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Last 50 tweets from @just_jenna
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Good morning! A quick throwback to December 10th, 2003 - another December 10th when we had a crowded Democratic field.

Kerry (4%) won Iowa a month after this national poll & became the nominee. Edwards (3%) took 2nd in Iowa a month after this poll & became the VP nominee.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Blessing your feed with two Sagittarius queens, @EmmyA2 (who has a bday coming up 😎) and @SenGillibrand, proving that teamwork does in fact make the dream work.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
New: “It’s not 2016 anymore. But on Facebook, misinformation is still targeting Hillary Clinton and her family’s charitable foundation.” No Clinton is running so this is just a hoax about a charity at giving season. I’m sure @Facebook will fix - right?…
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
The word ‘they’
- was looked up 313% more this year than last.
- had a new sense added in September.
- is increasingly common in both public and personal communication.

‘They’ is our 2019 #WordOfTheYear.…
Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2019
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
& we appreciate @AshantiGholar & all that @thebgguide does to build a safe convening space for black & brown political women.

Let's talk about why people aren't ok with Lizzo showing skin at a Lakers game.
Hey Lakers fans! I've been having a great third season as a Laker Girl and I'm excited to get my #LGlivin week started! -Alanna
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
isn't this all just a leap of faith? #iacaucus
What novel has the most compelling first few pages you’ve ever read?
Replying to @hels
I don't know about MOST but American Spy was very good and the beginning is certainly attention grabbing.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Let's talk 2020 with Senator @CoryBooker! This is the first episode that features one of the Democratic presidential candidates in the lead up to 2020. Senator Booker shares how he hopes to champion women as president.…
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
"We know that when people try to tear us apart we win by standing together." This message is why I'm so proud to support @CoryBooker. We are at a "moral moment in America."
In reply to @Rob_Flaherty
did you delete another tweet about this and try again
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Spontaneous endorsements, overflowing rooms and vegan cookies—this weekend in Iowa was something special.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
We don't just need a candidate who can beat Donald Trump—we need a president who can make justice and opportunity real for every American.

Please watch and share our campaign's newest ad, "Common Cause".
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
“Don’t ignore the Asian American Vote in 2020.”

Well, y’all already know this gonna be a thread. Hasan inviting @CoryBooker & dedicating tonight’s episode to the #AAPI community is too important not to watch. Asians already know it’s our time.

Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg sharing the cover of the Quad-City Times this Sunday morning
Winding through the streets of downtown Cedar Rapids... a bar, The Lost Cuban, caught Ms. Dawson’s attention.
“Ha, that could be named after me,” she said.
Mr. Booker turned around from the front seat, and in a half whisper, responded: “But I found you.”…
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
"I see you, I love you" is a common closer for @CoryBooker. The story behind it involves his last interaction with his mentor, Frank Hutchins - a "warrior" for tenant rights in NJ.

Today, Booker got emotional in recounting the experience - wiping tears to a standing ovation.
Is there a time where you’ve thrown up in an embarrassing situation? Did anything good come out of it?

Today, I threw up in a car sitting next to @rosariodawson and @CoryBooker and Rosario helped clean the puke out of my jeans. #IACaucus #M4A
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
I always used to wonder how people who weren’t on the field could spend hours and hours dissecting every moment of a play.

And here we are on social media where apparently everyone is an expert at running presidential campaigns.

Lucky us.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ASDem
I may have loved the sentiment in this tweet so much that I drew it while making calls tonight
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
This makes me so happy. Was great to meet you both at the Finkenauer Fish Fry and get the book to Cory! And so glad to have you on board.

This thread is the definition of #BrickByBrick, heart-based organizing that is at the core of our campaign.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Grateful for all the work you’re doing for this campaign. The stack of signed caucus commit cards are a testament to the strength of this team. Go team!
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
"Everyone should have dignity and security in retirement. This is something I will fight for as president. We will do what's right by our retirees. We will pass the Butch Lewis Act." - @CoryBooker #Teamsters2020 live now in Iowa. #1u
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
"I'm here because people took action to fight for all of our rights. We have to join with others to fight for each other. Without struggle there is no progress." - @CoryBooker #Teamsters2020 forum. #1u
In reply to @ASDem
She’s heard it before though, best to make space for others who haven’t. And who can caucus.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
‘Sacred honor is not weak. Love is not feeble. And unity will always be our strength’ — Listen to Cory Booker deliver this heartfelt address to the nation
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
If you haven't seen @CoryBooker talk to a room full of organized labor, you're gonna wanna tune in to this one as the @Teamsters host their forum in Cedar Rapids. Cory taking the stage shortly. Watch here:

cc: #FITN #IACaucus #NHPolitics #FITW #SCPol
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
These arrived today. All the fire emojis. Shout out Mama Zox. ⁦@IzzyZox
It’s been a good week for sure (!) but this surge in support started after the November debate. Best fundraising day was this Wednesday, and #2 and #3 were debate day and day after. And period between has been stronger than average, stronger than projected. #WeWillRise
First on CNN: Cory Booker has raised more than $1 million since Tuesday, when Kamala Harris dropped out and Booker began sounding the alarm on diminishing diversity in the Dem field. Of 33k donations, more than half came from new donors…
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
No one should be harassed or fired from a job because of their hairstyle—yet Black people often experience discrimination for wearing their natural hair. This must end, and my new legislation with @CedricRichmond will do it.…
Seeking to End Hair Discrimination Nationwide, Cory Booker and Colleagues Bring the CROWN Act to Congress
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
The ability of Cory Booker to convert people into supporters at events is truly an underreported story of this election cycle.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
When your campaign photographer can’t even fit into the overflow room but still gets the shot

@kevloweryphoto, what a g
You *truly* love to see it
Ye olde verbal press release: Royceann Porter, Johnson County supervisor in Iowa, stands at the front of the room, grabs Booker’s hand and shouts: “Royceann Porter endorses Cory Booker!”
Sitting on the lap of a @CoryBooker supporter at Saturday morning Iowa City event:
This has actually been so fascinating to watch. There’s was so much talk about whether “Americans would accept a vegan” at the start of this thing, and everywhere he goes people literally delight at figuring out what they can feed him.
In reply to @ASDem
I’m definitely a 4. And have been scolded by @BrynneCraig for it.
Replying to @ASDem @BrynneCraig
This tweet is my entire friendship with @BrynneCraig
I taught you well, young grasshopper.
Booker moves behind the bar during Q and A here in Manchester IA: “If you want to tip me, go to Cory Booker dot com.”
In reply to @just_jenna
older he gets better he was
Wait I thought he did the other football
okay honestly if @CoryBooker can do this then y'all can answer your phones when the pollsters call okay
Pollsters — you’re welcome.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
As often happens to him in the state, @CoryBooker runs into an Iowa family member after the forum in Waterloo
Interesting hold room here at the Accelerator for America presidential forum. @CoryBooker will be taking the stage shortly.
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
Senator @CoryBooker is already scoring big before taking the stage at tonight’s #LocalAmerica Presidential Forum. ⚽️ Watch him live now!
A good thread (read up and down from here), but this is a good place to start.
In reply to @alexandriajwitt
- Polling places can be far away—and public transportation doesn’t exist. It can be time-consuming & expensive to vote! I've known people who can afford goods but can't afford the gas to get to town to buy them. Imagine having to make the choice between paying for heat and voting
Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted ·  
What if it's not that Hillary didn't show this side of herself when she was running, it's that you didn't pay attention when she did?
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