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Last 50 tweets from @GirlArchaeo
And in the process, preserve California as a top destination for companies - yes, taxes are a "bummer" (if you look at them the wrong way), but an educated work-force is invaluable.
College students in California have started collecting signatures for a ballot initiative in November that would make public universities tuition-free and pay for it by reinstating the estate tax on the super-rich:
A Serious Push for Free College in California A ballot initiative campaign to restore tuition-free college in California is gaining momentum for the November election, a model other states could follow.
889 2,046
0 1
My wonderful charity shop find of today - complete with a note from Susan Cooper herself. Time for a belated #thedarkisreading catchup
5 101
Replying to @susmounds :
@susmounds Oh goodness, what a find!!! Those books are exceptional.
0 0
Mmm, protein: Norwegian Olympic team accidentally orders 15,000 eggs
  · SocialFlow · en
28 58
Replying to @mashable :
@mashable Maybe they can donate them to a soup kitchen or some other charity in Pyeongyang?
0 0
Ooo! This one portion looks awfully similar to the Great Temple at Petra, which was also probably a civic building (NOT a temple) from the same period!
A Roman-era building that may have been used to host performances or political assemblies has been uncovered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem…
33 91
0 0
I would live on this couch!! Maybe a different color scheme, but lounging while working is my modus operandi.
People from the ‘70s sure understood how to lounge.…
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37 101
1 0
They tell you not to try to time the market, but I'm waiting for the DJ daily not to look like a ski slope before I make my 2017 IRA contribution... (I've had horrible economic timing my whole life. Figures)
0 0
Conspicuous consumption elevated to a whole new level. Anthropologists and materiality theorists should also be having a field day with this!
From now on, the characters in every sci-fi story about humans discovering a mysterious object in space have to theorize that the object might be "a status symbol launched into space by an alien billionaire as a publicity stunt."
1,781 6,432
0 1
EAA 2018 abstracts due (in)conveniently the same day at @ASOResearch Annual Meeting 2018 abstracts. Just 600 words of writing on my never-shrinking to-do list!
3 5
0 1
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
This is a particularly beautiful Bronze Age replica of an Irish style bowl found in Kilmartin, Scotland. A one off and now selling in @Pottedhistory etsy shop…
7 23
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
This is what happens when you let someone else loose with the site camera and turn your back for four hours. Are you in this pic @danielmaclean?Photo from Leadketty palisaded enclosure excavation, 2012. @SERFProject @dene_wright @UofGArchaeo
6 26
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Sculpture fragment from a male statue, c. 31 BC– AD 14. The tongue of the sandal is decorated with a personification of the Nile. The foot comes from a small statue with flesh parts of ivory and with drapery in another material, perhaps metal or semiprecious stone.
43 156
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Who knew beard tokens could look this whimsical? #17thcentury #beardlife
2 3
@MissingKids Your website is no longer accessible by most browsers- they say its unsecure, possibly hacked?
0 0
Has someone hacked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children? Trying to access it for some research, and all my browsers say it's compromised!
1 0
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Remember when I started this Twitter to post photos of animal bones and now I’m railing against the rich and talking about video games, what happened
2 17
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
We've sent the invitations to teams to present their fieldwork and we'll be circulating further details soon... save the dates for CAARI's 40th anniversary celebration events! 14 June gala dinner, 16 June annual workshop and party.
5 15
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Ruth Whitehouse addresses Murray's role as 'Pioneer Egyptologist, Feminist and First Female Archaeology Lecturer', inc. her engagment with suffragette campaigns, in this OA Archaeology International paper:…
2 4
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Academic freedom is the freedom to humblebrag an inflated estimate of the hours per week you engage in academic tasks thereby tacitly contributing to the valourization of overwork, overcommitment, and overt exploitation of intrinsic motivation in academic employment.
1,838 6,204
My week on Twitter 🎉: 20 Mentions, 94 Likes, 52 Retweets, 304K Retweet Reach, 6 New Followers. See yours with…
0 0
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Berlin 2018: Bullet holes from WWII. Would have been easy to plaster them over, but there has been a wide consensus for over seven decades now to let them remain visible. A reminder, among other things, for what could happen when hate speech becomes acceptable. @doberah
207 392
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Atmospheric winter weather at #Roman Housesteads, Hadrian's Wall and the Craggs today. A #Trimontium movie included to capture the moment @EnglishHeritage @HWpath @EHHadriansWall @WallTogether @pete_savin @perlineamvalli
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65 172
Tom Garrison will giving public talks at @CIAMS_Cornell on March 21st, and at the Finger Lakes Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association on April 5th!!
2 0
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Looking for writers! Are you a woman? Are you an archaeologist? Do you have an opinion or interest on/in any topic concerning archaeology? Then write a post for our blog! Good times.
32 26
MMS 🇺🇸🥃🏌🏼‍♂️🏝
This tweet. You are really this simplistic to worry about the President’s clothes??? Sorry, I’ll worry about the economy or something relevant.
1 5
Replying to @MMS5833 :
@MMS5833 Boy, you really aren't the brightest lightbulb are you?
0 2
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Children may have played with this cute hedgehog by pulling the little cart with a piece of string. 1500-1200 BC. Several little animals mounted on carriages were found near the temple of Inshushinak in Susa, Iran.Some scholars suggested they were votive carts carrying figurines.
172 408
Replying to @homophonous :
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Archaeologists of the South Caucasus! If you can make to Denver in Nov, consider submitting an abstract for our "Arch of the Black Sea & Caucasus" session at #asor2018. Abstracts due 2/15, CFP here -… Hope to see you there!
2 3
This is an important point, but (@wapo I'm looking at you) while Brazil may be in South America, they speak Portuguese, not Spanish! And while we're picking on your crummy graphic, most of the Carribean is technically part of Latin America.
Can we all stop acting like all #DACA folks speak Spanish? There are 10s of thousands of people fighting for their right to be here who get erased every time we send a shout out to Dreamers in Spanish.
15 41
0 1
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Titans on the #peripheriesoftheGreekworld, with Atlas in the west and Prometheus in the east
2 5
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
The state of my dissertation is not strong.
148 1,156




214 697
Replying to @ChuckWendig :
@ChuckWendig Wait a sec, didn’t Jesus die at the end of the first one?
0 1
I wish I could say I was boycotting the #SOTU2018, except that like most people under the age of 40, I don’t believe in broadcast television. Or streaming things live.
0 1
Quick poll: which of his forebears does young Joe Kennedy iii most remind you of? #optics #historicallens #dynasty #nextweguesshisexpectedlifespan
0 0
I wish I could say I was boycotting the #SOTU2018, except that like most people used the age of 40, I also don’t believe in broadcast television. Or even streaming things live.
0 1
@GirlArchaeo @blueapron Twice we got the wrong protein (got chicken, was supposed to have beef) We had the wrong or missing knick knack bags, we had missing vegetables. It was so bad. Never had anything like that happen with Home Chef, ever. And they have more options.
  · TweetDeck · en
0 0
Replying to @alanprachar :
@alanprachar @blueapron That sucks. Maybe we have a different fulfillment center than you? I know people who love home chef, but I find their recipes too simplistic. It’s all stuff I’d cook on my own. I always order the most complicated things Blue apron has!
0 0
You can be gruntled (satisfied), kempt (combed), couth (polite), ruthful (full of compassion), whelmed (capsized), and gorm-like (have an intelligent look about you). And, for a while in the 1600s, you could be shevelled too.
6,379 19,303
Replying to @susie_dent :
@susie_dent My family always uses whelmed. Also “under-whelmed.”
0 0
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
You can be gruntled (satisfied), kempt (combed), couth (polite), ruthful (full of compassion), whelmed (capsized), and gorm-like (have an intelligent look about you). And, for a while in the 1600s, you could be shevelled too.
6,379 19,303
@GirlArchaeo @blueapron Exactly why we switched to Home Chef, 5 weeks in a row with missing / incorrect ingredients.
  · TweetDeck · en
0 0
Replying to @alanprachar :
@alanprachar @blueapron They’ve been really good to us up to now. One week with an exploded spice bag, but that crap can happen. But I think this is a Meyer lemon, which oddly is a far more expensive ingredient... but also the wrong flavor for North African tagine!
0 0
14/ I’ve compiled a list of "verified" Twitter users who have attacked me *in just the last month alone* for my #AmericaFirst positions. Of those 81 people, 74 are Jews, while only 7 are non-Jews. Here is the list:
1,556 3,030
Replying to @pnehlen :
@pnehlen I want to get my account verified just so I can get added to this asshole’s list of awesome people who are not nazis.
0 1
Umm... checking the ingredients for this week’s @blueapron, and there’s something funny about my lemon. Namely, I don’t think it’s a lemon.
0 3
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
If you are a museum visitor who notices and appreciates when museums are more diverse and improve representation - please tell us. Tweet us. Leave us comments. Write blogs. We can use it as ammunition. We can change institutional thinking #museumhour @museumhour
130 249
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
An object recovered from a 13th-century house in southern Norway is believed to be a knight from a shatranj, or ancient chess set.…
  · TweetDeck · en
29 87
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Promotional shot for new AMC show. Inspiring that Caesar and Brutus have put aside their differences for the greater good of the Royal Navy…
1 20
@GirlArchaeo Traditionally library stacks (and apple stores) have used frosted glass floors without incident.
0 0
Replying to @jonpsilv :
@jonpsilv Frosted is fine. I assure you, in the original consultation meetings, the floors weren't frosted!
0 0
Thankfully, after the Library Student Advisory Council pointed out that the stacks couldn't have see-through floors, because women wear skirts. #uxdesign fail. Also, still not enough seating.
A new, voluminous fine arts library at @CornellAAP will transform Rand Hall into a collaborative research center.…
  · Sprout Social · en
10 70
1 4
Eilis Monahan Retweeted ·  
Double-faced brass astrolabe, 17thC, Lahore, Pakistan; rim, 7 plates, 2 retes, rule, & chain; rete for southern stars has tulips open toward ecliptic ring/rete for northern stars has flowers at bottom that opens away from ecliptic rings @AdlerPlanet ……
42 79
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