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Last 50 tweets from @Jack_Septic_Eye
Spiders have sex in your house!
Cant believe its been an year already since😅 @Jack_Septic_Eye
love motivating comments 🥰🥰🥰
Replying to @CrankGameplays
Such a weirdly specific comment designed only to hurt you! Fuck comments like this man. Fuck anyone who harshly judges you, or anyone for that matter, based on your appearance.
shoutout to @Jack_Septic_Eye for defying covid restrictions to hand deliver me his new coffee

what a lad
Replying to @Lazarbeam
Flapped me own arms and everything!
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
This man only drank top of the morning coffee and got these results in just 2 months
Replying to @Seapeekay
Doctor’s hate him. Also thank you for plugging my coffee, makes it easier on me lol
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Wtf is happening why is everyone getting so fit... How dare you show me your abs while I'm eating pizza.
Replying to @igp
I fuckin miss pizza man haha
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Insane progress for 2 months! Did you change your diet too?
Replying to @dantdm
Yeah, 100%. My food intake is primarily why this progress even exists. I’ve been extremely disciplined with my meals and eating incredibly lean/clean foods. People underestimate how much the food aspect influences change.
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
was you following a regime from a professional or just doing your own thing? you look great!!
Replying to @STXRRYNlGHT
Stuff i’ve just learned over the years from multiple routines i’ve tried
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
how helpful was it to be consistently doing it with a friend?
Replying to @TedNivison
Extremely. We both kept each other motivated and on the wagon
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Looking buff as fuck
Replying to @MoistCr1TiKaL
Let’s start a chad club
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Nice man! I’m doing the same. Down 20 lbs!
Been working out everyday again for the last 2 months as a lockdown challenge with a friend. Some progress pics!
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
That should be on your label cuz you ain't kidding! 😅 Whats your preferred brewing method?
Replying to @sauceddie
Pour over. I love watching the beans foam up and the smell releases
definitely not perfect, but for the first time playing around with light and shadow like that its pretty cool i guess 🔮 - lucy

I just brewed my first cup of the homie @Jack_Septic_Eye 's coffee! It's sooo smooth and delicious! Feel like I'm drinking a fine mornin wine.
Replying to @sauceddie
Glad you like it! Be careful, it’ll ruin other coffee forever for you
[L]Practiced drawing backgrounds with a tiny birb @Jack_Septic_Eye
Hope i did well :0
I tried @TOTMCoffee today for the first time and it. is. FANTASTIC! Absolutely amazingly smooth and delicious. It’s bordering on life changing! You might think I’m being dramatic, but try it and tell me I’m wrong! Well done, @Jack_Septic_Eye!
Only the best beans round these parts!
You can love or hate the game and share your thoughts about it. Unfortunately too many of the messages I've been getting are vile, hateful, & violent. Here are just a handful of them (feel it's important to expose.) Trigger Warning: transphobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc.
Replying to @Neil_Druckmann
People can’t just dislike something and move on anymore it seems, they have to destroy it to the core and go to crazy extremes. These messages are abhorrent and i’m sorry you guys are getting so many of them.
In reply to @SkillUpYT
I'm a fraud. It's not even Suntory (but it is most defintely relaxing).
Replying to @SkillUpYT
This is good shit though!
Man. I try to only post positive stuff on here... but sometimes this just gets a little overwhelming. I blacked out some of the words cuz, ya know, spoilers.

Side note. Thank you to all the people sending me positive messages to balance it out. It means more than I can say.❤️
Replying to @LauraBaileyVO
Im so sorry you have to deal with this!
In reply to @Mort3mer
@Mort3mer Happy Birthday Suz! Hope you have a great time :)
Jacksepticeye Retweeted ·  
Cold Brew? Back in stock!
Mugs? Back in stock baby!
We even have new international shipping prices!!

Is it your birthday? Cos we just gave you some awesome gifts.
Finally the cat is out of the bag! Derek Kolstad (writer of John Wick) and David Leitch (director of Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde, Hobbs & Shaw) are working on a TV-adaptation of My Friend Pedro!

I mean... like... wow.…
Replying to @deadtoast_com
That’s crazy! Huge congrats, really happy for you
I'm taking a month off from making youtube videos…
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
@Jack_Septic_Eye That bit you edited at the end of your Last of Us 2 playthrough was really great. I think it would be cool if you did more edited content, especially seeing as how you have a lot to say about the games you play. Great playthrough overall.
Please no hate I'm only 13. I felt the need to take my most recent art post down because of hate and it dragged me down alot. Also I spent alot of time on this. @Jack_Septic_Eye
Replying to @Soggylettuce07
I love it! You should be very proud :) thank you so much
Jacksepticeye Retweeted ·  
In reply to @PamelaHorton13
I’m embarrassed to ever have to ask for help, but I’ve been in medical debt since I was 18, starting with my first bout with terminal cancer. I had no insurance, and it just piled up. I’m embarrassed to ask for help, but if you feel inclined:…
Pamela Horton's Medical Expenses organized by Tonez Villarreal
.@Jack_Septic_Eye are you planning on playing ghost of tsushima? If so can you pretty please take your extended break after you record it lol. I rely on you for my PS exclusives now. ( this is a half hearted joke, obviously your health and well being come first)
Replying to @OmgitzzCB
Sorry, I won’t be doing any episodes on it
does anyone know @Jack_Septic_Eye's favourite mythical creature? 👀
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
@Jack_Septic_Eye Come on Sean Make them Public For the boys 🙏❤️
I wonder if @Jack_Septic_Eye has seen one of my videos 🤔
Replying to @Leonhart54YT
Who HASN'T seen you pull Charizard??
Jacksepticeye Retweeted ·  
Watching #EurovisionMovie Story of Fire Saga and it really makes me miss Eurovision :(
Replying to @Ludvig_Forssell
Been meaning to watch it to get my fix!
I wouldn't say that my 6yo is exactly "helpful" when making dinner but I do hear a lot about the rich inner lives of my kitchen utensils.
Replying to @rachelwecht
Which utensil is top of the pack?
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Might fuck around and take an extended break from Youtube
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Thank you so much, Sean! Keep being your amazing self, and when it’s safe again, next round is on me. <3
Replying to @matthewmercer
We’ll make it a fun one! Hope you can enjoy your day
In reply to @matthewmercer
@matthewmercer Happy birthday you beautiful stallion of a man! Thanks for setting an amazing example for what passion and positivity can achieve.
Hadn't tried realism in a while, they tend to end up in the forever w.i.p. pile
I'm trying to make my own design of marvin but I'm not shure what to do yet,, enyways enjoy this doodle that I did at 2 am
#jacksepticeye #jacksepticeyefanart
Replying to @kypaw1
I absolutely love this!
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
why did it get claimed? was it the song from the dance scene?
This episode of TLOU 2 got copyright claimed so I'm posting it here too just in case you weren't notified of it! Last episode tomorrow!!…
In reply to @Jack_Septic_Eye
Right?! 😂
Replying to @GeekVersusNerd
Meadbh, Saoirse or Tadhg would really fuck with people!
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