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Last 50 tweets from @isaiahthomas
When it’s all over all that counts is how the story’s told 🏁🏁🏁
  · Echofon · en
248 791
My job is to inspire the rest of the world and that’s what ima do!!!
  · Echofon · en
152 964
I been thru hell and back this past year but only thing I’ve always known was to keep it pushing and keep going. Only thing that can stop YOU is YOU no matter what they throw at you.
  · Echofon · en
1,218 4,011
Oh yeah do it with a SMILE on your face too!!
  · Echofon · en
211 844
Anybody going thru some real stuff.... I want you to just keep pushing, keep fighting, keep grindin & believe! It can’t storm forever. You going to get thru whatever you going thru. I promise you!
  · Echofon · en
2,380 5,970
Stay The Course 🏁
  · Echofon · en
397 1,139
Isaiah Thomas Retweeted ·  
Excellence. Heart. Grit. Service. Family. Team. Community. Loyalty. Toughness. @isaiahthomas represents everything it means to be a Husky. Congrats #2. Your story will live on forever on Montlake!
172 1,273
Isaiah Thomas Retweeted ·  
"I never really considered playing anywhere else. Home is where I wanted to be." - @isaiahthomas

This is your forever home.

  · Media Studio · en
1,441 5,275
Isaiah Thomas Retweeted ·  
Dawg. For. Life.

Congrats to @isaiahthomas on his jersey retirement for @UW_MBB.

  · Media Studio · en
386 1,942
Isaiah Thomas Retweeted ·  
Congrats to the legend, @isaiahthomas.

585 3,626
They can’t take today from me #2TheRafters @UW_MBB
  · Echofon · en
486 3,403
God is soooooo good!!!!
  · Echofon · en
9,502 27,075
The Marathon Continues! #LakeShow #ThatSLOWgrind
  · Echofon · en
11,078 40,033
It was only 15 games, but still an experience that I’m grateful for. Thank you to the Cleveland Cavaliers organization for granting me the opportunity to rock the wine and gold this season. God bless and see you on the other side.
  · Echofon · en
7,353 53,410
“For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:9
  · Echofon · en
5,131 21,965
I wish my lil sister was here with me!!! Miss you so much Chyna...
  · Echofon · en
2,185 35,427
All glory to God! I can’t wait to be back at Hec Ed uw_mbb @ Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Ed
All glory to God! I cant wait to be back at Hec Ed @uw_mbb
  · Instagram · en
96 1,395
Stay focused on the GOAL. God will give you the grace to continue moving toward it 🏁
  · Echofon · en
5,993 14,796
Thank you God for blessing me to see another day! Let’s be great today 🏁
  · Echofon · en
2,873 11,791
Isaiah Thomas Retweeted ·  
Where were you when @isaiahthomas hit this buzzer beater? 🚨

@UW_MBB faces Arizona on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PT / 8:30 p.m. MT on Pac-12 Network and the Pac-12 Now app. #Pac12Hoops
  · Media Studio · en
309 1,188
Stay The Course! 🏁
  · Echofon · en
1,923 7,201
We gonna keep pushing!!!
Only god knows what he's been through mentally and physically. I believe in you Isaiah. Your my idol, keep grinding. #ThatSLOWGrind @isaiahthomas
  · Twitter Lite · en
66 484
  · Echofon · en
549 5,962
Ha gotta have the black ice
Wanna know how I know @isaiahthomas a real one? Black Ice air fresheners hanging from the Bentley steering column 😂 #bookofisaiah
3 19
  · Echofon · en
121 1,028
Hating Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CLOSED on weekends and holidays
  · Echofon · en
2,494 8,951
All love to everybody! Positive vibes only... Everybody have a blessed day!
  · Echofon · en
906 3,710
Naw I did last week tho
  · Echofon · en
39 599
Hell yeah!!!
@isaiahthomas Do you think Channing Frye is helping this team bc he’s been doing so well when he actually plays
3 21
  · Echofon · en
59 569
So happy for my guy
@isaiahthomas How do you feel about Terry's triple double last night
3 25
  · Echofon · en
266 2,599
Sore LOL but that’s a positive step for me being able to play back to backs
@isaiahthomas how do you feel playing after a back to back game ?
  · Twitter Lite · en
0 0
  · Echofon · en
20 378
Getting my rhythm and timing back on top of getting my legs back under me. It’s going to take time but it’ll come
@isaiahthomas What has been the hardest part of returning from your injury?
0 0
  · Echofon · en
64 507
They love you then they hate you then they love you again... lol it’s all good!
@isaiahthomas How you deal with all the people talking shit?
0 0
  · Echofon · en
279 1,141
T young from Oklahoma
@isaiahthomas Who’s your favorite college player to watch this season?
0 7
  · Echofon · en
935 5,314
That’s love.
@isaiahthomas Not a question, but you’re my idol man! Always fighting and never quitting!
0 12
  · Echofon · en
15 354
Hell yeah I will
@isaiahthomas When you get your jersey retired at UW, will you raise the roof for old times sake? 🤣🤣
0 1
  · Echofon · en
25 529
Yes I am. Nothing will take my joy away from the game! We will get it right!
@isaiahthomas Are you still happy in Cleveland??? I.T⌚️⌚️⌚️
1 5
  · Echofon · en
137 974
Keep grindin. Life is a marathon not a sprint! Never get too high or get too low stay even killed at all times
Advice for others who are inspired by you and feel like they're on a "slow grind" of their own? @isaiahthomas
0 6
  · Echofon · en
293 910
Hell yeah!
@isaiahthomas Do you believe the Cavs can win the whole thang?
0 6
  · Echofon · en
332 1,832
No I’m not. But everyday I’m feeling better and better
@isaiahthomas Do you feel like you’re 100% yet ? If not where are you ?
0 0
  · Echofon · en
40 363
It will!!!
@isaiahthomas Not a question-just keep working! It’ll come! #gocavs
0 2
  · Echofon · en
14 245
We just gotta stay together, keep pushing and working hard and everything will fall in line
@isaiahthomas What do you believe needs to be done to strings some wins together and build some chemistry?
0 3
  · Echofon · en
42 356
Whenever you want lol
Chris Songz 2.0ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
@isaiahthomas When you finna bless me wit a pair of your shoes?
0 6
  · Echofon · en
13 331
Living a dream!
@isaiahthomas What's the best part about being in the league?
0 1
  · Echofon · en
25 349
I’m feeling better every day!!
@isaiahthomas How are you feeling in term of health? Love from France.
0 1
  · Echofon · en
23 336
Q & A... Lets getit!
  · Echofon · en
153 2,732
Good team win tonight, on 2 the next 1! 🏁
  · Echofon · en
492 7,122
I'm Terribly sorry to hear about the death of Rasual Butler and his wife. Thoughts & Prayers go out 2 his family and everyone affected by this terrible accident!
  · Echofon · en
1,064 10,327
Some of us live for the times when it’s all on the line.⌚️
Let me know what you think of my new spot for @MetroPCS. More to come! #MetroPCS #sponsored
111 988
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