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Last 50 tweets from @gildernewm
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
As an Irish citizen, living in Ireland, I’d like to be able to vote for the Irish President. 🗳️

Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
No sense of family triumphalism at the 3 year suspended sentence for guilty soldier who shot Aidan McAnespie dead in 1988 but sadness at their loss and anger that it took 35 years to reach a legal conclusion.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
McAnespie court verdict offers hope to other families – Gildernew @gildernewm
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Irish fishermen can only catch and release bluefin tuna in our own waters, one of the most expensive fish in the world, while fishing vessels from other countries can catch away and create wealth and jobs elsewhere! Madness
15yo starts her mocks tomorrow. I picked her up at lunchtime so she could "study properly". So far she has washed her hair, put on a face mask and reorganised her bedroom drawers. Pure chilled out head on her 😂😂😂
Replying to @Dawn_Galway
Aoise is almost 2 years off her GCSE’s…and I’m breaking out in hives already at the thought of it.
The strength and dignity shown by the McAnespie clan has been inspirational.

I’m hoping they finally get the justice they deserve. #AidanMcAnespie
Aidan McAnespie was killed on his way to a GAA match during the #Troubles at a border checkpoint

His family have fought for justice for over 34yrs

In Nov ‘22, a former British soldier was found guilty of manslaughter

Today, Aidan's family are back in court for his sentencing
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
This photo sums up our day.

As far as official statements go:



#Time4Action #OrganDonationSavesLives

📸 @MalMccann

Thinking of Natalie’s family and friends today. They have done an amazing job raising awareness & keeping the pressure on to find the person responsible for her murder.

There’s still a court process to get through, but please God Natalie and Dean get the justice they deserve.
BREAKING: 32 year old man has been charged with murder of #NatalieMcNally , who was stabbed to death in her home in Lurgan in Co Armagh on Dec 18th. He’s due to appear in court this morning. He was arrested on Tuesday after previously being arrested on December 19th @rtenews
Woke up exhausted. My dream featured conversations with Archbishop Rowan Williams, James O’Brien, my late mum Sheela, Prince Charles, clubbing in Ibiza, reporting from the Labour Party Conference (which I’ve never been to & was in Harrogate?! ) plus tea with Camilla Cavendish.
Replying to @SangitaMyska
I hate those dreams! Had them for months during the worst of Covid & was exhausted all the time. Still get one now and again, very vivid, very detailed and scary how much you can remember (when remembering in general is something I’m not good at due to menopause brain fog😩
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
🚨NUA | NEW 🚨 Spotted in 'An Cloch' inniu.

"Céad Míle Fáilte to all".

The Irish Language is everywhere. It belongs to us all.

Lig isteach í. Let it in.

Le Grá Mór... ❤️💌
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
All households to receive a €50 reimbursement after questions by @LNBDublin unearthed how domestic electricity customers were unknowingly being overcharged and subsidising big businesses for over a decade 👇
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
I would urge everyone who is tired of the destruction of Dublin and who cares about our revolutionary heritage to come to this important gathering in Liberty Hall.
7pm, Thursday 23 February 2023.

In reply to @gildernewm
🤣😂🤣 that seems pretty accurate tbf! 🤣😂🤣it reminded me this ad or a certain ex USA president 🫣🤣😂🤣
Replying to @joanne_sansome @sinnfeinireland and 10 others
Awk now, he’s not THAT bad!
In reply to @sinnfeinireland
💜🫣ALT is missing @GildernewColm please have a word with the rest of SF about ALTing 😉
Replying to @joanne_sansome @sinnfeinireland and 10 others
I’d have said “Ex Finance Minister @conormurphysf MLA after a particularly heavy session on the sunbed.” That’s why they don’t let me do them Joanne.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
I welcome Friday’s apology from the Belfast Health Trust to those affected by the contaminated blood scandal. This should never have happened and lessons must be learned.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Tory policies sending economy into recession – Murphy @conormurphysf
If you STILL haven’t visited @NavanCentreFort, make sure you do it this year.

Highly recommended, this is a great way to spend a day in #Armagh - especially if you can coordinate it with a @donnafoxtours.
Unlocking the mysteries of Ulster's stunning 'mythical capital', Navan Fort, has been the focus of an archaeological dig involving @JODarchaeology from @aberdeenuni and @QUBelfast.
Wishing you every best wish for your recovery Róisín❤️ádh mór! 😘
After hours of brain and spinal surgery...I'm on the otherside. The painful road to recovery. My little therapy dog is protecting me and watching me every step of the way. This is the most painful yet 💔 but the support and love around me keeps me going. GRMA to all ❤️❤️❤️…
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Members of the Carers Policy Forum subgroup on Health and Social Care, met today and discussed the mental health of carers with the @MHC_NI

Lots to discuss, with a dedicated roll over meeting for #Carers on Monday 20th Feb @ 12 noon to cover action points
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Jen_CESI
I still hate pumping but I'm glad I made the effort. Call the milk bank 028 6862 8333 or email to see if you're eligible to donate. *Maeve looks a bit dismayed at all the milk she's sharing but she's usually happier than this!
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Maeve's first donation to the milk bank dropped of this morning*.
I wasn't going to donate.
I already donated with baby 2.
I hate pumping.
Life with 3 kids and full time job & @BreastivalNI volunteering is a LOT
#breastfeeding #humanmilk #TheMilkBank @WesternHSCTrust
I was honoured to donate my surplus milk to the Milk Bank when breastfeeding Aoise.

If you think you can help pls DM/email me and I’ll put you in touch with the fabulous people who run it.
Your milk will help the most vulnerable babies in Ireland.
NI Milk Bank is running low on donations. Donated milk is essential for many premature babies across Ireland. Please RT and encourage breastfeeding mothers to donate @TinyLifeCharity @IrishNeonatal @BBCNewsNI
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
‘Obscene energy profits a scandal’ - Archibald @CArchibald_SF
For two consecutive years 2 Ulster Clubs have made the All Ireland Junior Cup Final
This year both those clubs are from my constituency. May the best team win @ClogherVRFC @EknRugby!
This is extremely disappointing given the McAnespie family have been campaigning for truth and justice for almost 35 years. Let’s hope the judgement comes next week.
Sentencing of soldier convicted of manslaughter of Aidan McAnespie on grounds of gross negligence delayed until next Friday. Disappointing for family who were expecting their legal ordeal to end today. But they’ll be back on 3 February.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
We gathered at Westminster today to remember the victims of Bloody Sunday, 51 years after their murders & to show our opposition to the Tory Amnesty Bill.

This Bill is cruel & callous & has no support from victims & families.

The British Govt need to listen. It must be stopped.
I’ve been privileged and humbled seeing at first hand over the past no of weeks how hard our health & social care staff work.

So many people in @SouthernHSCT have went above & beyond for me & my family. Their compassion, care and empathy have been truly remarkable❤️
I stand with health and social care workers today at Royal Victoria Hosp Belfast who are back on the picket lines striking for fair pay and safe working conditions. The British Government needs to end the attacks on health service and offer deal that meets the needs of workers.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Do you know a family with young children who have experienced pre-teen child loss in the south Tyrone Area? We are running a special Soft Play and Pancake Making session at #HappyDayz in #Ballygawley on the 21st feb…
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Shameful stuff!
Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael & Green TDs ABSTAIN on Sinn Féin motion demanding end to Coillte’s Joint Venture with British investment fund.
For all their bluff and bluster government will allow the land-grab to proceed - with clear intention that others will follow.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Thanks to Dr. Jo Murphy-Lawless, activists & families who brought #ElephantCollective Exhibition to EU Parliament - highlighting need for other countries to follow Ireland's lead in establishing mandatory inquests for all maternal deaths & to do more to prevent such tragedies. 🙏
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
A rally is taking place in memory of Natalie McNally this Saturday 28th January at 2pm in Lurgan Park

#EndViolenceAgainstWomen #NorthernIreland #VAWG #Lurgan #NI
Thinking about you @loreillysf and wishing you and your family solidarity.

I know you’ll take it in your stride but it’s very difficult for the people who love you. Stay strong….and safe!
Sinn Fein TD @loreillysf has increased security at her home after being informed of a threat to her safety. She said it is important that both men & women in politics highlight a “zero tolerance approach” for the next generation entering political life.…
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
I would encourage you all to please attend this rally on Saturday, remembering Natalie McNally and all victims of gender-based violence.

Together we must unite and say enough is enough.

Violence against women and girls must end now.
And if you haven’t seen it yet, An Cailín Ciúin is on at the IMC, Enniskillen from Friday 27th Feb for one week.
Tickets and time can be found on Demand will be high so book now.
Replying to @gildernewm
‼️Ta brón oram! Apologies! The date for An Cailín Ciúin in Enniskillen is 27th JANUARY, not February! 😩
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Very important to hear the voices of families and friends of people who have lost their lives on the A5. Those are the voices we heard in Garvaghey last night. Facilitated and organised @TyroneGAALive We all need to redouble our efforts to overcome legal and political hurdles.
And as far as I know, @BarryKeoghan hadn’t the price of the bus fare to his first interview.

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s best (and possibly most underrated actors), he deserves every moment of this.
He spent 7yrs in foster care, in 13 different foster homes.

He got his first acting job answering an ad he saw in a shop window.

He was given nothing, was meant to achieve nothing.

Today - aged 30 - BARRY KEOGHAN was nominated for an Oscar.

Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Wow! What a day for Irish film! 🇮🇪🎞️🇮🇪 #Oscars95

A record 14 #Oscars nominations for Irish artists & films at this year's event @TheAcademy #Oscars2023

A massive congratulations to all! 👏
And if you haven’t seen it yet, An Cailín Ciúin is on at the IMC, Enniskillen from Friday 27th Feb for one week.
Tickets and time can be found on Demand will be high so book now.
Tá an lá tagtha. The day has come #Oscarnominations 🫣 We feel so supported by you all, buíochas ó chroí for all your kind messages and good wishes 💗 The nominations can be watched here live at 1.30pm🤞🏻☘️#AnCailínCiúin #TheQuietGirl
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Rishi Sunak, the PM who claimed he wanted to protect women’s rights has rejected the idea that doctors have mandatory menopause training. What a hypocrite.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Stop The Land-Grab!Support Sinn Féin's motion in the Dáil this week, demand that this government immediately halt Coillte’s joint venture with investment fund Gresham House.
"If we fail on forestry, we will fail on Climate Action. And, this government is drastically failing."
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Deepest sympathies to Alex Easton on the tragic loss of his parents. My thoughts are with Alex and his wider family circle at this desperately sad time.
My cousin Tom. ( Won't disclose his surname) as he is very private person. Is at deaths door with brain tumor. He is ex maze prisoner did many years inside and on blanket protest. Anyone who is religious please say a prayer for him and his family. Thanks.
Replying to @ricdow24
Thinking of you all at this very difficult time. Sending prayers and positive energy to you all and wishing you the strength to cope💚
Since we got a commitment to upgrade the A5 in the Assembly, 44 people have lost their lives on that road.
Maith thú @TyroneGAALive for organising a huge meeting in the GAA Centre in Garvaghy, and for helping to raise awareness.
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
"...failure to honor agreements and respect commitments, rights, and law is a fundamental breach of international commitments and represents an undermining of the political process."

@RepRichardNeal & @MikeKellyPA Co-sponsor HR 43. #FOSFUSA #Time4Unity…
New Resolution Filed - Growing Bipartisan Support For Full Implementation of Good Friday Agreement
Let's have a Sunday evening #BabyThread.
We are watching a Master Persuader at work here. The baby basically wants Daddy to put down that book & talk to him! His efforts are, quite rightly, cracking Daddy up. Let me show you how much there is to see.
Kung Hei Fat Choy! Wishing everyone a Happy and Peaceful Chinese New Year🧧 The Year of the Rabbit 🐰

#CNY2023 #ChineseNewYear2023 #LunarNewYear2023
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Sunday, January 22 - Webinar - IRELAND’S FUTURE: IRISH AMERICA’S ROLE w/ @andreemurphy @cjhumanrights & Senator Frances Black
Leading members of Ireland’s Future, the independent Irish advocacy group promoting a United Ireland under the terms set out in the Good Friday Agreement
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
I considered ignoring the British govt exclusion of @MaryLouMcDonald from recent talks. Then I thought why should I? Stupidity like this needs highlighted. It’s proof, once again, of what democrats here are up against. There’s an alternative #Time4Unity…
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
Breaking News
US Congress members write to @10DowningStreet to voice grave concern on legacy Bill “which denies justice, suppresses the will of the people of Northern Ireland, and conceals the truth of the past."…
Michelle Gildernew Retweeted ·  
On 18/12/2022, before Christmas, my sister Natalie and her unborn son Dean was brutally taken from us.

DCI McGuinness, and his PSNI team, are keen to establish a picture Natalie’s social connections, particularly from those made through this platform and others.
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