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Last 50 tweets from @GlennKesslerWP
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Firefighters let terrified toddler paint their fingernails at an accident scene
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Pelosi announces H.R. 3 drug pricing bill will be named for Cummings, who made rx drug prices his top private sector oversight priority.
Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
A study by @BuzzFeedNews of Facebook's ad removal policy finds that the removal of political ads has been haphazard and inconsistent鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
鈥業 only have a minute,
60 seconds in it,
forced upon me,
I did not choose it,
but I know that I must use it,
give account if I abuse it,
suffer if I lose it.
Only a tiny little minute,
but eternity is in it.鈥
鈥 Rep. Elijah Cummings鈥 first floor speech is all too resonant today
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Ambassador Gordon Sondland to @NBCNews @GeoffRBennett about whether he's testifying to salvage his reputation:

"I don't have a reputation to salvage."
Apparently Amb. Sondland does not monitor the president's interviews. Here's Trump talking about Biden and Ukraine on May 19 -- four days before the WH meeting at which Trump directed him to deal with Rudy on Ukraine. -->鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Elijah Cummings was one of the most powerful, beautiful & compelling voices in American politics. The power and the beauty came from his authenticity, his conviction, the sincerity with which he held his beliefs. We rarely agreed on political matters.
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
This is the former U.S. ambassador to Qatar:
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
WH spox Hogan Gidley to Fox News just now, asked about the large number of Republicans joining Dems yesterday to condemn the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northeastern Syria: 鈥淭hey didn鈥檛 get elected to be the president of the United States, and Donald Trump did.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Pelosi on Cummings鈥 death: 鈥淚 am personally devastated by his passing. In the House, Elijah was our North Star. He was a leader of towering character and integrity, whose stirring voice and steadfast values pushed the Congress and country to rise always to a higher purpose.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
About Sondland's claim that he didn't realize on May 23 that what Giuliani and Trump were really after was a Ukraine investigation into Biden...the NYT had reported that's what Giuliani wanted on May 9. It was a big story!鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Per Sondland's testimony "all my actions involving Ukraine had the blessing of Sec Pompeo ....Indeed, very recently, Pompeo sent me a congratulatory note that I was doing great work, and he encouraged me to keep banging away."
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
There鈥檚 something soothing about all this in a deeply broken Washington
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
NEW: Democrats donated more than $700 million in 2019 through @ActBlue, on track to exceed $1 billion in 2019 alone, officials say.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
The founders didn't actually specify this but the House voted to impeach Andrew Johnson in February 1868, nine months before the next presidential election. (Famously, House Rs voted to impeach Clinton in a lame duck session.)
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Pence has arrived in Ankara, where he鈥檒l meet with Erdogan one-on-one shortly. He & Pompeo are hoping to convince the Turkish president to agree to a ceasefire, though based on public comments, chances seem slim. They landed to reports Erdogan threw Trump鈥檚 letter in the garbage.
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
BREAK: Gordon Sondland plans to break sharply from Trump today, telling House investigators that he opposed Trump's request to run Ukraine policy through Giuliani (despite recent reporting that he privately met with Ukrainians in the WH to discuss Burisma)鈥
Gordon Sondland to break from Trump in impeachment testimony
Fascinating obit 鈥-> Scotty Bowers, sexual procurer for Hollywood鈥檚 closeted stars, dies at 96鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
A counselor told Cummings he was too slow to learn & spoke poorly & he would never fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer. It steered Cummings to prove that counselor wrong. He became not only a lawyer, but one of the most powerful orators in the MD House.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Rep. Elijah Cummings was a giant who made time to be kind to me personally often. When I was starting out & a bit nervous, he would pull me aside, away from crowds, & talk to me about the latest news because he could tell I was just learning the ropes. I鈥檒l miss his compassion.
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
In reply to @econjared
Now, the WSJ reports that the company plans "to sell up to $1 billion in assets and may close facilities over the next few years..." See stock price trend below (same for US Steel).鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
鈥榊our name is literally your dad鈥檚 full name鈥: Donald Trump Jr. slammed for attacking Hunter Biden over nepotism
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
鈥淲hen we're dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing? Did we play games?鈥
Rep. Elijah Cummings 2/27/19
R.I.P. Rep. Cummings
New #FactChecker --> Are jobs lost due to 鈥榖ad trade policy鈥 or automation?鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Despite Trump鈥檚 attacks against him, Elijah Cummings had deep friendships and respect across the aisle in the Capitol - something not common today for a person holding a prominent position like he did. He was close to Mark Meadows but also other GOP lawmakers as well
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
REUPPING this fantastic 鈦@bterris鈦 profile on Elijah Cummings, who saw a purpose and calling even through his final, oft painful days.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Rep. Elijah Cummings, Democratic leader and regular Trump target, dies at 68鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
.@stavridisj tells @bwilliams Trump retreat from Northern Syria is 鈥渁 geopolitical mistake of near epic proportion.鈥
Says it鈥檚 hard to imagine how in a single stroke you could reenable ISIS, elevate Iran, allow Putin to continue his rise + put Assad in driver鈥檚 seat in Syria
Postmaster general who was target of Trump鈥檚 ire announces retirement - The Washington Post鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
The U.S. pullback from Syria was also a blow to its standing in the region. By contrast, one former regional minister said, 鈥渢he Russians don鈥檛 abandon their allies.鈥 by @LizSly
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
In the last 10 mins of trading on 8/23 as mkts were roiling in the face of more bad trade news, someone bought 386,000 Sep e-minis. 3days later,Trump lied about getting a call from China to restart the trade talks-S&P shot up nearly 80 points. The potential profit +1.5bn
Sondland asked Ukrainian officials during private White House talk about gas firm linked to Hunter Biden鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
鈥淭here Is Definite Hanky-Panky Going On鈥: The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Inbox: 鈥漈he Washington Post is changing its style on the capital of Ukraine, which we will now render as Kyiv, rather than Kiev, effective immediately... The spelling Kiev may still appear in historical contexts, the dish chicken Kiev and when quoting written material...鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Trump just became the first US official to confirm the presence of 50 US nuclear bombs based
in Turkey. "We're very confident" they're safe, he told reporters, via WH Pool

US and Nato officials never talk about nuclear deployments abroad.
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
GOP congressman pulling no punches 馃憞馃憞
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Gordon Sondland is using nearly $1 million in taxpayer funds to overhaul his Brussels ambassador鈥檚 residence - $400,000 in kitchen renovations, nearly $30,000 for a new sound system and $95,000 for an outdoor "living pod" with pergola and electric heating.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
In normal times this would be a huge story: 鈥渁 gargantuan miscalculation鈥 involving a grieving family.鈥
Trump Stuns Grieving Britons: Meet the Suspect in Your Sons Death
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
In reply to @joshrogin
George W Bush takes a direct shot at Trump: 鈥淎n isolationist United States is destabilizing around the world. We are becoming isolationist and that鈥檚 dangerous for the sake of peace.鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Rick Perry goes on the record w the @WSJ, reveals that Trump told him to Clear It With Rudy

cc @SidneyHillman鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Pelosi aide thanks @POTUS for her new Twitter site photo, from today's WH meeting where they accused one another of meltdowns.
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
This visual might not have the effect he thinks it does
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
per senior Democratic aide, the Speaker told the President at the WH his policy had given Russia the 鈥渇oothold in the Middle East鈥 that Moscow has always wanted

Pelosi to Trump directly: 鈥淎ll roads with you lead to Putin鈥
Glenn Kessler Retweeted 路  
Per Dem aide:
Schumer to Trump: "Is your plan to rely on the Syrians and the Turks?"
Trump: "Our plan is to keep the American people safe."
Pelosi: "That's not a plan. That's a goal."
Republicans criticize House impeachment process 鈥 while fully participating in probe Via @PKCapitol
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