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Last 50 tweets from @kixes
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Here is a thread of cats destroying our stuff throughout history, because they've always done it and they always will and for some reason we will keep loving them for it.

Two Young Women Wrapped in Yukata After a Bath. Kitagawa Utamaro, ca. 1796.…
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
People roll their eyes about boomer/millenial animosity and disconnect but things like this are seriously why it exists. They really think we live in a world that straight up does not exist anymore, if it ever did.
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
On 1 August 2022, 24 #Singapore death-row inmates filed a lawsuit against the Attorney-General alleging that access to #lawyers was obstructed & they were unable to secure #legal representation due to lawyers' fear of court-imposed cost orders. IBAHRI Co-Chair @MarksLarks said:
In reply to @GraceLP
I read his thread but still think this all should’ve been in the article
I read his thread and felt like some of the things he mentioned there that he couldn't fit into the actual article were particularly salient and more important points that totally *should* have been in the article
No, Internet ad algorithm, I absolutely do not like
In reply to @nobrainjustworm
I'd be like "just buy it". Unless there was only one copy left in which I wouldn't say anything to them because I'd probably want that copy for myself
In reply to @kixes
tbf they do bring in differing opinions, they just ignore them as they did for pofma 🙃
Replying to @claudeglass
I think the Select Committee was a bit different. But when it comes to their much more regular closed-door meetings...
*stares in Singaporean*
The point of inviting experts to speak to a govt department is to improve policy. If you only invite experts who agree with existing policy, or are too nervous of upsetting the govt to say that they disagree, you'll simply end up confirming the policy you wanted to improve.
Here we are again: the annual ritual of scrolling through my contacts list and having no memory of some people or where I met them, realising the notes I've left myself are absolutely useless, but being too kiasu to delete the contact card "just in case"
Why do they always draw my likeness without permission
Time for the weekend again
Here’s this week’s wrap of news from #Singapore!
Handwringing over straight marriage
I have so many cat things
these "by age 30" memes are very funny but the truth is that by age 30 you should have an animal people associate with you so when they don't know what to get you for your birthday they can default to something with the animal
Me: Funko Pops are really quite a waste of money, aren't they

Also Me: *ordering BTS Funko Pops online 'cos my friend's kids really want them and said "I love you Auntie Kirsten"*

no wonder my cats think I'm such a soft touch
In reply to @JustinOngTODAY
Jackson Wang literally visited your office yesterday but he still have no idea who in the world Justin Ong is
Is this one of those rare Twitter fights where *both* sides are simultaneously factual
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Trump’s allies are right to say he has faced differential treatment from the FBI.

He’s been treated better. If you or I were hanging on to classified documents about nuclear weapons, I don’t think the feds would send a subpoena and wait 2 months before knocking on our doors
In reply to @hellopeiying
If you find it helpful and want unlimited links for Free, checkout 🙂
Thank you! I ran into an issue: my main calendars aren’t on Google or Outlook…
Cherry Blossoms After Winter 😍

that is all.
oh no once you meet you're gonna be past the point of no return
im finally gonna meet my boyfriend tonight for our first real in person date!!!! ahhhhh!! because of the pandemic we havent been able to hang IRL, he mostly gives me singing lessons from behind the mirror in the opera house where i live and do ballet. canNOT wait
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
The lay people have been robbed of the education needed to understand structural issues. That's why I have people coming at me asking "how can art survive in a non-capitalistic society?". Read this article and tell me how is art surviving now?…
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Ah yes, red scare aesthetics meets yellow peril ones. Very fashionable.
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
A man with a gun is holding staff at a Beirut bank hostage demanding they hand over the money in his account. People are now gathering outside to express support. Everyone’s bank accounts are frozen in Lebanon because the banks spent/stole all their money
In reply to @kixes
So well said. Manbok, outdoors, alone, collecting the sounds of silence after his tortuous decade filing reports on his friends and neighbors under duress - truly the most moving scene.
Replying to @chowleen @mulmbot and 1 otherfalse
Yes, how nice to be able to feel the sun on his skin, and hear nothing more than the rustle of the wind!
In reply to @mulmbot
All pleasure, no guilt. The premise (and 1st episode) requires a suspension of disbelief, but overall it’s one of the best crafted tv narratives I’ve seen, with all secondary roles also having complex and satisfying character arcs - incl Manbok, the reluctant audio snoop
Replying to @chowleen @mulmbot and 1 otherfalse
I love CLOY so much and Manbok is such a wonderful character struggling to live with himself and his values in a context where he is disempowered in so many ways and forced to be a shadow. The final scene of his new job is just lovely, there’s a peace he never had otherwise.
I don't support this move. These half-basement apartments (banjiha) are occupied by lower-income tenants. By banning these apartments, lower-income tenants could be priced out of their homes. It would make more sense to improve sewage systems.
Replying to @koreanforeigner
I wondered about this — what measures will there be to accompany the phasing out? If the reality is that people live in these units 'cos there's no other affordable option then banning will just make people homeless/vulnerable to policing, no?
interesting read on the brutal realities of making a stable living off any kind of art as a younger person in 2022…
me except what do you mean "another"
Do you ever sit across from your laptop, having a staring contest with your WIP, waiting for it to write itself while also building anxieties that you will never write another good book in your life? Or did you have a normal childhood with no traumas? #BookTwitter
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Starbucks fired an @SBWorkersUnited union leader in Buffalo.

The whole store walked out in protest.

This video has over 17 million views on TikTok.
In reply to @skinnylatte
Need to study history a bit better also to be useful, later give people all the wrong info
Replying to @kixes @skinnylatte
But let's be honest I've always known that if I got caught in a really dangerous situation like time-travelling back 1,000 years as an Asian woman I'd just:
I'm self-aware enough to know that if I'm ever caught in a zombie/alien invasion/apocalypse-type scenario, this will be me:
overkill to cry during the national anthem but hey that's just me
Replying to @heatherchen_
I think it's fine if people feel strongly about it but why is there so much coverage and content about it surely it cannot be the first time in history someone cried during the anthem
In reply to @kixes
You can be a prophet
Replying to @skinnylatte
Need to study history a bit better also to be useful, later give people all the wrong info
Would pay to watch a time travel series about a terminally online person who stumbles into a time portal and is stuck in the 1000s with no way to explain the memes which have amused them, things that have outraged them, forever
Replying to @skinnylatte
I think about this quite often in relation to myself and I become acutely, acutely aware that I have no transferrable skills 'cos I am useless without electricity and a computer
I'm often envious of people who have close friend groups who can have spontaneous hang-outs or sleepovers or holidays together and all that sort of stuff, but am gratified to say that I at least do have this sort of friend group ⬇️
By age thirty you should have a group of friends willing to do first round edits on anything you write.
I'm usually ambivalent about National Day and the National Day Parade but can occasionally get swept up and moved by all the pomp and circumstance. This year, though, I really couldn't have anything to do with the extravagant celebration of the nation-state at all.
Replying to @kixes
When I saw all the NDP posts on social media yesterday, all I could think of was how, arriving at Changi Prison the morning of a double execution last week, I found that they'd hung up little 🇸🇬 flags along the prison fence.
I'm usually ambivalent about National Day and the National Day Parade but can occasionally get swept up and moved by all the pomp and circumstance. This year, though, I really couldn't have anything to do with the extravagant celebration of the nation-state at all.
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Important piece both explaining how Singapore's history under Lee Kwan Yew plays in the fever dreams of the new far right. Intersections like this simply can't be processed or acknowledged by Asia hands who pretend to bracket off...politics…
In reply to @ellis_ralsei
oh absolutely we don't live there because we don't like bugs or nature that's the only reason
I don’t know why people do Duolingo when Pimsleur is so much better
Replying to @skinnylatte
But they all don't have Malay :(
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
I have just been made aware that I missed International Cat Day.

Happy belated International Cat Day to this cat and this cat only —
In reply to @kixes
I use the free one and linked it with my zoom and gcal! It's good enough for what I need, because I only use it to organise meetings with people outside of my company. It's also great because I have a lot of meetings with people on different time zones, and calendly sorts that.
Replying to @hellopeiying
Yes that makes sense! I have multiple calendars so might get a little more tricky when I get kicked off the free trial but I figured actually just the function to schedule one-off meetings works for me.
In reply to @kixes
Calendly makes me feel a little atas and a little bit pretentious but it's honestly I feel it's saved me many hours of my life.
Replying to @hellopeiying
Do you use the paid version or just the free one? I felt so sheepish sending people my link yesterday but I really don’t like how we usually have to go back and forth
I often get emails from people who need to meet or interview me for whatever purpose and whenever they ask me when we can meet I always go, "I'm pretty flexible, when works for you?" just 'cos my brain is too lazy/tired to suggest options.

have finally cracked and got Calendly
In reply to @kixes
All your 寸 is belong to us to 分
In reply to @skinnylatte
Someone just announced they started a Substack about LKY’s brilliance and how it applies to business. I am signing out
Kirsten Han 韩俐颖 Retweeted ·  
Malaysia’s Prime Minister has had his Telegram and Signal accounts hacked:
In reply to @heldavidson
Love the sense of proportion
Why must you hurt the feelings of the Chinese people by suggesting they 没有分寸
wow some writers need to drink some chamomile tea
In reply to @kixes
Yes, what of it?
Replying to @Neozurg
Haha it just occurred to me today that I will eat all sorts of noodles with chopsticks and then spaghetti suddenly I just automatically go get a fork, but why
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