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Last 50 tweets from @Leahgreenb
it's a VERY GOOD MORNING today
See my full statement on the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act below. In short: huge win for Americans & progressive priorities to lower health care & energy costs, reduce carbon emissions with urgency, limit Big Pharma’s price gouging & make large corporations pay taxes!
good morning to everyone except the Republicans who voted to keep insulin prices sky-high
Ron DeSantis is campaigning for insurrectionist Doug Mastriano.
Peter Meijer endorses his Big Lie-fueled primary opponent.
Doug Ducey endorses Kari Lake.

The Republican Party has embraced the Big Lie, and the consequences for our democracy are terrifying.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
It’s almost like everyone should wear a mask in public indoor settings — even if they aren’t personally at high risk — to prevent chains of transmission from reaching vulnerable people, and govt should just require it to increase participation and avoid ridiculous social dynamics
starting by replacing Ron Johnson with @TheOtherMandela
One way to think about the GOP blocking the Democratic proposal to limit insulin costs to $35 a month is this: if we add 3 more Dems this fall, it’ll pass.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
On the day Jewish people commemorate past calamities we might be on the path to averting some future calamities
This is a huge day.
-- Biggest-ever climate bill: Massive industry clean energy $; $80B for EVs, heat pumps, home solar installation)
-- Biggest-ever funding increase for the IRS
-- 15% tax on corporations w/ +$1 billion in profits
-- Medicare prescription drug negotiation
Kyrsten Sinema does not represent Arizona. She represents the private equity industry.
According to a senator who heard from another senator (we’re all loopy here), Thune and Sinema are discussing a deal on two separate amendments dealing with changes to 15% min tax for private equity. His would include SALT, and hers a different, unspecified payfor
Ron Johnson needs to go.
Ron Johnson just blocked a bill to cap insulin costs at $35 a month.

No one should have to choose between a medication their life depends on and putting food on the table. But Ron Johnson doesn’t care—he’s bought and paid for by the pharma lobby.
Republicans are working overtime to make insulin more expensive.
Senate GOP about to succeed in eliminating $35 cap on insulin Dems had proposed in the private market place. GOP raises point-of-order noting it violates budget rules. Dems voting now to overcome that objection, and that's expected to fail.
Love to see Dems holding together and rejecting cynical xenophobic plays by the GOP. #democratsinarray

They’ve been at it all night, voting on and rejecting 21 - so far - different attempts to change the bill.

Sources in both parties believe we have at least a few hours left - though no one can say for sure.

Schumer and Democrats are holding firmly together.
MANCHIN indicates he won’t go along with any GOP amendments to the bill. “I’m protecting the integrity of the bill”
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Anisha_S113
Dedicated to the “But it’s mild in kids” “Are we going to have to wait til he graduates college to meet him?” “Ok but COVID isn’t that seriously” folks Just b/c we cant see the damage doesn’t mean its not happening. That is ableist thinking. Stop underestimating this virus.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
This goes out to everyone who gaslit those of us who made it our life mission to protect our children while we waited for vaccines for their age group.

I would do it all again without question for that adorable heartbeat outside of my body. But it shouldn’t have been so hard.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
The parliamentarian’s ruling on Medicare negotiations of certain high-priced prescription drugs is a huge victory for the many advocates and organizations who refused to give up on passing a bill to lower prescription drug costs for families this Congress.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Indiana is the first state to pass an abortion ban since the Supreme Court decided to roll back 50 years of our rights and freedoms. Republicans in the state decided Indiana women don’t deserve those rights and freedoms. Looking forward to seeing how that works out for them.
We’re gonna win
Median, last 3 Senate polls:
PA D+11%
OH D+6%
NV D+6%
AZ D+5% (50th for D's/51st for R's)
GA D+3%
NH D+3-4%*
WI D+2%*
NC R+3%
MO R+6%*
FL R+6%

So for R's to reach threshold to take the Senate, conditions would have to move 5 points in their direction. (e.g. "meta-margin" = 5%)
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
“The conventional wisdom has been that this is an election where the enthusiasm is on the Republican side. That’s just not the case,” @InvidisibleTeam co-founder @Leahgreenb says.
one might say it’s a BFD
Now that Dems are on the cusp of passing the big climate bill, don't let this get lost: If this gets done, Dems will be unilaterally launching the biggest response to our planetary emergency in US history, without the participation of a single Republican.…
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Its #MAGARepublicans in AZ from here on out. #DoNothingDucey lived up to his name.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Pro-choice, pro-freedom Democrats will beat dangerous anti-abortion pro-insurrection Republican extremists every time everywhere. The Democrats will beat the theocrats in 2022–if we organize like the women of Kansas.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
On the one hand our data has serious warnings for Democrats in AZ: Republicans currently lead on the generic ballot.

But in a survey experiment, support for banning abortion costs Republican this lead, largely by costing them Independents.…
In reply to @burgessev
Schumer says it's basically a done deal “I am pleased to report that we have reached an agreement on the Inflation Reduction Act that I believe will receive the support of the entire Senate Democratic conference." Says it "preserves the major components of" deal with Manchin
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Something huge happened today. DeSantis announced he was suspending Tampa’s Dem prosecutor who opposes criminalizing abortion and trans youth, & replaced him with a conservative. (This is a county DeSantis lost, by the way.)

A stunning overthrow.…
Florida Governor Suspends Tampa Prosecutor in Latest Attack on Abortion and Trans Rights
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
In reply to @GovRonDeSantis
@GovRonDeSantis thinks he can usurp the people and remove an elected official - he cannot! @AndrewWarrenFL stands for repro justice and LGBTQ justice and we stand with him! @IndivisTampaBay @IndivisibleTeam
honestly if by 30 you have half a pack of thank you cards and some stamps on hand then you're doing great
In reply to @Leahgreenb
not sure how happy it makes me that we're gonna win because the other side is so fucking crazy
Replying to @NishaElaine
agreed and/but still a lot better than them winning while crazy
Good morning. We're gonna win.
Oh hell yes
Some major new traveler protections proposed by @USDOT:

(1) Passengers are eligible for cash refunds when their flight is delayed by 3 hours (domestic) or 6 hours (international)

Doesn't matter if the ticket was "non-refundable" or if the delay was outside the airline's control
Alex Jones right now
As of today, the polls-only version of the 538 Senate forecast shows 52 Dem seats as the most probable election outcome. That's enough to pass a Roe law in January 2023 if Dems can hold the House.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
👁️👁️ See what some Chicago-area Indivisible chapters are up to! ⬇️
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SenatorMenendez
We need your voice supporting the Inflation Reduction Act. Do it for the climate, do it to make drugs affordable and do it to make corporations pay their fair share of taxes. It's the right thing to do!
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Blake Masters won the GOP nomination in Arizona and nothing says "congratulations" like a thoughtful gift. For every donation we receive to support our electoral work, we will send this Big Lie-peddling white nationalist a pen with a very special message.…
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
All of you anti-abortion candidates better be scared: looking at you @BrianFitzUSA @RepScottPerry
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
I am begging pollsters and strategists to understand that passion is on the pro choice side, and that one of the jobs of your candidate is to make abortion an issue, and not just read a poll, see choice polling second or third, and talk like a robot about whatever polls first.
Andy Levin has been a champion for workers in Congress and he's going to keep being a powerful voice for justice.

And every Democrat should be deeply troubled that million-dollar donations by Republican billionaires are determining the outcomes of Democratic primaries.
Republicans are the dog that caught the car. Voters are the car.
Honestly the result is probably going to be near NO+15/20 with ~70% of presidential turnout.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Democrats take note. Abortion rights won in Kansas tonight because organizers and advocates and pro-choice politicians did the work and centered freedom. There is only upside to being a champion in this fight.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Right wing donors propping up converseive Democrats in favor of maintaining the status quo strikes again.

If you care about democracy, the kind of massive spending from GOP aligned donors spent for Haley Stevens should scare you.
Join Indivisible Mass Coalition for a Weekend of Action on August 13-14! 

Indivisibles across the state are taking action for causes they care about. We can't wait for others, so we’re take action NOW! 

Find events here:
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Love vs Hate. 🌈 We stood up against hate. Counter protest in Sedona today. Westboro Baptist Church brought hate to Sedona. Thank you everyone who joined us.
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
That's our @SenMarkKelly! Putting regular people first. #VoteBlue2022
Exactly right. Democrats are working to solve the real problems in peoples' lives. Republicans are freaking out about taxing the rich.

Kyrsten Sinema's going to have to choose a side.
.@igorbobic asks Sen. Kelly if he’s hearing a lot back home about Carried interest

“I hear a lot about prescription drugs”
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
With his opponent's campaign being powered by $4.2 million dollars from an org that is also supporting insurrectionist republicans, @Andy_Levin notes "the choice is very clear. Democrats in Oakland County are not going to let Republican billionaires pick the Democratic nominee."
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Look Missouri! Indivisible Guide (National) has endorsed our great Congressional candidates and @LucasKunceMO for the U. S. Senate. Please share everywhere! Thanks to all who took part in the candidate selection process. #LFG
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
IMV activists knocked on doors in Herkimer, Frankfort, Ilion and Mohawk to help @CastelliMatt defeat #ExtremistElise in #NY21. Matt himself knocked on doors with us!
Every line in this story is obscene.
The executive director of a new TX crisis pregnancy center proclaims that "a lot of 13-year-olds do phenomenal" as mothers. She also believes that the 10-year-old rape victim should not have gotten an abortion: "even at 10, she knows a life is inside her."…
Leah Greenberg Retweeted ·  
Let's do this, Michigan.
galley copies are so stressful, amirite
Oh man
Printed in small font on the copyright page of Tim Scott’s upcoming memoir, it reads: “This book is a political memoir that includes his core messages as he prepares to make a presidential bid in 2022.”
The publisher now says that was an error…
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