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Last 50 tweets from @greta
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Taken earlier this morning: fog dissipates in Section 68. (U.S. Army photo by Timothy Lawson)
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
A year and a half ago, Susan Bricken participated in her first swim meet ever. Now, at 76, she's nationally ranked:…
76-year-old Virginia woman nationally ranked in US Masters Swimming
Judge Judy: America is fractured, but Michael Bloomberg's no-nonsense approach can help us heal… via @usatoday
I had great years at Fox..traveled the USA and world..and reported on intriguing issues but it finally came time to move on
In reply to @greta
I miss seeing you do fair interviews,wish they would give you Shepard Smiths spot...thank you for keeping things honest and level
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, one of the bill's sponsors, said the bill "sends a clear message that our society does not accept cruelty against animals."
House Passes Bill That Makes Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony
More info from @NewsHour on a judge ordering the @StateDept to begin producing #Ukraine documents within 30 days -@greta:
Judge orders State Department to release Ukraine records in 30 days - CNNPolitics…
Which Judge? I am anxious to read this story...the breadth of the judge’s order , etc.
#Breaking A federal judge has ordered the @StateDept to release #Ukraine records, including communications between @SecPompeo and #Giuliani, within the next 30 days.
I just re read (carefully) Bill Taylor’s statement to the committees that was published in WAPO...and this is just a GUESS but he could be the whistleblower..I am just GUESSING ...
Remember when the press got all whooped up because Pres Obama wore a light colored suit? :)
In reply to @greta
Women have so many options. Trump wears the same suit and tie. Maybe everyone in Congress and the WH should wear robes, like SCOTUS, to keep the focus on what really matters!
My thought, too...why does it matter?
In reply to @greta
Good question! Why does it matter what any current or former First Lady is wearing?
I appreciate getting the White House Press Pool report..but when it is about the First Lady, it includes what she is wearing (and this is true of past First Ladies)- should the WH Press pool include what the President is wearing? :)
Please tweet link to story
Do you vape or know someone who does? Don't miss my story with @ClevelandClinic @smlungpathguy on the new proof it could cause your lungs damage. Now on @wkyc
A good read on the use (when/how) of anonymous sources: SPJ Ethics Committee Position Papers - Society of Professional Journalists ⁦…
SPJ Ethics Committee Position Papers - Society of Professional Journalists
I just think we in the news business could do better-we have an obligation to question/challenge our politicians aggressively but we slip in our jobs when we overuse anonymous sources...
In reply to @greta
I’m with you Greta! When did “journalism” become no better than the National Inquirer? However, “sources close to the [insert situation]” has shamefully been around for years. Therefore, just more of the same.
Did you know that this April is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day? #EarthDay2020
Congressman, thank you for putting a spotlight on this - please see my @VOANews documentary about #Rohingya :
VOA: Displaced
Less than two weeks ago, I met with #Rohingya refugees just over the Burmese border and heard from them firsthand the horrors that forced them to flee to Bangladesh. We cannot and will not let the Burmese government erase this genocide.…
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Less than two weeks ago, I met with #Rohingya refugees just over the Burmese border and heard from them firsthand the horrors that forced them to flee to Bangladesh. We cannot and will not let the Burmese government erase this genocide.…
How Myanmar Covered Up Ethnic Cleansing
Do you think vaping is a national problem?
Very sad....
Missing West point cadet found dead, officials say
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Facebook under investigation by 47 states as Zuckerberg prepares to face Congress
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
In loving memory of our fallen heroes--please never forget. #BeirutBarracks bombing October 23rd, 1983
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
The stage is set for “Innovation Runway: The Cutting Edge of Aviation” brought to you by @TheHillEvents and our partners at @Delta #TheHillAviation
Why do news organizations that demand transparency of others and are trying to get info of the hearings behind closed doors at impeachment inquiry afraid to release its people of NDA’s? (Gag orders) we sure live in strange times :)
I thought it is for Wisconsin - Wisconsin Badger colors are red and white
Does that W on the Nationals uniform remind anybody else of the Walgreens logo?

#Astros #TakeItBack
I had great years there and love my new weekly show Full Court Press...and...ah...well, Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like me :)
In reply to @greta
Spot on. Ready for Smith's slot? You are missed.
Prominent journalist “rushes to judgment” accusing (convicting?) two innocent dogs of stealing spaghetti merely because they have spaghetti hanging out of their mouths; I think the spaghetti was planted there and the picture ‘fake news’
In reply to @greta
Prominent attorney speaks out in defense of blatant noodle thieves
It's a big day in the history of Africa! For the 1st time since 2011, these barges are transporting humanitarian aid from #Sudan to South Sudan.
This is a beautiful example of the Sudanese people helping one another,made possible thanks to collaboration between the 2 governments
Replying to @WFPChief @WFP_Africa and 9 others
This is great....helping one another
Thank you very much for this tweet....I am merely trying to find the facts and be fair with the facts
In reply to @greta
Greta, I watched you on Fox for years and I could never figure out if you were liberal or conservative. Thanks for being an honorable journalist and pay no heed to these people. They are hacks.
Anonymous sources should be used rarely
In reply to @Brianth002
As @Greta has been saying; name the source. Quoting an anonymous source has no weight for reliability, no matter who the journalist is.
Why don’t you want to hear who the source is?
No one cares what your opinion is on a really great Fox staple as Chris Wallace. You wish you had his career! @greta
I am merely asking him (and others) to source what they tell could you object to that? Don’t you want to know the source or do you believe what you are told?
In reply to @greta
Chris Wallace comes from a family of journalists that you Greta could only dream of becoming. Biased protecting ur job. He has the balls to try and get to the truth (you all remember what that is, dont u).You fucking people sound like a jury that only wants to hear from 1 side.
I do hope you will tune in... @VOANews
Tune in tomorrow on "Plugged In with @Greta: Turkey’s Offensive Into Northern Syria." Despite a US-brokered ceasefire, Kurdish fighters say Turkey's assault continued. What’s next for the Kurds who fought with US troops against Islamic State?

Watch here:
Dear @AHMalcolm , I am surprised at you...falsely accusing these two dogs of stealing spaghetti on such flimsy evidence as video of it hanging out of their mouths :)
Spaghetti-snatching dogs get busted with the evidence in-mouth
I am 59 per cent Irish per Ancestry dot mother was 100 per cent
In reply to @greta
I’ll take it. My Irish Setters and I would love to live there.
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
Facebook and Amazon set federal lobbying records in the third quarter as Washington ramps up oversight of the tech giants’ business practices.
“Tune In” is a famous bar on Capitol Hill ...first went there as a law student in 1976
About to join Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Tune-in!
I need more evidence. I still think not guilty.
Spaghetti-snatching dogs get busted with the evidence in-mouth
And check out
“This is a drastic modernization and expansion of our menu and its first major overhaul in decades." — @UnoChicagoGrill CEO Jim Ilaria…
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
“This is a drastic modernization and expansion of our menu and its first major overhaul in decades." — @UnoChicagoGrill CEO Jim Ilaria…
Chicago Deep-Dish Originator UNO Pizzeria & Grill Launches Vegan Menu
Greta Van Susteren Retweeted ·  
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