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Last 50 tweets from @LevNovak
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
....Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!
Christian Cooper: “If our goal is to change the underlying factors, I am not sure that this young woman having her life completely torn apart serves that goal.”…
Replying to @MrDanZak @TonyRomm
Yeah, well, can't hurt.
Replying to @stopolive
no don't do it, don't then give me the 15% finders fee, noooooo
In reply to @LevNovak
i will know of this show only as “Untitled Lev's Brother Half-Hour Anthology Series”
Replying to @MattBinder
I pitched that title and they didn't go for it!
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
will be interesting to see if those posting angrily about the white Manhattan lady for calling the cops refocus and post angrily about the Minnesota cop who literally killed.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
cops only hit handcuffed people and their wives so what's with all this extra shit
This is going to be cool as hell, I'm really excited and you should be too

My show is going to be so earth shaking I can’t even have spoilers in the title
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
In reply to @FXNetworks
“untitled @bjnovak half-hour anthology” a new original series that uses the boldest issues of our time to tell character-driven stories about the world we live
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Human Capital Stock.

An ugly term w ugly history, but for many powerful ppl it‘s their most honest view of workers: human stock.

By their logic, the moment a person stops being useful to profit motive (retirement, health, etc) they are a liability. That’s the system we live in.
Fuck the police.

In reply to @lib_crusher
The cop doesn't move his knee from the neck, even after he loses consciousness. Bystanders grow more desperate to intervene. His partner tells the black bystanders "dont do drugs" and then incredulously asks a white bystander "are you even from Minneapolis?"
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Chokeholds are banned under Minneapolis police policy—yet this officer didn’t hesitate to crush a man’s windpipe with his knee.

If officers aren’t held accountable for these incidents, they will keep happening. We need reform NOW.…
Lionel Shriver is famously contrarian—she is a pro-Brexit, anti-woke, #MeToo-skeptical Democrat. Now, she questions the way we’re reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.
Replying to @NewYorker
"An infuriating asshole has a contrarian opinion: what if we took it seriously, for clicks?"
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
The story behind the production of this movie is hilarious. They shot an R rated heist comedy, realized it was shit. Decided to re-edit to be as family friendly as possible and focus all the advertisement as if the kangaroo could talk even though it was a 5 minute dream sequence
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
fuck netflix but especially fuck netflix for that disrespectful ‘are you still watching?’ prompt during avatar. like clearly! what else do i have to be up to right now!
In reply to @LevNovak
this is prolly the mids talking but i am 1000% confident i could take him out w minimal effort
Replying to @JellyFKennedy
It crossed my mind: I'm not confident about it, but I can bet on fighting him to an ugly, dumb-looking draw.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lib_crusher
We do know that he was shot in the head multiple times at very close range, that army attorneys congratulated each other for keeping criminal investigations at bay, and that one of the investigators said the Tillman family was delusional because of their atheism
On #MemorialDay we remember Pat Tillman, who turned down $3.6 million over three years from the Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army and serve his country.

He was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004.
Replying to @SportsCenter
I am very sorry that this noble person who came to despise this war, was killed by friendly fire. May his death inspire us to live by the ideals he and his family have often expressed.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
This is jarring because my enslaved ancestors were literally human capital stock. No matter what, they were always told to go back to work. This could be 1820.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
how'd it go out there?
he beat me. let's just go ahead and say that guy's better than me
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
capitalism is a fucking death cult
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
feed me into the capitalist meat grinder chinless daddy. I'm ready to die for Stephen Schwarzman's next dividend
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Pat Tillman was outspoken in his belief that the Iraq War was illegal and was triple-tapped in the head at close range by "confused" friendlies "firing wildly," two facts that I'm sure are not related. Now he's a pretty picture for the right to drag out on Memorial Day. no moral
Bitcoin is collapsing, which means you'll have a good on-ramp soon.
Replying to @LevNovak
My non-investment advice is that it looks good at $6,500 or so, if it collapses that far.
Bitcoin is collapsing, which means you'll have a good on-ramp soon.
Joe Biden fucking sucks, but I'll be damned if I pretend to accept Nikki Haley or any other ghoul posturing.
One measure of any press secretary’s effectiveness is who, precisely, is enraged by them.
Replying to @MZHemingway
And here I thought the job of a press secretary was to keep the American people informed. How stupid am I! Apparently it's to gleefully scorn citizens of the Republic to whom public servants are supposed to answer.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
thinking about the guy who fully told me "if u keep saying ur a lesbian, men won't wanna date u"
I cannot figure out what my heart wants more:
Replying to @nesgritton
Here's the deal: it's almost always BLT. But! The mere *fact* that a Tuna Melt crossed your mind reveals it's almost certainly the Tuna Melt that you want.
Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, has been granted at least a temporary reprieve from having to respond to questions in a civil lawsuit that alleges she committed sexual battery against a teenage girl.
Replying to @ABC
She's been killed lmao
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
What’s truly incredible is how obvious the floodgates currently opening against @JoeBiden by Trump and GOP were—progressives SCREAMED iceberg right ahead regarding his laundry list of a terrible record that GOP would seize on and now...
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
💥Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has just signed a law decriminalizing marijuana possession (up to one ounce). The law also seals past records.

So possession is now punishable by a $25 fine, and not criminal charges & arrest. There were 46K criminal cases in 2018 alone!
In reply to @LevNovak
full year pal
Replying to @alecrobbins
How did Bugs and Peter take it? I'll take my answer off-air.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
There are no words to describe how criminal the US rogue regime is:

The Trump admin. stole Citgo, Venezuela's most valuable foreign asset, worth billions, to fund the corrupt Guaidó coup gang.

Now a US judge is selling it off to a Canadian mining company…
In reply to @alecrobbins
It was a year-long coma!?!?
I assumed a week or two, tops!
Chance The Rapper's fall from grace, huh?
[Me, day 1 as Chance The Rapper's media manager]

Trump and Biden need to just do a ig verzuz battle for black policies cuz I aint never heard either of they hits
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
someone scam called my grandpa today and told them they needed $3,000 to get bail me out of jail for a DUI

my takeaway from this being that the scammer figured that i was the coolest of his grandkids
I'm incensed about this because politically speaking, I'm a minority within a minority. As a Jewish Republican, if someone told me I'm not Jewish because of my politics, it would be offensive. It's contrary to individualism and it's disdainful of idelogical diversity.
Replying to @AriFleischer
Proud of the diverse tapestry of thought within Judaism! While I believe you're a disgrace on a national scale, I can't question that you are as Jewish as I am.
Pillbug: Massachusetts
Also heard “Rollie Pollies”
Replying to @iamtherog
Rollie Pollies, also MA.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Loving the pictures from Trump's online store.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
🚨🚨🚨Trump admin considering carrying out a NUCLEAR test 🚨🚨🚨

A senior Trump admin official, said that demonstrating to Moscow & Beijing that the US could “rapid test” could prove to be a useful negotiating stance to Washington

Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
A little head nod to Vlad and MBS on where to send the direct deposit
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Joe Biden is a syntactical genius on the level with Dan Quinn. the way he violently swerves from thing to thing, his weird connective phrases, the way he shouts as loud as he can at the end of every paragraph. he is a master
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
Today my university sent an email to students assuring them that every Fall class will have a faculty understudy in case the faculty member of record gets sick or dies.

Faculty have not yet been informed of this policy.
Lev Novak Retweeted ·  
In reply to @xeni
I want to be the first US citizen to BLAZE ONE WITH BIDEN in the Dank House 😎 we gonna smudge those racist peckerwood particles outta the room with some JOE G KUSH
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