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Last 50 tweets from @greta
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Construction to new Oklahoma City Boulevard leaves major sidewalk problems…
And then a lasix pill to handle the salt / water retention ??
I hereby order everyone to eat Chinese food tonight in solidarity.
I don't know if you are following the trial of dictator Bashir of Sudan but I have this pic on my laptop from my trip to a Sudanese refugee camp where I met people he was trying to kill but escaped...this child was not bombed but obviously starving as the family fled cruel Bashir
My new show Full Court Press launches Sept 8...go to to check tv listings in your area...but for those of you who live in Ohio, check below:
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
This Japanese woman started an Instagram account documenting the trash her husband leaves around the house and it's iconic…
Happy Birthday Tank😀🎂🎂🎂🎂
Dear Twitter Friends

As a Special Olympics Athletes

Today is my birthday ❤️

Am 30 ❤️

Let the party being ❤️
How kind of you to tweet this...note: my new show Full Court Press starts Sept 8 (go to for the tv listings) - I also have had a show on VOA for 18 months that broadcasts is link to this week’s show:
Home - Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren
Plugged In with Greta Van Susteren - Hong Kong Protests Continue
In reply to @greta
It’s a shame @greta doesn’t have a show on TV. Maybe she should talk to @OANN ?
Please watch my commercial free show on @VOANews this week and tell me if it is fair and informative or not:
Plugged In with Greta Van Susteren - Hong Kong Protests Continue
Ohio - if you live in the swing state Ohio..check out how you can watch my new show Full Court Press (and I hope you watch ..starting Sept 8)
Ohio - Tune In
I have both..I prefer Apple over Sony
Let the best wireless earbuds win
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
20-year-old Tennessee man arrested for making threats online to "shoot up" a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington, D.C.
What's your favorite plant-based milk?? #WorldPlantMilkDay

A. Soy
B. Almond
C. Oat
D. Pea
E. Flax
F. Hazelnut
G. Coconut
H. Hemp
I. Something else
Shark convention?
Each year, 70 miles west of Key West, Fla., sharks gather at the same location, looking for the same thing that beguiles & bedevils countless other living species.

Scientists have caught on to observe, too.

Here's Mark Phillips -- at the "singles bar"
Have you seen @KenBurns series on WW2? If you haven’ should..
So very disturbing and sad...I have been to this area and seen the despair “Massacred at Home, in Misery Abroad, 730,000 Rohingya Are Mired in Hopelessness” - The New York Times…
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Iceland's leader announces that she will skip Vice Pres. Mike Pence's visit to her Nordic nation.
Iceland's leader won't be around to welcome Pence
Corporate America is corrupt when it hides behind NDA...I did not sign one to be part of a coverup-big difference between trade secrets and corporate coverups
In reply to @greta
IMNSHO, NDA’s should only apply with private individuals- not when it comes to bad and perhaps illegal behavior by big corporations/companies.
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Baby girrafe looking at camera curiously.…
My guess: bird
BIRD OR BUNNY? Although at first glance you might mistake this bird for a bunny, it's just an optical illusion.

Mischief is actually an 18-year-old raven—and now a viral social media sensation.
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
NEW: @StPetePD Chief Holloway gives details on bullet that pierced a window in a St Pete Preschool at 3 pm today. More at 6 on @FOX13News
I received no settlement money. All the money I received at any of the 3 cables was pursuant to the contracts.
In reply to @greta
Give back your settlement money and you should be able to lift the NDA.
And you wonder why I wanted to go to Gray tv and its 143 stations all across USA ( from Alaska to Florida) - see below
News you can trust: Local television, local newspapers and local radio garner the most widespread trust from the American public.
Barbara Bush told Bush 43 to get his foot off the table at their summer home in Kennebunkport.....
Boris Johnson puts foot on table during Brexit talks at Elysee Palace…
Yes..I watched it. I have no idea how much is true/not true or exaggerated. I worked in DC, not NYC and those involved or accused did not bring me into their confidences. I was busy working. :)
In reply to @greta
Of course,I watched Fox for years now only Chris Wallace and Shep . Can take Bret Baier if he’s interviewing some one Iam interested in . Have already watched the Loudest Voice on Showtime. Have you?
I want my NDA from Fox and MSNBC lifted...both.
In reply to @greta
I am going to watch it. Considering your NDA, will you be able to give an opinion on its accuracy?
I have no idea...I have not seen it and no one called me to ask me about it before it was done
In reply to @greta
Poz or Neg about FOX News? If it's disparaging and riddled with bias against the Right, then No!
So are you also going to stop watching all the anchors at CBS (Les Moonves) or all the anchors at NBC/MSNBC (Matt Lauer)? And do you want to be blamed for everything at your place of work that you neither had anything to with nor knew about it? Asking for a friend...
In reply to @greta
After watching and reading The Loudest Voice, I will not watch another movie about that sick place. And I can't follow you anymore knowing that you helped enable it all by ignoring it.
I know you have a thought about this: “California board rebrands 'convicted felon' as 'justice involved person'”…
Lentil soup
The last thing you ate is what you have to name him
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
JUST IN: Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes Fox News contributor
I don’t...I should check in with him. Thanks for reminder
In reply to @greta
@greta do you stay in touch with Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi? Just curious how he is doing..🇺🇸
You can often tell who is the anonymous source in a controversy by who comes out ‘smelling like a rose’ especially see this in print articles
In reply to @greta
No thanks
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Nothing to see here, just an elderly man and his homemade train full of elderly dogs.
There is a new movie coming about Fox News in Dec ..will you go see it? Are you interested? Thoughts about it and the people depicted in it?
So many disputes don’t get solved because of old simmering problems between people/nations...what if we all agreed to set aside current gripes from deep past and decided to start from scratch now? Below is an example but certainly not the only one...from ⁦@ForeignPolicy
Federal spending up much more than revenues....see below from Aug 12 ⁦@WSJ
California hotel employee 'prevents mass shooting'…
Barack and Michelle Obama Buying Mega-Mansion in Martha's Vineyard - TMZ…
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