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Last 50 tweets from @kgosztola
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
A really insightful and also devastating report shows unions as a whole have gained billions of dollars in assets in the past decade, while union membership and grassroots staff declined. Portrait of a failed strategy.…
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
An abolitionist newsletter that was getting into nearly every New Mexico prison contained current events, poetry, art and tips for slowing the spread of COVID behind the walls. Under a new mail policy, prison officials have been returning it to sender:…
Our legal fight is over, we won and we’re on the ballot!

I'm excited to do what we started out to do: to run a campaign that's independent and unique from the Democrats and Republicans, a campaign that’s for the working families of North Carolina.
Replying to @MatthewPHoh
Marc Elias and his law firm lost. They tried to meddle in an election and were stopped. It’s a sweet victory.
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
Breaking News: The warming of the Arctic, a definitive sign of climate change, is happening far more rapidly than previously described, researchers said — in one area, seven times faster than the global average.
Engaging conversation with @JohnKiriakou on the week's news involving Trump, FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, and the Espionage Act.

The FBI was much more delicate in their search against Trump. Against Kiriakou, they ransacked his home.
CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Trump, Espionage Act & FBI's Search Warrant…
Replying to @OpenlyClassist
that's very late for those time zones. video will archive for later viewing.
Abolish Espionage Act, but also if Trump was lower-level federal govt employee and not a former US president he already would be facing Espionage Act charges. All his electronics would have been seized by FBI agents in addition to documents. Wouldn't be this tip-toeing by DOJ.
Talking with CIA whistleblower @JohnKiriakou at 6pm ET about latest developments around Donald Trump, FBI search warrant, and whether he'll possibly face Espionage Act charges

Tune in:
The search warrant for retrieving boxes of documents from Trump's estate tells us that potential violations of Espionage Act were part of justification for the raid. But that doesn't necessarily mean Trump will face Espionage Act charges.
Replying to @kgosztola
From before we learned about the alleged nuclear weapons documents being in the boxes that FBI agents retrieved, but still relevant to the question of whether the DOJ brings Espionage Act charges against Trump.
The search warrant for retrieving boxes of documents from Trump's estate tells us that potential violations of Espionage Act were part of justification for the raid. But that doesn't necessarily mean Trump will face Espionage Act charges.
Two-tiered US justice system acknowledged by former US Justice Department official (and I think Katyal means deferential treatment)
Trump’s allies are right to say he has faced differential treatment from the FBI.

He’s been treated better. If you or I were hanging on to classified documents about nuclear weapons, I don’t think the feds would send a subpoena and wait 2 months before knocking on our doors
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
Just as Israel calculates the maximum # of calories it permits to enter the Gaza Strip, in order to weaken but not starve the population, it also calculates the maximum # of civilians it kills as collateral damage when it assassinates a Palestinian fighter…
Feels like a good night to shout into the ether:

Free Daniel Hale.

Pardon Reality Winner, Terry Albury, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, & Thomas Drake

And drop the charges against Julian Assange.
Replying to @kgosztola
I missed one. An important one - pardon Jeffrey Sterling too.
Worth reading NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake’s thread on Trump, FBI raid, and documents found
Admittedly having a lot of flashbacks from the 28 Nov 2007 FBI national security related warrant-based ‘raid’ at my residence & university office…
Replying to @Oly_2_G
Yet it doesn’t include what we learned in past 12 hours about possible nuclear documents
New York Times columnists really leaning hard on their vote blue no matter who headline generator
In reply to @kgosztola
I mean if he was charged under the Espionage act, it would b §794, not §793...
Replying to @ChipGibbons89
Great, that would be outside my lane. I just don’t know what I would do if Trump was charged under 793 like Assange. That would be a universe collapsing in on itself moment.
In reply to @kgosztola
If it turns out Donald Trump was giving nuclear secrets to the Saudis, I very well make an exception to my first opposition to the Espionage Act and the FBI.
Replying to @ChipGibbons89
I would hope he wouldn’t be charged under the Espionage Act, and charged under this law instead. If he is even charged.
Feels like a good night to shout into the ether:

Free Daniel Hale.

Pardon Reality Winner, Terry Albury, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, & Thomas Drake

And drop the charges against Julian Assange.
So maybe we should all be talking about Trump violating a different law, one of much more consequence than the Presidential Records Act.
In reply to @kgosztola
This FBI: * Pushed Russia collusion hoax * Spied on law-abiding Americans * Lied to FISA court * Ignored Hillary's server escapades * Ignored Biden Family criminal activity * Persecutes journalists * Treats J6 trespassers like terrorists * Ignores drug crimes at border On and on
Replying to @AntinaCh
Drug crimes at the border? So you’re pro War on Drugs?
We can thank Nancy Pelosi for keeping him in Congress
New: @RepCuellar, one of a handful of pro-oil Texas Dems under pressure to oppose Inflation Reduction Act, says he will vote for it: "This legislation...allows Texas producers to do what they do best, drill."
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
#BREAKING: Mistrial declared in major #FlintWaterCrisis civil trial due to risk of jeopardizing "the mental and physical health of the one juror."

This comes after criminal charges against ex-Gov Rick Snyder & 8 other defendants were dismissed in June…
What a mistrial in Flint water crisis bellwether trial means going forward
Why Trump Won't Face Espionage Act Charges…
The Justice Department is unlikely to charge former President Donald Trump with violating the Espionage Act…
Replying to @kgosztola
Why Donald Trump won't face Espionage Act charges ***LIVE broadcast at 10 am ET***
Kevin's interesting on Walters but what CNN's doing is simpler than he says
Smerconish laces the interview with non-sequitur sound bites for the final cut so the audience will know what "prestige media" rules they should think:
"you've got it in reverse
you're giving them a pass"
Replying to @markhowell7
That is a good point, one I glossed over while examining other aspects.
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
US Watches as Cuban Fire Rages…
The Biden administration is not offering meaningful assistance to contain a potential ecological disaster 90 miles from the U.S. coastline, write Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan and Medea Benjamin.
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
NEW: Mailing abortion pills could result in up to 5 years in prison and federal RICO charges, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch told a federal judge.

She highlighted two decades-old federal laws that the Justice Department does not currently…
The response to my deconstruction of the CNN segment with Roger Waters has received more engagement than I ever imagined. Thanks everyone.
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
The FBI's justification for raiding the properties of the African People's Socialist Party "fits into the whole narrative about colonized people and Black people being too stupid to see our own future and control our own affairs," says the party's chairman, @OmaliYeshitela.
A real abuse of FBI power
FBI Targets Black Liberation Activists, Claims Russia Used Them As Pawns To Spread Propaganda…
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
The United States carried out 34 percent of its 392 interventions against countries in Latin America and the Caribbean…
The Justice Department is unlikely to charge former President Donald Trump with violating the Espionage Act…
DOJ Unlikely To Charge Trump With Violating Espionage Act
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
“To find out that they’re building a scenario village when there are thousands of people, homeless, with nowhere to’s sickening.”
Hilarious. There are so many people from the Bush administration or on Wall Street who committed crimes but never were prosecuted. Because the DOJ didn’t want to rock the boat.
Former Attorney General Eric Holder was asked "if he would charge Donald Trump and his allies for their role in the Jan. 6 riot," the @vineyardgazette reports.

"Mr. Holder turned to Lanny Breuer, the former head of the criminal division at the DOJ, who was sitting in the crowd."
Replying to @jamesdoleman
Hey from across the big pond. Hope you can unplug from the machines soon.
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
SF has been played. This piece by @mdbarba is nothing short of a bombshell.

This marks the first time Jenkins publicly disclosed the earnings…of more than $100k—all while repeatedly claiming to be a “volunteer” for the recall.…
DA Jenkins Netted Six Figures From Nonprofit Linked to Boudin Recall
It's cute that a former chief of the US Justice Department's national security division would suggest Trump may be charged with violating the Espionage Act. But of all people they should know that only lower-level federal employees/contractors get charged under that law.
Authoritarianism is "on the rise around the world. Governments are becoming less transparent and have lost the trust of the people." —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
Riot cops have flooded LA City Hall chambers ahead of a vote to criminalize homelessness.
Best Motown song co-written and co-produced by Lamont Dozier… #RIPLamontDozier
Kevin Gosztola Retweeted ·  
We are celebrating so many wins today—a total of 7 exonerations this morning!
In reply to @kgosztola
Any opinion on the Whitmer case?
Replying to @CMonroe24
Jury repudiates the tactics used by the FBI's Detroit office when they deployed undercover agents and informants against these men…
Replying to @CMonroe24
Wrote about that. FBI entrapment scheme. Awful what was done to those men.
Your guide to the morning's discourse: those who mostly align with Republicans say abolish the FBI. Those who mostly align with Democrats are heaping praise on the FBI and celebrating it as an institution.

If that's all too stupefying, maybe stay offline for a day.
In reply to @GGrikstein
FBI clearly thinks Trump stole documents. Former presidents don’t typically get raided, the FBI is reluctant to investigate former presidents, and it’s kind of an understood agreement that presidential crimes won’t be investigated by the next administration. That said, we’re here
In reply to @kgosztola
I'm chuckling at the idea that there are really any Radical Left Democrats.
Replying to @freedomrideblog
Zero coherence, making it perfectly Trumpian
That’s not how journalism works, CBS News. After you expose a problem, and officials act like they are correcting it, you then cover the response but leave up the original report. You don’t memory hole the original like some compromised state-affiliated media outlet.
CBS Removes Documentary on Ukraine Military Aid After Pressure from Ukrainian Government
#Ukraine's FM called for investigation into the documentary, which found that most military aid wasn't making it to the frontlines
by Dave DeCamp
@DecampDave #cbsnews…
"Working-class people have the least political capital, so it just feels like we’re all taken advantage of"
Reader staffer @_KellyGarcia__ attended a @RiotFest meeting with community members, and the full audio recording is included in her reporting.

🎧 Tune in to listen to community members' ranging concerns met with few answers.…
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