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Last 50 tweets from @Jackson_Carlaw
Put simply, now we must learn to live with Covid.  
My @barrheadnews column below.👇
Can you really put your hand on your heart and say that the NHS is in a better place after 15 years of the SNP?
After a pretty torrid couple of weeks, this is a truly remarkable result for local candidate Andy Ovens.

Proof that @ScotTories are in a solid position to go into Local Elections in May and fight for local communities being failed by the SNP right across Scotland.
Preston, Seton and Gosford (East Lothian) By-Election, First Preferences:

Labour (Elected) ~ 1793 (38.5%, -4.2)
SNP ~ 1217 (26.2%, -1.4)
Conservative ~ 1154 (24.8%, +0.7)
Green ~ 231 (5.0%, +1.9)
Lib Dem ~ 136 (2.9%, +0.5)
Miller (Ind) ~ 122 (2.6%, new)

Labour elected stage 5.
An abundance of caution is not leadership.

@Douglas4Moray right to push Nicola Sturgeon on her over reliance on restrictions, rather than trusting people and families to do the right thing.

Time to trust the public, not restrict them. #FMQs
The FM herself said we have turned the corner on Omicron.

So let’s put our children and young people first and remove face coverings in classrooms, as is happening down south.

Scots young people should not be disadvantaged - they must get back to normal as soon as possible.
I promised that pupils wouldn't have to wear face coverings for a moment longer than necessary, so I'm pleased to say they will no longer be needed in classrooms from tomorrow.

And they won't be need to be worn in indoor communal areas from next Thursday, 27 January.

Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Youth Participatory Budgeting gives young people the chance to apply for grants of up to £400.

Full details below ⬇️

Apply before 5pm on 11 Feb:
Applications must be completed by young people who live/work/study in East Ren
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Douglas Ross has shown the qualities of leadership - my ⁦@TheScotsman⁩ column today…
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
The SNP have already postponed this scheme once, but that isn’t enough.

Ministers must postpone it once again in order to guarantee that homeowners are fully prepared for these significant changes.…
Sturgeon’s hubris today astonishing; whisper it if you must, she got this phase of the pandemic badly wrong. @ScotTories opposed disproportionate measures & were right to do so.

SNP recourse to legislative instruction must now give way to trusting people & providing best advice.
ScotGov and FM have responded to @ScotTories calls and will remove most Omicron restrictions.

@Douglas4Moray right to press FM to move faster, follow the science and getting back to normal faster.
BREAKING: All of Scotland's remaining temporary Omicron curbs will be lifted next Monday, including nightclub closures and table service in hospitality, I'm told by multiple sources. Vaccine passports scheme will NOT be extended to more venues - for now…
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Many Scots simply are not aware of the SNP's expensive new fire alarm regs. Now, unless homeowners comply, their insurance policies could be worthless. Scot Gov need to take their head out of the sand and postpone the scheme again to give owners more time.…
Scots have just days to install new fire alarms or risk insurance policies
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
I mean, far be it for anyone to remind the First Minister that she didn't just "enthusiastically support" her predecessor, Alex Salmond, but defended, promoted, shielded and buttressed him for... **checks notes** TEN YEARS as his deputy...
Douglas making a key point here.

We have one of the most vaccinated populations, with huge testing capacity and it’s time to empower individuals and families to take sensible and safe personal decisions.

Hope FM heeds his calls to help get us back to a more permanent normality.
You need to go further and trust the Scottish public to do the right thing

End all business restrictions. End household mixing and social distancing guidance. Scrap vaccine passports. Phase out self-isolation rules. No more face masks in schools.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Carmichael Hall is open today for vaccines from 11am until 6pm - no appointment required 👇
This IT issue affecting every MSP therefore if you’ve been in touch with my office in the last day or so we sadly haven’t been able to receive it.

Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as possible once email is restored.
We are currently experiencing problems receiving emails to @scotparl and MSPs from outside our network due to an issue created by a third party. We are working with the supplier to restore services asap
Nicola Sturgeon needs to put her commitment to living with Covid into action.

That means
- no vaccine passports
- no masks in schools
- self isolation gradually phased out
- phased return to workplaces

Public have endured enough.

Time to get back to a permanent normality.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
The idea that somehow the case for ripping apart our 300 year old Union is stronger today than it was at the start of the week is utter rubbish. The case for separation is as weak as ever and @Conservatives @ScotTories will always oppose it.
Under the SNP it’s more like

The bin that was never collected
The library that was never open
The pothole that was never filled
And the street that was never cleaned
Today (13 Jan) is St Mungo's Day!

Did you know the symbols in our City Crest are stories of St Mungo?

Here is the bird that never flew 🐦
Here is the tree that never grew 🌳
Here is the bell that never rang 🔔
Here is the fish that never swam 🐟

More 👉
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
📣 @Douglas4Moray:

"Businesses in other parts of the United Kingdom were not shut down in the same way they were shut down by Nicola Sturgeon.

"That's why funding is required here in Scotland and that's why it was required in December, not the middle of January."

People in Eastwood, and across the UK made enormous sacrifices to follow the rules.

Given that the PM has now confirmed he attended a rule breaking gathering, he has lost the confidence of the country, so I believe Douglas has made the right call & that the PM should stand down.
BREAK: Douglas Ross, leader of Scottish Conservatives, calling for Boris Johnson to go @SkyNews #PMQs #BorisJohnson
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
An extraordinary initiative:

Prince of Wales: Holocaust survivor portraits in Buckingham Palace will be a 'guiding light' for society
@Telegraph⁩ ⁦@ClarenceHouse⁩ ⁦…
Prince of Wales: Holocaust survivor portraits in Buckingham Palace will be a 'guiding light' for society
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
This line won't survive 48 hrs. Nobody needs an official to tell them if they were at a boozy shindig in their own garden. People are (rightly) furious. They sacrificed so much - visiting sick or grieving relatives, funerals. What tf were any of these people thinking?
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Breaking: Leader of @ScotTories @Douglas4Moray tells me @BorisJohnson "will have to go" if he went to Downing Street party - as @PaulBrandITV reported he did - as he will have misled parliament. @Douglas4Moray says PM could say today "yes or no" if he was at the party #PartyGate
I am proud to be supporting the first ever #LessSurvivableCancersAwarenessDay today.

It is important that we raise awareness of these deadly cancers and their symptoms.

Find out more below 👇

The First Minister must not dither and delay again in her statement today.

No more “tune in next time”.

Her own clinical advisor has admitted her draconian restrictions have had little impact.

She must remove them.

Any extension would be wrong and deeply damaging.
Wishing Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, a very happy 40th Birthday.
Replying to @Jackson_Carlaw
Photo is of the Duchess in October last year visiting a local Scout group in Southside Glasgow, on her visit to COP26. HRH is the President of the Scout association, one of many charitable roles she undertakes.
Wishing Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, a very happy 40th Birthday.
Scotland is now, finally, in line with the rest of the UK on testing requirements, self isolation & foreign travel.

Yet, we are still at odds on fans at sporting events & hospitality rules.


It’s time to ditch these draconian, & bluntly wrong restrictions on our freedom.
🚨Snowy Conditions on Roads🚨

Overnight snow in #Eastwood has left many roads in a dangerous position. Aware of blockages on Ayr Road and others so please take care if out and about. Particularly busy around schools in Newton Mearns and Eaglesham.

Take care.
The Calcutta Cup is a month today.

This “tune in next time” approach from Nicola Sturgeon provides no certainty to fans (including English fans travelling) or businesses who need to know now if the game is going ahead to properly order supplies.

It’s not good enough.
Given that the Scottish Government have now found extra money within its budget and are poised to cut isolation to seven days, will the First Minister apologise for her unjustified and churlish response to Michael Blackley?
This Trumpian attack on a journalist is sadly not surprising from Nicola Sturgeon.

Businesses are looking for answers from the First Minister, instead all they got was snarky sarcasm.
“Finding a way to live with this virus”

When is the Scottish Government going to start taking this approach?
Boris Johnson says there will NOT be another national lockdown

"We have a chance to ride out this omicron wave without shutting down our businesses once again

"We can keep sour schools and businesses open and find a way to live with this virus"
In just under 5 weeks Murrayfield Stadium is due to host Scotland v England for the 6 nations. Business needs time to plan, customers and spectators need time to plan.

We would call on @ScotGovFM & @scotgov to be straight with us now so people can make crucial decisions. #SHG
Great news - time to learn to live with Covid and remove draconian restrictions.

Only one Scots patient with Omicron has needed intensive care since variant emerged - Daily Record…
This cannot be allowed to happen.

Businesses and fans were promised a 3 week breaker. ScotGov cannot extend in perpetuity when the evidence suggests the opposite.…
In 2021 I was, and remain, hugely honoured to be re-elected by Eastwood residents as their Constituency MSP.

To everyone in Eastwood & across Scotland I hope you have an enjoyable Hogmanay and a very Happy New Year.

Let’s make 2022 the year of the end of restrictions for good.
Today, the Carmichael Hall is running a drop-in clinic for covid vaccines.

No appointment necessary, but dress warmly as it may be a wait of up to 90 minutes💉
Today's drop-in @ Carmichael Hall is open to those who haven't had a 1st dose, who've waited 8+ weeks for their 2nd (if over 18), who've waited 12+ weeks for their 2nd (if aged 16 or 17) or are 18+ and haven't had a booster 12 weeks after their 2nd:
From my family to yours, Merry Christmas.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
🗳 Candidate Announcements!🗳

Selected for Ward 4 (Clarkston, Netherlee & Williamwood) is Kate Campbell - a long time resident of Clarkston - and Dr Gerald Edwards.

Only the @ScotTories offer a credible alternative to the SNP / Labour administration in East Renfrewshire.
Young people have lost so much.

They’ve lost education, first experiences, starting Uni, big birthdays, holidays.

They got vaccinated, wore masks and got vaccine passports.

And yet they’re being punished all over again, with little supporting evidence.

It’s not fair.
Nightclubs in Scotland are to close for three weeks from 27 December, says Deputy First Minister John Swinney
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Unveiling our selected team of candidates for Ward 5, Newton Mearns South & Eaglesham.

Only the Scottish Conservatives offer voters across East Renfrewshire a real alternative.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Selected for Ward 3, Giffnock & Thornliebank, is Group Leader Cllr Gordon Wallace.

You can follow Gordon on Twitter at @CllrWallace.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
The cancellation of large scale events by ScotGov is an admission that their vaccine passport scheme was an utter failure and did nothing to limit transmission.
Delighted to announce Alex Fraser of @ThornliebankPS is the winner of my 2021 Christmas Card Competition!

His fun design has featured as the front of my card, being sent to thousands of local households, businesses and organisations.

Thanks to Waitrose for their sponsorship.
Replying to @Jackson_Carlaw
Congratulations to runners up too; Kristina from @KirkhillPS Darcie from @Carolside_PS Kierit from @ThornliebankPS Nina from @BraidbarPS Ailsa from @EagleshamPS Huwwa from @Mearns_Primary Annabelle from @stcadocsprimary Anna from @CrookfurPrimary 🎄
Delighted to announce Alex Fraser of @ThornliebankPS is the winner of my 2021 Christmas Card Competition!

His fun design has featured as the front of my card, being sent to thousands of local households, businesses and organisations.

Thanks to Waitrose for their sponsorship.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
Selected for Ward 2, Newton Mearns North & Neilston, is Andrew Morrison (@AndyEMorrison)

Only East Renfrewshire Conservatives offer the opportunity of a fresh start locally in May 2022's local government elections.
Jackson Carlaw Retweeted ·  
A huge well done to Alex P7 who was the winner of @Jackson_Carlaw’s Christmas card competition! Also well done to Kierit our runner up!
Great numbers across the board. Let’s keep it up.

817,625 booster vaccinations in 🇬🇧 exc Wales yesterday (409,760 the previous Friday)

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 740,775
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 59,782
NI 17,068
This Trumpian attack on a journalist is sadly not surprising from Nicola Sturgeon.

Businesses are looking for answers from the First Minister, instead all they got was snarky sarcasm.
Nicola Sturgeon using her TV briefing platform to launch an unwarranted & rude verbal attack on @Mike_Blackley. Should the first minister really be attacking journalists who dare to ask polite & reasonable questions?
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