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Last 50 tweets from @LeratoMannya
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
someone at the @AriLennox concert in LA had a sign that said “ari unblock me from instagram” this was her response. 😂 i love her skksskks @Dreamville
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
when you’re finished cleaning and you light that candle
I passed out around 10/11 at groove last night. It’s over for me. I need to accept I’m 31 and find friends my age and do daytime house parties and braid with them. My age is showing 😬
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I don’t agree with taking that choice away from people who get pregnant. They know what’s best for them and their current situation and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business but their’s.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I wish I could say it didn’t hurt. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t sad or that I don’t still think about it. But ultimately I know it was the right choice. And I’m glad I got to make that decision for myself.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Everything happened really fast over the course of 3 days. I was right at 6 weeks. The heartbeat wasn’t present yet. I remember how kind the nurses in the clinic were.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
In the lobby of the clinic there might have only been one teenager. Everyone else was in a suit, appeared to be on their lunch break or was just like me and making a decision that as best for themselves.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
And people will say “think of your unborn child!” I was. I was thinking of what I didn’t want for them to live through. The father was already abusive to me. My parents would’ve treated the child terribly bc of who the father was. I wanted a more safe place and time for that.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I was 22. Barely any income. Knew that I was in an environment that was hella toxic. It wasn’t safe for me and I was always afraid for my life. I didn’t want to subject a child to that.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I never talk about it much, but now seems to be as good a time as any. I had an abortion when I was 22 years old. I did not want to have my abusive ex’s baby. I didn’t want to be tied to him for the rest of my life and I didn’t want that environment for any child of mine.
Aus' Lerato if this pertains to the guy you told us about this week🤞🏾, i would like to request a seminar✍🏾, re tlhoka thuso this side🤧
Really shoulda stayed with my human. But instead, I’m adulting responsibly. 😩
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Thank you so much my brother. Also your support for African entrepreneurs makes it easier, Thank you🙌🙌
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I was at a Ted Talk in Gaborone in 2015 & a gentleman that gave a talk said, why does Botswana have drought when people are making rain. Why hasn't government made rain. I'll never forget that speech. He really wasn't lying wow!
Replying to @ft_mika_
Check your WhatsApp right now. Will call you properly tomorrow.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Audio: Part 2SpiritualThesis: “The New Twin Flame” based on Christianity’s B.C// A.D concept challenging the concept of a false flame. The art dying & being reborn in a lifetime to welcome 3 realities: 3D(reality) 5D(spirit world) HD(tech, the matrix’s)…
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
My black genes had one job.... to give me an ass.... n dey failed
Ever just realize how much your guard comes down when you feel safe and genuinely protected?

Wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
“Truth is the only safe ground to walk on”
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
When u wanted her in high school but now she wanna give u the pussy 😒
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Wearing her thongs>>>
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Ukudla, uk'dliwa, udlelwano.. all the dl's man
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
A young visit to the Swiss land. Schengen Visa stays winning 😁 you just detour anywhere nje
Look at my friend 😍😍😍😍
Rabbit teeth ❤️ Forehead gang 😊
People who drink and drive need to be humiliated finish and klaar no buts no what if
Replying to @masxole_m @Cee_Zweh
That is why people get arrested and have to go court. That is called protocol. You can’t just do as you please cause you’re a cop.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Nobody tells you about the morning after your assault. Some women wake up to paint, to wash their bodies, to brew coffee.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Men doing the bare minimum. The fucking bare minimum because their mothers have spoilt them rotten. Wanting to simply switch from one mother to another and call it marriage or relationship.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
Legitimate forex traders generally work for investment banks. Anyone else I'd be very sceptical about.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
...And even they lose money... Billions! Less than 10 % of traders are in the green & these are masters of Finance & Economics, with unlimited capital. Imagine now these grade nine dropouts with R 500. 👍🏽
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
IT TAKES TWO SECONDS TO RETWEET! Kameela Russell is mother of 2 and has been missing since Wednesday. She was last seen pulling away from her family's home in a 2014 black Audi A6 with the tag HBQJ20. Let's help find her!
Florida mother of 2 missing for days
Flex blew R250k with iyfebe in a month and ditched his 3 baby Mamas.

How can I not Stan. 🔥🔥🔥
This entire caption is a mess.
Working hard to ensure the men on this app keep mistaking me for a transgender woman. Project confuse the enemy.

How's your Friday evening?
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
If we're honest Khanya wasn't recorded for evidence, she was recorded because she's a celebrity & those officers wanted clout.

1. How many other people did they arrest without recording?
2. How many others did they let go coz they paid 'cold drink'? They'll never record that.
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
this planet too sensitive
Ngoako Lerato Mannya Retweeted ·  
I am so pleased that I am blessed enough to be able to hire friends that are in need of work. But I have to warn there are some friends that you shouldn’t hire. Because they work for you and they act up. It could go either way. Blessed to have people that deliver
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