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Last 50 tweets from @jamescharles
James Charles Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jamescharles
especially when they don’t miss u :(
missing someone is the worst feeling
My parents fly into town today!! I’m so excited to see them 🥺💞
I’m officially a @MorpheBrushes affiliate yall! Make sure to use my code ABBY at checkout for 10% off!
James Charles Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jamescharles
when this is reality for a lot of other influencers 💀
We just wanted to apologize. After a long 48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep we were exhausted by the end of our show. Our true apologies ❤️ we are sincerely sorry.
James Charles Retweeted ·  
don’t even try to tell me james charles doesn’t care the absolute most about his fans
James Charles Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jamescharles
@jamescharles me and Mateo loved seeing you today your so sweet and gorgeous
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
In reply to @jamescharles
Where Eldon victor jake and Louis?👀
Replying to @sisteramandaa @laurasmellado and 3 others
they’re with us too!!
ON THE WAY TO THE BREA MALL!! We can’t wait to meet you guys today at the Morphe Store!! 🥺💞 see you soon hehe
James Charles Retweeted ·  
The James Charles x Morphe MINI collection is officially LIVE! 🌈💞 shop now and don't forget to use code "JAMES" for 10% off! ➡️
brand owners supporting other influencer's collaborations is so important!!! I am so grateful for you @norvina1 💞
And the swatches @jamescharles Mini Palette 😘
Thanks a ton @MorpheBrushes for being so shitty. Getting a persons hopes high and then saying Oops. Disappointed @jamescharles !! Like this wow. Something else 😕😕😕🤯🤯🤯😠😠
hi babe I just sent you a dm about this :( message me back asap
but wait! if you were excited about the XL palette, just wait until the XL brush set launches!!!!! you guys seriously NEED this in your kit
Congratulations @jamescharles this is amazing James Charles Mini (bite size version of the original) I’m so happy for you 😍🖤
Replying to @norvina1
I love you so much it's crazy :')
In reply to @jamescharles
as if i don’t have enough already 😔
Replying to @corbynshoes
omg all jokes aside, I love you so much and am beyond grateful for ur support <3
In reply to @HereForTheTea2
no, I assure you it's definitely funny
In reply to @jamescharles
what about a pocket size palette??
Replying to @bethiee_graciee
omg... this is such a good idea. gonna text the team ASAP
In reply to @jamescharles
is there a mirror tho?
Replying to @wannabeemmi
yeah it actually comes with a full length body mirror in collaboration with ikea
just wait until the james charles x morphe extra large palette comes out... you guys are NOT ready.
In reply to @jamescharles
is it the same shades?
yes same exact beautiful formula just in a medium size
In reply to @jamescharles
Ugh. Thank the lord! I was starting to feel like the other two weren’t convenient enough
Replying to @SebastianRegium
right?! this one should really be perfect for everyone
Replying to @sisteramandaa
so much work has went into this it's insane
In reply to @jamescharles
OMG THIS IS WHAT I NEED ALL ALONG! Can’t wait! when is the date sis?
Replying to @old_town_mary
just giving the fans what they want!!!!!!!!!
really excited to announce that next week i'll be launching a medium size james charles x morphe palette perfect for in between time when you're not traveling but also not at home!! it'll be sooooo good i've been working on it for the last 29 months so hope u enjoy
James Charles Retweeted ·  
THE FORMULAS ARE DIFFERENT?! James Charles Mini Palette VS Original.... what’s the tea 👀 y’all are about to be shook just like I was
In reply to @jamescharles
Hey James i made you a little something...
I’m gonna cry
how adorable is this?! our lil baby teaching his lil baby using the mini @MorpheBrushes x @jamescharles palette. 🥺🌈

#morphe #morphebrushes #MorpheXJamesCharles
James Charles Retweeted ·  
Used my 20% off coupon @ultabeauty to pick up the Mini @jamescharles x @MorpheBrushes palette. It’s soo cute and tiny. It makes me soft. 🥰 Also picked up a Pink Drink because... duh.
James Charles Retweeted ·  
I surprised my daughter w/ the mini @jamescharles palette and her reaction was priceless. These are the moments I live for as a mom #jamesCharles #MorpheXJamesCharles #Morphe
James Charles Retweeted ·  
Not to be dramatic but I already love this palette more than I’ve loved any man 🤪 @jamescharles
James Charles Retweeted ·  
We're not even just trying to be sister supportive — @JamesCharles, you look so chic! 🕺 ❤️…
at the hospital for an MRI. wish me luck!
In reply to @jamescharles
I wasn't so grateful for your ass pic on my timeline that one time.
really grateful for you guys. ❤️
I haven't slept yet... and the first thing James said this am was omg you look so ugly. At first I thought he was being mean but then I looked in the mirror & was like... holy fuck ur right.
In reply to @jamescharles
Replying to @b_brockwell_
I really did too but my hair feels like straw like a horse is literally about to walk up and start eating it so I just need to go back to brown and let it heal lmao
my hair is going back to brown today thank the fucking lord in heaven above
James Charles Retweeted ·  
THE DETAILS HAVE US LIKE...🤯@skulltress took us there with this amazing artistry using The Mini Palette + Brush Set on sister @JamesCharles. Leave a 💀🌈 if this look has you SHOOK to the bone! #MorpheXJamesCharles #JamesCharles
James Charles Retweeted ·  
Your OG fave, now in a perfectly portable size 😍 Stash the @MorpheBrushes x @jamescharles The Mini Artistry Palette and The Eye Brush Set for your colorful looks on the go 🌈 Shop it online now and in all #ultabeauty stores Sunday!
Im officially a published makeup artist 🖤
Replying to @erosmua
James Charles Retweeted ·  
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
WE'RE SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU TOO! Our first group meet and greet with my favorite people in the world 🥺 ❤️
Brea Mall Special Event with James Charles / Saturday, October 19 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Can’t wait to see my favorites @laurasmellado @jamescharles @cassieemua @jesssusgomez this Saturday 💗
Omg 🥺😂🥰 the OG palette for mama and the mini for daughter!! So cute, love you both so much ❤️
She kept stealing mine so I bought her the mini! @jamescharles
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