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Last 50 tweets from @FaheemYounus
COVID vaccine’s effectiveness is more than double compared to a flu shot
Kindness is that simple, that easy
Q: I had COVID. Can I get it again?

A: Duration of immunity varies but may last 1 year

Risk of reinfection <1% and usually mild disease…
Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection 1 Year After Primary Infection in a Population in Lombardy, Italy
HIV/AIDS took 40 YEARS to kill >700,000 Americans

COVID killed that many in <2 years

Yet it’s a “hoax”……
The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States: The Basics
7 Reasons Why My Kids Will Get The COVID Vaccine

1. Kids can get severe disease

2. Some may get long COVID

3. Kids can pass the virus on

4. Vaccine allows normalcy…

5. Risk of myocarditis — negligible

6. They’ve had all other vaccines

7. We practice what we preach:)
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Alabama had more deaths than births in 2020 — a first in the state’s recorded history
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
‘If there’s a tree that can handle fire, this is that tree, and that we’re losing them is beyond all expectations’ — Forest staff is getting creative to help save the legendary sequoia trees from CA's wildfires
Executives: Want your hospital to survive the pandemic?

Invest in my “5-R’s of workforce”

1. Recruitment (salaries, benefits)

2. Retention (daycares, gyms, WFH)

3. Retraining (on employer’s time)

4. Recognition (timely/broad)

5. Resilience (time off, purpose)

Replying to @FaheemYounus
5 R’s is not an expense; it’s an investment Quality, safety and reputation will tank without an energized workforce An energized workforce not only assures your journey to zero harm/HRO but it also pays for itself thru P4P programs, reduced legal fees It’s urgently needed
Executives: Want your hospital to survive the pandemic?

Invest in my “5-R’s of workforce”

1. Recruitment (salaries, benefits)

2. Retention (daycares, gyms, WFH)

3. Retraining (on employer’s time)

4. Recognition (timely/broad)

5. Resilience (time off, purpose)

Every approved COVID vaccine is safer than the virus.
Text from a man in his 60s who didn’t want to get vaccinated. Read to learn what happened next

This keeps me going…
Patient Story:

Girl in her 20s, refused COVID vaccine, got pregnant, caught COVID from a family member…

A week later lost her pregnancy. Now fighting for her own life on a ventilator…

Vaccines don’t increase the risk of miscarriage; COVID does…
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
It’s crazy how life works sometimes. I get to work with my mom, at the same hospital in the same department. She has been a janitor here for 18 years. She raised a Latina physician in the making! Thank you ama, I am so proud to be your daughter! #MedTwitter @LatinasInMed
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Questions are already swirling about the projected price point for Merck's experimental #Covid drug. The contract with the USG puts its cost at $712 per treatment course; but production costs are only $20, @pharmalot reports.…
Questions emerge about cost of Merck pill to treat Covid-19
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Since July 1, the US has seen 1.8M C19 cases in kids & 185 deaths:
- death rate=1/10000 cases

Mild myocarditis in kids is ~1/8000 2nd shots.

In other words, a child is basically as likely to get mild myocarditis from vaccination as they are to die from "natural infection".
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Wondering if you need a #COVID19 booster shot?

If you received your second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine at least 6 months ago, use this chart to determine if you should or may get a booster shot.

Learn more:
Better to be ignorant than arrogant
Ivermectin: Flawed or Fraud?

Once scientists dug into the 26 studies claiming Ivermectin’s efficacy against COVID, they found the data to be fake, flawed or fraud

Get proper treatment for Covid.

Don’t take ivermectin.

Must read ⬇️…
My Patient Story:

68 y old, COVID+ male, vaccinated but receiving active chemotherapy

Needed high flow oxygen for 7-days (weak immunity). Never needed a ventilator. Improved. Will go home tomorrow

If he was UNVACCINATED, he’d be vented last week and possibly dead by now
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
The U.S. is an outlier in how wealthy countries pay for child care. Rich nations contribute $14,000 per year on average for a toddler’s care, but the U.S. contributes just $500, helping create an inadequate, unequal, often unaffordable child care system.…
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
💉 6.4 billion COVID vaccine doses have been administered

👥 46% of world population with at least 1 dose

🌍 Share with at least 1 dose
High-income countries: 69%
Upper-middle income: 64%
Lower-middle income: 32%
Low income: 2%

Our data on vaccinations:…
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Real-world data show that filters clean COVID-causing virus from air…
My US-Canada Border Experience

Canadian Officer asked: Sir, put your mask on. Show me your proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, your ArriveCanada app receipt

Entering USA: Plz take your mask off. Show me your face. Did you buy anything in CA? Ok, welcome to the US
A charismatic leader without courage is like a fully loaded car without an engine.
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
A good day for Science! The first vaccine for #malaria recommended for use by @WHO - 30 years in the making - gives hope for improved vaccines in the future
COVID vaccine is SAFE in pregnancy

7 studies with over 45000 pregnant ladies found no increased risk of:

- Stillbirth
- Miscarriage
- Birth defects
- Preterm birth

Plus the vaccine protects the baby

Remember, COVID mortality is much higher in unvaccinated pregnant ladies
The moment we believe we’re 100% right, we’re at risk of being 100% wrong.
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Vaccinations prevented at least a quarter of a million Covid-19 infections among US seniors and tens of thousands of deaths just between January and May of this year, according to a new report
Vaccines may have prevented a quarter-million Covid-19 cases and 39,000 deaths among seniors
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Over 7 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses have been produced globally to date, with >1.35 billion more doses produced each month now.

Sinovac and Sinopharm produce the greatest number of vaccines monthly, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca not far behind. 1/
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
People with different personality disorders often have relationship problems.

They may not be able to form close, stable relationships.

They may act in ways that seem rude or cold. Without knowing!

Family members and others may find them upsetting, confusing, or frustrating.
Pandemic Stressors:
In children, MORE screen time worsens mental health

1000 kids studied

More physical activity and less screen time were associated with better mental health…
Childrens Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Mental Health During COVID-19
Just because Ivermectin can:

Cure this Doesn’t mean
(Strongyloides it can also
in stool) cure this
This thread aged well. Still true for resource limited areas
How to treat COVID at home?

This thread is for COVID + folks who avoid hospital due to cost/trust/capacity issues

What to take, what to avoid, when to worry, when not to, protecting family etc.

This is general advice; for personal treatment Qs ask your doctor

Let’s start

Top 20 Countries Managing the Pandemic Most Effectively in Sep

Other notables:
China 23th
USA 28th
B-Desh 39th
India 45th
Pak 46th
Indonesia 49th

It’s a dynamic ranking; changes month to month…
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Stop viewing flexibility as an HR policy and start regarding it as an opportunity for organizational transformation that will benefit both your people and bottom line.…
The Future of Flexibility at Work
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
A pre-print study that overstated the risk of contracting myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination was retracted due to a miscalculation - but not before it featured in social media posts questioning vaccine safety
7 ways to take care of yourself:

- Give
- Eat less
- Exercise
- Go outside
- Prioritize sleep
- Digital disconnect
- Stop comparing yourself

Don’t wait for the pandemic to end; do them now
Perspective: Compare 90% efficacy of COVID vaccine with…

Influenza 50%
Cholera 52-71%
Pneumo 50-75%
HPV 80%
Tetanus 85%
Pertussis 85%
Measles 88%
Measles 97%
Diphtheria 90%
Shingles 91%
Hep A/B 98%
Polio 99%

Nothing is 100%
Replying to @FaheemYounus
Small typo. The first measles should read mumps Mumps 88% Measles 97%
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
Adjusting for population, the daily death rate is now about eight times higher in America than in the rest of the rich world
Americas pandemic is now an outlier in the rich world
Perspective: Compare 90% efficacy of COVID vaccine with…

Influenza 50%
Cholera 52-71%
Pneumo 50-75%
HPV 80%
Tetanus 85%
Pertussis 85%
Measles 88%
Measles 97%
Diphtheria 90%
Shingles 91%
Hep A/B 98%
Polio 99%

Nothing is 100%
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Merck's Covid-19 antiviral pill molnupiravir reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 50%, according to the findings of a late-stage trial
Like things (don’t love them)

Love people (don’t worship them)

Worship God (don’t fear things or people)
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
The world’s official covid-19 death count is 4.8m, but our new machine-learning model estimates that between 9.8m and 18.5m people have died
The pandemics true death toll
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
This is a good updated summary of the numbers of employees leaving hospitals due to vaccination mandates. In general about 0.5%

How many employees have hospitals lost to vaccine mandates? Here are the numbers so far | FierceHealthcare…
How many employees have hospitals lost to vaccine mandates? Here are the numbers so far
Yes. You can get COVID after the vaccine but there is a difference

55-year old 75-year old
Despite challenges, the @WHO has admirably led the world through this pandemic
Need for COVID boosters is exaggerated

- Get it if you’re elderly or immunocompromised

- Hang tight otherwise

I got vaccinated in Dec 20, treat COVID patients daily, and haven’t gotten a booster yet

Hope that shot gets into a more deserving arm…
Covid-19 vaccination: evidence of waning immunity is overstated
Faheem Younus, MD Retweeted ·  
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