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Last 50 tweets from @KatiPiri
EU-Balkan Top:

EU 🇪🇺 leiders moeten daad bij woord voegen. Geen focus op data en vergezichten, maar op concrete manieren om oa. persvrijheid te verbeteren.

De Westelijke Balkan heeft het nodig 👉…
Media freedom in the Western Balkans: The EU must move from words to deeds - European Western Balkans
2 4
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Armenian-Turkish lawmaker targeted as Erdogan courts far-right via @AlMonitor @GaroPaylan @yozgatedirnetra @khatcho @KatiPiri @FreeOsmanKavala
36 33
.@EP_President ‘s interpretation of ‘transparency’, supported by the right wing in EP, is outrageous. A hearing w/ Facebook’s Zuckerberg behind closed doors is totally unacceptable.
5 0
New line of assault against freedom of speech in #Turkey, as opposition MP @GaroPaylan
faces criminal prosecution for speaking about the Armenian genocide. If even elected MPs cannot express their opinion, where does this leave normal citizens?
175 269
Lots of #rainbow flags in front of the European Parliament today, to support all #LGBTI's on this day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.🏳‍🌈
8 43
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Warm congrats to our dear colleague @ErolOnderoglu for his Roosevelt @Four_Freedoms Award!…

A well-deserved recognition of his commitment and courage, and a welcome gesture of support to #Turkey's civil society in front of unprecedented pressure.
53 79
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Waarom de 6 Balkanlanden niet rijp zijn voor toetreding en wat er WEL moet gebeuren om rechtsstaat te bevorderen
10 32
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
“Nieuwe lidstaten met corrupt en autoritair regime a la Orban kunnen fungeren als een paard van Troje”

Opinie met @KatiPiri 👇
  · Twitter for iPad · nl
43 75
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
“The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political gain, using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union” - again, this is happening in the EU. #hungary #LexNGO2018…
9 2
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
De zes Balkanlanden die bij de EU aan de deur kloppen, moeten niet zomaar worden binnengelaten, betogen Lodewijk Asscher en Kati Piri
  · TweetDeck · nl
2 4
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
De zes Balkanlanden die bij de 🇪🇺 EU aan de deur kloppen, moeten niet zomaar worden binnengelaten, betogen @LodewijkA en @KatiPiri in de @volkskrant
12 25
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
#update: 41 killed, including 7 minors - one of them a girl
1 paramedic killed
1,960 injured - including 200 minors & 78 women
11 journalists injured
28 in critical condition & 71 in seriois condition
918 shot by Israeli soldiers using live ammo
(#Gaza MoH)
563 250
24 June elections #Turkey.

6 candidates for President:
LATEST — Supreme Board of Elections (YSK) officially announces candidates to run for president in Turkey:
Incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
CHP's Muharrem İnce
İP's Meral Akşener
SP's Temel Karamollaoğlu
HDP's Selahattin Demirtaş
VP's Doğu Perinçek
7 4
24 27
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Europa 🇪🇺 gaat voor ons over mensen.


21 30
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
I write abt creeping authoritarianism in Hungary & Poland: what EU - incl @GOettingerEU @VeraJourova @TimmermansEU - is doing & what @EPP, @EPPGroup *should* do abt it:
Pls tweet/retweet + comments (w robust civility) to @ManfredWeber @JosephDaul
The EUs core values are under attack as never before. It must defend them | Timothy Garton Ash
105 130
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
On Wednesday 16 May, EFD are organising a Panel Discussion on "Voices from Refugees in Europe: Responsibility to Protect", hosted by MEPs @KatiPiri and @gerardeprez . To find out how to register and who will be speaking, go to our website
10 7
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
In gesture to Turkey's Kurds, opposition candidate Ince calls on Erdogan to free their mutual rival Demirtas from prison to level playing field ahead of June 24 presidential vote. "Let's race like men," he says (never mind that one nominee is a woman).…
24 31
@irfanaktans @KatiPiri @KatiPiri then cross out one of your responsibilities, and in fact you do not want to face it. U let the people down, on the other hand u observed the previous elections and you had no effect ! Lets finish wth EU's popular announcement : it is worrying to see....
0 1
Replying to @feyzanka :
@feyzanka @irfanaktans The EP can only officially observe elections if it receives an invitation by the government.
3 8
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
At #WorldPressFreedomDay the @Europarl_EN & @EU_Commission’s @eu_near dedicate a 2-days event to discuss the situation of media and #freedom of expression in #Turkey. Starting at 14.00 today till 4 May 12.30 in @Europarl_EN. 1/2 #WPFD2018
20 16
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
De PvdA is blij dat de @EU_Commission eindelijk de landen gaat aanpakken die de rechtsstaat niet respecteren. @KatiPiri: Eindelijk durft de Commissie heilige huisjes aan te pakken. Landen die de kernwaarden van de Europese Unie schenden gaan dit ook in hun portemonnee voelen.
7 14
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
#Armenia’s parliament rejects Pashinyan’s Prime ministerial bid. There will be another vote in a week. Meanwhile Pashinyan announces total labor & student strike from tomorrow morning. To be continued...…
25 11
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Today, and always, we will stand with workers and trade unions! A better Europe can only be built if workers’ rights are respected and reinforced. #May1st is a day to reignite our battle to make social justice a reality for all! ✊ #MayDay
  · Media Studio · en
210 325
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
#UPDATE Thousands of Armenians mass in the capital Yerevan ahead of a parliament vote to pick a new prime minister, with opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan accusing the ruling party of planning to derail his bid for the top job
  · TweetDeck · en
34 27
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Devastating news out of Kabul. At least 29 killed in twin suicide attacks.

The second suicide bomber, reported to be posing as a journalist, targeted journalists and emergency workers at the scene of first explosion.

Nine journalists confirmed dead.
37 11
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
EU plans to cut funding to nations where rule of law is at risk
  · SocialFlow · en
104 89
Het is eind april... 😥
Zowel de tegenstanders als de voorstanders van Zwarte Piet moeten zich afvragen of er geen Intochtwapenstilstand moet worden afgesproken. Een kinderfeest is geen podium voor ongeregeldheden.…
Intocht Sinterklaas ontwikkelt zich tot tolerantie-test van het lokale gezag
  · TweetDeck · nl
10 26
0 5
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
A joint opposition candidate against President Erdoğan in Turkey is not very likely -… @HDNER aracılığıyla
Joint candidate against Erdoan not very likely
4 2
No shred of justice in #Cumhuriyet verdict. 15 journalists + staff of oldest Turkish newspaper convicted on ridiculous terrorism charges.
292 371
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Turkish court sentences more than dozen Cumhuriyet staff to prison on terrorism charges
  · SocialFlow · en
28 13
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
MEPs in @EP_BudgControl backed an opinion saying current level of corruption, lack of transparency and accountability of public finances affects #EU funds in #Hungary, warrants launch of Article 7. Hungary EPP delegation’s reaction: Soros, Soros, migration…@inge_graessle
16 5
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
My Washington Post column on Osman Kavala, Bosphorus University and a country going mad.…
55 80
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Visual juxtaposition.
2,731 8,050
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  

Afschaffen d-belasting cadeau buitenlandse aandeelhouders,
Na lobby Shell, Unil
Geen positief effect
Slecht voor reputatie

Staat in memo’s die Rutte ̷N̷i̷e̷t̷ ̷h̷a̷d̷,̷ ̷v̷e̷r̷g̷a̷t̷,̷ ̷o̷p̷ ̷z̷i̷j̷t̷a̷f̷e̷l̷ ̷ heeft opgebiecht

En Wiebes vergat memo die hij zelf schreef
  · Twitter for iPad · nl
173 405
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Spectator-columnist @KatiPiri @pvdaeuropa en Lilianne Ploumen @PvdA waren in #Marokko voor de politieke gevangenen, maar de toegang tot de Rif werd hen ontzegd. Wat mag de rest van de wereld niet zien? Lees hun column over mensenrechten in Marokko:…
  · Hootsuite · nl
9 3
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
BREAKING - 15 #CHP lawmakers resign to join @iyiparti to help @meral_aksener’s party form a parliamentary group of 20 MPs, which will allow it to run in the snap elections and receive state funding.
63 75
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Armenian analyst and political commentator @stepangrig has apparently just been arrested (according to his Facebook page).
23 15
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Mass Arrests starts in #Armenia
Leaders of the protests MPs Nikol Pashinyan, A.Mirzoyan, S.Mikayelyan are arrested
@petras_petras @EPDE_org @KarolinaZby @ZygisPavilionis @S_Zoppellaro @Hromadske @margotwallstrom @SigridKaag @SRausingTrust @martinaquick @Jos_Douma @hrw
15 9
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
“We geven niet op totdat al jullie vrienden broers, zoons en vaders terug zijn bij jullie”, @KatiPiri bij de demonstratie vanwege de situatie in de Rif, Marokko.
26 32
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
HDP Deputies Osman Baydemir and Selma Irmak have been stripped of their parliamentary seats. Total number of HDP seats dropped to 48. Party had received 59 seats in 2015 elections @baydemirosman @selmairmakhdp
54 51
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Helsinki Committee wins 3rd civil lawsuit in a row against Fidesz party for lying about our work. Fidesz has to issue a public apology, refrain from further defamatory statements and pay damages. Ruling is not final.…
50 86
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  

  · TweetDeck · so
46 41
Na vele speculaties, morgen wellicht toch aankondiging van vervroegde verkiezingen in #Turkije.
12 8
🇪🇺 ↔️ 🇹🇷

The European Commission fails to draw any political consequences. The delusion of EU-membership is kept alive, even when a new constitution has been approved which fails to safeguard the basic principles of a democracy. #Turkey

254 219
🇪🇺 ↔️ 🇹🇷

De Europese Commissie laat het na om Ankara een duidelijk signaal te geven, zoals het Europees Parlement vorig jaar wel heeft gedaan. #Turkije

71 39
Kati Piri Retweeted ·  
Europarlementariër @PaulTang: “Het contrast met de Berlijn-toespraak van Rutte kon haast niet groter zijn. Onze premier heeft wel plannen, maar ze mogen vooral niets kosten en ze moeten de eurosceptische kiezer in de kruiwagen houden.”


  · TweetDeck · nl
12 13
Het bezoek van Lilianne Ploumen en mijzelf aan Al Hoceima en Nador kon helaas niet doorgaan. Maar de toekomst van het Rif-gebied en de misstanden tegen veel mensen uit de Rif hebben onze volle aandacht. Nú en in de toekomst.

🌹 Dank Rachid voor deze bijzonder column...
'Marokko bewijst dat het niet helemaal pluis is in de Rif.' @Ext_Ra over Lilianne Ploumen en @KatiPiri die de Rif niet in mochten. #DeNieuweMaan
  · · nl
14 21
22 36
Democracy needs to be defended!

Slogan: ‘We are the majority’
💪 #Hungary
Anti-Orbán protestors moving toward Parliament square in Budapest, many tens of thousands, can't see either start or finish now
5,375 11,026
53 102
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