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Last 50 tweets from @Leahgreenb
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
In reply to @IndivisPrescott
Arizona is turning out to #DeliverForVotingRights today, are you listening @SenatorSinema?
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Our 16th #FightBackFriday & 19 freedom fighters threw down!
4 days until the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is debated on the Senate floor.
4 days to frame the narrative: a choice between protecting the freedom to vote - or not.
4 days for us to LEAVE IT ALL ON THE FIELD.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
You know how folks will sometimes try to say what MLK would think about some issue and pull out some random quote? Well this ain’t that.

Dr. King was *crystal* clear about the filibuster then, and he’d be crystal clear now. #EndTheFilibusterNow
#FreedomToVoteAct #VotingRights
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Come on out TOMORROW #Bucks folks and join @IndivisibleLNH on their #VotingRights car caravan and ensure we pass the #FredomtoVoteAct
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Indivisible West PHX's @Pathom3333 is about to join @thelauracoates on @SIRIUSXM to talk about why she's not giving up on the fight for voting rights. Tune in now!
We know exactly what Dr. King would say about the filibuster today, because he said it in 1963.
A fun fact about apologies is that “here is a longer explanation of why what I said is an appropriate comparison and I’m sorry if that offended anyone” is not an apology
For my Jewish friends, and all others, my sincere apologies.
Love it. Don’t get cold feet, pass the Freedom to Vote Act!
Congratulations to Dr Cook on her historic nomination to the @federalreserve. Building an economy that works for ALL depends on experienced diverse voices. We look forward to her swift confirmation.…
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
A poem I wrote:
Twas the #FilibusterFriday before the big day
To decide whether to call aye or naye
and vote on the bill that the people say
is the most important policy today. 🧵
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
I just called 25 people in Arizona and got 5 of them to call Sinema’s office about the #FreedomToVoteAct. Don’t doom scroll or tweet your hot takes, sign up for a shift 👇
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
This is the squeeze before we get the juice, ya’ll! Have faith that all 50 Senate Democrats will deliver voting rights on MLK Day. The weight of history is on their shoulders. Keep calling your Senators to let them know you support their yes vote on changing the rules.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
People keep saying Manchin has said for months that he won't "weaken or eliminate" the filibuster. YES, WE KNOW THIS. What we don't know is whether more modest changes count as "weakening" it. He has been vague on that question for months. Stop giving him credit for clarity.
Thread. Senator Sinema says she wants a debate - so let's talk about what would make the Senate work, and what's at stake if it doesn't.
Sen. Sinema's remarks on the Senate floor today were egregious, frustrating--but not unexpected. Despite what she had to say, this is not the time for Senate Democrats to accept defeat and go home. Sen. Sinema says she wants a robust public debate – so let’s have one.
just a reminder that the Supreme Court made everyone involved in hearing the vaccine mandate case take a PCR test in advance, guaranteeing a level of protection that is wildly out of reach for nearly every worker affected by this decision
just a reminder that the Supreme Court made everyone involved in hearing the vaccine mandate case take a PCR test in advance, guaranteeing a level of protection that is wildly out of reach for nearly every worker affected by this decision
The Supreme Court has been captured by the Republican Party.
A lot of legal experts on here gave assurances that Biden's vaccine mandate was clearly allowed by law and precedent. If you haven't yet figured out that this Supreme Court doesn't care about those things, you are not a legal expert
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
i strongly doubt this line of thinking will end at vaccine mandates, and strongly suspect the conservative justices will expand this reasoning to conclude that NO federal agency has the authority to issue any rules and regulations at all
And because the filibuster gives them the power to unilaterally veto any legislation. If you want actual bipartisan compromise, you have to reform it.
Dem leaders gave Manchin lots of time time to round up GOP votes on this and they ended up with one Murkowski vote for John Lewis bill. Republicans talked to Manchin but made the decision to not engage on these bills … because they oppose them
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
We've asked and asked and asked. No town halls.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Remember this @SenatorSinema? We believe you'll get the Freedom To Vote: John Lewis Act passed this Monday.
This is exactly right.
Be clear: @SenatorSinema should be LEADING on voting rights.

Communities of color make up 45% of AZ. State has restricted mail voting & closed hundreds of polling places. Election officials have been threatened & sham audit tried to overturn results.

AZ needs this legislation.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
66 seconds of @SenatorSinema laying out the case for getting rid of the racist filibuster.

Sinema has some splainin’ to do. #FightForVotingRights #Whathappenedsis
History doesn't remember your defense of institutional procedure. History remembers which side you're on.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
The House just passed the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

All that’s now standing between Americans and their constitutional rights is the filibuster.

It’s time for our Senate colleagues to choose: will they be on the side of Jim Crow, or the side of people?
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
When given a chance to #FixTheGrid, state politicians caved to pressure from their industry donors instead of prioritizing the safety of ordinary Texans. #TexasDeservesBetter
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
🚨Today, I am hunger striking for democracy to plead for urgent passage of the new Freedom To Vote: John R. Lewis Act. @POTUS and the Senate - please pass this bill NOW!

#HungerStrike4Democracy #FreedomToVoteAct #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct #FightForVotingRights
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
George Washington would be *EXTREMELY* confused by all of this -- especially since the Senate filibuster didn't exist when he died.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Please read this entire thread. Leaders Schumer and Pelosi have a plan to move the bill forward. Great strategy! Let’s GO!👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾#VotingRightsNow
The choice is simple. The time is now. The Senate must act.
Tomorrow 40 people will restart the #HungerStrike4Democracy.
I stand with them and will start my solidarity hunger strike to plead for the #FreedomToVoteAct.
The choice is simple. Are the @SenateDems on the side of John Lewis, or Bull Connor?
@LetsUnPAC @IndivisibleEB @Leahgreenb
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
From out friends in Northern California! There’s a role for *everybody*! If you can’t hunger strike, the. Make a phone call. Send a text. We are SO close to passing #VotingRights! How long?! Not long!
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
"We are really in the final sprint to finally pass our two most important democracy reform bills."

Our @importantmeagan explains how you can help make an impact before Monday's big vote:…
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Texas politicians spent a lot of time talking about the massive energy failures the state experienced during the winter storm, but in the end didn't do nearly enough to prevent future failures. #FixTheGrid #TexasDeservesBetter
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
This nonsense has got to stop. The agenda progressives in Congress have pushed on the floor over the past two years is overwhelmingly popular, fires up the base, and persuades independents. It is the very definition of politically savvy legislating.
1. that is literally the idea
2. i'm very confused about why he chose a bunch of stuff that's already not subject to the filibuster as his examples of what would be different without the filibuster
In reply to @ryanstruyk
ROMNEY: "Consider how different the Senate would be without the filibuster. Whenever one party replaced the other as majority, tax and spending priorities would change, safety net programs would change, national security policy could change."
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
.@IndivisibleTeam and their many local volunteers have been fantastic partners, and I am overjoyed to receive their endorsement in the Democratic primary in #IL06. Together, we will rebuild democracy and grow our coalition to elect leaders up and down the ballot in the #NewIL06.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Today @POTUS showed vehement support for passing #VotingRights protections through #FilibusterReform, crystallizing the Choice before the Senate as the difference between Chaos, or a Renaissance for our Democracy. POTUS chose his side, and we the #IndivisiblesOfPA say Thank You.
This was the speech we needed to see from President Biden - a clear moral case and call to action. We must do what's necessary to fix the filibuster, protect our democracy, and guarantee the right to vote - ASAP.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Thank you @SenBobCasey for #BeingBold! We have your back and we agree: WE MUST PASS THE #FreedomToVoteAct and do whatever it takes to pass it!
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Amen! Keep the eyes on the prizes and let's get it done - in DC: save our Democracy, protect the freedom to vote! We need real action and passage of the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct & #FreedomToVoteAct , now.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
#IndivisiblesOfPA, we need you!
@PAGOP lawmakers are trying to put an end to #Pennsylvania's independent & impartial redistricting process!

Our allies at @FairDistrictsPA have info about how YOU can help!

Tell your PA House rep to say NO to #HB2207!…
Call your Representative: Vote NO on HB 2207 | Fair Districts PA
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Why is it that we have to wait for news of lifesaving medicines and vaccines via presentations to investors?
Politico: Democrats say that punching people in the face is bad. Republicans say that their new nationwide wave of "Punch More People in the Face" legislation is unlikely to actually lead to more people being punched in the face. Something something bipartisan compromise????
Replying to @Leahgreenb
don't make me tap the sign
The idea that making voting easier *won't* improve turnout is one of political science's worst takes. (And to be clear, many political scientists don't buy it.)

In this thread, I'll explain why. Buckle up.
I once had a coworker who spent every day playing Words with Friends and if you asked about his overdue items he'd look at you blankly and go "Oh, you wanted that? I'll get right on it!" & that is exactly the energy that everyone involved in <5 trials has been giving off all year
What is going on w the Moderna trial??…
Politico: Democrats say that punching people in the face is bad. Republicans say that their new nationwide wave of "Punch More People in the Face" legislation is unlikely to actually lead to more people being punched in the face. Something something bipartisan compromise????
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
I am one of those people who the CDC director says it’s okay if I die. Just so you know. If I die, it’s encouraging.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Ask yourself who does it serve to blame teachers for massive governmental failures?

-charter schools (many funded by fascists for decades)
-rich people who want to privatize schools

Who does it not serve?

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