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Last 50 tweets from @FinnSkata
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Today at 1pm - Stranger Things’s @FinnSkata performs live with @calpurniaband on #WilliamsStreetSwapShop
634 6,554
Malcolm and I will be on NPRs @WABEfm Get the wabe app to listen to the interview or if you’re in Atlanta tune in on 90.1.
527 7,584
Had a great time last night watching @calpurniaband with great friends! Awesome show, so amazing to see talent like that!
1,181 16,942
Replying to @GatenM123 :
@egoraptor have you made the move yet?
222 2,816
@FinnSkata @FinnSkata hey man wish we could both hang with @tonyhawk and watch him land some big air tricks
  · Twitter Lite · en
625 12,748
Replying to @joe_keery :
I wish I made this
5,704 42,701
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Hit the link below to pre order our EP! Also a friendly reminder that our single “Greyhound” comes out tomorrow 😉 Love u all #maythe18thbewithyou…
Scout - EP - Calpurnia
689 5,873
Replying to @FinnSkata :
@chrismelberger Oh my god I hear it now
182 1,747
all my friends hear “yanny” what the fuck :/
49 1,796
Replying to @chrismelberger :
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
This beauty from @calpurniaband just arrived, it’ll be part of the May edition! (@FinnSkata)
599 5,952
JUST GOT CAST AS THE LEAD IN A NEW ANIMATED SERIES!!!! Can't wait to share more when I can, stay tuned!
874 18,535
Replying to @Nick__Wolfhard :
@Nick__Wolfhard So so so so unbelievably proud.
617 11,391
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
JUST GOT CAST AS THE LEAD IN A NEW ANIMATED SERIES!!!! Can't wait to share more when I can, stay tuned!
874 18,535
#tbt to when we pranked @matthwatson and @elirymagee so good
1,354 13,601
@FinnSkata I've stayed in nice hotels across the world and time and again it's always the same... 5 stars but 1 ply. Why?
97 4,692
Replying to @h3h3productions :
@h3h3productions I LOVE when hotels give you two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. So cool and awesome
241 3,558
Never succumb to hotels that give you 1-ply toilet paper. - Socrates
2,891 34,028
HBD to my pride and joy @DaneBeiksCakes I love you dude!
1,571 19,322
lucas ovalle! (vine guy from the vine app)
If ur profile picture is of Finn Wolfhard, everything you say is immediately disregarded.
1,063 14,414
Replying to @boysru1ee :
@boysru1ee I’m good then.
1,856 29,372
@FinnSkata Can we also vote for @MTV to film your party & air it as a special episode of My Super Sweet 16?!
16 246
Replying to @BreeEssrig :
@BreeEssrig @MTV That’d be a good character to play.
77 972
Vote for anything that has to do with stranger things or IT. No pressure. But you’re not coming to my sweet sixteen if you don’t.…
4,948 29,279
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Hit that link below to presave our EP!…
557 6,198
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Our single “Greyhound” comes out soon. Look for the 7” single at your local record store on May 18th! It will be the first ever Calpurnia recording on Vinyl 🤙
1,123 8,621
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Happy to announce that we’re gonna be putting out an exclusive 7” release from @CalpurniaBand, the musical creation of @FinnSkata from Stranger Things. It’s an absolute banger.
  · · en
739 6,687
@BillionaireFox @FinnSkata SPOILERS: Alex the Lion starts eating steak again and things get bad, Caiiou makes a wish on the Dragonballs and finally recieves his one true desire: hair
124 1,418
Replying to @Nick__Wolfhard :
Infinity war spoiler: Misa Jar-Jar is Sith Lord
9,500 58,084
1,483 23,444
For the record, I’ve only cried watching two movies in my life.
1,318 16,191
Replying to @jaedenlieberher :
@jaedenlieberher Liar. He cried while watching Disney’s My Pet Rock. I’m talking blubbering. @thejakesim was there.
1,029 12,498
@metalrply97 @FinnSkata "hipsters" were born 3 stops from me on the L train. it was mostly people breaking style norms to stand out. it was intentional and try-hard, while the whole idea was that they "didn't care". but they clearly did. Finn stands out cuz of who he is. labeling it hipster is weak
1 199
Replying to @RicepirateMick :
@RicepirateMick @metalrply97 Thanks mick you un-hipster loser
73 1,279
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
back at it, nerds.
  · Media Studio · en
84,696 231,116
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
A member of our discord just informed me that they have a baby cousin who was born a week ago and has been diagnosed with cancer, please help anyway you can, please spread this around or donate!!! Theo needs to live!!!…
Fighting for Theo vs Rare Cancer
2,847 9,193
Jeez just started watching American boy band on viceland. So inspiring.
3,016 41,182
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
getting engaged at a @TwinPeaksDudes show? honestly, goals
508 6,838
Switchin it up tday! Just ate the dawg, out to go for a jog 😏
2,409 33,519
Just ate some pizza! out to walk ‘da dawg and go for a jog😜😜😜
2,592 33,901
Him: wanna go to supper?
Her: No I have chores
Him: Okay. Tomorrow?
Her: prolly 🤗
4,709 54,532
dog sunglasses, nah dog regular glasses
4,276 45,508
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
Gas prices are getting out of hand
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
3,097 13,632
LETS GET AUBREY TO HOST THE NEW BLUES CLUES! @Nickelodeon , @nickelodeoncast , and @strauberrypie. Make sure to use the hashtag #Aubrey4BluesClues
597 6,466
Replying to @theregaljoe :
Finn Wolfhard Retweeted ·  
LETS GET AUBREY TO HOST THE NEW BLUES CLUES! @Nickelodeon , @nickelodeoncast , and @strauberrypie. Make sure to use the hashtag #Aubrey4BluesClues
597 6,466
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