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Last 50 tweets from @jrhennessy
In reply to @jrhennessy
damn man, be careful of the vvitch
Replying to @DuckHonkin
I will never be careful of the vvitch
Replying to @jrhennessy
I’m deep in the ancient glens of the New England forest
james hennessy Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jrhennessy
Interesting! So you’d be able to easily explain this then?
Replying to @JamColley
No further comment
In reply to @jrhennessy
They won’t make us care about the Try Guys.
Replying to @UnbearableDutch
They’re trying to make us think about the Try Guys — it won’t happen folks
No room in my mind palace for the Try Guys and whatever sordid business they might be implicated in
In reply to @jrhennessy
what city this plz ?
In reply to @jrhennessy
my friend in high school had a strong flashlight and we used it and got the cops called on us
Replying to @randygdub
people fear the power of a really bright light that some guy can have
This feels like something from Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Replying to @edzitron
what’s going on here. unsettling
avatar was very stupid (unobtainium) but fun and i just rewatched it and the last 12 years of blockbusters have retroactively made it look like citizen kane
Replying to @HelloCullen
haters will deny the CGI has on the whole aged very well. but it has
In reply to @jrhennessy
Did I hear in internal fan kick on?
Replying to @AlwaysErked
yeah it is, seems to run insanely hot
In reply to @jrhennessy
lmao ok i see the appeal
Replying to @vrunt
it makes stuff smoke and catch alight when he puts it up close, objectively very cool
there’s a guy on tiktok who bought the brightest flashlight available and his whole account is just taking requests for stuff to point it at. that’s what people mean when they say American Dynamism
Replying to @jrhennessy
for reference
there’s a guy on tiktok who bought the brightest flashlight available and his whole account is just taking requests for stuff to point it at. that’s what people mean when they say American Dynamism
In reply to @jrhennessy
what if we put the caliphate… on the blockchain
Replying to @MattCowgill
we’re not in the business of doing terror anymore. instead we issue a token which accrues in value with every terror attack
looks like ISIS is pivoting to becoming some kind of enterprise-focused cloud services provider
Replying to @MattCowgill
ISIS are branching out into payments processing and have established a display ad marketplace
Me when everyone’s talking about all the based signal group chats they’re a part of

Ye same I’m very powerful and cool as is my cabal of groupchatistas
Replying to @misha_saul
stick to Facebook mate you’ll be right
In reply to @SHamiltonian
It’s a wonderful film I won’t deny that
I’m more concerned about the format
In reply to @jrhennessy
John wick is good
Replying to @SHamiltonian
It’s a wonderful film I won’t deny that
In a bar with a sports bar arrangement of TVs but half of them are playing The Goonies and half are playing John Wick. Troubling
james hennessy Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jrhennessy
I’ve rented a cabin on a 3 mast sailing ship. I just find the energy on board makes me so productive, getting to network with the rigging guys or carpentry guys is good for me too
Replying to @jrhennessy
Starting a lean textiles manufacturer. just me, one loom operator and a bizdev guy in a wework. LFG
In reply to @jrhennessy
welcome to Boston? I feel like I ran past that on Boylston
that can’t be right…
A lot of Scottish accents in Andor. 👀
Replying to @Serrels
Complete betrayal of George Lucas’ vision. Since the 70s he has argued that Scots can’t possibly exist in Star Wars canon
In reply to @jrhennessy
english, dutch, irish, they all share the one and only british isles. when will they come together as britishans
i can't be the only one who thinks the british isles could absolutely dominate on the world stage if they teamed up
This is all one country
Replying to @AstuteCFO
one country and one people. it's that simple
james hennessy Retweeted ·  
my favorite part of civilization and it’s discontents is when freud is like “we can’t use the example of termites or bees to say the state is natural bc we don’t know termite and bee history. they could have struggled for thousands of years to create their institutions”
In reply to @SeeEmiIyPlay
zodiac being a renfair guy makes intuitive sense
do i need to get a "bereal". im too old to learn another app
Replying to @isosteph
i like it. its mostly commenting "hell yeah brother" on photos of WFH desks and lunch
james hennessy Retweeted ·  
SCOOP: A Forbes investigation based on leaked documents, former employee testimonies, and blockchain data found that as @Helium crypto execs touted the equality of the "People's Network," they quietly amassed the majority of its wealth at the start.…
Replying to @ryanlcooper
australian media is in an absolute golden age of hiring journos because of this. somewhat worried about what will happen when current deals expire
In reply to @jrhennessy
do you not already have too much going on?
Replying to @alistairkitchen
quite possibly. if i go completely nuts you'll know why
as i understand it, @allymcleangames made this with her bare hands
Solium Infernum was a literally hellish multiplayer strategy game that became a cult classic in 2009 – and League of Geeks aims to bring it back next year in a reimagined form.
What about a cartoon for adults regarding adult life situations and themes
Replying to @maximumcuddles
and hell... it can get a little lewd if need be
james hennessy Retweeted ·  
very keen to join and get cracking on some cool new research and writing projects
Replying to @jrhennessy
(the newsletter and podcast will continue – all three of my superfans can sleep easy tonight)
very keen to join and get cracking on some cool new research and writing projects
Really excited to have @jrhennessy join the Contrary team today as our first Writer.

I've gotten to know him over the past year (initially through his Substack), and found him to be an original thinker and fantastic writer -- both in short supply these days.

More below.
In reply to @jrhennessy
beer meh, whisky yum
whisky yum also. i won’t deny you
no you don’t get it bro you have to be optimising constantly bro what if i had a beer and my oura ring gave me a bad sleep score bro i really notice the performance dip on the bouldering wall bro it’s crazy living like a 14th century king is a cope bro
Replying to @gbrl_dick
counterpoint: beer yum
In reply to @jrhennessy
Replying to @DuckHonkin
Honestly not great. Need more data but it’s not looking good
things must be looking good at facebook
Replying to @jrhennessy
for the record the notification was that someone I met once at a party in 2010 had added to their story for the first time in a while
things must be looking good at facebook
In reply to @jrhennessy
The only car (ie not an SUV or truck) Ford sells in the United States today is the Mustang. Focus, Fiesta, Taurus, etc. have all been discontinued. Blew my mind when I found out.
Replying to @mlanetrain
just try and wage a hypothetical low intensity guerrilla war against tyranny in a four-door sedan. not possible
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