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Last 50 tweets from @LCarabinier
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#Breaking Syria #Turkey #OperationOliveBranch
Another #Turkish convoy entered Syrian territory in order to set up new positions: among them ex-#SAA bases Taftanaz and Wadi Deif.
10 6
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Turkish military convoy enters rebel-held areas with apparent goal of setting up observation point at Tell Touqan (northwest of Abu al-Dhuhur) to overlook Syrian govt-held areas, according to HTS news agency
17 11
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Turkish soldier killed in Syria’s #Afrin identified as Contr. Pvt. Sergen Pamukçu, raising Turkish Army's death toll to 20. #OperationOliveBranch
6 13
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#Syria - Reports of large-scale looting, targeting the churches and monastery of the Christian village of al-Qaniya, in Idlib province by Islamist extremists affiliated with al-Qaeda. See:
7 4
What a day of the rebel media!!

Village from 10 houses in Afrin district directly to the Turkish wall and a military point captured after "HEAVY" clashes!
81 103
5 3
@dames1374 thank you Greg. That struck me too - he is right, of course.
0 0
Replying to @leloveluck :
@leloveluck @dames1374 How many civilians have died in Afrin?
0 0
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#SRO - Under aircover and with #Turkey tanks support, turkmen suppletives took over Nasiriyah and Iskan, on the Jindires periphery (southern side of #Afrin canton) : their first strategic and important move since the fall of Bulbul (northern side) (1).
12 4
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
NEW MAP: All that's left of so called "#IslamicState" in central #Syria: in the past few days #SAA forces captured almost the entire #ISIS pocket near #Hama - #Khanaser - #Aleppo highway.
151 191
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Russia has just reopened Syrian airspace for Turkish planes. Confirmed news.
100 69
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Acc to SDF, the fighter's name was Ahmad Muhamad Hanan, a Yezidi from Qastal Jindo, who 'did not accept retreat or surrender'.
127 128
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Dangerous times:

1- Y'day, US bombed Syria forces near DeirEzzor among them Russian contractors.
2- Last week Syria &Iran forces killed Turkish soldier in Idlib.
3- Turkey &US threaten each other in Manbij.
4- Russia for days now blocks Turkish planes from bombing Afrin.
451 351
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Turkish-backed militias in #Afrin: "Allahu akbar wa 'l-` izzatu-lillah, we are liberating these chickens from the infidel PKK!"
85 98
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Unconfirmed document by "The Syrian Interim Government" (The Turkish-backed opposition) telling TFSA members to stop filming themselves committing crimes in Afrin.

If confirmed, I'm surprised this statement came so late after such a large number of queationable videos were made.
12 11
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Khalil village of Shiye district, February 8, #Afrin
246 490
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Talking about #Turkey's military incursion into #Syria today, #Erdogan said "those who thought we've forgotten all about these lands after withdrawing in tears a century ago better realise now they are wrong about Turkey".
222 118
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
şervanên YPJ’ê bi çalakiyên xwe tola şehîdan radikin
309 659
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
TURAF has not been active over Afrin since the 4th, per @cumhuriyetgzt ‘s reporting. No air cover for going on 96 hours. Wondering if this also included air evac for the wounded TSK from al Eis
30 26
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#Afrin 08/02 Carte du 19ème jour de la résistance: Les SDF ont repris le village de Baxçê, détruit deux tanks et capturé un autre. Le complexe hydraulique de Mitana a été la cible de tirs d'artillerie et endommagé, les SDF suspectent avoir été victimes d'armes chimiques.
  · TweetDeck · fr
28 11
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#Breaking: As we have announced previously, fighters of #Syriac Military Council, #MFS reached their front and position in the ongoing #Afrin battle to the support of SDF forces against Turkish & allies attacks and protect population of the area. #Syria
218 318
@LCarabinier @Metin4020 Just re-read the headline of his piece again: Afrin is already under a "long term blockade" from Turkey's side since 5-6 years now.
0 1
Replying to @ninmena :
@ninmena @Metin4020 Or the paragraph on civilian casualties...
0 0
Replying to @Elthosian :
@Elthosian 2 turcos muertos y unos 10 heridos en un ataque aéreo de YPG
0 4
@LCarabinier ¿¿Tomaste pantallazo?? Ya lo borraron :(
  · Twitter Lite · es
0 0
Replying to @Elthosian :
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
For the second time, #Turkish authorities prevents @K24English from covering #Afrin operation in border areas. War licenses has been canceled.
15 16
They guy who said that Turkey would take Afrin in 1-2 days is still being allowed to spread his nonsense lmao.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
9 15
Replying to @ninmena :
@ninmena He, @Metin4020, thinks that FSA "advanced 8-10 km", today they retook, for 3rd time, this hill:… about 3 km from the border.
0 1
Another tank destroyed in #Afrin's Bulbul district by #YPG-led #SDF today. #Afrin
201 418
7 10
A day for history. The Kurdish Air Force began airstrikes in #Afrin…
9 17
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
[4] From the experience of the past decades, the #Ezidis know that a return to such occupied villages is practically impossible. Ezidi activists are already talking about 'ethnic cleansing'. After #Turkey, #Syria also threatens to become virtually Ezidi-free.
31 30
Location of Ali Bishkah village of Rajo district #Afrin…
Another Turkish tank destroyed by #YPG-led #SDF in Rajo, #Afrin. February 6.
381 732
3 6
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Today Turkey hit the main water station in #Afrin. Turkey is destroying everything in the region. Power stations, water stations, Schools, bakeries, municipalities, houses... #SpeakUpForAfrin #DefendAfrin
Photos by @HosengHesen
452 222
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
An armored personnel carrier was captured, another one destroyed. Two terrorists were captured alive in Sheikh Khoruz today. #Afrin.
305 501
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Sheikh Khoruz hill and village are cleared off invaders, February 5, #Afrin
553 846
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
I think Turkish army realized - again after Euphrates Shield - that it cant count on FSA and other rebels. #Afrin
7 16
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Turkish FSA Jihadists are using all their arsenal of #FakeNews and #Falseflag attacks against YPG:
1- Market bombing
2- Hospital bombing
3- IDPs camp bombing
4- Chemical attacks

Makes you wonder what the hell was true or fake coming from rebel sources in the last 7 years
96 114
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
AKP journalist and supporter of jihadist groups in Syria admit claims that YPG used chlorine gas is not true. He probably understand how this will damage and discredit earlier claims by “rebels”.

“News the chemical weapons were used [by YPG] in Sheikh Khorouz are not true.”
90 68
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
REMINDER: A so-called “rebel” is wearing a gas mask at the beginning of Turkey’s war on #Afrin.
Now these “rebels” are accusing YPG of the use of chlor gas
171 118
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
When NATO’s second largest army Turkey and it’s proxies failed to advance after 18 days into Kurdish Afrin, they play “the use of chemical weapons & chlor gas” card #AfrinResists…
Twitter / @Ozkok_: Rumors that YPG used chlor ... Rumors that YPG used chlor gas against Turkey-backed rebels near Bulbul, #Afrin. #Syria
69 87
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
First MSM scrutiny of potential war-crimes in Afrin by the Turkish Army.
11 10
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
According to local media, Rouhani told Putin that Iran opposes 'the presence of foreign forces' in Syria and hopes 'all regional countries respect Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty'. Rouhani also suggested a trilateral meeting between heads of Russia, Turkey, and Iran
5 3
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Confrontation between #Turkey/#FSA/Co and #Iran/#Assad/#Shia groups in #Idlib is going to be a major fault-line of #deescalation regime. So far #Turkey-Iran agreements in Idlib were out of sight. Turkey may falsely hope that #Russia would be able to rein in Assad/Iran.
8 11
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
If a Westerner was to say something similar - a Frenchman or a Spaniard or an Englishman - they would be accused of chauvinism, of promoting irredentist dreams of imperialism and colonialism.
15 20
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
More than 40 locations liberated since yesterday by SAA & allies in operations to clear IS/AQ/HTS pocket in Hama/Idlib/Aleppo countrysides.
26 41
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
#Turkey army confirms atleast one soldier killed during mutual shelling with pro-gov forces in southern #Aleppo near al-Eis, they retaliated with shelling
6 4
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Syrian Army is allegedly deploying new Air Defense system(s) and anti-Aircraft missiles in Aleppo and Idlib - including Afrin
36 51
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
The Commission of Manbij archaeological on 28/1/2018, announced that five mosaic paintings were discovered, dating back almost to the (62 BCE), the Roman pagan period, at the north-western side of the industrial area in ​​Manbij.

Link :
49 69
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
The Turkish solider and “FSA” torture the old Kurdish man, threatening to break his nose. The old man is repeatedly telling them that he doesn’t know anything. They ask him about anti-tank weapons and he repeats again that he doesn’t know anything about weapons.
121 69
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
Afrin: Video shows soldiers beat up a civilian inside a Turkish vehicle…
21 13
Gilgo le_carabinier Retweeted ·  
New Turkısh Army convoys entered Idlib - Photo: Kafr Lusin way
40 80
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