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Last 50 tweets from @hughcards
If only more people realised this
Replying to @folkyebumpintae
Ironically this is very Christian in its thinking.
We're going to need a bigger front page 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Replying to @nmcintosh
SNP saying “Let’s become independent and join the EU” in 2023 is a bit like saying “Let’s become independent and join Austria-Hungary” in 1919.
In reply to @_KateForbes
@_KateForbes well done on your recent campaign. Don’t worry, you’re still really young, plenty of time to nan the top job! Bless.
In reply to @hughcards
What a terrific guitar sound!
Replying to @busblog
Sorta like Nirvana on happy pills.
Sucession Season 4, Episode 1: Great. One more turn on the great narcissistic merry-go-round. Same cringe as the last three seasons- no change, same appalling silliness, same arseholes stuck in a Hell of their own making. Dunno if I really care this time.
Serious question: what makes an idea GOOD?


What is your definition of a GOOD idea?


Tell me! In a tweet!


(I want to use these in a conference presentation AND an article, so you have to be ok with being quoted if you reply)
Replying to @keano81
They’re only good in hindsight.
Hugh MacLeod Retweeted ·  
I'm seriously contemplating buying this T-Shirt:
These are basically the same poster.
Replying to @AdamRackoff
Shut up and obey the algorithm ;-)
In reply to @hughcards
Replying to @behaviorgap
Probably "Oh you poor sod" would be a better choice of words :D
In reply to @hughcards
Baseball has draft as well. 👍
Does it? I need to get out more :D
Today was my 26th day with no processed sugar, honey, or grains.

26 days.

Replying to @behaviorgap
Oh you dreary man!!! (Kidding) :D
In reply to @hughcards
The "right side of history" is a 🚩 for a Marxist
Marxists rarely study anything… except more Marxism. Oh, and getting tenure… ;-)
The SNP leadership contest has been deeply damaging. It revealed a divided, bitter party at war with itself. Humza Yousaf now faces agonising trials ahead. The only way to reset is for him to call a Holyrood election ... and crucially to win that election…
Replying to @NeilMackay
Yeah, but isn’t civil war within non-authoritarian parties the norm these days? Especially now that La Duchessa has stepped down. Tories, Labour, Reps and Dems in the USA… all have apparent death wishes.
Celtic need to accept their financial resources make Scottish football uncompetitive as long as they're part of it. Celtic should resign from Scottish football and apply to join the English leagues where they'd get some competition. Rangers too. Better all round for everyone.
Replying to @williamsonkev
American football knows this situation and tries to level it the playing field every season by giving the weakest teams first dibs on the best new players. Whereas baseball = rich teams win.
In reply to @HoHWmovie
@HoHWmovie was the rarest of birds. An artistically strong movie that normal people wanted to watch.
A voice from the reality the MSM doesn't even know exists: sane, adult gay men, lesbians and trans people. Please don't think we are all delusional.
Replying to @sullydish
Anyone who says “The right side of history” has never studied history.
In reply to @hughcards
*people are silly
It’s why I’m spending more time on LinkedIn. It’s a bit of a snoozefest but at least there are mostly adults in the room.
The SNP is only aware of two places on Earth besides Scotland. Westminster and Brussels.
In reply to @spectator
He has a very particular privilege because he's the son a famous father. Look how he uses identity politics to take his concentrated blob of privilege and spread it over generic "English-speaking white guys", most of whom don't have famous fathers.
They can declare their “privilege embarrassment” all day long, they’re still going to hang on to their money, private schools, big houses, social connections and holidays in St Tropez without embarrassment.
One way to explain the current cultural climate (and all its insanity) is what @spectator calls “Midwittery”, the tyranny of the mid-level intellectual I.e. midwits. cc @MrEwanMorrison @BenjaminABoyce
Dan Snow is the ultimate midwit historian

✍️ Samuel Rubinstein…
In reply to @EmoPhilips
@EmoPhilips While in 90s Chicago, did you ever catch Maestro Subgum and The Whole’s show? They were genius. Criminal that they never hit it big.
Usually there’s some clown in the comments saying “Actually, wolves are very social animals” to which I invariably have to reply, it’s an old, familiar metaphor, you very silly person.
14 is by no means too young to learn:

• Punctuality
• Professionalism
• Customer service skills
• Money management
• How business works

In fact, our society would be much better off with more teens working than dicking around on the internet
Replying to @BenjaminABoyce
PS Another big city intellectual telling business owners in Kentucky how much somebody else’s labor is worth to them.
14 is by no means too young to learn:

• Punctuality
• Professionalism
• Customer service skills
• Money management
• How business works

In fact, our society would be much better off with more teens working than dicking around on the internet
Replying to @BenjaminABoyce
My cousin worked at McD when he was that age. Did him a world of good.
Amazing, that anyone could ever think that "using AI models" instead of real human models, could possibly "increase diversity and sustainability”.

Next will be "30% unemployment due to robotics & AI is increasing diversity and sustainability"
In reply to @hughcards
That's such a great phrase. I must ask - can I quote you?
Mana Poke, Edinburgh, review - @gsoutar gets healthy with Hawaiian-inspired bowls
Canonmills, eh? Round the corner from my old school.
Delivery bots in China.
I'm putting this here for the 'coming our way soon unless we stop it' archive.
Replying to @MrEwanMorrison
I’m so old, I can remember when tech solved actual problems.
Limmy's Show - (Adventure Call) via @YouTube So funny. So sad. (Scottish humor)
In reply to @Revolvermag
The only band that matters (besides Tortoise)
The Neophyte (First Experience of the Monastery).
By Gustave Doré (1832-1883)
Replying to @MrEwanMorrison
Pretty humorous. Like an old Tenniel cartoon.
Is it just me or does Courtney from @TheDandyWarhols remind one of Steve Marriott?
In reply to @hughcards
Thanks Hugh and hello Tom
Anti-Utopians will dig this fascinating talk Tom had recently with a former pagan turned Christian.
In reply to @PeterZeihan
@PeterZeihan Starbucks betting big on China. Thoughts?
Starbucks braced for price war in China as rivals pile into coffee market
In reply to @SayyadinaHeresy
I'll reply tomorrow about your point about TRUTH. Truth telling is often not enough, but nothing proceeds as a strategy without it at the base.
Replying to @holland_tom
You’ll dig @MrEwanMorrison’s fantastic essay on Optimistic Nihilism, The Dangers of etc.… Reminds me of some of your thinking.
The SNP may be done, but independence is worth fighting for…
Replying to @NeilMackay
If one studies history (especially Roman history), one soon finds out that succession has always been a nightmare for leaders. Good examples: Peter The Great, Henry VIII, Marcus Aurelius etc.
Happy birthday to the one and only @MatthewModine! From BABY IT’S YOU and PRIVATE SCHOOL in 1983 to this summer’s OPPENHEIMER (40 years later), what’s your favorite Modine movie?
Replying to @AdamRackoff @MatthewModine and 3 others
Hotel New Hampshire.
In reply to @holland_tom
@holland_tom Just out of interest, are you still an atheist?
In reply to @davideweiner
Now would be a first. A member of the liberal elite not telling other folk how to behave :D
In reply to @cosmicrambler
Hi Chantelle. I agree with you on Frankl. Alas, Frankl, left us a bit short, he died without really developing his big idea beyond Man's Search for Meaning. The sequel - Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning is a mere sketch. His impulse is right - what's needed now is a 'how to'
It breaks my heart what philosophies young people are wasting the best years of their lives on.
In reply to @hughcards
Can I use it? I've got just the essay to put it in!
Replying to @MrEwanMorrison
Sure. Just give me some credit, if you can.
In reply to @MrEwanMorrison
@MrEwanMorrison Recent Freudian slip typo: Vultural Marxism.
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