz @chrislhayes
oh sorry, I wasn't joking.
In reply to @ezralevin
Read the room today.
Replying to @JoeyCz @chrislhayes
I mean I know it will be a top priority, it's just they also really want to impeach Biden.
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
The scene at the Supreme Court this afternoon
These are all the right goals.
We are not powerless. Here’s what I’m fighting for: Expanding our Senate majority so we can eliminate the filibuster & codify Roe. Expanding the Supreme Court to rebalance this institution. Defending abortion rights in states through ballot measures and downballot elections.
Sen. Susan Collins on SCOTUS/Roe: “This decision is inconsistent with what Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh said in their testimony and their meetings with me, where they both were insistent on the importance of supporting long-standing precedents that the country has relied upon.”
Replying to @sahilkapur
Is she calling for impeaching them for perjury or nah?
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
Two of Donald Trump’s nominees lied under oath about their views on Roe in order to secure confirmation.
Two of Donald Trump’s nominees lied under oath about their views on Roe in order to secure confirmation.
Replying to @danpfeiffer
I would like an America where if you lie under oath you go to prison instead of getting to impose barbaric policy on 330 million of your fellow Americans.
This is the America MAGA wants.👇
a state can now execute a woman for refusing to submit to a forced birth even if the "abortion" is within hours of conception. barbarism.
In reply to @ezralevin
(not a critique of @sahilkapur who immediately and accurately describes the reality)
In reply to @chrislhayes
And to be honest I don’t even think the gap is ideological so much as generational. I think even pretty centrist/moderate Dems who are younger are more acutely freaked out than the folks in leadership.
Replying to @chrislhayes
Indivisible leaders are disproportionately older college educated women with some ideological diversity, and they are in the freaked out camp.
Sen. Joe Manchin: "I trusted Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh when they testified under oath that they also believed Roe v. Wade was settled legal precedent and I am alarmed they chose to reject the stability the ruling has provided for two generations of Americans."
Replying to @sahilkapur
Nobody else is surprised. Everybody predicted this. Is Manchin an idiot or a liar or both?
In reply to @StevenTDennis
I think that gives her too much credit. She's not a dummy. She knew what she was doing. She wasn't wrong - she lied.
Specifically, her lying was a solution to a political problem. She didn't want to demobilize GOP support by opposing Kavanaugh. But she couldn't alienate centrists by just voting for an extremist. She solved the problem by lying about his positions. Slick move.
Susan Collins was wrong.
Replying to @StevenTDennis
I think that gives her too much credit. She's not a dummy. She knew what she was doing. She wasn't wrong - she lied.
For my fellow Texans: Abbott signed a "trigger law" last year, so automatically 30 days from today, all abortions are banned in the state with no exceptions for rape or incest. Doctors who provide abortions face life in prison.…
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
It doesn't matter what you do during the rest of your political career. Today will be your legacy. 100 years from now, they will still be talking about @SenatorCollins' betrayal.
A MAGA court, nominated by presidents who lost the popular vote, confirmed by senators who represent a minority of the population, imposing a radical agenda opposed by most Americans.

I mean, don't listen to me - listen to the historians:
Tyranny of the minority.
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
It’s not a court. It’s an unelected mini-Congress appointed by representatives of a minority of Americans. Do not believe for one second that law has anything at all to do with the politicians in robes.
It’s not a court. It’s an unelected mini-Congress appointed by representatives of a minority of Americans. Do not believe for one second that law has anything at all to do with the politicians in robes.
Replying to @waltshaub
I was about to type "it's like a little MAGA congress" but then saw this - yes.
They're not playing games - they're coming for you and they're bold enough to say it out loud because they don't think you'll do anything to stop them.
Clarence Thomas writes, in a concurring opinion, that the Supreme Court should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.
A packed MAGA court imposes its dangerous and unpopular agenda on the country.
Ezra Levin Retweeted ·  
.@importantmeagan: "The difference between this country and other countries is there are so many guns. There’s so, so many guns. And today, the Supreme Court just kind of said, ‘We don’t care.’”
We’re probably gonna need a longer gif soon, but for now:
Raise your hand if you have not sought a presidential pardon.✋

cc: @HouseGOP
🚨 GOP Representatives Matt Gaetz... Mo Brooks... Andy Biggs... Scott Perry... Marjorie Greene... ALL sought pardons from Trump, according to today's testimony.

KINZINGER: "The ONLY reason I know to ask for a pardon, is because you think you committed a crime."
Lots of people think it takes an act of congress to write new federal laws, but our MAGA Supreme Court gets to impose its extremist agenda without all that fuss.
So, as I understand the Supreme Court, the government can arrest and jail you without Miranda rights, execute you even if your lawyer screws up, force you to have a baby, and use tax dollars to support religion.

But it can't protect your right to vote or keep you safe from guns.
alito is so obviously pleased with himself for that idiotic line. a reminder that in addition to being deranged reactionaries these people are not smart.
Replying to @jbouie
Laws don't stop people who break laws, ergo we should have no laws. Q.E.D.
Replying to @jonketo @JessGrose
yeah this feels like the last 2 years or so
In reply to @ezralevin
Not with the new variants. You can't find any data from 2022 that shows this. Come on. At least try with your fear and propaganda. "Children or teens were the source of SARS-CoV-2 in about one in 13 Ontario households between June and December 2020,"
Replying to @CStevie1977 @bavery614 and 1 otherfalse
Yep as expected, you don't care about data. You just want to spread misinformation that harms people. No need for that in my timeline, so blocked you are!
In reply to @bavery614
Show me that data for children under 5. You won't. You can't. Kids don't wear masks and social distance. Genius.
Replying to @CStevie1977 @bavery614 and 1 otherfalse
Here's data that you'll probably ignore. If you don't want to read the whole thing, here's one takeaway: "infants and toddlers (up to age 3) were about 43% more likely than the older teens to spread it to others in the home."…
Youngest Kids More Likely to Spread COVID-19 to Family: Study
In reply to @ezralevin
They always cry w shots duh. Lasts until they get a sticker on the way out.
mine got a sloth sticker and was very excited.
Non scientific temperature taking: for those of you with kids under 5, are you excited about the vax or just dead inside? Fwiw basically all my closest friends with little ones have covid right now.
Replying to @JessGrose
excited and got the 20-month-old vaxxed yesterday. Somehow magically despite travel and daycare, we haven't gotten covid yet, so it feels like we Indiana Jones-d ourselves to the vaccine in time.
Toddler tears as the nation's children begin to receive COVID shots
Replying to @nypost
This is bullshit. Vaccines save lives. My toddler cried for 30 seconds after the shot yesterday and then clapped with us in celebration and focused on getting a Rice Krispie treat from the vending machine. He and his daycare will be safer as a result. Your coverage is despicable.
My toddler son cried more/longer when we ran out of “blue” Fig Bars. This is irresponsible BS, so… par for this rag’s course
Replying to @GregJKrieg
Ours cried for roughly 30 seconds until it was over and we all clapped and then he clapped and immediately focused on getting a rice krispie treat out of the vending machine outside the room.
Hello, my six-month old got (partially) vaccinated today and it's a whole new world!
Replying to @CharlotteAlter
CONGRATS. Same here for 20-month-old. Slight fever this evening but went down to bed easy.
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