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Last 50 tweets from @Haniff_hamzah
Nuf people say they know they can't believe. The fastest of the fastest of Jamaican sprinters. Go to Olympics fight for Jamaica.
Jamaica's 4-man bobsled team has qualified for the Winter Olympics for the first time in over a decade. Their first appearance was in 1988.

After this season's international results, the team secured the 28-sled field's final spot and will also compete in the 2-person bobsled.
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
The opening for my solo show, Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, is tomorrow!!! At Trotter & Sholer Gallery, 168 suffolk street NY from 5-8pm
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
Four nabbed over fake vaccination certs in K'tan…' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>……' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>…
Dia tak tahu. Biar la kan.
Boris Johnson has said "nobody told me" the Number 10 garden party during lockdown was "against the rules".

The PM has been accused by former adviser Dominic Cummings that he was warned about the lockdown party being against COVID rules.

More here:
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Hahahahah kau boleh tweet lagi sekali nep kalau nak. Tapi cecepat buat kerja 😂
Good luck ladies!!! (sorry tadi typo)
Skuad Projek Khas Wanita Kebangsaan telah selamat tiba di Muscat, Oman bagi menggalas cabaran Kejohanan Piala Asia (Wanita) 2022.

Malaysia akan turun bertemu India untuk aksi pertama pada Sabtu (22/1/22) jam 12.00 tengah malam waktu Malaysia.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Bankin dulu baru saya bagitahu hahahah
Replying to @xhmxdfxiri
Patut aku screencap sebelum delete. Teruk sangat tu
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Replying to @xhmxdfxiri
Sempat screen cap tak?
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Hikers mana mana di Malaysia very polite Nip..also kerinchi masuk gasing jugak.. i tahu you ADUN gasing
Replying to @jakeabdullah
Sebagai adun I bagi parking free. Breakfast je u belanja
I went hiking kat Bukit Rimba this morning. Everyone I met or passed greeted me with a "pagi or good morning!". Saya pun sama..masa hiking Malaysians become the most courteous and polite people in the too
Replying to @jakeabdullah
Bukit gasing hikers tak wish good morning ke?
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
Suasana di persekitaran Kuil Sri Subramaniar Swamy, Batu Caves sempena perayaan Thaipusam 2022.

Bersama wartawan Astro AWANI, @RidauddinDaud yang membuat liputan langsung dari kuil tersebut.

#AWANInews #Thaipusam2022…
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Kenape kita nak takut? Sepatutnya depa yang tak vaksin la yang patut takut. Tiada perlindungan.
Replying to @nas_gunsmoke
Mereka lebih senang dijangkiti. Bermakna mereka pembawa juga dan berupaya untuk menjangkiti. Kalau ramai mudah dijangkiti makin tinggi peluang kita yang di vaksin untuk dijangkiti. Kalau semua di vaksin lebih ramai yang susah dijangkiti. Itu herd imuniti.
Replying to @ZacHazil
Lepas makan kismis baca2 selama 1 tahun
Menakutkan bila pikir balik. Ramai gila ni
5,601 with a MySejahtera vaccine cert, but no vaccine, from this clinic. In Gombak, the Klang Valley.

They threw the shots away.

What percentage of people are walking around claiming to be vaccinated? App is useless, corruption to the core, at work again.
Replying to @harimaumalaya7
Tapi sebelah FAM memang ada semua makanan tu. 😂
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
You could try variations that sound alike. Chek=Jek, Zhek etc. because there’s no standard romanisation back the .
Ok thanks ill keep trying.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Qi Xing Hao, or Chek Heng Hou. 號 character means brand, trademark or shop. First 2 characters likely the owner’s name. So it means Qi Xing shop. More likely Chek Heng shop as there are more Guangzhou immigrants here. Furthermore, standard mandarin was rarely used back then.
Thank you kelvin. I was hoping it still existed. Siap Google both variations.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
I truly enjoy reading your reply @Haniff_hamzah . Thanks for trying to make this world a better place.
Replying to @abgskii @7lapan9 and 2 others
Slowly but surely.
This is interesting
Indigenous Australians had contact with Muslims before Christians. But many don't know that Muslim Indigenous Australians exist.
Watched @Haniff_hamzah take down a racist in replies and all I can say is god damn I feel like owe you a coffee, cake, a kitten or something
Replying to @ushardaniele
Keep the kitten. I'll take that coffee
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
As expected, ZERO point from your side was given. So many questions, with zero point. And I thought you actually had a good one to share. Oh well. Enjoy your weekend.
Replying to @7lapan9
Tak tolong orang lettew. 😂
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Maaf mencelah just wanted to know in what way does crowdfunding can actually help these people? No hate, just curious.
Replying to @fikkynwa_
Anything they see fit. Food. Rent. School for the other siblings. Basic needs. Banyak la kot. Start a burger stall.
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
The unvaccinated tennis star now faces a three-year ban on returning to the country, with the ruling coming just a day before he was due to begin the defence of his Australian Open title
Novak Djokovic to be deported from Australia after losing appeal over visa
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Qi Xin Hou. Nama pemilik kedai mungkin. Nama orang, tiada maksud.
Replying to @SimpletonED
Terima kasih. Still nice to know apa ditulis tu
Long tiger ni kena tangkap masa first tu sebab apa eh?
Thanks for sharing
Drug addiction is a disease. Its curable. But its not easy. Its a very long process involve all layers of society, from policy maker to ordinary citizen. Basically there are 3 stages of addiction

1. Experimentation
2. Regular use/ abuse
3. Dependency/ addiction
Siapa boleh baca Chinese characters? Curious. Apa dia tulis kat tiang tu. Kedai ke apa ke. Could also prove its a photo in KL
Jan 11, 1942: Japanese forces seize Malay city of Kuala Lumpur
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
So many questions. I am done answering. Get to your point dude.
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
We end here. I will help the 19 year old kid. U disagree. That's ok.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
I will not support any crowd fund for mat gian.
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
What would u support azrina? There must be something. Let's use crowd funding as an example of helping another person. Again just asking to prove my point of why I would help Daniel. And not the latest kes of anak penggal ibu. Your answer is crucial. No hate here.
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
JUST IN 🚨 Flooding in Santa Cruz, California as a result of Tsunami caused by Tonga volcano eruption
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Still waiting for the crowd fund, buddy. 😊
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
Why? I have explained why not. For the 19 year old it's not too late. I choose my fights. I won't start a crowdfund. May I ask azlin. What u stand for. Or who u or what cause u would contribute to if there was a crowd fund. Just answer. I have a point to prove.
Pian tak cuti ke pian? Back to back video dia ni
Vending Magic bersama Emelo 🪄
In reply to @7lapan9
Oh btw, loved you in Xfresh fm. Was a refreshing station back then. Not so much in Era. That Pak Nil combo wasn't my thing. 😊
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
Thank you for your support. There is a station similar to Xfresh. U should listen to Rakita.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Pulakkkkkk. Kata nak bantu?
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
I stated why I nak bantu the 19 year old. There is no pulak. Dalam kes membunuh as u mentioned. I believe if he was helped earlier. He wouldn't have to resort to murder. If society had intercepted. Taken him out of misery relying on drug abuse as a way of life he wouldn't been
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
If that's the case, why don't you start a crowd fund for him now? 😉…
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
U see the difference here is he murdered someone. Its almost to late to do anything now. A 19 year old living in poverty. I would wanna help so that he doesn't end up doing anything much worse then stealing from a masjid. 😜 Wink back
In reply to @7lapan9
The problem you and most of your buddies are, you are a closet racist. You don't want to admit it. But you are. You hate the malays and their privilege. You hate them to your core bone. But you can't say it out loud. Because you do know plenty of really nice malays.
Replying to @7lapan9 @tashny and 1 otherfalse
Tak nampak langsung rasis dia. U may not agree but ada orang kurang senang bila bangsa lain tolong bangsa sendiri. I don't just mean malays here. I think that's what's happening here. Tak setuju membantu a young kid doing drugs and stealing is a seperate argument.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah doesn't work like that. What's sinful or not isn't a matter of personal preference. The guidance is right there. I hope that you read the explanation with a genuine sincerity. May Allah the Rabb guide us ever closer to the righteous path.
Replying to @LeRealKramer
I read it with genuine sincerity. There are many things that Muslims would agree are sins/deeds. And then there are some that we don't. U need to accept that. Or don't. I mean its a personal choice i made. Hence i wouldnt condemn your opinion and tell u that u r wrong.
"Say, [O Muhammad], "Shall we [believers] inform you of the greatest losers as to [their] deeds? [They are] those whose effort is lost in worldly life, while they think that they are doing well in work." - Al-Kahf ayah 103-104.
Replying to @LeRealKramer
That's the thing. What many see as my sin i don't. Hence my deeds or sins I will leave it to Allah.
Pagi pagi breakfast nasi kandaq like oghang utagha!
Replying to @RaufHusin
Aku tengah diet nasi ni. Damn this tweet
Haniff Hamzah Retweeted ·  
I know children ,forced into prostitution who are addicted to drugs. Because their pimps need to get them to service at least 5 clients a day and it hurts when having sex. So they’re forced fed drugs in the beginning to numb the pain so they can do what they need to do.
#BHnasional ADUN DAP dakwa seseorang masukkan ‘sesuatu’ dalam minumannya ketika dia ke tandas
U did the right thing ozie. Untuk yang selalu tanya kenapa wanita kena sexual harrasment ni selalu tak lapor. Ini antara sebabnya.
354 Kanun Kesiksaan.

Thank you @Tsgxy_ sbb guide apa yg patut buat. Thank you jugak sebab tekan akak kaw kaw utk buat report.
I just got word my mother has passed away. 😭

I'm so sorry mummy for being so fucking useless.

Will be sorting out arrangements with my sister and away.
Replying to @iamjoelee
Alahai joeeee. Takziah brother.
In reply to @Haniff_hamzah
Hahahaha itula aku ckp. Rakyat cube melawan hukuman yg dijatuhkan pihak berwajib. Kononnye dieorg lebih bijak utk aturkan. Knp kemiskinan jd punca ambil dadah? Korang pastike fmly die x berjaya tolong die sbb dieorg x mampu? Die bukan tokan dadah yg edarkan dadah yg perlukan duit
Ok dhia. Moga manfaat la kita utarakan pendapat kat twitter pagi ni. Kita anggap kita tak setuju certain things. That's all. I will continue to help. dhia tak tolong dia tapi aku yakin dhia akan tolong orang lain masalah lain.
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