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Last 50 tweets from @FreddyAmazin
Remember when Chris Brown was on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody 😂
26 71
I loveeeeeee avocados
Lo más perfecto que verán hoy 🥑
10,606 25,315
1,016 3,501
"What does ur tattoo mean?"
1,067 3,541
Fuck you if you've come to my house, met my family, met my dogs, eaten my food and we don't even talk anymore.
1,421 4,751
This sounds cheesy but having a good personality & being a genuinely nice person makes u ten times more attractive bc ur golden soul always finds a way to shine through & tbh attractive ppl who are mean w shitty personalities ALWAYS end up looking physically ugly to me
  · Buffer · en
876 2,783
“I asked my brother to take a picture of us and ...” I’M CRYING 💀
  · Buffer · en
2,326 10,861
I HATE people who only hit u up when they need someone to rant to and don't bother talking to u otherwise like do I look like a therapist to u?? I'm abt to start charging ppl for doing that, I've gone through TOOO MUCH to give out my advice for free
  · Buffer · en
1,196 3,702
you give someone 183773802398 chances, and as soon as u fuck up once they tired of yo shit 😭
  · Buffer · en
902 3,160
these are so beautiful. wow.
  · Buffer · en
751 4,488
why is being alive so expensive. im not even having a good time
  · Buffer · en
2,237 5,853
after school naps aren't even naps, it's a mini coma
  · Buffer · en
3,744 8,685
me choosing C for every answer on my test so i can leave class early to get back to doing nothing
  · Buffer · en
683 2,715
u ever spent so much money in one day that u never wanna leave ur crib again?
  · Buffer · en
1,766 6,470
this is the relationship i will have with my kids
My sisters remade vines with my parents and i can’t stop laughing LMAOOOO
8,840 30,392
  · Buffer · en
5,768 18,526
When u bout to Uno out cause you got a Wild Draw 4 & ya waiting on them to throw that weak ass green 1 down.
2,277 6,999
A compilation of all the things Will Smith has done since he joined instagram is the best thing i've seen today.
2,180 6,341
"when you put two and two together but that ain’t none of your business☕️"
15,843 39,860
PornHub is celebrating Rihanna's birthday😂💀
1,357 6,046
Is no one gonna mention the one girl who painted the Hamburger Helper glove instead of a flower?
Cutest painting party ever🌼🌸🌺
1,595 17,814
11,572 54,593
THIS is romance
I told him that my dream was to eat chicken wings while watching the sunset one day. Not only did he make that bouquet of wings but he made my dreams come true. Thank you my love 😂😍
3,534 12,945
2,748 11,407
Happy 30th birthday to the finest woman on earth, Rihanna 💕
12,268 32,823
y’all be so damn fine but so.. damn.. boringgg
  · Buffer · en
1,491 5,541
Just when we thought Costco couldn't get any better
Y’all Costco has acai bowls now
17,001 64,942
  · Buffer · en
8,369 36,353
“how do you plan to retire?”

"Retired man builds train to take rescued stray dogs on adventures"
  · Fluff Society · en
15,570 39,848
  · Buffer · en
10,891 32,942
my family roasts tf outta each other, so if i bring you around them you better be ready cause they some ruthless mfs
  · Buffer · en
1,991 5,510
Once you get a job your parents act like you’re making figures💀
  · Buffer · en
1,040 4,417
*gets handed the bill*

  · Buffer · en
6,282 17,994
How do people wake up in the morning and actually have energy to get off bed and be productive please teach me
  · Buffer · en
1,200 3,280
I swear them $6-9 transactions be adding up quick like a mf
  · Buffer · en
2,567 10,977
do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for
  · Buffer · en
5,509 16,538 so..... ugly and weird
959 4,328
  · Buffer · en
4,262 9,210
Them: We need to hangout!

Me: Forsure, just let me know!
2,327 6,878
When u swallow ur pride and double text and still get left on read
After you send a risky text
17,520 38,939
15,786 43,448
"Oh hell no" 💀💀
We bought my niece an avocado to see if she’d react the same way the little boy did when he got one & well...
40,209 72,675
1,901 5,730
Cashier: Ok, Wing piece combo with drink comes out to $10.94

*checks bank account*

caption this 💀
1,146 5,735
611 2,833
Teacher: “I heard y’all misbehaved yesterday for the substitute”

Me and my friends knowing damn well we did:
4,085 11,841
it’s Rihanna’s 30th birthday tomorrow and she posted this today .. i love her
1,286 6,950
wtf kind of friend would even say that shit???
9,177 27,536
When u throw transition words like “In addition” and “Therefore” in ur essay
3,406 14,168
when you realize there’s no hope for your spring break body
6,584 17,679
i really be hurting my own feelings by having high hopes lol
  · Buffer · en
3,777 8,212
i need to go shopping i need more clothes and shoes 😩
  · Buffer · en
1,185 2,666
This is so important
  · Buffer · en
787 3,097
Ohhhhh my gawddddd 🤤😍
  · Buffer · en
2,693 8,763
My bf knew my old plant stand had broken and I had no where to place my plants so he MADE me one!!!! 😭💖🌱💖💖🌵
11,822 118,081
  · Buffer · en
1,136 10,032
Jennifer Lopez’s tribute to Selena Quintanilla 🌹❤️
  · Buffer · en
3,297 7,882
happy 14th birthday to the talented Millie Bobby Brown 💕
  · Buffer · en
2,229 12,660
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