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Last 50 tweets from @JimSwiftDC
How will Pim Tool get the rights to do this? Consider me skeptical!
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
What is the argument for South Carolina keeping their First in the South status in 2024 if they are going to block letting Republicans vote there in 2020? I’m sure there is another state that respects the primary process that would take their spot…
Delayed ruling means SC GOP likely won't have 'First in the South' primary in 2020
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Tough piece by ⁦@ShayKhatiri⁩: “Nikki Haley’s superpower is the uncanny ability to find a lane that can deliver her to both sides of anything....She may not be the hero Republicans need, but she is the hero Republicans deserve.”…
Nikki Haley Has a Superpower - The Bulwark
The DOJ IG also uncovered a number of messages from pro-Trump FBI employees (in addition to issues with the FISA process):
In reply to @AviWoolf
I'm blocked and I have no clue why?
Replying to @dragonflite1 @AviWoolf and 1 otherfalse
Better to be blocked than end up in a theocracy prison!
In reply to @JimSwiftDC
@JimSwiftDC both younger and shorter than I expected tbh
Replying to @lauerschu
Vineyard Vines? What do I look like to you, a UVA grad?
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
On today's @BulwarkOnline podcast, @Timodc joins host @SykesCharlie to discuss his item on the problematic Mayor Pete wars, Trump's Saudi defenses, the Republicans' problem with repeating misinformation, and why killing primaries is a bad idea.
Cannot wait for the Carter Page Total Exoneration Twitter.
In reply to @JimSwiftDC
"We said we wanted them paid, but we didn't say we wanted them paid well."
Replying to @DavidPaulJenner
I think this person has a warped view on the influence of field organizers. You could pay the people on the corner 3x as much asking for me to sign a petition and it wouldn't move the needle.
Tired: Can you believe Republicans mocking unionized democratic campaigns?

Mike Bloomberg is paying FIELD ORGANIZERS $6,000 a month.

If you don’t think money is impacting the elections, I know plenty of people willing to sacrifice their morals to get paid that much.

That is absolutely insane.
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Chris Wallace, following 20 minutes of Fox News spin on IG report: "Everybody is viewing this from the lane of what they do for a living, I'm looking at it as a reporter...the headline is that they didn't find the things that Bill Barr and Donald Trump alleged."
Replying to @BarstoolNewsN
Well, he is a subject matter expert.
You're telling me all I have to do is kill my baby and I too can date white Kim Jong Un? Achievement Level 1000
Replying to @FBillMcMorris
You guys really missed out on a 10th anniversary photo idea.
Don't forget this fact, you can't get it back, cocaine
Walmart pulls Christmas sweaters that mixed Santa with sex and cocaine…
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
I have a lot of fun writing for @ArcDigi, and I really appreciate the intellectual hodgepodge of regular contributors and columnists they have. Give them a follow!
wisco and badgers, man.
In reply to @mkraju
“Did you leave that out of your report?” Berke asks Castor, who says he doesn’t quite know. “I’m telling you you did.” Berke persists, and GOP objects. “He’s badgering the witness,” Sensenbrenner interjects. “Sharp cross-examination is not badgering the witness,” Nadler responds
did a consultant write this.
I really don’t understand how anyone could possibly hold any candidate’s time as a gainfully employed worker in the private sector against them. If you were the head of a business that did crooked stuff—sure. But it seems like the Dems are piling on folks for earning a paycheck!
Castor's defense of Trump, who ran as an anti-corruption outsider, is Trump believed Zelenskiy, who ran as an anti-corruption outsider, might be so corrupt that it was best to freeze aid to make sure Zelenskiy was clean b/c Trump was so clean.… via @NBCNews
nothing says not owned like doing analytics on your content to prove not owned
Dude. Use a Piggly Wiggly bag.
Replying to @inlanddefense
Only a matter of time before the "Castor is doing a bad job because he is in the pocket of Lord Bezos" conspiracies come out. And I wish I were kidding.
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Castro is really claiming that public statements by Ukrainian officials critical of Trump during the campaign is meddling and intervention. This is bunk. He doesn't mention that during the campaign Trump suggested he would let Russia hang on to Crimea.
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
ESPN revealed its Sunday Night Baseball lineup for the first half of 2020. Indians have 0 appearances. Here are the games that include at least one American League team (lot of variety here):

Red Sox-Yankees
Astros-Red Sox
Yankees-Red Sox
Red Sox-Cubs
Area man in financial distress, will do anything for $$$

"Monthly expenses of $230,000 for six homes and 11 country club memberships. By taking President Trump as a client, he lost a position at a law firm in 2018 that paid him $6 million annually"…
In reply to @TheSmockinGunn
I mean, more power to him if it is. Just a bit weird.
Replying to @GoldenGirlsRu @TheSmockinGunn and 1 otherfalse
I respect that. Going green. And I often use reusable bags to bring stuff to work.
"The question is whether the league and players want to step up for the men on whose knees, shoulders and brains the N.F.L. was built."
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
!!! Our ⁦@barubin⁩!!!
Conservative Twitter Account Exposes Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy Day After Day After Day | HuffPost…
In reply to @CathyYoung63
Twitter never disappoints in its ability to showcase stupidity.
Stanning for VDare just the other day, too.
In reply to @ChadPergram
This is a paid protestor, a crisis actor.
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Castor: Can you believe the corrupt Democrats trusted the testimony of that unscrupulous felon, Michael Cohen, who was one of our totally uncorrupt President's most trusted advisors for almost a decade?
Ghostbusters: Afterlife is just Stranger Things for nostalgic adults.
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
*pounding table with both fists*

Verizon/Yahoo has lots of fans?
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Let's see who cheers today's first protester to be dragged out of the hearings who, to be fair, is an authority on what should and should not be carefully investigated.
In reply to @JimSwiftDC
I force my family to sit through an elaborate gender reveal of our food before each meal.
Replying to @Ryan_Kinney11 @AviWoolf and 1 otherfalse
Gotta watch out for the explosive bowels
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
Owen Shroyer, former InfoWars host and noted Pizzagater
In reply to @tomabella
Tom doesn’t even like Justified.
I'm concerned about children watching both.
In reply to @AviWoolf
Common good policies (assuming they are good) make sense when both parties are on board. Otherwise, you're playing with fire.
Replying to @AviWoolf
Sorry that's why only the trads can be in charge. How do we get there? They don't know! (Or they don't want to admit, well, you know...)
Gluhewein ftw
The holidays affect us all differently...(sad ending to this)…
Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
In 2017, I was told the best gaming story I'd ever heard. I'm very happy to say that I'm now getting to tell it myself, as a feature and a little documentary.

This is The Lie That Helped Build Nintendo.


Jim Swift Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jiveDurkey
Call me when they do the moon landing while playing instruments
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