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Last 50 tweets from @JohnCleese
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
“I don’t believe that David Cameron or Tony Blair really dared cough without getting permission first from Rupert Murdoch.” @HackedOffHugh @BBCTwo
VERY IMPORTANT POLL: Which of these is your favorite shrubbery? 🌳

Don't miss my live-stream comedy special featuring brand new material on August 2nd:…
The countdown has begun! Less than 3 weeks from the livestreaming event of my new special 'Why There is No Hope!' Join me as I perform it for you live @roythomsonhall
Apparently none of the US Passport Offices is offering this service
In reply to @JohnCleese
You can’t enter without a valid passport, or proof of Canadian citizenship. The work permit is only one part of what you need to enter. Why can’t she get an emergency passport approval?
The moustache is said to follow you no matter where you are in the room. #MonaLisa
Evening news

Covid19 dreadful beyond belief.

Attorney General destroying Rule of Law

President insane


If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to
I bought him dinner once

One of the proudest moments of my life
SHOUT OUT to a certain friend for no particular reason other than being the best Harrison Ford he could possibly be. 🎂
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
She could disguise herself as a pronoun.
But if I have a work permit, I am allowed in, aren't I ? Provided I quarantine....

Otherwise they might have to cancel the film, and many jobs for Canadian film actors and crew

So would it be disrespectful to be allowed in ?

Thank you for your help
In reply to @JohnCleese
Our border is closed 🇨🇦please respect that
Excuse my asking, but are your naughty persons ?
In reply to @JohnCleese
If she walks over an illegal land crossing, we will pay her $2000 a month, provide a hotel room and mail her @liberal_party membership.
She lives in California
In reply to @JohnCleese
Can she not get down to the passport office in Vauxhall?
Can you tell me about this press conference, please,Joel
In reply to @JohnCleese
Hope she's travelling by plane, the border is closed at least until July 21 and it's quite possible that could be extended from what he said at today's press conference.
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
Hope she's travelling by plane, the border is closed at least until July 21 and it's quite possible that could be extended from what he said at today's press conference.
Unfortunately the Canadian Actors Union is frantically busy
In reply to @JohnCleese
What’s the studio doing to help her??
Maybe someone like that reads my tweets...

( I should be that lucky )
In reply to @JohnCleese
If time is an issue, she should get her dad to call the passport office, get to someone relatively high and explain the situation and pray that person is a Python fan.
Her passport is American and none of the offices in the
USA are open except for life or death cases
In reply to @JohnCleese
Find your nearest passport office go with all the forms 2 photo ids with one signed by someone to verify that is a likeness of her she should have her passport next day
Thank you James Boocock

Contact my website and you will receive my new book on Creativity as soon as it's printed, with a very insulting dedication
...can anyone suggest how she can get into Canada in time to do the film ?

It's her first big break

Pretty please....

All sorts of Pythonic prezzies for anyone who can help
Attention all Twits !!

I need help

My daughter Camilla has been given a lovely part in a film in Canada


Her passport expired at the time of the lock-down and the offices that could renew it show no sign of opening

She has the old passport and a birth certificate......
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
“Just how much influence does Rupert Murdoch wield over the politicians who crave the media mogul’s endorsement?"
‘The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty’ starts tomorrow at 9pm on @BBCTwo.…
BBC series reveals the real-life Succession battle over Rupert Murdoch's media empire
What we were performing was the script. That came first.

The script was the starting point of the performing,

You could hear what the script was, because we were performing it. If the performances were funny, it was because the script was funny

Just let it sink in...
In reply to @JohnCleese
“that we were all primarily writers”... the acting was way more entertaining
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
Trump’s campaign manager is a felon.
His deputy campaign manager is a felon.
His national security advisor is a felon.
His foreign policy advisor is a felon.
His personal lawyer is a felon.
His long time advisor is a felon.

It’s not a campaign, it’s a criminal enterprise.
Share what ?
In reply to @JohnCleese
Did your share this with your colleagues, or only with yourself?
The essence of Python lay in the writing

And we guarded that jealously

We never squabbled about casting, only about script

But you are free to have your own views
In reply to @JohnCleese
But an essential part of the show and films, I think people sometimes mix up the writing team with the output. Carol would not have taken such a rightly centre stage role in those final O2 shows if she wasn't appreciated by Pythons and fans alike.
You must have been short of things to do...
In reply to @JohnCleese
We never understood the Pythons. We watched them just for the odd costumes.
And then Fawlty Towers...
In reply to @JohnCleese
Not Carol, but Connie Booth wrote the princess with the wooden teeth sketch with you if I recall correctly
Sorry, I thought we had

29.3 pounds !!!!!!!!!!!!
In reply to @JohnCleese
What I dont understand is why you dont finish the challenge and tell us Felix's weight john
I've never heard of this before

Parent told off in front of their children

Wondereful !
In reply to @JohnCleese
At the Muppet movie, I was warned by an usher to behave...IN FRONT OF MY KIDS. I couldnt control my laughter at you and Miss Richard's. My kids still tell the story. Maybe not literally, but at heart she was a true Python. was too embarrassing for us to play sexy ! She was so good that she became a regular member of our Repertory Company, along with Rita Davies, Ian Davidson, Neil Innes, Terence Bayler, Sue Jones-Davies, Gwen Taylor,John Young, Bernard McKenna and the Fred Tomlinson Singers
So did Connie. The boxing scene with her is absolutely wonderful, and her distress during Mickey's Lumberjack Song is priceless. Her other two great performances are as Ken Shabby's fiancee, and as the Princess in Happy Valley

We used Carol at the start, because we felt....
In reply to @JohnCleese
Carol helped.
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
A very Happy Birthday to the late David Kelly. You are missed.

#BritishComedy 🇬🇧 @JohnCleese
The key to understanding the Pythons is that we were all primarily writers

Carol didn't write
In reply to @JohnCleese
I dunno, that seems a bit mean to Carol.
I think they were both primarily solo performers. Joan was quite wonderful ! Victoria was very accomplished but a little restrained by Python standards. Many people preferred that

A matter of taste, as humour always is
In reply to @JohnCleese
Sadly I've only ever found Joan rivers and Victoria wood funny of the female variety
I'm the spiritually developed one

I'd have thought that was obvious
In reply to @JohnCleese
Which one is you?
We needed someone to get the errands done
In reply to @JohnCleese
You allowed a Welshman in?!!
The one who can't do dialogue
In reply to @JohnCleese
Who's the neanderthal?
Please contact my website, Will, as you have won a signed copy of my new book on Creativity

But I must be honest, Sir Michael isn't a dwarf. He is perfectly proportioned, so he's a midget
In reply to @JohnCleese
Hmmm... Terry Jones is obviously the Welshman, Graham Chapman the pouffe, Eric Idle the Brummie, Terry Gilliam the neanderthal, Michael Palin the dwarf, and yourself the ascetic? How close am i?
Oh yes !

No problem there

The problem the 60s and early 70s, there were no writer-performer women we knew of who were prepared to make complete fools of themseves. Even the best seemed to hold back a little. Then - halleluia - came Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
In reply to @JohnCleese
With women and black cast members, would people have watched?
The legend Heaven's response to lockdown.
If the new MPs were angry, they wouldn't be very funny.
Anger gets in the way of being funny

And we were more diverse than people think. A Welshman,
a pouffe, a Neanderthal, a Brummie, an ascetic and a dwarf

But, I admit - no girlies. Dawn and Jennifer weren't on the scene yet.
In reply to @JohnCleese
It takes a certain set of brass balls to explain Monty Python to an actual Python.
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
I read this with your inflection from LoB and I can’t stop giggling.
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
We should fight the oppressors for the right to be open sexual
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
His attempt at being progressive failed the moment he made that distinction between men and women. Get with the times dude. It's all fluid now.
Thank you Kevin
In reply to @JohnCleese
You probably don’t want to know. Everyone misses the point. Whether by necessity or design you guys were cross dressing in the 70s Of course you could make Monty Python today you dont even have to change anything. You checked every woke box in 69 and it was funny
John Cleese Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JohnCleese
Life of Brian is establishment humor in what world.
So did I

Though anti-authority only if the authority was being badly

For example, we were not against traffic lights
In reply to @JohnCleese
I thought they were quite anti-establishment, actually.
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